Daraius’ Diary: “Seeing God in Everyone & Everything”

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Daraius’ Diary: “Seeing God in Everyone & Everything”

Million Mile SecretsDaraius’ Diary: “Seeing God in Everyone & Everything”Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Daraius:  We’ve got a great team at Million Mile Secrets helping with posts.  But I miss writing as much as I did in the old days!  So here I am writing about stuff that I really care about.  And which isn’t all miles-and-points related.

What would it be like to see God in everyone and in everything? – Adyashanti

Last week, I spent 7 days at a silent retreat with Adyashanti (meaning: primordial peace) at Lake Tahoe.  This was a very different kind of experience than my Vipassana experience.  But it was every bit as profound and deep!

Daraius Diary Seeing God In Everyone Everything
For a Week, I Disconnected From the World to Reconnect With Myself

Granlibakken Retreat

Link:   Adyashanti

At my last Vipassana retreat we meditated for 12+ hours a day and had very basic accommodation and food.  But on my retreat with Adyashanti we had 3 delicious meals, meditated for ~5 to 6 hours a day, and were staying in a beautiful location in Lake Tahoe.

And we were in silence (no talking, internet, or phone) during the entire retreat.

I’ll admit to wondering if I would be able to go deeply into myself in such comfortable surroundings!

My Experience

The first few days were very similar to my previous experiences, where my mind was racing between food, work, sex, etc.  It was as if my mind had these default modes it would go into to try to get me to NOT focus on myself & go into myself!

Even though we were sitting on chairs, I found it difficult to meditate during some of the sessions.  And I did skip 2 of the morning meditations to sleep in!

During one guided meditation, we were encouraged to look into ourselves to find the location of the “I” with which we associated.

The more I pondered, the more I realized that I didn’t really know the answer to that question!

At another meditation, we were contemplating what our fundamental being really was.  Was it dependent on age, occupation, gender, race, etc.?  Or was there something about each one of us that was deeper and more fundamental than anything else?  I considered these questions while meditating and on my strolls.

Daraius Diary Seeing God In Everyone Everything
Adyashanti Invited Us to Uncover Our True Identities

I was inspired by the earnestness of the 200 folks who attended, all of whom were determined to go beneath the superficiality of everyday existence.

And I loved the gentleness and clarity with which Adyashanti invited everyone to ponder these deep philosophical questions.

There was no dogma here and his teachings and responses to questions during the Satsang drew from all religious, philosophical, and psychological traditions.

I’ve always found it very hard to trust folks who talk about religion or spirituality.  Because I often find they use those topics to manipulate others.  And yet, I found it incredibly easy to trust Adyashanti because of his kindness, intellectual rigor, and genuine desire to help others.

Seeing God in Everything

On the last day, Adyashanti led us through a guided meditation were we were asked what it would be like to see “God” (however you define that) in everyone and in everything.  What would it do to our peace of mind and relationship with ourselves, if we could see the element of goodness in everyone?

Which is not to say that you’d turn a blind eye to your kids pummeling each other because you saw “God” in both of them. 😉

Personally, I love silence and stillness.  Especially when it is out in nature!

Daraius Diary Seeing God In Everyone Everything
Instead of Insisting Upon What I Want, What If I Accept the Goodness of What Is?

I’ve always had lots of judgmental and mean thoughts towards folks who play loud music and disturb my silence!  So what would it be like if I could listen to the sound of, say, heavy metal, and look for God (or stillness) in that?

I don’t know.  But I’d certainly like to try it out.

I felt immensely grateful and touched to be part of this retreat and among so many kind, loving, courageous folks.

Bottom Line

After 7 days, I could notice that the speed of thoughts in my head were much slower than when I started the retreat.  I finally had glimpses of what it would be like to live for a few seconds completely immersed in the present and not wondering about what had been, or what will be.

And in those moments, I realized what it felt like to go through life in a dream.  A dream where I continuously think of the past or future instead of putting my attention on the present.

But much more importantly, I learned to be kinder to myself and accept that there are vast parts of my life where I am not able to be present.  And to study them with curiosity like a scientist when I notice myself distracted from the present.

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Daraius, I feel your search, about how God is in everyone and everything. You have shared a lot with us re: miles and points and I’m grateful you’ve given me a delightful hobby. I request you don’t post my comment, but it might interest you to look at the lawofone.info. Might not be your cup of tea, but who knows? The material may make sense to a seeker.

Cults are typically after either your mind, your money or your women. This one seems to be a combination of your mind with the celebrity status of the leaders. As your money. I’ll bet this retreat cost $6k or more.

Sorry to sound negative.

Million Mile Secrets

I read your comment as concern for me. Thank you for caring!

It is always good to go through life trying to see the goodness in people, however unpleasant they are. Tahoe is one of my favorite places.

Million Mile Secrets

It was my first time to Tahoe, and I loved it. I’d like to go back there and wander around sometime. I’ve noticed that it is always possible to find some element of goodness in folks. And most folks would help a child in distress, however else they may show up in life.

sounds like you are headed the right direction for you. always happy to see that. what you did was incredibly hard work, which most people don’t understand because they don’t take the time to do it. you must have been blissfully exhausted. your prior work was about making the world a better place for those who wanted to travel affordably. what is your next step? what is your way?

Million Mile Secrets

I found that even though I wasn’t exercising physically, my appetite was EXTREMELY healthy! I came back 4 pounds heavier, despite not doing any physical exercise, and I suspect my appetite increased because of the internal processing. I’m still involved with the blog and LOVE hearing stories from folks who’ve been inspired to take trip after reading the blog. Thanks for your comment!

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