A First Class Passage To India – American Airlines First Class (London to Chicago)

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A First Class Passage To India – American Airlines First Class (London to Chicago)

Million Mile SecretsA First Class Passage To India – American Airlines First Class (London to Chicago)Million Mile Secrets Team

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American Airlines First Class

This is a continuation of our First Class trip to India, a journey where we had Big Travel with Small Money!

American Airlines Flagship Class
American Airlines Flagship Class – Elegant Cabin Decor

Trip Report Index:

Emily Jablon:  We arrived in London, and I proceeded to my gate to get on my American Airlines flight.  After my first class experience with Jet, I was  expecting to be personally escorted through security and on to my gate.  But that did not happen.  I had to make a beeline to get to my new gate where my American Airlines flight was.

My American Airlines flight was disappointing compared to the Jet Airways flight.  First class was packed, unlike Jet where there were only two of us.  Also, the staff didn’t treat my fish allergy seriously, and I was very taken aback to find a bag of garbage hanging on the back of one gentleman’s seat.

I wanted to send a complaint about the trash bag hanging by the seats, so I decided to take a picture. Right after I took a picture, the staff yelled at me to delete the picture immediately and that it was against policy.  Fumbling with the camera, I “deleted” the picture, but somehow it stayed on my memory stick!

I slept through most of the flight, but it was very similar to our earlier experience on American Airlines First Class except that the service seemed slightly worse.  If I had to do it again, I would rather spend the same amount of miles for a flight on British Airways or Jet Airways instead of American Airlines.

Daraius:  Emily is extremely easy-to-please and doesn’t ask for much so the service on her flight must have been poor.

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Maybe carriers need to identify their kinds travel where this is feasible. I’d say people are willing to spend an extra 10-15% more on the 3+ hour flights. I definitely prefer to flu Lan over AA when going on those routes.

How tough would it be to reintroduce a section of regular economy – in lieu of 2000s economy? Charge a little extra and give a few more amenities (just the regular stuff we had in the 90s…) Nothing fancy and not so expensive that money becomes the decision factor.

Someone said said to not compare the carriers in America vs other continents based on the number of crew members. Do they have more crew members? If so, they are still viable airlines offering better services on average. Modes the US have more crew? Then why do we get so little love? I think the unions are taking over completely here and ruining travel to all.

WHAT? We could raise fares??? That’s an idea. Ummmm, have you read ANY business or travel articles in the past 10 years? If we could raise fares, without passengers jumping to another carrier, we would. The fact is, unless all carriers do it, the carrier has to lower their prices back down to preserve market share. The “book away factor” is very real. If you raise the fares 20$ on a 150 seat plane, that’s $3000. If 10 people “book away” with another carrier because they are cheaper, you have lost the $3000. That’s why airlines have started charging ancillary fees for checked bags, etc…..these fees are not yet taxed like other airline revenue, so are pure profit. Until there is a complete overhaul in management at the major airlines, and possibly re-regulation, nothing will change. It is interesting to note that Southwest, which is a low-cost carrier, routinely posts profits, has happy employees, which are the among the highest paid, if not the highest paid in the industry. Oh, and did I mention they only offer peanuts and drinks? It starts with management and it works downward. Treat employees with respect, and fairness and you have happy employees, and happy passengers.

Wow, someone got up on the wrong foot.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. The typical service and equipment that you get on american carriers is sub par to international ones. All starting from check in time, to the lounge, to the trip.

I feel all carriers are in a downward spiral to cut costs… You know you can raise some prices no? I would definitely spend 10 or more% for a better experience (on a 3+ hour flight).

Well to all of you who complain about the service on the US airlines (all of them and mostly on AA today)…

This particular company has treated its employees very badly. If they made a decent salary that would permit them to live decently and not be forced to fly so many hours till they actually fall on their faces in order to make a decent living we would be able to provide a better service.

Also don’t forget that if the grey plastic bags are so offending that is what the “staff” is provided to work with so don’t point your finger at the staff but to the airline who gives them those very tool to work with and no place to actually put those bags either so they are creative.

If you have any food allergy please contact the airline in advance and they will be happy to provide you with a special meal.

Also stop pointing finger at the staff which is actually a term used for chamber maids and not flight attendants.

Have a good day !

One more thing… Do not compare any US airlines with a Asian company… Please be sure to count their number of “staff” or crew members against the numbers of crew members on the same airplane type on a US airlines. Maybe then will you stop complaining. Are you so incompetent that you need someone to take you by the hand to your next gate as well ?

That’s disgraceful but then again become the norm of our airlines. I just do not understand how our airlines simply do not ‘get it’. Anyone I know who flies on airlines like Emirates, Singapore, Qantas etc are shocked to board any US airline.

You’d think the management and senior air crew would take a flight on foreign airlines every now and then to see what the competition is like, evidently not.

From old worn out planes, to zero inflight service, zero inflight entertainment, and staff that you’d think should be working at walmart or a gas station.

A solid meal on an hour flight abroad is not uncommon, versus a cup of soda and the possibility of a pack of pretzels on a cross-country flight here. Three to four meals in economy and unlimited snacks from the actual snack bar is also not uncommon abroad.

Then you have our airports, like LAX, which are literally stuck in the 80s and prior. Once again the airports abroad leave our airports in the dust.

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