Jet Set to Jaipur: Part 8 – Eating in Jaipur

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Back in March 2014 when we were a couple, Daraius and I flew to India as part of an around-the-world trip for my parents.  During our journey, we visited India, the Maldives, and Hong Kong.

We took a 4-day trip to Jaipur, a city in the Northern part of India called Rajasthan.  I really like Rajasthan for its historic palaces, extraordinary forts, and excellent shopping.  And we even took a picturesque elephant ride!  It’s different than anywhere else I’ve traveled, and that’s why I liked it so much!

Eating In Jaipur
We Sampled Amazing Indian Food on Our Trip to Jaipur

This series of posts will cover the logistics of getting to Jaipur, the hotel we stayed in, the activities we did, and restaurants we visited.

Jet Set to Jaipur Trip Report Index:

Eating in Jaipur

This post will highlight various restaurants we went to, including:

ITC Rajputana Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast was included with the price of our stay, so we went there each morning.

Eating In Jaipur
We Saved a Lot of Money With the Free Hotel Breakfast!

There was a big selection of all kinds of food.

Eating In Jaipur
Breakfast Was an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!

There were cold cuts and salads…

Eating In Jaipur
It’s Not Often You See Salad at the Breakfast Bar!
. . .bread and pastries…
Eating In Jaipur
There Was a Good Selection of Breads, Rolls, and Pastries
. . .yogurts…
Eating In Jaipur
Lots of Yummy Yogurt Options for Breakfast
. . .fresh watermelon and lassi, a yogurt drink…
Eating In Jaipur
Lassi, a Yogurt Drink, Can Be Salty or Sweet
. . .pineapple, oranges, and papaya…
Eating In Jaipur
All Kinds of Fresh Fruit for Folks Who Prefer Lighter Fare
. . .vegetable broth soup and cereal…
Eating In Jaipur
Soup Is a Typical Breakfast Food in Many Eastern Cultures
. . .an omelet station…
Eating In Jaipur
You Could Get Eggs Prepared Any Way You Liked!
. . .scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, grilled tomatoes, hot garlic vegetables, and baked beans.
Eating In Jaipur
Plenty of Hot Food Options to Fuel up With

There was even both chicken and pork sausage.

Eating In Jaipur
Carnivores Have Their Choice of 2 Types of Sausage!
. . .and a pancake station…
Eating In Jaipur
You Could Go All Fancy With the Pancakes and Assorted Toppings

However, I decided to stay away from the “streaky bacon.”

Eating In Jaipur
“Streaky Bacon” Is the British Term for Side Bacon (the Kind Usually Eaten in the US)

There was a lot of Indian food, too, including tomato rawa bhaat (a sort of hot cereal), dil ki kachori (a regional dish), aloo paratha (flatbread stuffed with spiced potato), and medhu vada (like a donut).

Eating In Jaipur
You Could Opt for a Traditional Indian Breakfast, Too

We found a table and got some food from the buffet.

Eating In Jaipur
There Was No Shortage of Food to Keep Everyone Happy!

The most fun part of breakfast was playing the sitar and drums!

Eating In Jaipur
What a Surprise – There Was Live Traditional Music at Breakfast!

At 1st, I thought I would just pose with the musicians…and was surprised when they handed me instruments to play!

Eating In Jaipur
Maybe I Should Consider a New Career!

I convinced my mom to join us as well…the musicians expect a small tip of 50 to 100 rupees (~$1).

Eating In Jaipur
Just Call Us the Partridge Family

LMB Restaurant (Near Johri Bazaar)

LMB is a pure vegetarian restaurant that specializes in Rajasthani thali.
Eating In Jaipur
We Were Looking Forward to Trying This Well-Known Vegetarian Restaurant

It’s located near the Johri Bazaar.

Eating In Jaipur
The Restaurant Is Located in a Busy Hotel – Watch for Traffic!

We came for the thali, which was supposed to be very good here.

Eating In Jaipur
For ~$7, You Get a Huge Selection of Dishes to Try

Thali is an assortment of curry and vegetables along with flat breads and rice.

Eating In Jaipur
So Many Interesting Flavors and Textures!  You Won’t Go Hungry Here

The portions are served in small cups, but the waiters will refill every bowl if you want.  I really liked the freshly fried doughnuts.  They tasted very good dipped in flavored sugar.

Eating In Jaipur
Daraius Was in His Element, Even If It Was Vegetarian!

We also ordered some Rajasthani potatoes.

Eating In Jaipur
Rajasthan Is Known for Excellent Vegetarian Cuisine

My mom and Mark ordered chicken fried rice, 1 of their favorite dishes.  LMB restaurant serves Chinese, Indian, and European food.

Eating In Jaipur
My Folks Prefer Less Spicy Food, so They Ordered From the Chinese Menu

The check was ~$44 for all of us, and included drinks.  The most expensive meals were the thalis for ~$7 each.

Eating In Jaipur
Incredible Value!  All That Food for ~$44


After a few hours of shopping, we went to Niros for dinner.

Eating In Jaipur
Niros Is a Very Famous Spot in Jaipur – It’s Been Around for 6 Decades

Niros was located on a busy street.  My mom almost got hit by a car crossing it, so be careful!

Eating In Jaipur
Niros Was the 1st Restaurant in Jaipur to Serve Chinese Food

The restaurant had a lot of comfortable seating.  We went to the restaurant around 6:00 pm, which is much earlier than the customary dinner time of 8:00 pm.

Eating In Jaipur
Dining Early in Jaipur Means You Get to Beat the Crowds!

We ordered traditional Rajasthani food and Chinese food.

Eating In Jaipur
The Menu Was Huge!  You Could Choose From Different Types of Indian, Chinese, and Western Food

Mark ordered a chocolate milkshake that came in an elegant silver goblet.

Eating In Jaipur

We ordered chicken fried rice and sweet and sour chicken…

Eating In Jaipur
Chinese Food Is Very Popular in India – With a Bit of an Indian Twist
. . .chicken a la kiev, lal maans (mutton cooked in a traditional style in spicy red gravy)…
Eating In Jaipur
Laal Maans (Mutton in Spicy Gravy) Is a Popular Rajasthani Dish
. . .alloo pyaz (potatoes and onions Rajasthani style)…
Eating In Jaipur
How Will We Finish All This Food?
. . .naan, and jeera rice.
Eating In Jaipur
Jeera Rice Is Flavored With Cumin Seeds

Everything was delicious!  Unfortunately, they forgot our chicken a la kiev and vegetables (even after confirming with us our order at the beginning), but we had ordered more than enough food without it.

Eating In Jaipur
Stuffed!  We May Have Ordered Too Much Food!

All of that food (including drinks), which was more than enough to feed 5 of us, cost ~$52.

Eating In Jaipur
Big Eating With Small Money!  Another Terrific Value in Jaipur

ITC Rajputana’s Chandravanshi Pavilion

My mom and I went to the hotel restaurant to have dinner.  The others didn’t join us because they weren’t feeling well.

We liked the menu because it had a mix of Indian, Continental, and Chinese.  There was even a Thai dish or two!

Eating In Jaipur
Mom and I Checked Out the Hotel Restaurant

To start, we ordered a caprese salad, which was very tasty.  I ordered a margarita pizza which came with basil, tomatoes, and cheese.

Eating In Jaipur
Sometimes You Just Need a Pizza!

My mom ordered roast chicken.

Eating In Jaipur
Mom’s Roast Chicken Was Tasty and Well Prepared

For dessert, we shared an amazing brownie with mint ice cream.  It was divine!

Eating In Jaipur
Yummy!  We Couldn’t Skip Dessert

ITC Rajputana’s Peshawri Restaurant

Our last evening at the hotel, we went to Peshawri for dinner.  Peshawri is located inside the ITC Rajputana hotel, so it was very convenient to just take the elevator down.

Eating In Jaipur
We Treated Ourselves to a Meal at Peshawri, Known for Its Northern Indian Cuisine

It was an exclusive Indian menu and is regarded as 1 of the best Indian restaurants in Jaipur.  This was our only splurge meal in Jaipur.

We were given aprons to wear while we ate.

Eating In Jaipur
You Know It’s Going to Be Good When They Hand Out Bibs!

We ordered chicken and lamb kebobs, butter chicken, and shredded lamb.  The shredded lamb was too salty, but I liked the butter chicken and the chicken kebob.

Eating In Jaipur
After All That Vegetarian Food, We Were Ready for Some Meat!

For dessert, we had galub jamun.

Eating In Jaipur
Galub Jamun Are Balls Made From Milk Solids and Served With Sweet Flavored Syrup

The food was expensive, although I thought it was above average Indian.  It was not worth the price.

Bottom Line

The hotel had a great selection of food, and it was delicious, too!  Niros was my favorite restaurant outside of the hotel to visit…everything we ordered was tasty!

I liked that the restaurants we visited had a variety of Indian, Chinese, and European options.  We enjoyed sampling traditional Rajasthani dishes.

Don’t forget to come back for the trip report conclusion and giveaway!

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