100 Free AA Miles – Potentially Dead-End Offer & No Blogging This Weekend

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100 Free AA Miles – Potentially Dead-End Offer & No Blogging This Weekend

Million Mile Secrets100 Free AA Miles – Potentially Dead-End Offer & No Blogging This WeekendMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.


The discussion yesterday in the comments about sharing dead-end offers was terrific!

Folks split pretty evenly between wanting to know about every offer versus wanting to know of only the good offers.

I can see both sides of the discussion, so I’m going to sleep on this for a bit.  I did like the suggestions of not wasting too much time writing about the potentially dead-end offers, but to instead just briefly describe the offer, my reservations, and a link.

In the meantime, some of you wanted to know more about the 100 mile AA offer which I mentioned yesterday.

I’ll share more since that deal has hit the blogs, but you should know that I don’t expect to receive any miles from this offer, and I haven’t registered Emily’s AA account for this as well.

KGB Deals (that’s their name, seriously!) is offering 100 AA miles for signing-up for daily emails from them.

100 AA miles is worth about $1 or $2 so I am not particularly worried about missing out on this deal.  I shared my concerns about this offer yesterday:

  • “I didn’t receive any confirmation that I would earn 100 AA miles when I signed-up
  • The company is not listed as an official American Airlines partner and
  • Perhaps most worryingly, the domain name for the company was registered just a few months ago.”

In addition, there is nothing on the webpage which indicates when to expect your miles to post, and I’m not too impressed with the way the American Airline’s logo appears on the page (It appears to be pasted on hastily).

Oh, and there is nothing in the Press Release section of KGB Deals listing their partnership with AA.

As a reminder, I’m not doing this for Emily’s AA account.

Weekend Posts

I was traveling for most of today, because I learned that I have to attend a work conference this weekend.  I’ll be in meetings and events for most of the weekend, starting at 6:30 am tomorrow, so I likely won’t be able to update the blog (unless there is another potential dead-end offer). 🙂

I’m working on a post for next week which should further help with completing minimum spending on your new credit cards.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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I can’t vouch for kgb deals in the US, but they do exist legitimately in the UK–I’ve gotten about 10 or 12 deals from them (very similar model to Groupon)

Million Mile Secrets

@Thomas – Thanks for sharing your concerns! You’re right that seeing “KGB Deals” and “scam” is a bit suspicious.

@JoshUK – Thanks for sharing, and helping to reduce the concern. Now when will we get our 100 AA miles!

IMO “Vitaly” vouching for a company named “KGB” seemed a little too cute and coincidental, that’s all.

and does it really matter whether “kgb deal scam” is number one or number five? that’s arguing semantics. the point is that it shouldn’t even be a search result!!

anyway, I simply wanted to alert others to the potential that this company may not be reputable and that my fellow readers may, therefore, not want to share their personal details.

oh, but btw: a quick google as I write this still shows me that “kgb deal scam” is still the number one google auto fill option for me at 11:59am on 7/18/11; and that is worrisome.

@Thomas. How long should I wait before posting in order to appear more legitimate? I am just sharing my experience, that I did successfully use KGB deals before, and I think that it is a legitimate company with, maybe, awful customer service. Their frequent emails prompted me to quickly unsubscribe, and that is the reason I am not signing up again. But if someone wants to subscribe, there is chance that they may indeed get the miles.

By the way, ‘kgb deals scam’ was number 5 on the list of Google auto fill for me.

Million Mile Secrets

@Vitaly – Thanks for sharing your experience. The main KBG Deals site looks pretty legit, but I am still not sure about the separate site for the AA miles. Let’s see what happens!

@Thomas – It is a bit concerning when google associates “scam” with “KGB Deals!” Let’s see what happens. BTW, Vitaly is a genuine blog reader and commenter (thanks, Vitaly!) and has commented on the blog before, so no worries about him!

@Vitaly – Perhaps we should set up separate email accounts for this type of spam!

It’s worrying that when one begins to type “kgb deals” into tht google search box, the first entry that google auto text then fills the search box with is “kgb deals scam”.

Unlike “Vitaly”, who seems a little too quick to try to legitimize kgb deals, I will be extremely surprised if anyone gets any miles, or anything else for that matter from this highly suspect website.

I used KGB deals on several occasions during last two years, usually on deals shared with me by friends. They must have changes their web address recently. Last time I got an AMC movie ticket certificate for 5$. Don’t think I got any confirmation that time, but the certificate showed up in my mailbox about a week later. I would not be surprised if you indeed get the promised 100 miles. I also would not be surprised otherwise. We’ll see.