“No” is not acceptable

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“No” is not acceptable

Million Mile Secrets“No” is not acceptableMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.


One of the best things about blogging is getting lots of emails from readers sharing their successes!

Richard writes in to remind us that an initial rejection of your credit card application may be converted into an approval.

“For those whose credit is not in the 800’s or 900’s take heart and don’t despair.  Because of previous but significant life events my credit score is sub-700.  However, I’ve been able to get several (Citi card and US Air) travel mile credit cards nonetheless.

The other day I applied for a Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card for which I was initially turned down.  So I decided to fight the good fight!  I called and asked to speak to a senior credit analyst and for about 15 minutes went into lengthy explanations about my credit history and why I thought I was credit worthy for the card.

The analyst patiently and, I might add, sympathetically listened to my story.  Afterwards he said that he would try to get me approved for the card and all he needed was his manager to approve it.  I called back today and I found out I was approved.  Another 25K miles in my account!  My motto – “No” is not acceptable!” – Richard”

Bottom Line:  If you are denied for a credit card, call the bank’s reconsideration line and explain to them why you are a good credit risk and how approving you for a credit will be mutually beneficial.

However, if your credit score is substantially below 700, I wouldn’t recommend applying for a lot of credit cards at once.  It is much better to start with just one card and see how banks assess you.  And if you are unable to get approved even after calling the reconsideration line, it may be best to lie low and wait for your credit score to rise.

Thanks to Richard for sharing his story!

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They said the reason for rejection was less than 4 years of credit history and I don’t make enough money. How should I approach this? When should I re-apply for other credit card?

Hey Daraius, I’ve got a long while before the 18 month mark. A bit of a back story, this is my 3rd full app-o-rama. I have a high 700 credit score and have never been behind since I got my 1st card 10 years ago. I also was declined for the chase ink plus by trying to take advantage of the extra 10,000 points. The reasoning was that I already have 8 chase cards (6 personal & 2 business) and that my limit is over 50% of my income. They wouldn’t budge when I attempted to have credit moved from a different card and on the 2nd call they referenced my initial call and questioned why I was calling again. Do you have any further advice? Have you come across a spell of getting declined and the reconsideration call not working? Are they starting to come to their senses that we’re taking advantage of our pristine credit for the bonuses their cards offer?

Million Mile Secrets

@Richie Rich – It doesn’t hurt to wait a bit if you’ve got many inquiries. 8 cards from 1 bank is a lot of cards!

Hi Daraius I just got off the reconsideration line with Citi with no luck. I called a couple of different times and was told a couple of different things. To start out, I applied and was approved for the Citi AA Visa Business card in February. I applied today for the Citi AA World MasterCard and was denied. All the calls I made ended the same…your application has been denied. What I was told was that: 1) Citibank only issues I business card and you already have the AA Visa Business 2)I didn’t wait long enough to apply for another business card and there term was “several months” handed down to them by AA.

I tried to leverage my current personal/business relationship to no avail. I attempted to both move credit from the Visa card and asked if I closed the Visa would the MasterCard be approved and both were shot down.

You’ve written not to take no for an answer and call the reconsideration line since you already have the hard pull from the application. At the point, do you have any other ideas on what I can do to get approved?

-Richie Rich

Million Mile Secrets

@Richie Rich – That seems to be the new Citi policy for business cards and calling again likely won’t help. That said, you may be able to get the Citi AA card again if it has been at least 18+ months from when you were last approved.

If one chooses to send a credit card reconsideration letter by US Mail rather than making the call, to which address do you send your letter to? Is there a list of such bank addresses here on MMS? Sample reconsideration letters? Thank you.