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Delta Just Made It Much More Difficult to Plan Award Travel

Delta Just Made It Much More Difficult to Plan Award Travel

Million Mile SecretsDelta Just Made It Much More Difficult to Plan Award TravelMillion Mile Secrets Team

Without warning, Delta has removed their award chart from their website.  You can no longer see how many miles are required for award flights.

Instead, Delta wants folks to use their award calendar to search for specific flights.  Only then will you see how many miles you need for an award ticket.

Delta Just Made It Much More Difficult To Plan Award Travel
Want to Know How Many Miles You’ll Need? You’ll Have a Harder Time Now That Delta Removed Their Award Chart

This makes it hard to plan travel on Delta and their partners.  It’s already sometimes challenging to find award seats!

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Delta Award Booking

Like most airlines, Delta used to publish award charts.  So you could see how many miles you’d need for an award ticket at various levels.

Delta changed their award system at the beginning of the year, and created 5 levels of award ticket pricing.

Delta Just Made It Much More Difficult To Plan Award Travel
You Used to Be Able to See Pricing for All Award Levels

But now you can’t see any of it!  You can only get the price of an award ticket when you search for specific destinations and dates.  So there’s no way to know what to expect, or if the price is even correct.

This is NOT good news.  For folks who like to plan well ahead (or who are saving their miles for a specific trip), this change makes things much more difficult!

It’s hard to save miles for a trip if you don’t have a goal in mind.  And without an award chart, you won’t know if you’re getting a good deal.

Delta Just Made It Much More Difficult To Plan Award Travel
Is 60,000 Miles a Bargain, or Are You Paying Peak Rates? Now You Can’t Tell!

I really hope Delta brings their award charts back.  Until then, I suspect lots of folks will avoid booking with them!

In the meantime, you can search for images of Delta’s award chart using Google.

Bottom Line

Delta has removed the award charts from their website.  Now, you can only see the number of required miles for an award flight when you search for a specific route and date.

This is very inconvenient and makes it difficult to plan ahead!  Or even to know if you’re getting a good deal.

Will this change make you avoid using Delta or booking award tickets with their miles?

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I agree with Wes. What good is the AMEX Delta card any more? I also have a Capital one venture visa whose points I can use to fly any airline e, any day. The only loss would be the 10,000 mileage boost for hitting a spending

Wonder if someone can help. A few months back, while planning a Delta trip, I responded to an application for the AE card that came with the $50 credit and 30K miles. The response was too slow at the time and I decided to go with American Airlines. A few days later I received the card. I called and cancelled without ever using. I recent applied for the AE card, met the spending minimum but was denied the bonus because I was told I had applied once before on the past, although I never used the card. Anyone had this experience? Any suggestions as to who I can turn to?

Delta is irrelevant to me. How irrationally smug can an airline be and still have customers?


I already avoid skypesos, but doesnt the calendar search still allow you to plan ahead? I can search search using the calendar view to see a full month.

I agree Delta is further trying to devalue their award travel, but the chart was basically meaningless to me in the past. I still had to search to discover what months they deemed as award saver fares.

Yet another great reason to avoid skypesos altogether. Delta often has competitive fares for paid tickets and generally better service than other US majors in my experience, but they are not to be viewed as an option for award travel.

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