1 Day Left For Chase Southwest Airline Credit Card

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1 Day Left For Chase Southwest Airline Credit Card

Million Mile Secrets1 Day Left For Chase Southwest Airline Credit CardMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

There is only 1 more day left to apply for the Chase Southwest airlines credit card, which can get you up to $833 in free airfare in the US.

This is the best credit card deal, in my opinion, for domestic US travel. You can easily get 2 to 3 flights (more if you book in advance during Southwest fare sales) within the US with the 50,000 point bonus.

Emily Suprise

It is also extremely easy to redeem points for seats since you can use points to buy any seat which is available for sale.

I applied for this credit card last week since I love traveling, but don’t have a lot of money.

I don’t really care whether I get to a destination in first class or economy; the destination and people whom I travel to see are much more important than how I get there.  And this card will let me get to my destination cheaply.

Emily’s birthday is on Sunday, and we are on our way to a surprise weekend getaway!

I booked our tickets on Southwest using Southwest gift cards from a previous Chase credit card offer, and it took me about 5 minutes to find the seats and book them.  The taxes were ~$10.

In my opinion, contrary to most frequent flyer blogs, Southwest Airlines is the best airline for domestic US travel for folks who don’t fly enough to earn elite status with other airlines and who want to travel within the US for less.

Here’s Why:

  • Southwest doesn’t charge checked bag fees, and I saved $80 on this trip since I had to check in the bags with Emily’s birthday present.
  • Southwest also doesn’t charge fees to change or cancel your ticket, which is ~$150 per person on other airlines.  Instead you get a travel credit which is valid for one year from the date you bought your ticket.
  • Southwest airline’s staff are the most efficient and friendly out of all the other US airlines I’ve traveled.

Don’t Forget:

  • Chase usually will let you have only 1 credit card every 30 days.
  • There is a $99 annual fee which is NOT waived for the first year. However, you do get a 6,000 point(~$100) credit toward the annual fee in subsequent years.  Here’s a previous post on when to cancel your credit card.
  • Chase is getting very strict with folks who apply for a lot of reward cards.  My last call with Chase was more like an interrogation where I had to explain why I opened previous cards and why I wanted the Chase Southwest Credit Card.  Eventually, I did manage to get the card approved, but it was a close call.  So be sure to prioritize your applications with Chase.

Bottom Line:

The Chase Southwest Airline credit card can get you up to $833 (3-4 free flights) of Big Travel with Small Money within the US. And don’t forget that there’s only 2 days left to sign up!

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when i got the co biz card for for 25k one pass miles, i got hte miles with only a low credit line of $2.5k… but i was not aware of different versions of the the CO biz card. there are defenetily at least two different versions of southwest chase biz cards. i will post my results, but if anyone has experience with this, please chime in and i will call chase and get my new biz credit line up to at least $5k.

Million Mile Secrets

@sp – That’s a great idea. I’ll look into sending separate emails.

@wacky guy – You should be fine. Chase does not give you a lower bonus, if you don’t qualify for the Visa Signature card and get a lower bonus. However, Barclays and Bank of America will give you a lower bonus if you don’t quality for the top-of-the-line card.

So… I applied for the personal and biz version of this card for the 50k promo on each, but i didnt keep screen shots and i dont know what “version” of the biz card i applied for, except that it was for the 50k, which is the top tier, signatrue or premiere with the 6k bonus on anum, and not the “plus” biz card.

i got denial letters for both, called chase and moved $5k of a personal line to get the signature version of the personal, approved on the phone.

then i called back and moved $2.5k on a biz line to get approved and open the biz version of the card. I hung up without confirming the promo on either, but i am concerned that i wont get the 50 k promo on the business version.

I called back to make up the credit line on the biz version (have some left to split and spread around at chase) and was told by “big rob” on the call center floor that he couldnt confirm the promo miles and that whatever promo i applied for, since it the app was now approved, i would get “that” promo. this is disconcerting to me. I also asked “which sw biz card have a been approved for” to try to find out if it was signature, premiere or pass version and 3 different csr could not confirm for me.

Darius, or anyone else, can you chime in if you have ever not gotten a full promo on a biz card because the credit line was under $5k and thus you got a “lesser” version of the card and a “lesser” biz card bonus?

when he told me “you will get the promo you applied for” it was music to my ears, but no matter how hard i tried to get his information for my records, he only identifeid himself as “big rob”.

I can just picture me fighting for the original promo to be honored and saying “big rob in chase biz lending said it would”. i think i might be cooked on this.

Moral of the story tho i hope im wrong, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE $5k lines approved on your chase cards to get the “good” versions of the personal cards, and can anyone comment if the same wisdom is true for the biz cards?

hey darius,

thanks for all the awesome info. i missed the southwest deal and i’m looking for something like that domestically, as well as 75K-type one internationally. i’m not really interested in receiving a daily email alert- but have you considered a specific – “Best Card for [domestic/international] of the Year [So far]” – type email list? I enjoy exploring your other posts, but I appreciate your analysis on this topic in particular.

In other words, is it possible for you to create a sort of like a “5 star deal” email list? Thanks so much for your careful attention to your readers

Someone confirmed in a Milesbuzz thread of Flyertalk that the 50k bonus points for the WN Visa indeed are CP-qualifying.

This is going to put a lot of people over the hump.

Million Mile Secrets

@Vishal – I think you may need to wait a bit, especially if you haven’t had a long credit history.

@toomanybooks – Thanks for the update. That is going to be great news for some folks! Now, if only they bring back this offer before December so that I can apply for the business card!

Other cards. I opened up two Citi Personal Cards and Amex PRG. I have a Chase Freedom from over a year ago. My only Chase card.

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