Mommy Diaries: My Daughter’s (Home) Birth Story

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Mommy Diaries: My Daughter’s (Home) Birth Story

Million Mile SecretsMommy Diaries: My Daughter’s (Home) Birth StoryMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Emily:   Hey everyone!  As you know, I’ve traveled a lot in my life, thanks to miles & points.  I’ve hiked the mountains in Japan, pet sting rays in Bora Bora, and even held a boa constrictor in Brazil!

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
Snakes Didn’t Scare Me, But Childbirth Did!

But none of these experiences prepared me for the greatest adventure yet—parenthood.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
Mommy and Baby Enjoying Some Skin to Skin Bonding

From time to time, I’ll be posting about my life as a parent.  I’ll share things that scare me, what I learn, and how being a new mom helps me grow as a person.

This post is about my daughter Arya’s birth story.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
We Fall More in Love with Baby Arya Every Day!

As a reminder, Daraius and I are no longer together as a couple, but are still great friends.  I have a new partner named Alfy who happens to be a talented photographer!  You may see his work on the blog from time to time. 🙂

Was A Home Birth For Me?

My daughter, Arya, was born at home on a warm September summer day.  Early in my pregnancy, I knew I wanted a home birth.  I love the comforts and freedom of being at home, and hospitals have always felt so impersonal and sterile to me.

Many people doubted my decision to birth at home without drugs, and Daraius even encouraged me to get a will!  I, too, was scared of the pain at first, and overcame that fear by reading inspirational stories and watching videos of women who gave birth naturally.  I thought to myself, “If they can do it, so can I!”

I learned to believe in myself and my natural abilities—and I couldn’t have asked for a better birth experience.  Home births are safe for low risk pregnancies, and the need for a c-section is ~25% lower with a home birth.  Plus, new research is showing the alarming risks of drugs used during labor.

I did some research and found a midwife in my city.  Midwives are licensed by the state, and must go through rigorous educational and apprenticeship prerequisites to deliver babies at home.  Midwives are also experienced with emergency situations and transferring to a hospital if needed.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
I Trusted My Midwife and She Trusted Me

I felt very safe with my midwife, Melek.  She was patient, knowledgeable, and confident, and very affordable, too! Each month I had a doctor’s appointment, I saw Melek.  I loved that I saw the same person every time. We developed mutual trust, and I felt I could ask her anything!  Also, I really appreciated the at-home postnatal visits!  I was so thankful I did not have to leave the house after just giving birth.  Instead, I could focus on my healing and the needs of my baby.

$3,000 would cover all my prenatal appointments, the birth, and my postnatal visits.  Since she was an “out of network” provider, I’d assumed I’d get back around 60% or $1,200 of the cost…But I recently received notice that insurance is paying all but ~$600!  The average cost of a hospital varies widely in the US, but I’m convinced I would have had to pay much more if I had a hospital birth.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
Over 11 Months of Personalized Care for ~$600? Yes, Please!

The Day Everything Changed

On a tranquil Saturday around 12 pm, things started picking up.  The first couple contractions were very intense, and I questioned my ability to continue.  I thought I might really need to go to the hospital for an epidural.

But then, I thought of how I have the power to transform the feelings into something else.  I started envisioning the contractions as heavy hugs, almost like a grizzly bear was squeezing me.  I thought “When in my life will I be hugged by a bear ever again?” and surrendered to the feelings.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
Baby Arya Was Blissed Out in Her Post-Delivery Bath

After just a couple of hours, the contractions were occurring more frequently, so we called the midwife.  Alfy was great at reminding me to take deep breaths—even breathing with me—and giving me gentle back massages.

Before I knew it, I could feel the baby start to crown!  Alfy called the midwife, and within 30 minutes, the she had arrived.  And with just another ~15 minutes of deep breathing and pushing, the baby was born!  She was born en caul, or in her amniotic sac. The whole experience was MUCH easier than I thought.

Mommy Diaries My Daughters Home Birth Story
My Midwife Admiring the New Life She Helped Bring into the World

I know having a home birth isn’t for everyone, and I am thankful that I had a low-risk pregnancy.  The natural highs I got from the experience propelled me into the next few weeks of motherhood, which were much more challenging than the birth itself.  But more on that in a future post! 🙂

Bottom Line

I can’t wait to share with you my journey of motherhood!

I’m happy to be a mom, and I’m looking forward to sharing lots of special moments with my daughter.  I want the world to see her as much as I want her to see the world.  Just last week, she got her passport!  🙂

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Leah at The Frugal South

Thank you for sharing your story, Emily! I, too, had a wonderful homebirth experience. Having our baby at home is the best thing I ever did, hands down. What a wonderful, peaceful experience. I hope your story inspires others to consider it!

Emily, thank you for this article, it’s a treat to see how little Arya entered the world. I’m sure you’ve brought courage and inspiration to others wanting quality care in home births. I look forward to following her on her travels… Although I am saddened by the tone of a few complaints, it would be been useful to parents who’d like to travel with their tiny ones, to weave the travel aspect into your story – maybe tips on getting Arya’s passport, keeping her comfortable during pressure changes in takeoff & landings, what programs let her earn points… and yes I’ve seen bits of this on your site previously, which could be linked. I am Glued to this site! I love the diversity of topics and guest readers! Keep up the good work, everybody!

Thanks for the feedback! And yes, I will be posting more about traveling with her!

I was blessed in having three happy and healthy home births. Best experience of our lives for my husband and I. Congrats to all of you!

We appreciate the comment and your celebration of home births!

Congratulations. I love babies and children, but I am completely baffled why you think this is a good article to put on a web site whose purpose is to help people collect miles and plan travel. Please get your own web site for these type of articles. I feel like I just wasted 10 minutes reading both this article and the one on passive income. I thought there was going to be a point to both of these and would somehow tie into the purpose of this web site. Not so much. Daily reader for years, but rethinking that decision.

I tend to agree but as Lynn implied we choose to read the articles we read. For me, I recently rebranded my blog and tightened my focus to aim all my posts at a target reader profile and to decrease periphery posts. Granted, most of these peripheral posts centered on the commercial aviation industry but I realized my target reader nor my actual readers may not share my passion for the business overall.

At the end of the day, a publisher has editorial control over their content and I don’t fell I should critique that beyond choosing to read other blogs. That being said, this article will not remove Million Mile Secrets from my top three or four must-read points and mile blogs. No offense, as a man, if this becomes a mommy blog, I probably won’t read as often! 🙂

Why didn’t you just read the title and move on?? Or move on period!

Well Lynn, I thought I stated plainly why I didn’t read the title and move on… “would somehow tie into the purpose of this web site”. Now I know better. I submitted this comment in a kind way and was just stating that I felt the web site needs to stick to its purpose. Emily, of course, can choose what she writes on this web site and, likewise, I should be able to choose what web sites I read. After this article and the one on why we should all want to have passive income without giving a reason how to do that with points and miles, I realize that this web site just isn’t for me. No harm meant. Steve S, I didn’t think what I wrote was complaining. I thought this comment section was to respond to articles and let the writers know our opinion. Based on both of your responses, I guess I was wrong on that too. No worries, this is only the second comment I have ever made in 4 years, but you both can be assured I won’t be commenting on this site again.

Did you complain when Darius wrote about his lifechanging epiphany a few years back? If not,stop complaining. Don’t read what doesn’t interest you.

I do feel bad for Darius. Seems like a horrible dynamic given he started the site and now you will be sharing work from your “partner”. Threes a crowd where I come from.

We are all part of a bigger family now, and there’s room for everyone who wants to be part of it! Daraius and I both started the site and continue to share in the responsibilities and in the decision making.

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