Million Mile Secrets Lingers in Memories With Rapid Travel Chai

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After Frequent Traveler University ended in the afternoon,  Emily and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Rapid Travel Chai for the rest of the evening until it was time to catch our flight back to Kansas City.

Rapid Travel 3
Rapid Traveling
The Rapid Traveler’s credo is “Travel fast and smart…linger only in memories” and Stefan showed us just how much we could do in just a few hours!

First stop was Grand Sichuan where the Rapid Traveler ordered some exquisitely tasty pork, lamb and beans.  So tasty that I voluntarily had a second helping of the vegetables (which usually happens every other leap year).

Emily Jablon:  That’s true!  You don’t know what it takes to get him to eat his salad.

Check out this post for the low down on what we ate and the Rapid Traveler’s version of the evening.

Rapid Travel 1
Too bad we can’t take this back to Kansas!

The Rapid Traveler is as witty and wise as his online writings, and it was a delight to chat about his time in China and future travel plans.

Next stop was in Newport to take in some wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline.  There was a light breeze blowing, the sky was blue, and the skyscrapers of Manhattan glistened in the background as we followed the Rapid Traveler to the edge of the water.

“We can do a lot in a few hours!” said Emily [Yes!  This is what I’ve been waiting for!  Perhaps I can now convince her to fly to far-away places for the weekend with me.]“That’s right, honey!  Why don’t we take more quick weekend trips.  Let’s go to Rio for the weekend?” “No” said Emily with a shake of her palm.  “That’s way too rushed.  You can do that with him.”

Ever the diplomat, the Rapid Traveler replied “That’s what my wife says, too.”

But it wasn’t an emphatic “no” from Emily, so perhaps we just might go to Rio for the weekend. 😉

After gawking at the Manhattan skylines, we went to get some bubble tea.  Emily got peach and strawberry (she likes the stuff, and I’d rather get her 2 bubble teas than 2 pairs of shoes!), I got  lychee, and Stefan got blueberry.

Rapid Travel 2
Fuel for the drive to the airport

We walked back to the rental car, thanked the Rapid Traveler for a wonderful evening and made our way back to the airport.  Yes, I missed the exit on the way back too, but we eventually got to the airport.

Bottom Line:  It would have been great to spend more time exploring, but with just a few hours we managed to have a great meal, take in the beautiful Manhattan skylines, and share lots of laughter and happy memories.

There’s a whole lot of world to see and not enough time.  So why not use your miles and points for some Rapid Traveling?

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