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Sometimes I can’t (or don’t want to) use miles and points for hotel stays.  So I’m always looking out for good deals on hotels.

TravelPony says they offer 10 to 70% off hotel prices on other websites.  I was curious if they really did!
Giddyup! I Like Cheap Hotel Deals!

What’s TravelPony?

Link:   TravelPony

TravelPony says they don’t spend a lot of money on advertising and they claim to offer hotel rates well below those on other booking sites with the money saved.

You do have to sign-up for an account (or you can log in through Facebook).  If you use my link to sign-up, you’ll get a $35 credit on your next booking, and I’ll get $25.  Then you can refer your friends and family and get credit, too!  This is better than the $25 credit you get if you sign-up directly from TravelPony!

And if you enter the promotion code “PONYPOINTS10”  in the “Apply Discount Code”  box on the payment screen, you’ll get another 10% off your booking.  This code is only valid until March 31, 2014.

Signing-Up Is Quick (Even Quicker Using Facebook)

Once you’ve signed-up, you can search for hotels much like you would on other sites.

Enter Your Destination and Dates, Then Click “Search”

The website is less than a year old, so some cities aren’t listed and others only have a few hotels.  But you can find most major US and international cities.

Are the Deals Really That Good?

I decided to check hotels in a few places and compare TravelPony‘s rates to other websites.

1.   Hilton Portland & Executive Tower

I searched for hotels in Portland, Oregon on May 15, 2014 for 1 night.  TravelPony listed 8 hotels, including the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower for $183 including taxes.

TravelPony Has a Rate of $159 Plus Tax = $183 for the Hilton Portland

I like how they list the prices on other 3rd party travel sites, so you can compare without having to dig too much.  The next cheapest rate (according to TravelPony) is $231 including tax!  So TravelPony saves you ~21%.

You’ll Pay $48 Less, or ~21% If You Book Through TravelPony

The marketeer in me wanted to make double sure that these other 3rd party website rates were correct, so I checked (which shows hotel prices from different websites) for the same hotel and night.  The cheapest rate they listed was $250.  That’s more expensive than what TravelPony said they would have.

TravelPony Actually Saves You $67, or ~27% Off Kayak’s Listed Rates

I also checked the Hilton hotels website to see if they could do any better.  They were even more expensive at ~$274 including tax!  In this case, TravelPony saves you 33%.  Not bad!

The Hilton Website Charges ~$91 or 33% More Than TravelPony

2.   Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge (New York City)

I searched TravelPony for New York City hotels on May 8, 2014 and they listed 145 available hotels.  The rate for the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is $287 including taxes.

TravelPony Lists the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge at $287 Including Taxes

The next cheapest rate, including booking directly with Marriott, is $415 including tax.  So TravelPony saves you $128 or ~31%.

Save ~31% Booking With TravelPony

I confirmed the rates again, this time with  The best rate they found was $307 including tax.  So it looked like TravelPony’s list of 3rd party sites didn’t catch all of the cheaper rates available.  However, TravelPony is still cheaper by $20 or ~7%.

HotelsCombined Found a Cheap Rate, but Still More Expensive Than TravelPony

3.   Ramada Plaza Waikiki

Next, I checked out Hawaii on TravelPony.  A search on April 21, 2014, found 31 hotels in Honolulu, including the Ramada Plaza Waikiki for $136 tax included.

The Ramada Plaza Waikiki Costs $136 per Night on TravelPony

The next lowest price on a travel booking site is $158 including taxes, so by booking through TravelPony you’ll save $22 or ~14%.

TravelPony is ~14% or $22 Cheaper Than Other Travel Booking Sites

When I checked the Ramada website, their rate was even more expensive at ~$183 including taxes.  So TravelPony saves ~26% in this case.

Save ~$47 or ~26% Less Than the Ramada Rate

Even the non-refundable, advance purchase rate on the Ramada website was more expensive than the refundable TravelPony rate!