Your Dream Trip to Hawaii Is Now Even Closer With This New Way to Redeem Capital One Miles (But Always Crunch the Numbers!)

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Your Dream Trip to Hawaii Is Now Even Closer With This New Way to Redeem Capital One Miles (But Always Crunch the Numbers!)

CarolineYour Dream Trip to Hawaii Is Now Even Closer With This New Way to Redeem Capital One Miles (But Always Crunch the Numbers!)Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Getting to Hawaii easily and cheaply with miles and points has helped many of us scratch this incredible destination off our bucket lists.

And there’s a new option to consider.  You’ve always been able to redeem Capital One miles directly to offset the cost of paid tickets, but now you can transfer them to airline partners for award flights when you have one of these cards:

More ways to redeem your miles is always a good thing, especially to popular (and pricey!) destinations like Hawaii.

It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Visit Hawaii With Capital One Miles – You’ve Got 2 Different Ways to Redeem Them for Your Trip to the Aloha State

I’ll go into detail about the 2 ways you can use your Capital One miles to Hawaii, when it makes the most sense, and help you decide whether the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card (or another Capital One card) is a good fit for your wallet!

How to Use Capital One Miles to Offset Paid Tickets to Hawaii Directly

Previously, the best way to use your Capital One miles for travel was to “erase” the cost of your paid ticket with miles.  While there are now more options, you still may want to redeem your miles at a fixed value of 1 cent per mile through Capital One.

To do this, you have 2 choices:  Book your travel ahead of time with your card and erase your purchase with miles, or book your travel directly through the Capital One travel portal.

If you want to erase your purchase, you’ll first need to make a travel purchase with your Capital One credit card.  After the purchase posts to your account, you can log in and click “Rewards Miles” to find this option.

Click “Rewards Miles” on Your Account Home Page

This is under “Cover Your Travel Purchases“.  Click “Use My Miles” and you’ll be taken to a screen that allows you to erase previous travel purchases.

Use Your Miles With the “Cover Your Travel Purchases” Option

If you’ve made any travel purchases within the last 90 days, you can click “Redeem” on the transaction you would like to use your miles for.  You can either redeem your miles for the full amount of the transaction, or a partial amount.

If You Have Eligible Travel Purchases Within the Last 90 Days, They’ll Be Listed

If you prefer to book your travel through the Capital One travel portal directly, it will work similarly to booking through any other online travel agent like Orbitz.  Simply log in, search for your flights or hotel, and redeem your miles.

However, we recommend making your purchase ahead of time and using the purchase eraser.  This is because many online travel agencies have their own rewards programs, so you’re leaving miles or cash back on the table by booking directly through Capital One.

The big advantage to this method is you won’t have to worry about blackout dates – as long as there’s a seat for sale, you can book it and erase the purchase with your miles.  Award flights to Hawaii can be hard to come by during popular travel times, so this technique is ideal if you’re not flexible with your travel dates or are booking last minute.

How to Use Capital One Transfer Partners to Book Award Tickets to Hawaii

This is the new method.  You can now transfer Capital One Venture and Capital One Spark miles to 14 airline programs:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada (Aeroplan)
  • Air France & KLM (Flying Blue)
  • Alitalia
  • Avianca
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • EVA Air
  • Finnair
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Qatar Airways
  • Singapore Airlines

The transfer ratio is 2:1.5 for most partners.  In other words, you’ll get 1.5 airline miles for every 2 Capital One miles you transfer.  The exceptions are Emirates and Singapore Airlines, which have a 2:1 transfer ratio.

Waikiki Beach is One of the Most Popular Places to Stay in Honolulu – You Can Get There Easily With Capital One Miles

That’s NOT a 1:1 transfer ratio like other transferable points programs, including Chase Ultimate RewardsAMEX Membership Rewards, and Citi ThankYou points.  It breaks down to .75 airline miles for each Capital One mile (and .5 airline miles for Emirates and Singapore Airlines), so you’ll have to do a little more math to decide if something is a good deal.

Any time you transfer miles from Capital One to an airline, you can NOT transfer them back again.  So it’s important to know what you want to use them for before you initiate the transfer.

With that in mind, here are the best ways to get value from your Capital One miles for flights to Hawaii.

1.   Flying Blue (Air France/KLM)

You can redeem Flying Blue miles on Skyteam partner Delta for award flights to Hawaii.  But Flying Blue doesn’t publish an award chart anymore.  Rather, they offer an online pricing calculator.  Unfortunately, the pricing calculator page often redirects to the home page and is difficult to find on their website, so for your reference, the following prices to Hawaii are typically the lowest available:

  • Coach – 30,000 Flying Blue miles round-trip
  • Business Class – 60,000 Flying Blue miles round-trip

Because Capital One miles transfer at a 2:1.5 ratio to Flying Blue, this means that you’ll need to transfer 40,000 Capital One miles to have enough Flying Blue miles to fly in coach or 80,000 miles to fly in Business Class.

2.   Avianca

Avianca is a Star Alliance partner, so you can redeem their miles for award flights on United Airlines or Air Canada.  Avianca splits the US up into multiple regions:  United States 1, United States 2, and United States 3, plus Hawaii.  However, for flights between the mainland US and Hawaii, it doesn’t matter where you are flying from or to.  The prices are still the same.

Avianca Prices to Hawaii Start at 22,500 Avianca Miles Each Way

If you want to fly in coach (X), it costs 22,500 Avianca miles each way, Business Class (I) costs 40,000 Avianca miles each way, and First Class (O) costs 50,000 Avianca miles each way.

The Business and First Class prices are not great with Avianca, but the coach price isn’t bad.

Again, remember that Capital One miles transfer to Avianca at a 2:1.5 ratio.  This means you’ll need to transfer 30,000 Capital One miles to fly in coach, 54,000 miles to fly in Business Class, or 67,000 miles to fly in First Class.

3.   Qantas

If you’re looking to fly American Airlines to Hawaii, you can redeem Qantas miles for AA award flights because they’re both oneworld alliance partners.  Qantas has a distance based award chart.  If you’re flying from the mainland US to Hawaii, most flights are going to be around 2,500 to 5,500 miles in length each way, depending on where you’re flying from.  This means that your one-way flights are likely going to fall into Zone 4, 5, or 6.

Qantas Has Decent Award Pricing in Coach, but Business and First Class Are Expensive

Only Zone 4 pricing is worth considering, and even then, only in coach.

You can check the approximate distance of your flights on to determine which zone your exact flights will fall into.

For example, here are some one-way flight distances to Hawaii:

  • Los Angeles (LAX) – Honolulu (HNL):  2,556 miles one way
  • Phoenix (PHX) – Honolulu (HNL):  2,917 miles one way
  • Dallas (DFW) – Honolulu (HNL):  3,784 miles one way
  • Albuquerque (ABQ) – Phoenix (PHX) – Honolulu (HNL):  3,246 miles one way

To determine how many Capital One miles you need to transfer, take the number of Qantas miles you need and divide by 0.75.  For example, if you’re booking a Zone 4 award in coach and you need 22,500 Qantas miles one-way, you’ll need to transfer 22,500 / 0.75 = 30,000 Capital One miles.

4.   Air Canada Aeroplan

You can redeem Air Canada Aeroplan miles on Air Canada or on United Airlines (they’re both Star Alliance partners) for flights to Hawaii.  A round-trip flight from the continental US costs 45,000 Aeroplan miles in coach, 80,000 Aeroplan miles in Business Class, and 110,000 Aeroplan miles in First Class.  One-way awards cost half of what a round-trip award costs.

Air Canada Aeroplan Has a Straightforward Award Chart for Flights to Hawaii From the Continental US and Canada

This means that if you want to transfer enough miles, you’ll have to transfer 60,000 Capital One miles to fly in coach, 107,000 Capital One miles to fly in Business Class, or 147,000 Capital One miles to fly in First Class.

5.   Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers the lowest award prices for booking award flights on United Airlines to Hawaii (they’re both part of the Star Alliance):

  • Coach – 35,000 Singapore Airlines miles round-trip
  • Business Class – 60,000 Singapore Airlines miles round-trip

One-way partner awards are half the price of the round-trip partner awards.

But, once we talk about the transfer ratio things don’t look as good!  Capital One miles transfer to Singapore at a 2:1 ratio.   This means that if you want to book round-trip coach tickets, you’ll need to transfer 70,000 Capital One miles and if you want to book Business Class, you’ll have to transfer 120,000 Capital One miles.

Due to the transfer ratio, booking with Singapore Airlines actually requires more Capital One miles than other United partners Air Canada and Avianca, so we generally would not recommend transferring Capital One miles to Singapore Airlines to book flights to Hawaii.

To find out more about Capital One’s new transfer partners, read our full guide.

When to Transfer vs Booking Directly and Erasing Your Purchase With Capital One Miles

When you should book directly through Capital One or transfer to one of Capital One’s partners depends on a few different factors including:

  • Airline ticket prices
  • Available award seats
  • Award price

First off, you should check award availability.  If there are no awards available anyway, it doesn’t matter what you’re better off doing since you don’t have the option of booking an award.  At that point, your only options are to book with cash, change your dates, change your location, or not go at all.

There Can Be Great Sales to Hawaii, So Always Compare Cash Costs!

Assuming you have found award availability that works for your trip, you can now note the price of your award tickets and calculate how many miles you need to transfer.  I’ve gone ahead and done that for you for our top Capital One miles Hawaii transfer partners.  I’ve also ranked the partners in order of least to most expensive, after accounting for the transfer ratio, within each class of service.


  • Flying Blue: 40,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Avianca: 60,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Air Canada Aeroplan: 60,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Qantas: 60,000 + Capital One miles round-trip
  • Singapore Airlines: 70,000 Capital One miles round-trip

Business Class

  • Flying Blue: 80,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Air Canada Aeroplan: 107,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Avianca: 108,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Singapore Airlines: 120,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Qantas: 134,000 + Capital One miles round-trip

First Class

  • Avianca: 134,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Air Canada Aeroplan: 147,000 Capital One miles round-trip
  • Qantas: 200,000 Capital One miles round-trip

Once you’ve checked award availability and determined the number of miles you need to transfer, all you need to do is compare the number of miles you would have to pay when booking a cash ticket directly through Capital One to the number of miles you would need to transfer.

Because you can redeem miles directly through Capital One at a value of one cent each, all you need to do is look up the cost of the flight!

Relax on the Beach When You Arrive in Hawaii!

For example, if a flight from Chicago to Honolulu costs $600 in coach (equivalent to 60,000 Capital One miles) and you already found coach availability with Flying Blue (meaning you’ll have to transfer 40,000 Capital One miles), you can easily save 20,000 Capital One miles by transferring instead of redeeming directly.

Now let’s assume that you found a sale flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu for $200 (equivalent to 20,000 Capital One miles).  The best award availability you can find is with Air Canada by transferring 60,000 Capital One miles.  In this case, you can save 40,000 Capital One miles by booking directly through Capital One instead of transferring.

How to Earn Capital One Miles

The easiest way to earn a bunch of Capital One miles quickly is to apply for one of these cards:

Depending on your needs and spending patterns, one of these cards may be a better option for you than the other.  We recommend that you take a look at the details of each card, as well as our reviews, to help you decide which card option is the best for you!

There are also a handful of other ways you can earn more Capital One miles.

Bottom Line

Due to the 2:1.5 (or 2:1) transfer ratio, transferring Capital One miles to book flights to Hawaii doesn’t look as good as other transferable points programs on paper, but it’s always great to have more options to use your miles!

If you do want to go to Hawaii and you have Capital One miles, we recommend always comparing the cost to redeem miles directly through Capital One for cash flights with the cost of transferring to Capital One’s new partners.

Depending on award availability and prices, one option could save you quite a few miles over the other.  It’s one of those cases where you’ll have to crunch the numbers for your travel dates.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used Capital One miles for a trip to Hawaii!

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