Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service to Your Hotel

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Daraius’ Disclosure:  A friend is a co-founder of TimeResQ, so to avoid any potential bias, this review is written by a Million Mile Secrets team member.

TimeResQ is an on-demand delivery service that can save you time (and room in your luggage) when you’re planning a stay in 1 of 16 cities in the US and abroad.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
TimeResQ Delivers Common Travel Items Directly to Your Hotel. Find Out the Details!

I’ll explain how the service works, and if it’s worth it!

What’s TimeResQ?

Link:   TimeResQ

Link:   Airbnb

TimeResQ delivers items you might need while traveling, directly to your hotel or Airbnb.  Or to the homes of family or friends.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
TimeResQ Groups Items Into Packs Including Toiletries, Pet Food, and Even Drinks

They specialize in common items travelers usually need, grouped into various packs.  Their packs include:

  • Toiletries
  • Refrigerated food
  • Pantry items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Baby supplies
  • Cat and dog food
  • Drinks and mixers
  • And city-specific themed packs!
Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
The “So British” Pack Is a Fun Way to Get Into a London State of Mind, But You’ll Pay a Huge Markup

For example, the “So British” pack includes an umbrella, scones and jam, and other items that’ll make you feel right at home in England.  But it’s ~$97 delivered, so the price tag might be enough to get you out in the London rain to find these items yourself!

Other packs include souvenirs, metro passes, and maps specific to the city you visit.  They vary in how convenient they are.  Some of them are practical, and others aren’t at all.

TimeResQ is in 16 cities so far, including:

North America

Each city has different prices and offerings, so if you’re visiting 1 of the cities on the list, check out what they have to offer!

Is It Worth It?

That depends.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
Business Travelers Might Find TimeResQ to Be a Lifesaver

The service offered by TimeResQ can help some folks because it:

  • Saves space in your bags
  • Assures you won’t run out of essentials
  • Combines common items into 1 easy package
  • Lets you get to your hotel or Airbnb without figuring out where shops are and if they’re open
  • Can save you time

TimeResQ is convenient for folks who are traveling for business in a city they’ve never been to.  And it’s helpful if you think you’ll need certain items and don’t want to figure out where the nearest grocery store or pharmacy is located.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
Get a Fridge Pack Delivered in Toronto for ~$46

The Fridge Pack could be convenient for families arriving to a new city after a long journey.  It contains bread, milk, juice, cheese, salad, cold cuts, eggs, butter, and apples.  So you won’t have to go out to find essentials in an unfamiliar place.

If you have kids, the Pantry Pack or Fridge Pack might be enough to hold them over until you can get out to shop and explore.

That said, if you research enough, you might find similar services in most cities.  For example, Toronto has Grocery Gateway, which delivers groceries.  The advantage of TimeResQ is items are already grouped together for you, which saves time.

Because of that, expect a markup of at least a few dollars (or more!) to have the packs delivered.

You can select a 2-hour delivery window.  Note that someone must be there to accept the package, which wouldn’t be an issue at a hotel with a front desk, but might be for an Airbnb, for example.

And, don’t expect to receive exactly what’s pictured in each pack.  TimeResQ says:

Quality and quantity is always TimeResQ guaranteed, however product brand may vary from picture subject to local availability.

If you want a certain brand, it might be worth it to find it yourself.

So why not buy the items you want and send them yourself?  Because you won’t have to deal with buying a box, shipping it, and then worry it if gets through customs.  TimeResQ takes care of finding and packaging the items, which can save you time.

So this is a handy option if you’re pressed for time, or if you’re concerned about certain items for your stay in a new city.

But keep in mind prices vary a lot depending on the city you’re visiting.

For example the Party Pack costs ~$179 delivered in New York City, but ~$129 in Berlin.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
~$129 for All of These Items Isn’t Bad! But You Can Get All of These Items for Less at a Grocery Store

That said, you get four 700-milliliter bottles of alcohol, a 6-pack of beer, and several bottles of mixers.  So that’s a good deal if you want convenience, or if you’ll be arriving after most shops are closed.

Keep in mind they add a delivery fee, which varies based on city, and product.

Save Time With This Supermarket Delivery Service To Your Hotel
A Pre-Paid SIM Card Is Handy for Connecting With Friends, Family, or Coworkers in a New City, But You’ll Pay ~$89 for This Pack, Delivered

Other times, there’s a mark-up for convenience, like with the Business pack which includes a SIM card with 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1GB of data for your phone, and an adapter.  It’s ~$89 delivered.

If you don’t want to spend time finding these items abroad, you may decide to get them from TimeResQ instead.

That said, some folks might like the adventure of finding these items in a new place – it’s part of the experience!

Delivery Service Alternatives Abound

Many of these items are available on other websites like:

This might be a better deal in Europe than in North America or Asia, for example, where there aren’t already similar services.

Only Pay With Certain Cards!

TimeResQ is based in Portugal.  So be sure to pay with a credit card that has NO foreign transaction fees such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Citi ThankYou Premier Card.  Because an added 2% or 3% fee makes this (and anything else you buy overseas) less of a deal!

Bottom Line

TimeResQ is a service that can save you time and add convenience when you stay in a new or unfamiliar city.  So far they’re in select cities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

It’s handy for business travelers or folks who don’t want to spend time searching for particular items.  Or for families arriving after a long journey.  And, it saves room in your luggage!

Prices and selection vary in each of the 16 cities they currently serve, so be sure to see if it makes sense for you, while keeping in mind there may be better options available.

Let me know if you’ve used TimeResQ and what it was like!

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