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Reader Question: When Does the 5X Bonus on the Ink Cards Reset?

Reader Question: When Does the 5X Bonus on the Ink Cards Reset?

Million Mile SecretsReader Question: When Does the 5X Bonus on the Ink Cards Reset?Million Mile Secrets Team

Update:   The Chase Ink Bold card is no longer available for new sign-ups. 

Million Mile Secrets reader John emails with a question:

Hey.  Does the $50k on office supplies with Ink reset January 1 of each year?

Reader Question When Does The 5x Bonus On The Ink Cards Reset
5X Points at Office Supply Stores & Telecom With the Ink Cards!

Ink Bold And Ink Plus

John is referring to earning 5X Ultimate Rewards points for every $1 he spends – up to $50,000 per year – for cable/internet/telecom and purchases from office supply stores with his Ink Bold or Ink Plus.

John’s Ultimate Rewards points can be redeemed for cash, used for travel, and transferred to airline and hotel partners.

John can also transfer Ultimate Reward points directly to his partner’s Ultimate Rewards account or to his partner’s airline and hotel accounts for free.

You also get 5X Ultimate Rewards points with the Ink Classic and Ink Business Cash Credit Card, but only for the first $25,000 spent.  Note that you can’t transfer Ultimate Rewards points from the Ink Classic or Ink Cash directly to airlines or hotels – just like you can’t with the Chase Freedom – but you can transfer them to the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold or Ink Plus and from there to airlines or hotels.

John may qualify for an Ink Bold or Ink Plus card even if he isn’t a corporation or doesn’t currently have a business, but is thinking of starting one.

Business cards have less impact on John’s personal credit score because the business card credit line and spending are usually NOT reported to the personal credit bureaus, unless he doesn’t pay his bills.

So John could spend up to his entire credit line each month at office supply stores and on cable, internet, and telecommunications without negatively affecting his credit score as long as he pays his bills on time.

What Does Annually Mean?

John gets 5X Ultimate Rewards points on his Ink Bold & Ink Plus purchases made at office supply stores and on cable, internet, and telecommunications up to $50,000 a year.  So he can earn up to 250,000 Ultimate Rewards points ($50,000 in purchases X 5 Ultimate Rewards points per $1) for spending $50,000.

Or up to 125,000 Ultimate Rewards points ($50,000 in purchases X 5 Ultimate Rewards points per $1) for spending $25,000 on the Ink Cash or Ink Classic.

It is worth noting that these limits are per card which means that if you spend more than $50,000 a year on office supplies or telecom, it could be worth getting a different Ink card to take advantage of the 5x category bonus.

But annually does not mean a calendar year.  Chase defines annually as:

“Annually” means the year beginning with your enrollment date through the first statement after the anniversary of your enrollment date, and each twelve billing cycles thereafter.)

Reader Question When Does The 5x Bonus On The Ink Cards Reset
The Ink Annual Year is NOT a Calendar Year

So John should log into his Ink account online and see if he can figure out when he first got the card or he can call the number at the back of the card and ask the customer service agent when his annual year starts.

For example, if John got his Ink Bold card in September 2013 he has 12 billing cycles from September 2013 to exhaust the $50,000 in purchases at office supply stores or for telecom expenses.

Bottom Line

John can get 5X points on the first $50,000 he spends annually at office supply stores and on cell phones, landline, internet, and cable tv on his Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards.  And 5x points on the first $25,000 with the Ink Cash or Ink Classic.

This $50,000 or $25,000 annual limit is for a 12 month period starting from when John was approved for the card and does NOT reset on January 1st of each year.

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Hello Darius, Thank you for taking time in replying to our questions. I recently got approved for Ink Bold Business card. I don't have business right now and wanted to spend $5000 to meet the minimum spending. I have already spend 2K on gift cards from office supply stores. I plan to get gift cards Vanilla Reloads from CVS. Will that raise flag? Also give us other options to spend money (other than paying utility bills).

Thanks again.


Already have a second card for the rest of the charges that qualify for 5X, but charges on the first one are automatic debits for cable company. I have changed the payment date today to see if I can force the statement to print early and eliminate most of the amount I am going to be over.

Hi Darius. Thank you for all of your timely information, and I will be applying for cards through your site my next time (second, actually) around. Which brings me to my have noted many times that an application for a business card isn't a credit pull as with a personal card. Does that mean that it wouldn't be so terrible to apply for a business card between 91 day app cycles, or even as an application for a fourth card, assuming credit is good and all cards can be paid off monthly? Thank you again.

Million Mile Secrets

@far north trader - You should get another Ink card if you spend so much in those categories!

@wanderer16 - The credit inquiry does show up in your personal report, but the" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">actual line of credit does not.

Ah nuts! Miscalculation on my first year with the card, my spending is going to be about $2000 over the $50000 limit. I thought it would be my first 12 billing cycles, but it sound like it is actually 13 billing cycles the first year, then 12 every year after that.

I'm relatively new to this points thing...wouldn't make sense to use the Chase Ink to buy mastercard/visa gift cards at the office supply store, get 5x the points and do all of my monthly spending with those gift cards? Is that allowed?

Million Mile Secrets

@Sun Pak - It works the same way as transferring points from your Chase Freedom to the Ink Bold. See this post" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">for more information!

@Chris - You can do that, but it can get cumbersome managing all the gift cards!

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