Don’t Use Our Link & Get 5,000 Extra Points for Referring the American Express Starwood & Premier Rewards Gold Card!

Don’t Use Our Link & Get 5,000 Extra Points for Referring the American Express Starwood & Premier Rewards Gold Card!

Million Mile SecretsDon’t Use Our Link & Get 5,000 Extra Points for Referring the American Express Starwood & Premier Rewards Gold Card!Million Mile Secrets Team

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Via FlyTheory, you can get 5,000 points when you refer someone for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express.

I logged into my account and found that we would get 5,000 extra points for referring others (who eventually apply and get approved) for both the Premier Rewards Gold card and the Starwood hotel card!

However, these may be targeted and not everyone may get the referral offers.  I wasn’t able to refer anyone using my business account, but I did get a referral offer for 2 of my personal cards.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Last year, you could earn 5,000 extra points for referring folks to the American Express Starwood hotel card.

Now you can get 5,000 extra points for referring folks (who eventually sign-up for the card and get approved) to the American Express Starwood and Premier Rewards Gold card!  Some folks are also getting referral offers for the American Express Platinum and Blue Cash Preferred cards.

The current offer on the Starwood Preferred card is for 25,000 points, but there is usually a 30,000 point offer in the summer.  The current offer for the Premier Rewards Gold card is 25,000 points, but there have been previous offers for 50,000 points.

You can send a referral to friends and family for the 25,000 Starwood points offer using American Express’ Refer a Friend link for personal cards and earn an extra 5,000 points per referral!

The 25,000 point offer is the best available offer where your friend gets 10,000 Starwood hotel points after the 1st purchase and 15,000 Starwood hotel points after spending $5,000 within the first 6 months.

And you can get up to 55,000 points per calendar year for referrals!  So you earn 55,000 Starwood hotel points if you refer 11 friends and if they get approved.

How To Send A Referral And Get 5,000 Points

Link:  Personal Card Referral

Link:  Business Card Referral

Step 1 – Log In To Your American Express Account

Log into your personal or business American Express account.  Remember that the offers seem to be targeted and not everyone may have an offer.

Step 2 – Select Card

Select which card you’d like to refer and click “Continue

Step 3 – Enter Your Friend’s Name & Email Address

Enter your friend’s name and email address.

The page defaults to 5 names and email addresses.  But when you click the “+” on the man icon below line 5, you can add 6 additional names , for a total of 11 referrals.

Your first and last name will be populated on the form along with a generic email message.

However, you can also add a personalized message to the email.

How To Get 5,000 Bonus Points For Yourself

1.   You Have An American Express Card And Know Someone (Partner, Family, Friends) Who Wants To Sign-up

If you have an American Express personal or business Starwood hotel card, you can refer your friends and family for the 25,000 point offer and get extra points for every successful referral.

2.   You Don’t Have An American Express Card, But Know Someone Who Does

If you don’t have an American Express card, but know someone who does, you can have them refer you.

You won’t get the 5,000 points referral for being referred to the, say, Starwood card.  But once you get your card, you could refer others (partner, family, friends, etc.) for the Starwood card and get 5,000 points for each referral.

If your partner has a Starwood card, he or she can refer you so that you get an extra 5,000 points for the family!

3.  You & Your Partner Don’t Have an American Express Card, but Each Want one.

In this scenario you and your partner or friend both want, say, the personal American Express Starwood card.

One person can apply for the card using the link to the 25,000 point offer.  And then you can refer your partner!

Bottom Line

You can earn extra American Express points when you refer friends and family for select American Express cards.

We lose our commission, but you benefit by earning more American Express points when you refer family and friends for select American Express cards!

If you don’t already have a Starwood card or Premier Rewards Gold card you can use our links to apply for the card.  We appreciate your support.

And then refer your friends and family for the extra points!

But remember that not all cards qualify and we don’t know how long this referral offer will last.

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I did NOT receive the targeted offer for this bonus. So, I called AMEX and said that I had a friend who received the targeted offer and was curious if I could get the referral bonus as well because I had several people I would like to refer. The customer service provider advised me to go to and there should be an offer there. I did what he suggested and saw that I too was able to get the referral bonus. 🙂

@scott - Same problem here and I don't even have an Amex Rewards card... Just the Costco version. What's worse is that I was looking at either the SPG or the PRG but the PRG is telling me no bonus AT ALL since I have another Amex product. I've never had either of these cards before so it must just be the fact I have ANY other Amex product.

I've been considering dropping my Costco membership since my kids have all moved out of the house (not much use for bulk items with just the wife and I)... Anyone know how long I need to be Amex free to get back to being able to take advantage of a decent bonus offer with them?

Has Amex changed the bonus points offer and terms for this card? When I click on any link for it, including yours, I only get an offer for 10,000 total points. I also get a message in red at the top of the screen that says "You have been identified as a current American Express Card Member. The welcome offer below may not be the same as the offer you saw advertised previously because the other offer you saw is not available to current American Express Card Members. You will not be eligible for the below offer if you have had this product within the last 12 months."

When I click on the terms of the card it says, "If you are identified as a current American Express® Card Member, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months."

I have the PRG card. Since the terms says the offer is "ALSO" not available to applicants who have previously had the Starwood card it seems that if you have any other Amex card you will not be eligible for the bonus points on the Starwood card.

Million Mile Secrets

@Scott - I believe you have to have the card before being able to make a referral.

@scott - American Express is restricting folks from getting the bonus if they already have the card. It appears that they are trying to be more upfront about who can get the bonus since previously folks would apply for the card and not get the bonus.

I have the SPG personal card. Was wondering whether it'd be possible to refer the BUSINESS card to someone, i.e. myself (since my business has a different registered domain name than my personal email is under)? Might be a nice way to get something extra out of the process of flip-flopping between personal and business cards to preserve the card benefits while dodging the annual fees after yr. 1 on each. You probably have to refer the card you actually have though, right?

If anyone needs a referral link of the spg personal please email me at with your first and last name and I'll be happy to send you a invite to the card

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