I got rejected for a second US Air credit card

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I got rejected for a second US Air credit card

Million Mile SecretsI got rejected for a second US Air credit cardMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote that Emily was able to get a second US Air credit card as part of her February App-O-Rama.

Well, I wasn’t so lucky.

I applied for a few cards a few weeks ago, but my US Air MasterCard application wasn’t immediately processed.  I chose the US Air card because folks have been able to get the bonus again for the same card, and because it also had no minimum spending requirements to get the 40,000 mile sign-on bonus.

No Problem,” I thought, “I’ll just call the reconsideration line and explain to them why I need another card and that will be that.

It wasn’t so easy.  The first time I called, the rep asked me why I wanted another US Air Card when I already had one.  I explained that I wanted it to separate expenses and better track them.  He put me on hold, but came back and said that he could not approve me for a second US Air card.

Contrast this to the nice rep who closed Emily’s existing US Air Card and opened a new one for her – just a few weeks ago!

So of course, I called back and got a different rep.  She put me on hold and came back and told me the same thing.  “You can’t get a new US Air personal card.”  And I called back again the same day, and got the same reply.

I then called back early in the morning and later in the afternoon on different days.  Their best suggestion was to open a business version of the US Air card.  After 8 calls, I finally threw in the towel.

I’m going to chalk this up to YMMV, or Your Miles May Vary, which means that what happens to others usually, but not always, could happen to you.  But there are no guarantees that it will!

Travel and Credit wasn’t able to get the US Air MasterCard when he applied for a 2nd card late last year, but was able to get it again recently.  Some folks on this FlyerTalk thread have got the card for a second time, and some have not.  And The Frugal Travel Guy didn’t get the card for a 2nd time as well.

So I’ll cancel my existing US Air card and will try applying for it again.  Or should I keep my existing card open and try applying for another one?

Bottom Line:  Sometimes things which work out for others, don’t work out for you.  But that’s the sometimes unpredictable nature of our hobby!

What’s been  your Barclaycard US Air MasterCard experience?

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hi daraius

yesterday i applied to the barclays us airways card to get 40k sign up bonus after 1st purch and was instantly approved. will i get the 40k pts instantly after first purchase or does it post after the first statement closes? i might or might not be able to take advantage of the shared miles promo in Oct based on whether i get the 40k in time! pls let me know, thanks!

keeping the card to get the 10,000 miles bonus at first anniversary is worth it

Data Point: I applied my first US Airways MC as the part of my first App-o-Rama on 6/9/2012: two AA cards ( one instant approved, one approved after the call), one AX SPG card with instant approved. My US airway MC was approved with 5K CL, but today I got a letter from Barclays, saying the my CL is decreased to 1K because: 1) Growth Rate of Overall Debt is too high. 2) Too many Accounts Opened in the Past 6 months. The letter also says that the TransUnion was used for the decision. They also tell that my credit score is 754. I just charged $10 after getting the card to get the 40K miles. I have not spent anything on the card yet since I are working on meeting the requirements for two AA cards and AX SPG card.

I was planning to churn the card every six months, now I have no ideas what to do with this US airlines MC card. any suggestions? Thanks

Million Mile Secrets

@liw5215 – I’d keep the card for 8 to 9 months and then cancel it. You should get the sign-up bonus, though.

Another data point – I received my first US Airways card in January. I reapplied about a month ago. (I did not cancel the original card.) I was not automatically approved for the second card. I called the reconsideration line and was approved for the second card. The rep asked me a few pretty probing questions. I said I need a second card to segregate expenses and with that, I was approved. For what its worth I took advantage of the balance transfer option on the first card and have an outstanding balance of over half of the credit line. In approving me, the rep reduced the credit line on the first card. Go figure. Maybe that helped….Thanks for all the helpful info Daraius et. al.

I just got approved for a second US Airways card after calling the reconsideration line. I received the application pending message when I applied and called the reconsideration line within five minutes of submitting my application. It was one of the toughest calls I have had to date. They went through my credit report almost line by line with me, asked lots of questions about my business, asked why I want a second US Airways card, etc. The call took a solid 5-10 minutes but in the end the agent did approve the card!

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