Chase Ink Business Preferred: No International Fees!

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When you travel overseas, you’ll want to use a credit card that doesn’t have pesky foreign transaction fees.  Some credit cards charge up to 3%!

The Chase Ink Business Preferred is one card that does NOT charge foreign transaction fees!  So it’s a good card to keep in your wallet while traveling internationally.

Plus, the Ink Preferred has a broad 3X bonus category, which includes purchases for travel!  So you can earn extra bonus points overseas without worrying about fees!

Chase Ink Business Preferred No Foreign Transaction Fees
Use the Chase Ink Preferred to Save Money on Foreign Transaction Fees & Earn 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards Points on Overseas Purchases Like Ferry Rides!

I’ll explain why the Ink Preferred card is a great choice to use while traveling abroad!

Chase Ink Business Preferred No Foreign Transaction Fees

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There are no foreign transaction fees when you use the Chase Ink Business Preferred card for overseas purchases.

This is a great perk that can save you money!  Because other cards charge up to a 3% fee, which can add up during an international trip.

And, you’ll earn 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards points on travel and other purchases, even when you’re abroad.

So you’ll earn 3X points internationally on purchases like Uber, hotels, taxis, and mass transit.

And, if you use the Chase Ink Preferred to pay for a car rental for a business trip overseas, you’ll also get primary rental car insurance, which can also save you money!

Note:  You’re unlikely to be approved for most Chase cards if you’ve opened 5 cards in the past 24 months from any bank (with these exceptions).  Here’s how to check how many cards you’ve opened.

And here’s how to submit a Chase small business card application.

Chase Ink Business Preferred No Foreign Transaction Fees
Save Money Using the Chase Ink Preferred for Car Rentals Overseas. You Won’t Pay Foreign Transaction Fees. And You’ll Get Primary Car Rental Insurance When You’re Traveling for Business!

Keep in mind the Ink Preferred is a small business card.  And banks usually want you to use business cards for business expenses.

So you might consider using a personal credit card with no foreign transaction fees if you’re traveling overseas on a personal trip or family vacation.

Pay in the Local Currency, NOT in US Dollars

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When you pay with a credit card overseas, you’ll typically have the option to pay your bill in US dollars or in country’s local currency.

Always pay in the local currency.

Because when you select US dollars, you’ll end up paying a less favorable exchange rate.  Simply put, there are lots of third party companies trying to get a piece of your transaction when you select US dollars.

You can also quickly find credit card currency exchange rates with this app!

Bottom Line

The Chase Ink Preferred is a fantastic card to use internationally because there are no foreign transaction fees!

Plus, you’ll earn 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards points abroad on travel purchases, which include hotels, taxis, Uber rides, and much more!

Remember, the Ink Preferred is a small business card.  So I recommend only using this card overseas if it’s for business purchases.  Otherwise, you might want to use a personal card with no foreign transaction fees.  Here’s how to apply for a Chase small business card.

To save money on overseas purchases, be sure your card is charged in the local currency.  This way you’ll get the most favorable exchange rate!

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