Hotel Award Charts

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This page links to hotel sign-up and award chart links for most of the major hotel reward programs.  Hotel award charts will show you how many points are required for one night at each hotel.

Compare the difference in points required between hotels to the trade-offs in the hotel’s location, elite benefits available, etc.

Tripadvisor gives fairly accurate reviews of hotels (disregard the highest-ranked reviews and focus on the middle rankings).  Then redeem the least amount of miles to get the most value out of your hotel points!

For example, a Hilton category 6 hotel in Waikiki can cost 30,000 to 50,000 points per night, while a Starwood category 6 hotel in Waikiki costs 20,000 to 25,000 points per night.  So think about which hotel brands you prefer and which points are easier for you to earn.

Emily and I used our hotel points to visit Miami, New York City, and other US cities.  Or you can save your points for ultra luxury vacations at hotels in places like Bora Bora and Paris.

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HotelHotel Reward Night Chart Links
Best Western Reward Information
Choice Hotels Reward Information
Club Carlson Reward Chart
Hilton Reward Chart

Hilton Points Search Tool
Hyatt Awards Calculator

Hyatt Reward Chart

Hyatt Points + Cash Chart
Marriott & Ritz-Carlton Reward Charts
IHG Reward Night Information
Starwood Reward Chart

Starwood Cash & Points Chart

Starwood Nights & Flights Chart
Wyndham Rewards Chart


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65 responses to “Hotel Award Charts

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  2. Thanks for another great post!

    I have a general question about hotel rewards that I hope you can answer. Do reward stays require the same degree of advanced planning as reward flights? Do any of the hotel reward programs allow you to just walk to the front desk and book a room with points (assuming there is one available)?

    I ask because a lot of my travel is unpredictable (or serendipitous, depending on my mood). It would be great if I could find myself a discounted or free room on short notice.

    Thanks in advance!

    • @Peter – You’re welcome! In my experience, it is usually a LOT easier to find a hotel room night than it is to find a flight. I’m not sure if you can walk up to front desk and redeem a reward night on the spot, but I’ve had success booking rooms a few hours before visiting the hotel. Most hotels require you to have a reservation prior to arrival (so you could make the reservation online a few hours prior to arrival).

      Loyalty Traveler recently posted his experience on how he redeemed a hotel reward night using the hotel’s internet terminal and then walked to the front desk to check-in!

      Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” offers deeply discounted last-minute rooms, which may also be an option for last minute travel.

      Keep in mind that while you usually will find a room in a city, be aware of special events (conferences or festivals), since hotels could be completely sold out!

  3. Is there a reason you left out Marriott?

  4. Sure love ur very helpful tip,” to use the hotel’s internet terminal and then to walk to the front desk to check-in!”
    Thanks for wonderful tip posts.

  5. Could you add in Radisson/Club Carlson, especially since they have the 50K bonus points promotion going on? Thanks!

  6. You might want ot change #6 to Club Carlson instead of Priority club.

  7. Informative post, rather thanks for the links.

  8. Daraius,

    I like what you’ve done with some of the chains, in highlighting aspirational properties for each one. I think that adding a section featuring the “Best Value” and “Most Aspirational” properties for each chain would add huge value to your readers.

    It would perfectly appeal to your audience, as people want to either 1) Travel very cheaply domestically, or 2) Stay in beautiful places around the world that would otherwise be unaffordable

    • @steve – Thanks for pointing that out. I updated the post earlier, forgot to thank you!

      @JP – You’re right that the best value properties would be a nice addition, but I haven’t really been to the “best value” properties. By “best value,” do you mean properties which require fewer points to redeem for a night?

  9. Hey D!

    Just noticed this on the United Mileage Plus website when I logged in. Marriott Rewards Mega Miles offer:

    Marriott Rewards® MegaMiles has soared to new heights, giving you the opportunity to earn 2,000 bonus miles with every stay, beginning with your second stay, up to a total of 50,000 bonus miles during the promotion. You’ll also earn your usual base miles with any one of the participating airlines with every stay.
    See Details
    Here’s how:

    Register* or join Marriott Rewards and be automatically registered
    Stay between January 1 and April 30, 2012 at any of over 3,500 participating hotels in 70 countries, across 13 distinctive brands
    Earn 2,000 bonus miles with every stay, beginning with your 2nd stay, up to a total of 50,000 bonus miles during the promotion period. For kilometers conversion, view terms and conditions .

    Choose from 13 distinctive brands

    Register today: Join Marriott Rewards online or sign in to your account. Or, call 800-411-0862 in the U.S. and Canada.

    * Existing members earning points must update their profile by choosing miles for their earning option and selecting a participating airline in the MegaMiles promotion before registering.

    Don’t know if this will help anyone, but figured I would post it anyway!

  10. @MMS – I am personally interested in the aspirational properties, because I am never going to really pay $1000 or more a night in a hotel, but staying in those roomer for “free” on points.

    I think a “best value” section could be loosely interpreted as “best bang for your buck”, like hotels that don’t require a ton of points, but still offer great services, location, or value. Obviously you haven’t stayed at all of the different properties, but I think you have a great sense (and ability to sift through FT/MP threads) for what options are out there

  11. what’s the best card for Hyatt point? i figured Hyatt has a lot of hotels in Japan with 8000-10000 free night, which is a lot better than Hilton and Marriote

    • @Ben – The Chase Sapphire Preferred earns double points on travel and dining which can be transferred to Hyatt. However, if you actually stay in Hyatt hotels, the Hyatt credit card will earn 3 Hyatt points per $1 spent at Hyatt.

  12. I’m a new subscriber who is traveling to Austin, TX in April. My wife and I got free airfare on Delta using accrued airline points. I also have 50,000 points (sign-up bonus) on my Chase Marriott Rewards Visa. It appears that the points will buy only 2 of the 4 nights at a downtown Marriott property. Not crazy about the property either. I’m not sure if I am better off paying cash and staying at another chain hotel and using the miles somewhere down the road. Also I’m not sure of which card will give me the best bang for the buck for the hotel, as I also have Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, Costco AMEX Business, Citi Dividend Platinum Select and Chase Freedom cards. Love the site. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    • @Mark – Welcome! If you just got your Marriott 50K sign up bonus in the last 3 months, you MAY have luck sending Chase a secure message asking them to match you to the 70K offer (there is a version of the card offering a 70K sign up bonus). The Chase Sapphire Preferred gives you double miles on dining and travel and can be transferred to select air and hotel partners, so I’d suggest using that to actually pay for your travel expenses. If you have a future use for the Marriott points, you could consider paying cash for your upcoming stay. If not, then you may want to use them. But that depends on your travel needs and plans! You can also book your Marriott hotel via the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall and earn extra points for doing that.

  13. Darius, I was reading your article on getting priority club miles for .06 and had a question. When you use the 3rd option and have to pay the money, for example, you have to pay the $60 for each time you reserve and cancel a room, correct? If so, and you are not planning on actually staying at the specific hotel, is there any hotels that are cheaper to book and get the same amount of miles to go into your acct? So, if you needed quiet a few miles, you would have to spend quiet a bit to get the miles, correct? Would love to go to Bora Bora for our 10 year anniversary and would be nice to get at least a few nights free.

    • @Juli – It doesn’t matter if there are cheaper hotels, because you’ll always pay 0.6 cents per point. For Bora Bora, each night is 50K points, so you’ll need to spend $300 per night (assuming there are award stays available when you want to visit). If you want to go to Bora Bora the Priority Club card with 80K points could help -especially the free night certificate on your card anniversary date.

  14. do i get 2 points per dollar on my CHASE SP for any food and drinks at restaurants? even at dunkin donut or mcdonald?

    pls confirm.

  15. Great post! Thank you. Just got 60,000 Wyndham points through the Daily Getaway and wondering how to best use them.

    • @Ram – You should get double points at any restaurants coded as dining – which should include Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds.

      @Johnson – Congrats! Wyndham points are good for stays in their hotels or to transfer to Southwest or other airlines.

  16. martin hamann

    I just applied for the Hilton Honors Surpass card for 40,000 points and then another 20,000 points after $3000 in purchases. I think I’m regretting it. I tried to look for hotels in New Orleans by “points” and nothing came up. I don’t have any points in my account yet ( was just approved an hour ago), but I figured it’d still show me the number of points needed. Also, most “good” hotels are all 5-7 rating, which is like I got this card for One free night stay at a decent hotel? LIke I said, I regret it. What can I do with these points? I have 83000 southwest points and about 93000 continental points, which I think is now United. Any decent transfers? Like I said, the hotesl are kind of crappy under 40,000 points.

  17. martin hamann

    Also, I’m a “gold” member for one year. And, I have to pay a $75 annual fee.

    • @martin hamann – You can’t transfer the Hilton points and good hotels cost 40K to 50K points. But it is easy to acquire a bunch of Hilton points compared to other hotel chains. But I wouldn’t use the Hilton Surpass as my only hotel credit card. Also, you can book a room using the AXON rate which will get you 4 nights in a top category hotel for 145K points instead of the regular 200K.

  18. martin hamann

    Thank you. I appreciate the fast response. I largely think the Hilton Surpass card was a waste of time, and I just got approved for 2 sapphire cards for 40,000 points which I believe I can transfer 1:1 into my united/continental card.

  19. Marriott Marty

    @Martin H and similarly inclined,
    The better strategy is to collect a few hundred thousand Hilton points via the two Hawiian Air cards and the Virgin card [240,000 points] plus the two browser Citi cards for an additional 90,000 points and perhaps a virtual move to Austrialia to get gold status through May 2013 – then get the Surpass for an additional year of GOLD status. Advanced planning can help…

    • @martin hamann – You can transfer points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to your United account. Did you get 2 at the same time?

      @Marriott Marty
      – Very well explained. Thanks for helping out!

  20. martin hamann

    I got one for me, and one for my wife. I’ve already spent the $3000 on one card (in 2 days) for completion of my Masters program. I thought about moving the points to United, 1:1, which would give us 173,000 on United. I saw overseas flights are 60,000 roundtrip plus $128 or so. Not a bad deal.

    I think the Gold Status is fairly nice. I was going to stay at a Waldorf for 4 or 5 nights when I get back from afghanistan, and use the HHonors credit card for 9 times points. It just seems the points needed are CRAZY unless you can stay for 4+ nights at 15-20% off AXON.

    I’m so new to this, so I really appreciate the assistance.

    I’ll look at the 2 hawaiin cards as well. Thanks Marty. I have free gold status until Jun 1st 2013 already…so, I have some time to think about the best strategy. Ideally, I’ll be flying to Berlin or Venice and stay 5 nights, and the entire trip would be free (and use Southwest points for a rental car).

    • @martin hamann – It is 30K in coach for a 1-way to Europe or South America, so that’s a great use of United miles. I wouldn’t transfer the points until you were about to make a reservation, because you can’t transfer them back otherwise. You’re right that you need a lot of Hilton points, but you can get them fairly easily. Your Chase Ultimate Rewards points can also be transferred to Hyatt which is 22K points for their top hotels. Or you can transfer to Priority Club and snag a PointsBreak hotel for 5K if available.

  21. martin hamann

    Good information. Thank you!

  22. I can no longer find the hhonors award chart on their site (hotels listed by category). Am I just overlooking it? I hope they haven’t eliminated it.

  23. Would you please comment on the best ways to use virgin airmiles for hotel stays?
    Thank you

  24. @martin hamann ,

    OR you can transfer from UR to your Amtrak Guest rewards then to your HH for 1:2,
    but you would have to do it in 5,000 increment.

    So 5,000 UR to AGR 1:1 = 5,000 AGR
    then AGR 5,000 to HH 1:2 = 10,000 HH points

  25. @Million Mile Secrets

    Are you going to add a link for AXON discount chart for Hilton?

  26. @ MMS

    Isn’t 5th night free a 20% discount and not 25%? Or does my abacus need new batteries?

    So if points needed were 100K/night, then I’d pay 400K for 5 nights, or 80K per night on average (ie 20% discount).

  27. Is there any reason you left Best Western off your list?

  28. Robert Blanchard

    Hello there. I was wondering if I would be better off “cashing in” my Best Western Points onto their travel card and using it as cash when staying at Best Western or should I just keep accumulating points and using them? Thanks so much for your help

  29. Want to go to London and Paris for the first time ever in March. Don’t care that much about swankiness of the hotels but do care about location. Is there a hotel cc offer that you specifically think is the best fit? Thanks to you we already have the airfare covered with miles!

    • @SarahT – Go to the hotel chain websites such as Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, Starwood etc. and search for hotels in London. See what the availability looks like and how many points are needed and then decide which cards would help you get the points to go there. Safe travels!

  30. I’m trying to get an idea for IHG award redemption but when I clicked on your link, it did not take me to an award chart of any kind. Any suggestions? Thanks! I can see how this page will be hugely helpful as I begin to navigate the hotel reward realm, and already bookmarked it for future reference.

  31. Question, I know the new HHonors thing is 5th night free. Can one use the 2 free weekend nights cert plus 2 award nights on points and get the 5th night free?

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  34. Does anyone have any Hyatt points they would like to gift??

  35. Hi Darius – I have a bunch of SPG points, about 175,000 of them. I understand that its a pretty good deal to transfer SPG points to airlines since its a 1:1 conversion + for every 20K transferred , SPG gives 5k bonus –
    I know there is no right answer – but given the bonus factor, and if one books during off season, would this be a good way to use SPG points when one is short on airline miles for redemption ?

    Thank you for your feedback

  36. Hi D,
    I am new to this hobby 🙂 and I just got approved for IHG Reward Club selected credit card.
    Is there any great tips using this card?
    Does the points transferable from one credit card to another? Such as : chase sapphire proffered credit card or US Airways premier world master card, etc.

    Thank you and Best regards,

  37. Hi Darius – What is the best way to use Marriot points? Transfer to airline or hotels?I haven’t found anything on this forum.

  38. Is their anyway to transfer my southwest points to my choice privileges, or my Wyndham reward points or best western points. I’m not going to be using the southwest points an they told me the only way to transfer them was I had to have a visa, which I don’t. I don’t understand why but is their anyway I can use them without a visa credit card. Please help. Thank u

  39. Georgia Giardini

    i would like to spend one night in s great hotel in New York City and use my American Express points . Can I eith50 to 75,000 points

  40. I have 27K Marriot points and was looking into transfering them to a Airline, which airline would be best to transfer them to?


  41. I have upcoming business trip for 2-3 weeks of stay. I can either stay at Club Carlson hotel or SPG hotel as they are nearby.
    Having SPG, club carlson and Citi Prestige card, what would give me best value? Ave. night cost will be about $115 with tax

    A) Stay at Club Carlson and pay using club carlson credit card to earn 35X points.
    B) Stay at SPG and pay using Amex SPG card. Collect SPG points at 4-5 points per $
    C) Use Citi Prestige and stay ant any of the two. In this case, how does citi firth night free work? Do statement show cost of forth night as separate reimbursement or will statement show cost of 3 night (with 4th is free)?
    Also, will I be able to earn points on hotel program this way?

  42. Hi, is this site still live.. the threads are from 2011 that I can see.
    If it is …. can you do 1 for UK.. it would be big hit here.
    Can you include Accor program also?

  43. Hello and thank you for the very informative chart and links. It looks like the link to IHG is broken however and would be very useful if you are able to fix it (though the issue might also be IHG’s). Really appreciate this as I’m new to the game and this can be a bit mind-boggling!

    Thanks again…I’ve been looking though your website and find it very helpful!