Our 2nd Honeymoon in Paradise – ATV Tour in Moorea

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ATV Tour – Moorea
ATV Tour in Moorea
“Our 2nd Honeymoon in Paradise” Trip Report Index: Daraius:  We had very little time in Moorea since we were there for only 1 day.  I was researching activities and we decided to go on an ATV tour the 1st afternoon.  We could have gone kayaking, snorkling, hiking, driven around the island etc., but chose to go on an ATV tour and on a whale and dolphin watching expedition the next day.

The Hilton in Moorea emailed me a list of activities.  Click here for a copy of the Hilton Moorea activity list.  But they weren’t offering ATV tours on Sunday and I was curious to see if I could get it for less elsewhere.  In general, activities cost less in Moorea than in Bora Bora.

I emailed Albert tours about their ATV tours, but they didn’t have a Sunday afternoon tour.

I had also emailed ATV Moorea Tours, but I got a response that the Sunday afternoon tour was full, but that we could get on the Monday tour.  I emailed back to say that we were visiting for only 1 day, and would be extremely grateful if they could squeeze us in.

I got an email back confirming our Sunday afternoon ATV tour and asking if we wanted to pay online and save 15%!    I was thrilled since Emily really wanted to ride on an ATV.

The original price was 21,000 XPF (~$228) for a 2-seater ATV, but we paid 17, 850 XPF ($194) after the Pay Pal discount.  We went on the 3.5 hour adventure raid tour instead of the shorter 2.5 hour discovery tour.

Emily Jablon:  We booked an ATV tour with a guide on Sunday.  There were 4 couples total, and we received a short lesson on how to operate the four wheeler.  The ATVS also have a small little compartment to hold a small backpack or camera.
ATV Tour – Moorea
Emily & Daraius on the ATV

According to Daraius, it was pretty easy to drive.  He was a great driver on the ATV, and I felt very safe.

Daraius:  The ATV was pretty easy to drive, but there was a blast of hot air right on my left leg.  The guide explained that the ATVs were imported from Canada where they are used in winter and where blasts of  hot air are usually welcomed!

The French owner was very patient and had a great sense of humor and gently reminded us that he had an imprint of our credit card, should we decide to not return the ATV or ride it over a cliff!  Our tour guide was also from France, and had moved to Moorea with his girlfriend and lived on a boat by the bay.

It was raining and windy when the complimentary van dropped us off at the ATV shop.  There was a no-refund policy, so we decided to carry on with the tour since there were raincoats in the ATV in case it started raining heavily.  But it cleared up soon…for a bit.

Emily Jablon:  We initially followed the circle road in Moorea, but soon took a detour off-road and stopped by a Banyan tree.
ATV Tour – Moorea
Under the Banyan Tree

We rode around all over town, and went down seemingly forgotten paths that looped in and out of the main road.

ATV Tour – Moorea
Down the Paths

We drove through streams.

ATV Tour – Moorea
Through the Streams

We saw lemon trees, banana trees, and pineapple plants.  We were told that the pineapples take 1 year to grow and ripen?!

ATV Tour – Moorea
Pineapple Plant

Unfortunately, it started raining heavily 30 minutes into our tour.  The tour guide helped get raincoats out of the ATV which helped a little bit.  But it was still cold.

We stopped off-road and hiked to a Marae or Polynesian temple.

ATV Tour – Moorea

It was a really cool tour.  We went speeding through mud puddles.  If you do go on an ATV tour, wear shoes (water shoes are okay) because your flip flops may fly off.  One of the other rider’s flip flops flew off, but they were able to retrieve it.  Don’t wear white shorts unless you want them brown.  Keep in mind that it was raining during our tour, so it was more muddy than usual.

Daraius:  My cream shorts were speckled with mud by the end of the tour! Emily Jablon:  It was bright and sunny in the morning, but t was very misty during our tour in the afternoon.
ATV Tour – Moorea
Overlooking the Bay

The grand finale of the tour was a ride up a very steep track to a viewpoint with a gorgeous view of Moorea.  But here’s what we saw!

Gorgeous View!

All in all it was a very good experience, despite the bad weather.  We’ll always remember this ATV tour since it was our first time on the ATV.

Daraius:  After the tour, we drove back to where we started and we all got into the van to be dropped back to our hotel. It was still raining heavily at 6:00 pm, so we went back to our room and stayed in for the night.  We could hear the rain and heavy winds from our bungalow.

A few days later we got an email with links to the pictures during our ATV tour for no extra fee.  We were very happy with the tour and agreed with their #1 ranking out of 20 in Moorea on Trip Advisor.

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