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Up to 50,000 US Air (Eventually American Airlines Miles) for ~$568

Up to 50,000 US Air (Eventually American Airlines Miles) for ~$568

Million Mile SecretsUp to 50,000 US Air (Eventually American Airlines Miles) for ~$568Million Mile Secrets Team

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US Airways 100% Bonus for Sharing Miles

US Airways is offering a 100% bonus when you share miles, through December 6, 2013.  This is one of the very times when it could actually make sense to share miles!

Note that US Air miles will eventually become American Airlines miles.

Up To 50,000 US Air Eventually American Airlines Miles For 568
Get a 100% Bonus When You Share US Airways Miles

The Bonus

You have to have US Air miles in your account to be able to share with someone else to take advantage of this promotion.  And you have to share 30,000 or more miles to get the 100% bonus.

Sharing the maximum amount of 50,000 miles (i.e. paying to transfer them from your account to someone else’s account) costs ~$568, including a $30 processing fee and 7.5% excise tax.

But the person with whom you transfer the miles would earn an extra 50,000 miles.

So you’ve essentially paid 1.14 cents per mile ($568 / 50,000 US Air bonus miles) for the 50,000 bonus miles which is quite a good deal!

Note that the miles which you share are removed from your account and are transferred (along with the 100% bonus) to your friend or family members account.

Emily and I each shared miles between our accounts for a trip in 2014.

Using the Miles

A great use of US Airways Dividend miles is to use 90,000 miles to fly in Business Class from the US to Asia, with a stopover in Europe.  You can redeem US Air miles for travel on any of the Star Alliance member airlines.

You would pay ~$1,026 if you bought 90,000 miles for a Business Class award to North Asia with a stopover in Europe (subject to award availability & taxes and fees, of course) at 1.14 cents per mile.

Note that the maximum bonus is limited to only 50,000 miles per account with this current 100% bonus promotion.

In contrast, you could pay $4,765 for a Business Class ticket to only Europe on US Air!

Up To 50,000 US Air Eventually American Airlines Miles For 568
Why Pay $4,765 for a Business Class Ticket to Europe When you Could use Miles for Less?

Buying miles to share isn’t such a great deal for domestic coach travel because you’d pay ~$285 for 25,000 miles (25,000 miles X 1.14 cents) which is usually around what a domestic round-trip ticket costs.  And flights aren’t always available when you use miles.

But it could make sense for last minute flights or flights on expensive routes.

This could even be worth it for coach tickets to Europe.  For example, it costs 60,000 miles for a coach ticket to Europe.  It would cost ~$684 to buy 60,000 US Air miles (60,000 miles X 1.14 cents per mile), which is often cheaper than the retail price of a coach ticket to Europe.

For example, you would pay $1,388 for a coach ticket to Europe.

Up To 50,000 US Air Eventually American Airlines Miles For 568
$1,388 for a Coach Ticket to Europe or 60,000 US Air Miles!

However, I wouldn’t buy miles unless you have a trip in mind for the miles because the US Air award chart could change at any time.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions say that your US Airways account must have been open for at least 12 days before purchasing miles.  And the offer ends on December 6, 2013 so you can’t take advantage of this deal if you don’t have a US Air account.

But you should sign-up for a US Air account if you don’t have one in case the offer comes around again before the merger.

Each account can earn a maximum of only 50,000 miles as the bonus.

Bottom Line

This is an offer seriously worth considering it you have US Air miles in your account to share.  And if you will use them for award tickets soon!

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This has to be one of the best ways to make instant miles, I did this back in Oct between 3 account for a total of 400K miles and just did it again for another $00K miles. Total miles 1.1million in my account, thank you US Airways err I mean AA... Now I need to plan our RTW trip in F for two...

If I share/transfer 50K with someone else, is that person allowed to transfer/share another 50K with me or someone else and if so does the third recipient also get 50K bonus miles?

Million Mile Secrets

@Jon - You sure can!

Thanks for sharing. I just transferred 50,000 miles to my wife's account and it is already showing up in her account. My question is can I transfer back 50000 miles to my account immediately?

Uck, initiated a transfer but it didn't seem to have gone through immediately. Anyone know how long you have to wait? I'm concerned it may not go through in time to transfer back to the original account...

I transferred 50k to my partner - that got him 140K then 50K back to me for 150K on mine. A total of 120K miles for around 800 dollars. That cost me 1160 ish bucks.

My 150K will cover our round trip first class to Hawaii and leaves us 90K left in his account for two more first class tickets to Vegas in the fall. Not sure i can beat 1200 bucks for 4 first class round trip tickets! (adding in our miles from the US MC of course :))

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