Captivating Croatia: Part 12 – Eating in Rovinj, Croatia

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Emily:  I’ve wanted to go to Croatia for the last several years.  I heard wonderful things about the country and how beautiful (and relatively affordable) it was compared to the rest of Europe.  It’s located in Eastern Europe and is just a few hours from Venice, Italy, making it a great side trip.

Last year, my friends and I organized a group trip to visit Rovinj, a small coastal town on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  It’s a gorgeous town full of romance.  Everything is stunning there, from the streets to the houses.  The food is also excellent.

We went for a kizomba dance festival.  Later in the trip report series, I will introduce you to kizomba and describe what an incredible dance it is!  The dance festival was amazing and Croatia is definitely a place I want to return and spend more time exploring!  The trip’s retail cost was ~$17,000 but I paid ~$900.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
You’ll Find Restaurants to Suit Most Tastes in Rovinj – and at a Very Reasonable Price!

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Eating in Rovinj

Rovinj has excellent food.  You’ll find lots of fresh fish, as well as many meat options.  And the local white wine is a perfect complement to any meal!


Gissell heard great feedback about Marinero, so we went there for dinner 1 evening.  We were lucky to find a table outside on the street.  All the tables were full when we 1st arrived.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Marinero Gets Terrific Reviews – You Can Choose to Eat Inside or Outside

We ordered a carafe of white wine to share.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
The Local White Wine Is Refreshing and Cheap!

The waiter was very nice and we couldn’t wait to eat.  All of the dancing really works up a hunger!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
We Were Famished From Dancing All Day and Night!

The price of food in Rovinj is generally a little cheaper than what you’ll find in the rest of Europe.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
We Ate Very Well at Marinero and Didn’t Pay a Fortune

Some days, we did have some fast food to save money and time.  We found a little doner kebab eatery, so I ordered one.


Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Jagoda Serves Pizza, Sandwiches, and Excellent Kebab!

I didn’t have high expectations, but my kebab was amazing!!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Inexpensive and Fast!  Great for a Quick Meal on the Go

Plus I didn’t spend much, so that made me happy, too!  My huge kebab was only ~$5.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Kebab Sandwiches and Wraps Cost Just ~$4 to ~$5


Another day, my friends and I had a leisurely 2 hour lunch at Mikula, a restaurant by the sea.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Mikula Restaurant Specializes in Fresh Seafood, Grilled Meats, and Pizza

We ordered mussels and a carafe of Croatian wine to start.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
My Friends Said the Mussels and Other Shellfish Were Amazing!  I Took Their Word for It 🙂

My friend Paolo ordered a variety of meats.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
A Carnivore’s Dream!

I had croquetas and veggies.  Everything was absolutely amazing!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
I Went for the Less Filling Option and It Was Tasty

Restaurant Pineta

We were lucky enough to have a delicious restaurant, Pineta, close to our apartment, and we stopped here at least 2 to 4 times during the course of our stay.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Restaurant Pineta Offered a Variety of Food and Was Perfectly Located Near Our Rental Apartment

I had some beef stew gnocchi that was 1 of the best meals I had in Rovinj.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
We Ate Here a Few Times and Tried Many of the Dishes – All Were Excellent

It was delicious!!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
The Beef Gnocchi Was 1 of My Favorite Meals!


In the morning, my friends and I liked to stop at Concettino’s for a coffee and pastries.  My favorite were the potato and cheese filled pastries.  Yum!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Concettino’s Was a Convenient Spot for Breakfast

This place was cheap, too, which was an added bonus.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Good Food With Good Friends for a Good Price!

You go in to choose your food.  There’s a huge selection.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Pastries of All Kinds to Satisfy Your Sweet (or Savory) Tooth

We enjoyed sampling their different specialties each day.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
We Loaded up on Carbs for Energy – All That Dancing Makes You Hungry!

Everything was baked fresh that day.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
All Kinds of Croissants, Rolls, and Donuts to Choose From

Konzum Supermarket

We went to Konzum supermarket twice during our stay.  We loaded up on fruits, veggies, deli meat, salmon, wine, liquor, and chocolate.  This was a great way to save a lot of money because we had a lot of meals at home.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Stocking up on Basics at the Supermarket Saved Us a Ton of Money!

The Konzums in the old town are smaller.  We went to 1 by our apartment which was huge!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
I’m Always Interested in Seeing the Different Products Available in Supermarkets Overseas

There was a large selection of everything, including many gluten free foods!  We had fun making dinner together 1 evening.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Eating in the Apartment Was Cheaper and Healthier!

Robbie is an excellent cook and roasted a delicious whole chicken for us!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
If Only I Could Get My Roast Chickens to Look Like This!

Gelateria Italia

Rovinj has a very strong Italian influence, so there were many gelato shops.  One evening, we had gelato at Gelateria Italia.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Nothing Like Treating Yourself to Homemade Gelato

It was handmade in the store.

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Some of the Flavors Required an Explanation!
I ordered cookies. 

It was delicious!!

Eating In Rovinj Croatia
Perfect After a Long Day of Dancing and Swimming!

Bottom Line

Rovinj is filled with excellent restaurants.  Be sure to try the fresh seafood and local Croatian wine!  And the gelato is a must.

You can save money by going to the supermarket and making many meals at an apartment, like we did.

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