Winter Getaway to Kauai: Part 9 – Southside Eats

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Emily Jablon:   Daraius and I went to Maui, Hawaii in March 2013.  We loved Hawaii so much that we decided to return, but this time to Kauai.  Kauai is more laid back and less built-up than Maui.
South Kauai Restaurants
A Romantic Waterside Breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Kauai

We went to Kauai over Valentine’s Day week, which made for a very romantic getaway. Using our miles and points made it even better!

Winter Getaway to Kauai – Trip Report Index:

Eating In and Around the Grand Hyatt, Kauai

We listed the restaurants by location:

South Kauai Restaurants (Near the Grand Hyatt, Kauai)

East Kauai Restaurants

West Side Eateries

North Side Restaurants

Our favorites were Puka Dogs, Korean BBQ, Hee-Fat for shave ice, and Brick Oven for pizza.

South Kauai Restaurants

Grand Club Lounge

Daraius and I went for breakfast at the Grand Club Lounge.  We ate free here because of our Hyatt Diamond status.

South Kauai Restaurants
Hyatt Diamond Members Get Free Breakfast and Hors D’Oeuvres in the Evening

The mirrored walls made for great photo-bombing opportunities.

South Kauai Restaurants
Daraius, Getting the Perfect Shot

There was a decent selection of fresh fruits, breads, meats and cheese, cereal, and yogurt.  There was 1 hot food dish.

South Kauai Restaurants
We Saved Lots of Money Eating Breakfast in the Lounge

There were breads and pastries…

South Kauai Restaurants
The Freshly Baked Pastries Smelled Wonderful
…that all looked freshly baked.
South Kauai Restaurants
I Loved the Buttery Croissants and Danishes

There was an assortment of cheese…

South Kauai Restaurants
Cheese and Crackers…for Breakfast!
…a selection of meats…
South Kauai Restaurants
Plenty of Choices for Your Protein Fix
…lots of fresh fruit…
South Kauai Restaurants
One of My Favorite Things About Hawaii – Papaya With Lime at Breakfast
…Yoplait yogurt…
South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Have Yogurt With Fruit for a Lighter Breakfast
…boxed cereal…
South Kauai Restaurants
I Had to Steer Daraius Away From the Froot Loops
…slices of bread and bagels…
South Kauai Restaurants
We Loved the Mini Jam and Jelly Jars…So Cute
…coffee and tea…
South Kauai Restaurants
Everything You Need to Get Caffeinated in the Morning
…and there was even miso soup.
South Kauai Restaurants
Miso Soup is a Traditional Japanese Breakfast Food

It all looked pretty tasty!

South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Add Tofu, Mushrooms, and Scallions to the Soup as You Liked

Daraius was happy to get a plate full of food.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Way to a Man’s Heart Is Through His Stomach!

He got a crepe, cold cuts, cheese, and fruit.

South Kauai Restaurants
We Even Went Back for Seconds!

We sat outside and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

South Kauai Restaurants
Finally a Clear, Sunny Day

It was a little hot with the sun, but I loved it!  Especially after all the rain we’d had.

South Kauai Restaurants
Don’t Worry, We Didn’t Forget Our Sunscreen

There was plenty of seating indoors as well.

South Kauai Restaurants
Lots of Comfortable Places to Eat on Rainy Days

You could make yourself comfortable on the sofas.

South Kauai Restaurants
There Weren’t Many People Using the Lounge

The lounge had lots of natural light and tropical plants.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Island Style Furnishings Gave the Room a Tropical Feel

There was plenty of space for families or large groups to spread out.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Lounge Was Casual and Relaxed

It was a lovely place to enjoy breakfast and have a relaxing start to the morning.

South Kauai Restaurants
It Was Almost Like Having the Whole Lounge to Ourselves

Breakfast at Hyatt Terrace

One day, Daraius and I decided to try out the regular breakfast in the hotel.  The main breakfast was held at the Ilima Terrace.

South Kauai Restaurants
Ilima Terrace Serves Breakfast and Lunch

We were seated right next to the water.  What a beautiful setting for breakfast!

South Kauai Restaurants
We Could Get Used to This

Beyond the koi pond, you could see the ocean.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Beautiful Scenery Made for a Romantic Meal

It was expensive!  The cheapest meal was oatmeal for $9 and the buffet was the most expensive meal at $31.

South Kauai Restaurants
$8 for an English Muffin and $10 for Juice!

We checked out the huge buffet but decided to order from the menu instead.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Buffet Had a Wide Selection of Hot and Cold Dishes

There was an assortment of dried fruits and nuts…

South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Add Dried Fruit and Nuts to Your Oatmeal
…and a selection of cereal.
South Kauai Restaurants
Froot Loops Again!

There were also breads and pastries…

South Kauai Restaurants
You’d Gain Weight Just From Looking at the Food!
…and 2 kinds of cheese…
South Kauai Restaurants
I Liked How They Used Fresh Leaves in the Food Presentation
…and smoked salmon with all the trimmings.
South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Eat All the Smoked Salmon You Wanted

There was fresh fruit…

South Kauai Restaurants
Everything Was Covered and Kept on Ice to Stay Fresh
…including pineapple, papaya, and honeydew.  I liked the orchid garnish.
South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Choose to Eat Healthy

The freshly made jam was a nice touch.

South Kauai Restaurants
Fresh Jam, Preserves, and Sauces

There were so many hot foods to choose from…

South Kauai Restaurants
The Hot Food Selection Was Huge
…including homemade turkey frittata with Kauai green onions…
South Kauai Restaurants
The Frittata Looked and Smelled Delicious
…eggs benedict…
South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Indulge in Eggs Benedict With Rich Hollandaise Sauce
…scrambled eggs…
South Kauai Restaurants
They Had Simpler Fare, Too
…bacon…(no, Daraius!)…
South Kauai Restaurants
You Can’t Go Wrong With Crispy Bacon
…Lilikoi sweet bread French toast…it looked soooooo good!
South Kauai Restaurants
Passion Fruit Sweet Bread French Toast

It was served with coconut syrup.  Anywhere you go for breakfast in Hawaii, they serve coconut syrup.  It is divine!

South Kauai Restaurants
Coconut Syrup Instead of Maple…Yummy!

There was bread pudding…

South Kauai Restaurants
Bread Pudding for the Sweet Tooth
…miso soup…
South Kauai Restaurants
I’m Sure Japanese Tourists Appreciated the Traditional Breakfast Food

Roast potatoes…

South Kauai Restaurants
Perfectly Roasted Red Potatoes
…and 3 kinds of fresh juices.
South Kauai Restaurants
You Know You’re In Hawaii When There’s Guava and Passionfruit Juice at the Buffet

You could choose between passionfruit, orange, and guava.

South Kauai Restaurants
Guava Juice Reminds Daraius of Growing up in India

Instead of the buffet, I ordered steel cut oatmeal with dried fruit and granola…

South Kauai Restaurants
The Oatmeal Was Tasty but Expensive
…and Daraius got (yup, you guessed it!) eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast.
South Kauai Restaurants
We Can Never Get Eggs to Look so Perfect at Home!

Puka Dogs

Daraius and I went for lunch at Puka Dogs, which is located ~1 mile from the hotel.  We had heard good things about this small restaurant, which serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot dogs.  This was 1 of our favorite meals!

South Kauai Restaurants
Puka Dogs:  Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs

It’s a small eatery with 4 tables, and benches outside.  When we arrived there was a line out the door, but the 2nd time we went there was no line.

There’s a small menu, and you can choose between Polish dogs or veggie dogs.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Dogs Come With Garlic Lemon Secret Sauce (Mild, Spicy, Hot, or “Lava”)

In addition, you can choose condiments to be served with the dog.

South Kauai Restaurants
They Even Bake Their Own Bread

There were only 3 to 4 tables in the restaurant, and a total of 9 chairs.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Buns Are Pierced Down the Middle Instead of Sliced Open Like Regular Hot Dogs

Unable to find seating, we sat outside on a table with a thatched umbrella for shade.

South Kauai Restaurants
Hot Dogs Al Fresco!

I got a Polish dog with no relish (I wanted mine on the side) and lilikoi (passion fruit) mustard.  Daraius got a Polish dog with mango relish and lilikoi mustard.  We also got all of the relishes on the side, along with Dijon mustard.

South Kauai Restaurants
Daraius Liked Sampling All the Condiments

You could also get chips and fresh squeezed lemonade, but we opted to save our appetite for shave ice.

The hot dogs were excellent, and they were 1 of our favorite meals on the island!

Kalapaki Beach Hut

Right after we landed in Kauai, we headed to Kalapaki Beach Hut for dinner.  It’s ~14 miles from the hotel, near the airport.

South Kauai Restaurants
Should We Get a Cheeseburger in Paradise?

The regional Hawaiian menu included burgers and more.

South Kauai Restaurants
Loco Moco, a Hamburger Patty With Egg and Gravy Over Rice, Is a Popular Hawaiian Breakfast Dish

The upstairs seating area was empty.

South Kauai Restaurants
It Was Late so We Had the Whole Place to Ourselves

I ordered a Kalapaki burger, and Daraius got a fish sandwich.  We shared French fries and a smoothie to drink.

My burger tasted like a Five Guys restaurant hamburger.  It was a bit bland.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Burgers Were Nothing Special, but the Fries Were Great

The fries were served hot and crispy, and were delicious.  I also liked the smoothie.  Daraius liked his fish sandwich.  The prices were reasonable.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Restaurant Decor Was Very…Bright!

Josselin’s Tapas

We went to dinner at Josselin’s, which is ~2 miles from the hotel and in an outdoor shopping mall.  There’s also a footpath in case you want to walk or bike ride.  Daraius discovered the restaurant on Chowhound.

We ordered lychee sangria, which was a bit tart and strong, but good.  Lychees are a common fruit in south Asia.

South Kauai Restaurants
You Could Choose Fruits for Your Sangria

The restaurant was dimly lit but inviting.

South Kauai Restaurants
Tapas Is Spanish, but Josselin’s Menu Is Mostly Asian Fusion

Daraius ordered 2 fish dishes…

South Kauai Restaurants
Their Fish Menu Changes Daily Depending on What’s Fresh
…1 as a starter and 1 as the main course.
South Kauai Restaurants
Everything Was Plated Beautifully

I ordered lamb meatballs and beet ravioli.

Neither were very good for the price, but we’re glad we checked it out.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Menu Was Interesting but Rather Expensive

In the same outdoor mall are several other restaurants ranging in price.  And there are lots of shops to browse, including Quicksilver, art galleries, etc.

Savage Shrimp

Savage Shrimp is also ~2 miles from the hotel, near Josselin’s, and their menu looked awesome.
South Kauai Restaurants
Savage Shrimp Specializes in Scampi

The scent of freshly cooked garlic emanated from the restaurant, and it smelled delicious!  The prices were also reasonable.

South Kauai Restaurants
There Was Garlic in Most Everything

You could sit inside or outside.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Walls Were Covered in Customer Graffiti

Daraius ordered the spicy Grasshoppa Shrimp.

South Kauai Restaurants
Daraius Loves His Spicy Food – the Hotter the Better

There was a lot of graffiti on the walls, adding to the restaurant’s personality.  I didn’t eat here because of my fish allergy, but Daraius said the fries and shrimp were well worth the ~$15.

South Kauai Restaurants
I Wonder If They Made Their Babies?

Living Foods Market

One evening I went to dinner at Living Foods Market, while Daraius ate at Savage Shrimp.  I have a severe fish allergy so had to eat somewhere else.  It’s only ~2 miles from the Grand Hyatt Kauai.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Market Sells Produce From Local Farms

They had a good selection of paninis, pizzas, and crepes.

South Kauai Restaurants
The Restaurant Specializes in Fresh, Local Food

I ordered the spinaci pizza, which came with mozzarella, spinach, pepper flakes, and garlic lemon oil.

South Kauai Restaurants
Almost as Good as in Italy!

To drink, I had Kona Red, a Hawaiian superfruit antioxidant juice.  My meal came to  ~$20, making it a bit expensive!  Daraius and I could have nearly split the pizza though.

It was delicious!!

Bottom Line

There are lots of great places to eat in Kauai.  Everything is so fresh and there are lots of interesting menu items you don’t see often on the mainland.

My favorite meal was the Hawaiian-style hot dogs at Puka Dogs.  And Daraius said the spicy garlic shrimp at Savage Shrimp was amazing.

But we still had a lot of eating to do…

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