Airline Credit Cards

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I keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!  The card offers are listed alphabetically by airline.

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

1.  Alaska Airlines

Bank of America Alaska Air

2.  American Airlines 

3.  AAdvantage Executive

4.   British Airways

5.  Delta

Daraius’ Tips


6.   Delta Reserve

American Express Delta Reserve

Delta Reserve American Express

  • 10,000 medallion (elite) miles after 1st purchase with the American Express Delta Reserve card
  • First checked bag is free; free Delta lounge access
  • $450 fee NOT waived for first year; No foreign transaction fee
  • Earn 2 Delta miles per $1 spent on Delta & 1 mile for everything else
  • Earn 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending $30,000 and an additional 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending another $30,000 in a calendar year
  • Tip:  This card could be worth the high fee if you’re looking for Delta club access and medallion (elite) qualifying miles.  Otherwise, skip it.

7.  Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $500 in purchases or balance transfers within the 1st 90 days with the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard
  • Earn 2X miles on purchases at and 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases
  • No blackout dates.  Book any round-trip award flight on Frontier Airlines starting at 20,000 EarlyReturns® miles (plus fees and taxes)
  • $69 fee NOT waived for 1st year

8.  Hawaiian Airlines

9.   Southwest

Daraius Tip:  How to get the Southwest Companion Pass!

10.   United Airlines

Daraius Tip:  See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.

11.   Virgin Atlantic

Bank of America Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin Atlantic

  • 20,000 Virgin Atlantic miles after 1st purchase with Bank of America Virgin Atlantic card
  • Up to 5,000 additional miles for adding authorized users to your account
  • Virgin Atlantic points transfer to Hilton in 3:4 ratio, so 50,000 Virgin Airline miles becomes 75,000 Hilton hotel points
  •  $90 annual fee NOT waived for the first year; 1% foreign transaction fee
  • My review of the Virgin Atlantic credit card

12.   Other Airline Card Offers

Missing your favorite offer?  Please let me know!

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  6. Looks like the Frontier Card has a minimum spend of $1000 rather than the $500 posted.

  7. Alaska Airlines Card downside is that any foreign transaction incurs a 3% fee even if in US Dollars. I paid a So. American company for a trip in US Dollars and the charge was run directly through Visa’s own network. Still charged 3% which is more than the savings from a companion ticket.

    User beware!

  8. @Stacy – Thanks. Will update the post.

  9. For the Virgin Atlantic bank of America card the link doesn’t match what you have written!!

  10. @Captian Hooks – Thanks! Will check it out!

  11. Hello and thank you so much for all the great info. I plan to fly from washington dc to hydrabad India. I see that a great route would be DC to London and then London to Hydrabad. What would you say is the absolute best and cheapest way to get there via credit cards. I was thinking British Airways but not sure how many points needed for a trip like that.

    please advise


  12. Hi there, I have a question about Citi AA cards. I had a card which I closed in Dec 2013, but this month received a direct mail piece urging me to sign up for a 50K Citi AA mastercard! It’s been less than 12 months, but do you think it’s possible to sign up again and get the bonus miles? I don’t want to to sign up and then get told the bonus miles aren’t coming…would like your advice, please!

  13. @Drew – I wouldn’t do British Airways because they charge high fuel surcharges. I’d collect American Airline miles and redeem for flights on Etihad airlines.

    @Justin – It is ~24 months from when you were last approved.

  14. Hello, Right now, what is the best route to go, if I wish to purchase a large dollar of gift cards to load them into an checking account, to pay bills (mortgage, phone, etc)…. Thanks.

  15. I have the United Mileage Plus Visa card, managed by Chase. Their security practices are completely user-unfriendly. When I travel, I call the 800 number and tell the automated system that I am traveling. This has *no effect*. As soon as I try to use the card, even in a neighboring state, the transaction is denied, and I have to stop what I am doing to call them again, and get a security person on the line. This process can take 30 minutes – just to use my card! In the meantime, they have sent me alarming security emails, expecting me to respond, which is not usually possible when I am in a rental car driving from a retail establishment.

    This has happened multiple times. I am so tired of these “over the top” requirements that I am going to cancel my Chase card and find something else.

  16. Enjoying the site.

    What do you think about the new partnership between Emirates and SPG, using the SPG Amex? I am considering using Emirates, Virgin America, and Cathay as my primary airlines, but only VA has a direct mileage card. Emirates accumulates double points for the airline and SPG.

    Is it worth while to accumulate AA miles and convert? How could I get those miles to one of the three airlines I mentioned?

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Darius,

    I have US Airways Master card for 12 months and have yet to cancel it. Will I receive the bonus miles if I apply for the card now?


  18. There is a BIG, negative, change coming for AAdvantage Executive card users in the form of losing Priority Boarding. AA is going to replace it with only Group 1 boarding yet you get to keep paying the very same $450/yr fee. My wife and I have both been experiencing problems with AA not honoring the priority boarding status benefit, right now it happens about 1/5 times we fly.

  19. @Tom – I’d consider Bluebird/Serve or the Target RedCard.

    @ Kevin – You can credit the Cathay flights to AA. But harder to transfer from the other 2 airlines.

    @Tsui – Can’t say for sure, but worth a try!

    @Drew McManus – That’s not cool!

  20. MilesSecretsFan

    The current Barclay’s US airways offer 50k miles after first purchase and pay the $89 annual fee is great. However, this offer is available only to applicants who are residents of the United States, with the exception of Iowa, Puerto Rico and the US territories. I live in Iowa. Does that mean I cannot get the promotion if I apply this card?

  21. Hi, constantly i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the daylight, as i like to find out more and more.

  22. Hello!

    I don’t have any credit cards at this time. I am planning a honeymoon with my fiance, travelling from Minneapolis to Iceland – maybe Sweden as well, and are looking to build miles through use of a credit card to help offset cost. We would probably travel with Iceland Air and open to hotel groups. We will not carry a balance and pay in full every month. Do you have any suggestions for credit cards? Credit score is just fine as far as qualifying. We will not be traveling until spring of 2016.


  23. Hi Darius,

    Happy New Year!

    My dad had a Citi AAdvantage Platinum Master Card-approved on 6/13/2013 and canceled on 7/15/2014. Just want to confirm that he needs to 24 months from the approved to reapply in order to receive bonus miles. I thought it was 18 months. Did Citi change the policy?
    Too many changes, can’t keep, luckily, I have you.


  24. Hello Darius,

    I’m fly to Europe once a year for summer vacation – I’m a teacher. Could you please tell me if I can use the travel card for any air company or each airline has it’s own preferred card.
    For instance if I get American Express would I be able to redeem points and fly with Lufthansa or do
    I have to fly only with Delta or KLM?

    Thank you in advance!

  25. Ema - Proofread

    I’m flying to Europe once a year for summer vacation – I’m a teacher. Could you please tell me if I can use any travel card for any airline company or each airline has its own preferred card.
    For instance if I get American Express, would I be able to redeem points and fly with Lufthansa or do
    I have to fly only with Delta or KLM?
    My other question is: Do airline companies charge similar amounts of points for a flight or is there a notable difference? To be more clear, could Lufthansa charge 50,000 points for a trip to Munich
    while KLM charges only 30,000?

    Thank you in advance!

  26. hi
    1) I have 60,000 southwest points, will they expired in some period of time?
    2) If I cancel the southwest credit card, will the South West points also expired?

  27. Darius,

    If you had to choose only 1 Airline credit card, which would it be? Not just in terms of rewards but flexibility?


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  29. Hey Darius thank you for all of your tips! I have a question about Delta skymiles can you transfer skymiles to USAIRways miles. We signed up for the usairways card and the delta but want to all fly on the same flight

  30. Hi Darius – I’m confused as to the churn rules regarding AA Citi cards. If I applied last year and currently hold the Executive card, can I apply now for a Platinum Select? Or what if I cancelled the now defunct Citi Amex AA card less than 18 months ago?

  31. Hello Darius – Thanks again for your blog and all the information and tips. Would you consider writing more about 1) when to cancel a card after receiving the bonus, 2) how often one can apply for specific cards, 3) the whole idea of “new cardmembers only” and how the define that and how strict they are…again for specific cards you recommend? I ask this because I have followed some of your tips/advice and now have several cards. I hear your reports of churning and reapplying but it seems to me that most of these cards I have say I can’t ever get a bonus offer again or I have to wait 18-24 months. For example, I have the U.S. Airways MC, got my bonuses and it came up for renewal. I decided to renew so I could get the companion pass again. I keep getting offers to get the card…so I’m thinking…can I cancel my card, apply again and get the bonus and another companion pass? If I cancel, does my existing pass become null or would I end up with two valid passes. Insights would be appreciated.

  32. Hey Darius,

    Just wondering why you don’t have the Hawaiian Miles cards posted.


  33. I received a letter stating effective April 30 Avios on BA purchases goes to three per dollar and all other purchases will now be one Avios per dollar.

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  36. Darisu,

    Any idea whenThe US Airways Premier World MasterCard® offer will be gone?

  37. Hi, If I want to fly from NYC to Athens or Barcelona, which credit card should I apply for to start collecting points? I looked into British Airways Avios, and it seems that the additional pay out is rather high to Europe; something in the neighborhood of $400. Thanks.

  38. This information is not updated

  39. Can I get multiple British airways cards with the points?

  40. I found a link that works for the British Airways Card with 50,000 bonus miles. It’s from TPG’s site.

  41. Rory johnson

    I am planning on flying from New Orleans to Barcelona Spain and from Athens Greece back to New Orleans. Which airline would offer the best deal to use miles? I am planning on leaving in June of 2016. Thanks

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  43. How long does it take to bet a Global Entry approved from the day one applies? thanks.

  44. Citi AA master card is showing 30,000 miles here. But, still 50K offer exist for AA account holder. 2 months back i cancelled my citi AA master card (i completed 18months with old card). Last week, when i logged into my AA account to check miles, there was offer showing 50K miles with spending 3000 in 3 months..So applied and got with the bonus offer. AA account holder can look for this offer in their account

  45. I recently cancelled my Amex Delta card and wanted to know if I sign up again will I still receive the 50000 bonus?

  46. Confused. I do not want to pay an upfront fee. What is the best deal I can get for American Airlines up front miles? I am OK with money charged in 3 months.

  47. Hi I currently have the Barclays arrival world master card and a currently using this card to earn miles. Is this card any good when it comes to earning miles?

  48. The Citi AA Platinum Select MC shows a sign up bonus of 30K on the Travel Credit Cards page. The same card shows a sign up bonus of 50k on the Hot Deals page. Are both active? Why the inconsistence?

  49. Does Alaska Airline ever offer more than 25,000 bonus miles for their credit card?

  50. I think it’s time to remove the US Airways card from this list.

  51. I am looking at the Virgin America card but see a lot of bad reviews concerning Commenty Bank during 2014.
    I haven’t seen anything more recent and haven’t had any issues on other cards I have from them.
    I was wondering what you think of this card??


  52. Found Delta American Express Skymiles gold card with 50,000 miles bonus after $2000 spend and $50 credit after Delta purchase.

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  54. My parents are taking the entire family on an Alaska cruise this summer. We only have to pay for our airfare. There are a total of 7 people that I need to get to Fairbanks in July and then back from Vancouver. Leaving from Chicago or an airport close enough to drive to. I have 108,000 AA miles & 25,000 Alaska airline miles. Can I transfer my AA to Alaska? Can I get more Alaska cards? Are there other carriers that I can transfer and use for a better rate? Curious.

  55. We found a 50000 points offer for the Premier Southwest card at

  56. I found an offer for 50000 miles for the Southwest Premier card on

  57. Awesome advice, Darius, this site helps a ton.

    I was recently told by American Express that the Delta Skymiles Gold Card will not allow you to earn the signing bonus a second time if you have ever owned the card before.

    This surprised me since I know you can earn the signing bonus multiple times with some, like the Citi AA cards (just have to wait over a year, a think).

    Do you know if there is a similar rule about the signing bonus for the Chase MileagePlus UA Explorer Card? Is there a certain amount of time you can wait after cancelling the card after which you could earn it again?

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  59. ? Thinking about getting the 50000 pointo on hawaiian airlines offer I received not sure how many points it takes to fly to koa from slc slc not available for Hawaiin air so would have to connect with one of their airline partners would also like to add a night in Maui have hilton points for maui grand Wailea and amazing deal at hilton Waikoloa beach kona not sure best go with did the chase deal two years ago please advise seems complicated may be worth it to get big travel small money

  60. It looks like Darius hasn’t responded in almost a year. Maybe we can answer each others’ questions.

    I also had AMEX Gold Delta card recently not give me a bonus because they said I had had the card before. I find this really aggravating since I had gone through the trouble of spending the required limit. I think more highly of cards like Chase sapphire where they turn you down for a card because it has been too soon. If they accept me, I think they should tell me I won’t get the bonus up front or not accept me. It feels like a bait and switch. The card will go on my list of never again.

  61. Barclay bank Aviator Red notice for annual fee states that card must be cancelled before fee posts or it must be paid. Is this against Gov’t rules. I thought there was at least a 60 day period after you get the statement with the fee before have to cancel.

  62. I have received an offer from Southwest Airlines to refer a friend to a new SW Chase credit card. The Friend gets 50K rapid rewards points for signing up and I get 5K. I have 5 referrals, anyone interested in 50K points email me and I will send you the info.

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  69. I’m needing a referral for the Southwest Plus Business card that pays 50,000 points. Can anyone give me a referral? Email me at

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  77. You can get more miles from signing up for Alaska airlines card, Marilyn. I got 50,000, 25 to sign up and 25 after I spent a couple thousand in the first 90 days. The offer was emailed to me, and is not always available. I had looked at the card many times and flown Alaska many times, I held out for the good offer.

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  79. Hi Daraius,

    I was wondering if you can give me advice on choosing the right credit card. I already have a Miles&More account and 30k miles or so in there. I’m located in Miami and I try to stick to Lufthansa or Star Alliance partners as my preferred carrier. I fly at least 2 times a year to Europe or Asia but also make some trips within the US.

    Thanks for your help!

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