Daraius’ Diary: “Hello Knee. I Love You!”

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Daraius’ Diary: “Hello Knee.  I Love You!”

Million Mile SecretsDaraius’ Diary: “Hello Knee.  I Love You!”Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Daraius:  We’ve got a great team at Million Mile Secrets helping with posts.  But I miss writing as much as I did in the old days!  So here I am writing about stuff that I really care about.  And which isn’t all miles-and-points related.

In January, I visited Tao Garden in Thailand, where Taoist and Tai-Chi Grandmaster Mantak Chia lives and teaches.  I attended a workshop on Love, Sex, and Intimacy which was taught by Mantak Chia and Charles Muir.  Master Chia was sharing Chinese Taoist practices and Master Muir was sharing Indian Tantric practices.

I’ve attended workshops with Charles before, and I love his message of bringing “Love and God to the bedroom” and to not be goal-oriented and to chase pleasure.  Instead – by being present and loving – we invite pleasure in.

Daraius Diary Hello Knee I Love You
A Trip to Thailand Showed Me the Power of Loving the Frail Parts of My Body

This time, I was especially curious to learn more about the ancient Taoist practice of circulating energy though all organs and parts of the body, and cultivating a practice of Healing Love. 

Can I Love My Knee?

I have a torn meniscus in my right knee, likely from years of Tae-Kwon-Do kicking.  I want to delay having surgery for as long as possible.  But I still want to be active and go running!

I get frustrated when my knee acts up, usually after running.  And I find that I sometimes can’t even walk or stand still without being in pain.  I’m not used to not being in control. 🙂

One of the most peaceful moments came when Charles was leading a Laya Yoga practice.  I love that Charles has studied yoga from the Bihar School of Yoga, which teaches a very authentic form of yoga and which isn’t solely focused on Asana (poses), like much of the yoga taught in the US.

Daraius Diary Hello Knee I Love You
Tao Garden in Thailand

As we were bending, Charles asked:

“Can you send love to the parts of your body that are stiff and sore?  What’s it like to love to those parts which aren’t working like you’d want them to work?”

“Hello ‘back’, I love you!”

“Hello ‘knee’, I love you!”

So I tried something different.

Instead of being frustrated that my knee was stiff and hurting, and trying to make it submit, I tried being kinder towards it.  To acknowledge my knee for trying.  To say “I love you, knee!”

It did feel hokey, for sure!

But I did notice a softening and easing in that moment, which made me realize that my natural instinct is to just plow through things without being sensitive to what’s actually going on in my body.

I loved realizing that easing up on the throttle (force), leads to a more pleasant and kinder outcome!

Bottom Line

I find it more natural to go through life being heavy and forceful to myself.  And I love seeing that there is another kinder and gentler way of being!

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Love this one. I have the same problem on the left and also just plow through the day and find out at the end what is wrong. I need to take it easier on myself too.

Perhaps the answer to a sore knee is simple. Ask the Doctor to fix the knee and enjoy your life pain free. Better known as common sense.

They said there is no fix so I’m just getting it back in shape.