$5 American Express Statement Credit For TripAdvisor Reviews

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You can get a $5 statement credit from American Express for writing a TripAdvisor review.

American Express Statement Credit TripAdvisor
Write A Review And Get a $5 Statement Credit!

Sync American Express With TripAdvisor

Link:  American Express TripAdvisor Sync Promotion

You can get a one-time $5 American Express statement credit after synching your American Express card AND posting a review on TripAdvisor (which is published) between now through December 31,  2013.

Here are some restrictions:

  • Your American Express card must be synched (connected) to TripAdvisor
  • You can only connect ONE card per TripAdvisor account
  • Your American Express card must stay synched until the statement credit has posted
  • Your review must meet TripAdvisor’s qualifications and be posted by TripAdvisor

This may be too much work for some folks and others won’t like giving out their personal information and having their TripAdvisor review indicating that they’re an AMEX card holder.

Promotions like this help AMEX and TripAdvisor target users much, much better than traditional ways of targeting consumers!

For example, once you sync your AMEX account, you’ll receive more targeted discounts and promotions which can save to your card and will be applied automatically.  The goal is for AMEX to send you offers which excite you and which you use.

Remember that marketers offer you discounts and promotions not out of the kindness of their heart, but to get you to spend money and try out their products.

AMEX wins if you spend more money on your AMEX card and the stores win if you buy their products.  So expect to see more promotions like this!

American Express Statement Credit TripAdvisor
You’ll Get Special Offers Once You Sync Your Cards

You have to provide your name, email address and AMEX card number to sync your account.  AMEX says that they will share the names of places where you shop with your card with TripAdvisor, but will not share the transaction amount or the date.

Once you sync your account, your profile will indicate that you’re an “AMEX Traveler” on TripAdvisor.  And if you paid with with an AMEX card, your review will indicate “Amex Card Member Review.

I won’t be participating because I save my trip reports for the blog!

American Express Sync Program

In addition to the TripAdvisor promotion, the American Express sync promotion rewards you for using your American Express card to pay for purchases at select stores.

You get a statement credit when you “sync” your American Express credit card on select promotions.

American Express Statement Credit TripAdvisor
Special Offers for Synching Your AMEX Account

Statement credits post within 90 days after you complete the requirements, but in my experience they post in a week.

You can register almost all American Express cards except corporate cards, prepaid cards like Serve, and gift cards.

You have to sync your card with Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook AND register for each promotion.

  • For Twitter you have to “tweet” the promotion code (which varies based on the offer)
  • Foursquare requires you to “check in” and
  • Facebook requires you to “like” the promotion

If you have multiple social media accounts and American Express cards you may be able to get the statement credit multiple times.

Here’s a link to the American Express Sync Program Terms & Conditions.

Bottom Line

You can get a $5 statement credit when you write a TripAdvisor review and sync your American Express account to TripAdvisor.  You can only get one $5 statement credit per TripAdvisor account regardless of the number of AMEX cards you have.

But it could take a bit of time and you’re giving up some of your privacy (not that you have much these days!)

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