Winning the Game of Free Travel With Miles, Points, & Perks

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If you love the miles & points hobby like I do, you’ve probably figured out how to make the most of the banks’ generosity in offering big credit card sign-up bonuses and perks.

But it’s important not to fall into the trap of paying interest and fees, because they’ll negate any rewards you earn!

In fact, there’s a reason banks spend so much money launching new cards and targeting new customers.  Because they earn profits when folks apply for and use their cards.

But if you know the ins and outs of the credit card world, you can earn miles and points at little to no cost and get lots of Big Travel with Small Money!

Winning The Game Of Free Travel With Miles Points Perks
You Can Build a Portfolio of Terrific Travel Credit Cards to Make Your Dream Hotel Stay Possible!

Follow the Rules of Miles & Points

Because the banks’ number one goal is to make a profit, they want you to pay interest and fees, to make money and to justify any perks they offer.

They also want you to use their cards as often as possible, instead of a competitor’s card, because they’ll earn a commission with every transaction.  And that’s why they offer rewards!  Plus, they want to earn you as a customer AND keep you as a customer.  In case you need another service they provide, like a bank account or loan, for example.

So be diligent when you apply for credit cards by choosing your credit cards carefully and tracking each card you apply for.  Because lots of folks don’t redeem the rewards they earn or take advantage of cards’ perks, like annual travel credits.

Winning The Game Of Free Travel With Miles Points Perks
It’s Best to Have a Plan When You’re Applying for Credit Cards. That Way You Can Make the Most of the Rewards You Earn!

Plus, if you can’t pay your bill on time and in full every month, I do NOT suggest getting into the miles & points hobby.  Because any interest you accrue will likely negate the rewards you’re earning

But don’t worry about the banks’ profits too much (ha!), because credit card companies make money from customers like us who pay their bills on time.  They get a percentage of each sale from the merchant each time you make a purchase.

Bottom Line

If you take part in the game of miles & points, make sure to choose the cards you get carefully and pay close attention to statement balances and due dates .  Because banks earn money when you pay interest and fees.  And that’s why they entice you to sign-up for new cards with big sign-up bonuses.

Plus, if you can’t pay your balances off in full every month, the interest you accrue will negate any rewards you earn!

So learn how to maximize the miles & points you earn, and get Big Travel by playing the game wisely. 😉

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