Captivating Croatia: Part 7 – Apartment in Rovinj, Croatia

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Emily:   I’ve wanted to go to Croatia for the last several years.  I heard wonderful things about the country and how beautiful (and relatively affordable) it was compared to the rest of Europe.  It’s located in Eastern Europe and is just a few hours from Italy.

Last year, my friends and I organized a group trip to visit Rovinj, a small coastal town on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  It’s a gorgeous town full of romance.  Everything is stunning there, from the streets to the houses.  The food is also excellent.

We went for a kizomba dance festival.  Later in the trip report series, I will introduce you to kizomba and describe what an incredible dance it is!  The dance festival was amazing and Croatia is definitely a place I want to return and spend more time exploring!  The trip’s retail cost was ~$17,000 but I paid ~$900.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Like Being Back in College!  My Friends and I Stayed Together for 11 Days and Had a Wonderful Time!

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Getting to Rovinj

After staying overnight in Venice, my friend and I took a boat to Rovinj.  We booked with Venezia Lines, which operates ferries between Italy and Croatia.  You can reserve tickets online or you can go to the station.

We booked at the station the morning of our departure.  The tickets were 67 euros (~$75) per person for a 1-way trip.  The schedule is posted on their website.  It’s about a 3 hour ride.

The station was an easy walk from the hotel.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
The Departure Lounge at the Ferry Terminal in Venice

We checked in at the counter…

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Not Much Different From Checking-In at the Airport!
…and handed over our bags.
Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Hooray!  No Baggage Fees!  You Get a Free Checked Bag With Your Ticket

After ~30 minutes, we boarded the boat.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
A Little Snug in Coach, but the Terrific Views Made up for It!

We found seats close to the window, where we had beautiful views of the water.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Off We Go!  The Ride Was Comfortable and the Views Were Lovely

Unfortunately, the boat was delayed for ~90 minutes because of mechanical problems.  We almost disembarked from the boat, but as people were getting off, they made another announcement that they had fixed the boat.  Yay!

It was a quiet ride to Rovinj.  When we arrived, we took a taxi from the ferry stop to our hotel.  It was around 20 euros (~$22).

Apartment in Rovinj, Croatia

My friends and I stayed in a soba, which is a private guesthouse.  We decided to share the flat, so we split the cost.  My friend Sarita found the apartment via and it cost ~$317 per person (or ~$1,594 total) for 11 nights.

The apartment was located on Buzetska Street in Rovinj.  It was picturesque 15-minute walk to the main part of town.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Our Guesthouse Was Centrally Located and a ~15 Minute Walk to the Town Center

We booked the apartment in December 2014, or ~7 months in advance.  I heard this was a must, especially if you plan to go during the annual dance festival!  Many places offer free cancellations, so it’s best to book in advance and then cancel if needed.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
We Saved Money by Cooking Our Own Meals!

The apartment had a full kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and free parking.  No meals were included, but there was a supermarket within walking distance.  We went to the store and stocked up on food, and had a couple of amazing dinners at home together!

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Pro Tip:  Travel With Great Friends Who Know How to Whip up Amazing Dinners!

Having a full kitchen really made a difference, especially for an 11 night stay.  Robbie is an amazing cook and made roast chicken for us!  We helped chop the vegetables and clean up afterwards.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Travel Is Best When You Share It With Friends!  The 5 of Us Enjoyed Hanging Out!

There were 3 bedrooms: 1 had 2 twin beds, another bedroom had 1 more twin bed, and the the last bedroom had a queen size bed.  There was also a sofabed in the living room.  The living room was not a very private space, and I’m glad only 5 of us stayed there rather than the maximum of six.

Other Options for Accommodations

We considered staying in the nearby resorts.  The resorts are convenient because they are located near the water, close to town, and have pools!  But they are much more expensive, especially if you plan to travel as a larger group like we did.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
You Can Splurge on Fancier Accommodations, but It Costs Much More!

We went to a couple of resorts for the dance festival.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Pool Time!

I loved how there was so much to do at the resort.  You could swim in the sea, lie out on the beach, visit the pools, or slide down the waterslides!

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Shh!  There May Have Been a Conga Line Happening on the Waterslides!

The beaches by the resort can be rocky, so wear shoes with sturdy soles.

Apartment In Rovinj Croatia
Don’t Forget Your Swim Shoes!  The Beaches Are Pretty but Your Bare Feet Won’t Be Happy!

You Can Do It, Too!

There aren’t any big chain hotels in Rovinj, but the rooms are fairly cheap.  My friends and I stayed in a soba, or private apartment, for 11 nights.  The total cost was ~$1,594 that was split between 5 people, which brought the stay to ~$317 per person.

We weren’t located right in the city center, but we were very close and had a very peaceful ~15 minute walk to / from town.  And it was fun to hang out and cook together!

You can use for hotel or apartment reservations.  Check your hotel or apartment for a flexible cancellation policy, and it’s best to book far in advance due to the busy summer holiday season!

You can also check Airbnb for affordable accommodations in Rovinj and other spots throughout Europe.  It’s a terrific alternative to paying full price at hotels.

Bottom Line

My friends and I had a great time in Croatia.  Our apartment was cheap, clean, and located walking distance from town.  Next time, I would want to stay a little closer to town, but the price was perfect!

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