Book American Airlines Award Flights Like a Pro: Part 7 – Finding British Airways Award Availability

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Book American Airlines Award Flights Like a Pro: Part 7 – Finding British Airways Award Availability

Million Mile SecretsBook American Airlines Award Flights Like a Pro: Part 7 – Finding British Airways Award AvailabilityMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Book American Airlines Awards Like a Pro:

The best free way to check British Airways award availability is by using the British Airways website.

Using British Airways awards makes it much easier to get to Europe using American Airline miles because not only can you fly on British Airways to London, but you could also fly on American Airlines to London (to keep those fuel surcharges down) and then connect on a British Airways flight to the rest of Europe (~$20 in fees per segment).

Or use British Airways to go to Africa, India, and the Middle East using American Airline Miles.

The British Airways website is a bit clunky to use initially and will occasionally crash, but is easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

Remember, British Airways has terrific award availability from many cities to London.  Sure the fuel surcharges are a bit high (~$250 in coach, ~$400 in Business Class or First Class per segment), but you’ll almost certainly find seats from 23 cities in the US & Canada to London.  If you’re looking for more than 2 award seats, chances are that you’ll find them on British Airways.

Even if your final destination is not London, but Europe (say Rome), you can find award availability to London from the US on either American Airlines or British Airways and then connect to another British Airways flight to Rome (or wherever else you’re going in Europe).

American Airlines will charge you the same amount of miles for a trip from the US to Europe regardless of whether your routing is New York to London or Kansas City to New York to London to Rome.

As I wrote in my earlier post, the best way to search for award availability is segment by segment starting with the international segments first.


Let’s say I want to find 2 seats from Chicago to Rome on October 10, 2012 in First Class.

I can search for the direct flight from Chicago to Rome on, but that won’t show me availability on British Airways.

So I break up my flight into segments.  I’ll first look for award availability from:

  • The US to London on British Airways using the British Airways website
  • Then London to Rome on British Airways using the British Airways website
  • Finally the award from Chicago to the US departure city of my international flight  (if my international flight didn’t leave from Chicago) on

The above will cost the same amount of miles using the American Airlines all partner chart if you fly from Chicago to Rome on a non-stop flight or if your journey has a few segments.

That’s because American Airlines doesn’t charge you by segment (like British Airways does when you redeem British Airways miles), but charges you based on the destination in their award chart.

Segment 1 – US to London Award

I’m assuming that I did NOT find availability from the US to London in business class on (or that I prefer to fly on British Airways), so I’m now trying to see if there are British Airways award seats available.

Step 1

Log into your British Airways account account by entering your membership number and PIN in the top right side of the screen and click “Log in.

British Airways Award Booking
Step 1 – Log into your account

If you don’t have a British Airways Executive Club account, sign-up for one here.

Step 2

Click on “Spending Avios” on the left hand side menu under “Executive Club.

In case you’re wondering, Avios is the new name for British Airways miles.

British Airways Award Booking
Step 2 – Click on “Spending Avios”

Step 3

Click on “Book Flights with Avios

British Airways Award Booking
Step 3 – Click on “Book Flights with Avios”

Step 4

Let’s say I want to check availability from Chicago to London.

I enter “Chicago” in the “From” box and “London” in the “To” box and select my class of service.  Note that you can’t book British Airways Premium Economy seats using American Airlines miles.

British Airways Award Booking
Step 4 – Enter your flight information

Remember that British Airways charges very high fuel surcharges on economy award seats (~$250) so it may not make sense to redeem for economy seats.

That’s because a regular coach ticket should cost you ~$800 round trip so there’s no point spending miles AND $500 in taxes and fees.

I then enter my departure date and click the “One way only” box because I like searching segment by segment.

And finally, I click on “Get Flights

Step 5 a

You’ll see the results including the number of award seats on the flight in a pink box.

In our example, there are 3 First Class seats available from Chicago to London Heathrow.  If you don’t see the pink box, that means that there are many award seats available on the flight.

You can click on the “Search up to 7 days earlier” or “Search up to 7 days later” (circled in red below) to see more availability if none shows up.

British Airways Award Booking
Step 5 – Write down the flight information

You now know that there are 3 First Class award seats from Chicago to London on British Airways flight 0296.  So instead of relying on the American Airlines agent to find this flight for you, you can feed this specific flight to the agent to book.

At this point, write down the flight details.  For example, I’d write down:

BA 0296 from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to London Heathrow (LHR) departing at 20:35 on October 10 and arriving in London on October 11 at 10:00 am in First Class

Step 5 b

If no award availability shows up from Chicago to London, search for British Airways award availability by changing the class of travel or from a different city by repeating steps 2 through 4.

I listed the many US cities from which British Airways flies to London in Book American Airlines Award Flights Like a Pro: Part 6 – International Award Routes

Step 6

If you’re curious to find out what the taxes and fees are, click “Continue.”

British Airways Award Booking
Click “Continue” to see estimated fuel, taxes, and fees

You will see that British Airways charges $412.70  as taxes and fees for this First Class segment.  Expect American Airlines to charge you around the same amount if you book a British Airways ticket using American Airline miles.

British Airways Award Booking
$412.7 in fees for first class from Chicago to London

But the same First Class ticket from Chicago to London costs $10,000!  So being able to fly in British Airways First Class for less than the price of a coach ticket is definitely worth it!   At least once in your life.  But I know that these fees and surcharges can add up.  Especially if you’re traveling with a family.

British Airways Award Booking
Did I just book a $10,000 flight?

Segment 2 – London to ROME Award

Now that we’ve found a flight from the US to London, we’ve got to find a flight from London to Rome.  Taxes for flight from London to Europe are quite reasonable (~$20+).

Repeat steps 2 through 6 above to see availability for flights from London to Rome.

Flights from the US usually arrive the next day in London, so make sure that you’re searching for the correct date.  In our case, that’s October 11, 2012.

Yes, you could have searched for the entire trip from the US to Rome at once, but I prefer breaking up my searches segment by segment.

Tip – If you’re paying for a Business or First Class award, consider flying (& searching for) the segment from London to Rome (or elsewhere in Europe) in coach as well.

That’s because there may be more Coach Seats (Euro Traveler seats) available than Business Class (Club Europe) seats.

Business Class seats for flights within Europe are usually the same size as coach seats.  The only difference is that the middle seat may be blocked off to signify your importance.

The screen shot below shows just how valuable piecing together awards can be.  It is very hard to find awards on American Airlines flights from the US non-stop to Rome.

British Airways Award Booking
Lots of availability from London to Rome

But it is much easier to fly either via American Airlines or British Airways to London and from London to find a British Airways flight to Rome.  Suddenly your summer trip to Rome is much more possible!

At this point, write down the flight details.  For example, I’d write down:

BA 560 from London Heathrow (LHR) to Rome (FCO) departing at 12:50 on October 11 and arriving in Rome on October 12 at 16:10 in Business (Club Europe).

Segment 3 – US City to Chicago Segment

Because we’re leaving from Chicago, we don’t have to worry about this step.  But if you were leaving from, say, Kansas City, you’d have to find an American Airline award flight from Kansas City to Chicago.

Search for this segment (Kansas City to Chicago) on  Again it pays to be flexible, and you may find that there is only 1 seat available in first class and 1 seat in coach.

At this point, write down the flight details.

Calling American Airlines to make the booking

I’d then call American Airlines (1-800-433-7300) and ask them to put on hold (for up to 5 days) these specific flights which I found.

I’ll post more on how to make the call separately, but here’s something to get you started.

American Airlines Agent:  American Airlines, Sabrina Jackson (made up name)

Daraius:  Hi!  I was hoping you could help me out.  I spoke with an agent some time back and she was terrific and  found award seats from Chicago to Rome for me on October 10 for 2 people in First Class. But I had to check with my partner so I couldn’t put them on hold.

Could we put those flights on hold now, if they are available?

Here are the flight numbers which I wrote down.

[Make sure that the agent searches for the flights segment by segment (i.e Chicago to London first & then London to Rome).  Do NOT let her search by herself, because she almost certainly won’t find what you did.  If you get an agent who doesn’t seem helpful, politely hang up and call back. (The dog is biting my foot.  Gotta go) ]

American Airlines Agent: Ok.

Daraius:British Airways 0296 from Chicago to London on October 10, 2012 departing at 12:50 pm arriving at London Heathrow the next day on October 11, 2012. [This is the 1st segment which we found above]

…connecting to British Airways flight 560 from London Heathrow to Rome on October 11 in business (or economy if there were only economy seats) [This is the 2nd segment which we found above]

 American Airlines Agent: [Click. Click. Click.]  This will be $450 in taxes + the $25 telephone booking fee.

Daraius: Here’s my credit card.

Congratulations on booking a $10,000 ticket (which I hope you’d never considering paying cash) for $450!

Estimated fees

Here’s an example of what the taxes and fees on a few British Airways segment costs in different classes.

1.   Chicago to London in Coach – $242.70 in fees

British Airways Award Booking
Chicago to London in Coach

2.   Chicago to London in Business Class – $412.70 in fees

British Airways Award Booking
Chicago to London in Business Class

3.   Chicago to London in First Class – $412.70 in fees

British Airways Award Booking
Chicago to London in Business Class

4.   London to Rome in Coach – $20 in fees

British Airways Award Booking
British Airways Award Booking

5.   London to Rome in Business Class – $26 in fees

British Airways Award Booking
British Airways Award Booking


It costs nothing (besides time) to find award availability and to put a dummy reservation on hold.  Much better to practice now than when it is time to make your award booking.

I feel extremely happy when I piece together an award and admire it after putting it on hold!

Bottom Line:  British Airways is know for high fees and surcharges, but they almost certainly will have award availability.

Even if you don’t want to pay for the trans Atlantic segment on British Airways, consider flying to London on American Airlines or other partners and then connect to a British Airways flight to the rest of Europe.

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Darius, please help me out! I have Royal Bank Avion points–135,000. Promotions are coming up soon re: transferring to British Airways Avios for 50% more (and hopefully to transfer to American Airlines for 20% more). There I also an option to transfer 1:1 to Cathay Pacific. I know there’s a lot of info re: how and why to transfer, but I can’t seem to find the ‘right’ reason for me. I do not have flexibility re: travel, as work in schools. I am hoping to go away to Delhi, India in December from Toronto. Ideal plan would be: YYZ-DEL Dec. 17th or 18th-Jan. 5th or 6th, 2015. I’d love to transfer enough points to get business class. I called up BA today and they found me Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong (which I’m okay with), but no decent return….however, American Airlines has a return with Finnair (with a stopover in Finland, which I’m okay with). So I could do 1-way points with Cathay, and 1-way points with AA. Question is this…I have to wait for about 2 weeks to do the transfer to maximize points. Would I be better off to book Cathay through BA or with Cathay directly (to get full value of points)? I find that when I search BA’s site, I see only a few flights (mostly BA) and don’t see AA or Cathay flights. Should I be calling them instead of trying to do this online? As I wouldn’t be able to book until May for Dec 2014 travel, is that too late to be able to book these business class flights?

Thanks in advance–any help would be great.

Million Mile Secrets

@Shal – Award flights keep on changing, so what’s available today may not be available in May. That said, you may be able to piece something together in May. Also note that you will pay fuel surcharges when you use British Airways Avios points.

Darius, You mention several times in this multi-part series of booking AAwards like a pro that you will cover more about the phone call with AA agents. In almost all sections you say to call and put the awards “on hold” but never explain what that means. In this post you give an example phone conversation, but end it with giving credit card information. Is putting an award “on hold” the same thing as actually booking your award? Or are you recommending a two step process where you call once for them to hold the award, and then call again to actually book it?

Your site is VERY informative. I think I’m going to make it to Machu Pichu for 60,000 AA points round trip in Buisness Class!!!

Million Mile Secrets

@Jacob – Putting an award on hold just means that American Airlines will keep it for you for ~5 days. You can then go back, review that the information is correct and then call back to book the award.

Hi Darius,

My fiancé and I want to buy economy tickets on AA on flight #56 from Miami to London in March 2014. We then want to use miles to upgrade to business. When I called the aa agent, they said no upgrade seats available for this flight. Any way I can check myself?


Million Mile Secrets

@Joe O. – Using miles to upgrade isn’t the best value b/c you will pay a high cash co-pay. ExpertFlyer lets you see upgrade availability.

We have 300,000 BA Avios and have been trying to book 5 tickets to anywhere in Europe from Seattle during the summer. We typically check 364 days in advance and cannot find more than one ticket for the entire summer from Seattle to any destination. We have tried the past two years. Any ideas?

Million Mile Secrets

@EricB – Try searching from other airports and try searching for 1 ticket at a time and then increasing the number of passengers to see what is available.

I keep trying to find Qatar Airways flights and can find none. I even called BA Executive Club and an agent manually found one or two, but they would not show up on the website search as a partner even when available.

Million Mile Secrets

@BARRY – I believe that they do show up now.

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