Reader Request: How do you complete large minimum spending for credit card sign-up bonuses?

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Reader Request:  How do you complete large minimum spending for credit card sign-up bonuses?

Million Mile SecretsReader Request:  How do you complete large minimum spending for credit card sign-up bonuses?Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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Million Mile Secrets reader Ji commented on my recent App-o-Rama where I earned 300,000 Miles and Points +2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel with 6 credit cards.

my goodness…how in the world do you make a min spend of nearly $14k in three months?

Many credit cards require you to complete a certain amount of minimum spending before you get the sign-on bonus.  Some folks will have no problem since they will have lots of reimbursable business expenses which they can charge to their personal credit cards, while others will find it hard to meet high minimum spending requirements.

It is important to NOT spend more money than you otherwise would just to get the sign-up bonus.  Interest rates on credit cards are very high and you usually will never come out ahead by paying interest on credit cards.

You should also apply for credit cards for  which you can comfortably complete the minimum spending.  And consider adding in a few cards which do not require a minimum spend to your applications.

As always, do what is most comfortable for YOU and works best for YOU.   You shouldn’t apply for 6 credit cards just because I do (or your other favorite blogger does!)

Emily and I are not big spenders and we love saving money.  So how did we spend the $14,000 within 3 months?

1.   Amazon Payments.  You can send up to $1,000 per month to another person without any fee by using Amazon payments.  This adds up to $3,000 to $4,000 over a 3 month period.

For example, if you receive a card on May 15th, which requires you to spend $5,000 within 3 months, you can use Amazon payments on May 15, June 15, July 15, and August 15 to complete $4,000 worth of spending.

2.   William Paid for rent or ChargeSmart for Mortgage.   We use WilliamPaid to pay our rent & gladly pay the 3% fee on our ~$1,000 rent ($30) to help meet the spending required to get a 40,000 or 50,000 point bonus.  WilliamPaid sends a check to your landlord on your behalf and works even if your landlord is NOT registered with William Paid.  This helps us meet another $3,000 spending over 3 months.

If you have a mortgage, you can use ChargeSmart to pay your mortgage for a fee.  I wouldn’t recommend using ChargeSmart or William Paid regularly to earn miles and points, though it could be worth it in limited instances.  But do the math for your specific situation!

3.   Regular living expenses (gas, groceries, insurance, etc.)   I wish it wasn’t so, but we spend at least $1,000 on gas, groceries, toll, netflix, gifts, insurance, meals, etc. per month.  This adds up to another $3,000 over 3 months for us.

You can even buy grocery store or gift cards to other shops and restaurants if you know you’ll use them later on and can pay off your credit card bill.  We recently bought a $500 super market gift card which we’ll use over the next month.

You can put virtually any expense on a credit card, and even if you have to pay a 3% fee to do so, it could be totally worth it to get the sign-up bonus on a credit card.

However, it may not be worth it to pay a fee to earn miles outside of the sign-up bonus (i.e everyday spending), unless you’ve done the math for your specific situation!

Check out the 40+ ways to complete your minimum spending to see just what you can charge to a credit card.

4.   Student Loans.   Emily and I have lots of them, and sometimes we make a payment using ChargeSmart and pay the ~3% fee if we need to come up with extra spending to get the sign-up bonus on a credit card.

5.   Pay Divvy and Venmo.   Pay Divvy and Venmo (1st $500 is fee-free) let you send money to others for a fee (~3%).  I wouldn’t use this regularly to earn miles and points for everyday spending, but gladly pay the fee to transfer money if I was in danger of missing out on a credit card sign-up bonus.

I’d initially transfer a small amount, just to make sure that the transaction isn’t coded as a cash advance (with high fees) instead of as a purchase.

In my experience, American Express doesn’t like seeing too much Pay Divvy, Venmo, and Amazon Payments activity on your account and could initiate a financial account review because of these payments.  I also wouldn’t transfer money back-and-forth between 2 people.

6.   Kiva Loans.   Frequent Miler has a great post on how you can lend money via Kiva and complete your minimum spending requirement.  And you usually get your money back in a few months, so this is a great way to meet a minimum spending requirement and help others, if you can pay off your credit card bill when it comes due.    Of course, there’s a risk of not getting your money back if the lender defaults on the loan, but that is very, very low with Kiva.

7.   Taxes.  You can pay property tax and personal or business income taxes using a credit card.  PayUSAtax charges 1.89% convenience fee, but that could be worth it to get the sign-up bonus on your credit cards.

Bottom Line:  You don’t actually have to spend a lot of money to complete the minimum spending on credit cards.   Deals will come and go, so don’t apply for more credit cards than you can comfortably meet the minimum spending for!

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Remember you can prepay most of your recurring bills.

Amazon Payments seems to be very confusing… I would like to figure out how to use it for my modest spending needs,I already have an amazon account,I buy from them all the time, but after reading as much as I can find, I still can’t figure out how this works…. If I set up an AP acct in my name,(acct. for buying is already in my name) then I need to use a bank account to verify? Since our main ch. acct. is joint (B&M local bank) how does the ‘sending money using a cc’ work? Do I input my DH name,with a different bank acct. as a payee? or vice versa? any links at all that shed more light on this would be appreciated…. my main interest is keeping my bluebird open,and able to fund using a cc….and getting a few points in the process. I’m not a big spender, just have a few bills to pay,and I like the bluebird setup.

Hi mates, its great piece of writing regarding teachingand fully

defined, keep it up all the time.

If you miss the $2000 spending deadline in 3 months for Citicards, do they ever give you a grace period or extend the deadline, even by 1 day? I lost track of the deadline by 1 day.

Million Mile Secrets

@Ben – Any charge (except the annual fee on the card) counts towards the minimum spending. So you should be fine, but you can call the number at the back of the card to confirm the minimum spending.

@boo – Not usually, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Just to clarify this as I’ve never had a credit card with a minimum spend requirement. It’s $2,500 on my Visa, does it simply go by ANYTHING charged to the card until you hit that threshold? I booked a cruise, which included a separate fee on my list of transactions for the travel agency, then I paid for some flowers, and prepaid my cruise tips through the cruise website…that brought my Visa transactions to JUST OVER $2,501. 🙂 Did that do it?

Thanks again for any help. I’m a total novice at this.

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