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Be Careful with the Barclays US Air Card

Be Careful with the Barclays US Air Card

Million Mile SecretsBe Careful with the Barclays US Air CardMillion Mile Secrets Team

We devote thousands of hours of research to help you get Big Travel with Small Money. You support us by signing-up for credit cards through partner links which earn us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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Million Mile Secrets reader Ben posted his experience on trying to get the Barclays US Bank credit card for a second time.  A couple of other readers have emailed me with the same experience, so I thought I’d share it on the blog.  I realize that 3 reports does not a representative sample make!

I had written earlier that Emily was able to get a second US Air credit card, but that I wasn’t able to.

It turns out that Ben and 2 other readers applied for a second Barclay’s US Air card and were denied.  So they called the reconsideration line to negotiate approval.  And here’s the concerning part – the credit analyst noticed that there were recent inquiries and new cards opened and closed the readers existing US Air card!

If the US Air card isn’t your oldest and the credit line isn’t a significant portion of your overall credit limit, this shouldn’t have a big impact on your credit score.

Here’s what Ben wrote in the comments:

be caution of Barclay US airway card, today, after I tried to apply for the 2nd card, i not only got declined, they closed down my first card either. this is really a shock to me. they said, even though my credit score and income are not the issue, they concerned about too many inquiries and cards over the last 12 months.
I am ok with their decision and specifically asked whether or not i am banned from Barclay, they said “no, you are more than welcome to apply in a future time”, though I don’t think i will in the next 12 months. JUST FYI.

I don’t want to sound the panic since others have been able to get another (or more) US Air cards, but just wanted to let folks know.  In my experience and observation, Barclays is a very conservative bank.  The credit lines on their cards are much lower than the credit lines on American Express, Citi or Chase, and at one point they were asking for proof of US residency before approving applications.

So closing down accounts because of too many inquires and new accounts is in keeping with their conservative attitude towards lending.  And lets not forget, that banks are under no obligation to extend credit to us and have to run their business prudently.

Bottom Line:  Some folks are still able to get approved for another US Air credit card, but a few also have their existing Barclays accounts closed when they call the reconsideration line.


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@Ben- similar experience only when I applied for a second us airways personal they closed my existing personal, business and wyndham card just for good measure… 4 months later got instant approval for personal card again..

Million Mile Secrets

@Lucy – That sounds very strange. Perhaps the reconsideration line may help, but Barclays has some strange policies…

@ben @mike fein – I think I’m going to try for a Frontier card from Barclays soon!

After 3+ months Barclay closed down my US Airway MC card. I re-applied with my recent app-o-rama and got approved in 24 hours (not instant approval) though.

It appears that closing out the 1st card should help churning the card. YMMV. FYI.

it also approved my previous confirmation that even Barclay closed down your account, you are not banned by them, just wait for a while and re-apply. it works!

Daraius, My brother in law is a CFO at a Forbes 500 co. , his income is over a million $ a year and has perfect credit, guess what? He was declined for Barclays US Airways biz card, for having enough credit with Barclays because he has the personal card?

i mentioned this a while back, churning will no longer work for most people, banks are NOT dumb.

Million Mile Secrets

@Lucy – You’re right, banks aren’t dumb. High sign-up bonuses is a calculated strategy which is profitable across the entire pool of applicants.

Update: I called the credit reconsideration line – and they took all the information about me..and finally said “We can’t revert the decision. The account has to continue to stay closed”.

That’s certainly disappointing.. 🙁

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