83,871 AAdvantage Miles – Time To Move On

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83,871 AAdvantage Miles – Time To Move On

Million Mile Secrets83,871 AAdvantage Miles – Time To Move OnMillion Mile Secrets Team

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This is going to be unpopular (perhaps not as unpopular as this or this), but I’m still going to say it.

I’m very puzzled at the outpouring of righteous anger on this  212,000+ views, 190 page FlyerTalk thread and elsewhere by folks disappointed that they won’t get 83,871 miles AAdvantage miles for a $60 (or less) purchase from the AAdvantage shopping mall.

Frugal Travel Guy is also disappointed about not receiving 83,871 miles from the AAdvantage shopping mall.

But as Online Travel Review points out, everyone in the FlyerTalk thread knew that this was most likely a mistake! 

In fact, a quick skim through the first 2 pages shows that the legitimacy of this “deal” was questionable.

Here’s what post #9 by KevinInRI on the FIRST PAGE of the thread says (bolding mine):

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the T&C states that miles are not earned on accessory purchases from Verizon:

Reward eligible for reward plans only (new service, family share, add a line, upgrade and prepay) reward is not eligible on accessories.

But a lot of folks decided to take a chance by purchasing an item in the hope of 83,871 miles.

And they lost.

There are 2 possible approaches to take in such situations:

1.   Give me my 83,871 $%$ miles, NOW.  Yes, you can threaten to sue and to get a class action lawsuit certified.  You can point out how unfair it is that when you make a mistake you have to pay for it.  You can threaten to never fly American Airlines again.  And grumble and work yourself into ill health about an obvious mistake.

2.   Realize that you make mistakes too.  We all make mistakes.  Sometimes our mistakes go unnoticed, or don’t cause any harm or inconvenience.  Sometimes we’re not so lucky.  But we ALL make mistakes.  If you don’t make mistakes, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

Now, you can live your life by getting upset about every mistake someone else makes and all the (alleged) injustice heaped upon you.  But in my opinion, that’s just a recipe for unhappiness.

It is much better to be grateful and  realize how fortunate we are, and how lucky we are to have the opportunities which we do.

And to be graceful when someone else makes an innocent mistake, knowing that we’d like (but not demand) the same courtesy extended to us.

Why you shouldn’t complain if you didn’t get 83,871 miles

1.   View From The Wing gave this a less than 20% chance of working out.

2.   A quick skim of the FlyerTalk thread shows that the Terms and Conditions made it unlikely that you’ll see any miles.

3.   There were no equivalent offers on the other mileage mall sites indicating that this was a mistake only on the AAdvantage shopping portal.

4.   Only a few products on the AAdvantage mall were offering 83,871 AAdvantage miles which was clearly a mistake since similar Verizon offerings on the same page were either offering no miles or a much lower amount of miles.

5.   Cartera Commerce which runs the AAdvantage shopping mall realized that this was a mistake and pulled the page within a day.

Bottom Line:

Mistakes happen.  Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose.

Much better, in my opinion, to move on to the next deal and not get too excited about being unable to profit from an obvious mistake/loophole that was quickly shut down.

But if you still want AAdvantage miles to have Big Travel with Small Money, you can apply for 2 Citibank AAdvantage credit cards and get 150,000 AAdvantage miles.

What do you think? Time to move on or is this worth fighting about?

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Rick does advertise his links, but he’s got nothing on The Points Guy.

Have you seen how many links his posts have? He manages to make every post have at least 1 credit card referal link, even if the post is completely unrelated. I don’t trust him.

I’m pretty new to collecting miles. I started at Flyertalk then onto reading a bunch of different blogs. I like this one, Million Mile Secrets, also Mommy points, Points Guy, Free Frequent Flyer Miles. Rick @ frugal travel guy has always come across as a happy talking used car salesman trying to get me to buy something (click through his links). Just an observation FWIW.

@ rick

you are a shill for the Chase, AMEX, Hyatt and everyone else you advertise on your website. Anything negative that people try and post on your site never sees the day of light. If Darius had posted the same things on your site, nobody would ever be able to see it or comment on it. We would still be on comment #4 if you had written the same things.

@ Rick- give me a break. I have read your blogs for a while now (and really enjoy them). I will continue to read your blogs but I agree with a lot of people that have posted comments that you have lost a lot of credibility.

The majority, if not everyone that has bought from the site knew the miles were a mistake. You even said you were going to TAKE A CHANCE on it. Now there you are crying that they should take more responsibility. Anyone with common sense (and i still put you in that category) knew it was a mistake and should have taken the high road of 1) not purchasing something they would normally have no interest in purchasing or 2) purchase it in hopes of getting the miles and when that doesnt happen, accept it. Now you want them to make things “right” with everyone that made a purchase. How about the fact everyone should have done the “right” thing and not purchased it when they knew it was a mistake.

You have people of FT saying that they had no knowledge it was a mistake? Please dont tell me you agree with that and you expect your readers to be that stupid.

Would you still be making a big stink about it if the mistake came from American Express (where you receive benefits)?


One answer as to why AA may want to take some responsibility, is because the name of the website is “AAdvantage eShopping Mall”, with approved AA branding all over it.

The name of Rick’s blog is not “American Express Card Center”, and it is clear that you are not doing business with American Express whilst on his blog, unlike with the AAdvantage eShopping Mall.

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