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I try to keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  And check Hot Deals for the latest top offers!

Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!  Cards are listed alphabetically by hotel.

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

1.  Club Carlson

US Bank Club Carlson Premier – 85,000 Bonus Points

  • 50,000 bonus points after 1st purchase and another 35,000 points after spending $2,500 on purchases within the 1st 90 days of opening your account on the US Bank Club Carlson Premier (Personal) & US Bank Club Carlson Business Rewards – that’s up to 9 free award Nights at Category 1 hotels
  • Free Club Carlson Gold elite status for as long as you have the card or 15 nights credit towards towards Concierge status if you are already a gold elite member
  • $75 ($60 for business) annual fee not waived for 1st year; 2% to 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 40,000 points for renewing your card each year
  • Earn a free night at US Club Carlson hotels when you spend $10,000 in an anniversary year and renew your card
  • 10 Club Carlson points per $1 spent at Club Carlson hotels & 5 points for everything else

US Bank Club Carlson Rewards – 60,000 Bonus Points

  • 50,000 bonus points after 1st purchase and another 10,000 points after spending $1,500 on purchases within the 1st 90 days of opening your account on the US Bank Club Carlson Rewards
  • Free Club Carlson Silver elite status for as long as you have the card or 15 night credit towards Gold/Concierge status if you are already an elite member
  • $50 annual fee not waived for 1st year; 2% to 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 25,000 points for renewing your card each year
  • Earn a free night at US Club Carlson hotels when you spend $10,000 in an anniversary year and renew your card
  • 6 Club Carlson points per $1 spent at Club Carlson hotels & 3 points for everything else

2.   Hilton

Here’s how to earn hundreds of thousands of Hilton points.

American Express Hilton HHonors

American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass 

Daraius’ Tip:   See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.  Free Hilton Gold elite status for as long as you have the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card (free internet & breakfast!)


3.  Marriott

4.  Starwood

Missing your favorite offer?  Tell us in the comments!

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835 responses to “Hotel Credit Cards

  1. @nancy – I do like the SPG card for its sign-up bonus, and it is good to actually earn points on for spending if you redeem them for hotels. I’d research Hilton, Starwood, and Hyatt and see which chain has hotels in the destinations you want to visit and then pick a card. But I don’t see why you should limit yourself to only 1 hotel chain and 1 credit card.

  2. What are the rules about applying for similar Chase cards. I have a to Chase Marriott card which I got 70,000 points using your link, can I apply for another Marriott card (your current link) which offer 50,000? In the past I also had a Marriott card, which offered 30,000, but have since inactivated it. Same with Hyatt, I applied for a Hyatt card a year ago, but the new link has slight differences (I had to spend $1000), is it a different product, can I apply again?

  3. What happened to the Marriott links?

  4. good q leah…maybe he’s updating ’em?

  5. I just applied for the Priority Club Visa card and saw the 2 points/$1 for gas, groceries and dining. Are the Priority Club points transferrable to any other hotel/airline? I like the 2 points/$1!

  6. Just a point of reference. I used the Prioirty Club 80k offer link above last Wednesday. Had no problem submitting the application on the site. Was approved instantly.

    Got the card this week and noticed that it says complimentary PLATINUM status for as long as you have the card. Also just got an email from Chase confirming that I’ll receive 80k points with the first purchase.

    So the 80k seems like a good link and the offer’s even better than Darius mentioned.

  7. I have a priority club select visa for personal use and wanted one to use for business expenses and I could not find the application. I called and they could not find it either so they told me to apply for a second personal card to use for business. So I did and they are saying that they have a rule that you can’t have two priority club cards for the same PC account. Of course they can’t find this rule in writing. Just FYI

  8. We applied and received the Choice Privileges Visa Signature Card (from Barclays) – this offers one free night and a second after one paid night. The card gives 2 points per eligible $1 spent on everyday purchases, and since many of the hotels we would use are available for 8,000 points (they tend to run $109-$149 if paid for), we have determined that this card is about a 3-percent card. This far exceeds the payoff for everyday spending from any other hotel credit card that we know of.

    Barclays gets little mention on credit card websites but I think they are competitive with Citi and Chase in terms of benefits for everyday card usage and for sign-up bonuses.

  9. @Leah – Usually you can’t get the bonus again, but some folks do manage to get the sign-up for the Marriott card again.

    @geewhiz – I’ll update the links today.

    – You can get 2 points per $ on dining with the Chase Sapphire Preferred, 3 points on groceries with the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold, and 2X points with the Chase Ink Bold on Gas. PC points aren’t transferable easily to other airlines.

    @David – I actually wrote a post on the Platinum status many months ago, but didn’t update the listing here. Thanks for letting me know.

    @Mark – That’s why you usually leave the application number blank or sign up with a new account when applying for a new card of the same type.

    – Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it! You can get a category 2 Starwood hotel for $4K spending as well, but category 2 Starwood hotels may not be around in the locations you want to visit. Many folks look for a sign-up bonus of at least $500 value, so this sign-up bonus is less than that.

  10. Hi D –

    I learned an expensive (well, at least in terms of points) lesson today. I applied for the HH Surpass Amex at the beginning of June for the 40K HH p0ints after first spend plus 20K points after $3000 spend in 3 months. I learned that they start the clock on the 3 months as of the day they approve your application, NOT (as I naively assumed) when you receive and activate the card. I put $3500 on the card within 3 months of my activation date, but only about $2700 of that was by the date of my approval. I was not aware of this until I had conversations with 3 different Amex reps. I have been an Amex cardholder since 1980 (not a typo, I am OLD) and still the only thing they could offer was 1500 point for my inconvenience. I mentioned the new Citi competitive card, and threatened to cancel the Surpass, but nothing. I also mentioned the 6 calls to Amex &HH that it took to straighten out the fact that they had opened a new HH account instead of using my existing account when I applied for the Surpass. NADA.

    So I will add a new question to my “activation checklist” when I get a new card that requires a spend within a particular timeframe to make sure that I don’t miss it.

    Oh well, you live and learn – perhaps someone else can use my bad experience to avoid having this happen to them!

  11. @Chris A – Sorry to hear about that. It almost always is the date from which you’re approved – not when you activate the card. You’ve been an AMEX cardholder for almost as long as I’ve been around!

  12. Can you get the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa and the regular Chase Marriott Rewards Visa or are you only allowed 1 card per person? Would like as many free nights as possible. Does the 2-browser trick work or only with Citi

  13. @Jan Ruiz – You should be able to get both of them since they are separate products, but may have to wait a bit between applications. The regular version doesn’t give you a free night every year on renewal, though. You also can’t apply for both at the same time like you do with Citi.

  14. D – just a quick followup on my HH Surpass Amex saga – I ended up tweeting about my unhappiness and after a few DMs, they said they would give me 10K points. So at least I got something concrete, in addition to my lesson learned. Thanks for your support…even us oldies like to travel for free!

  15. @Chris A – Glad you got something out of the saga!

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  17. There are 5 Citibank offers for Hilton points. Could you apply for all five to get all the offers/points? If so how would you recommend going about it? Apply one by one, spacing the applications by a month or two? Or apply for 2-3 at a time?

  18. @Robert – You can get 2 Citi personal cards every 65 days. I’d suggest 2 Citi cards now (either 2 Citi Reserve or 2 Citi 50K) and then 3 months later apply for another 2 in your next app-o-rama.

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  20. Just so you are aware, the SPG links are broken–maybe a new offer on the horizon?

  21. @Spencer – Thanks for letting me know, but they work for me!

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  24. The SPG card now offers 10,000 miles only. I find no mention of the 15K extra bonus,

  25. @Rich – Try logging out of your account, using a different browser or clearing cookies.

  26. In regards to the 2 browser trick for getting two 50,000 point bonuses with the CITI® HILTON HHONORS ™ VISA SIGNATURE® CARD, are you saying use the exact same link/application, but just apply in two different browsers (as opposed to the AA two browser trick which is two different links: one Visa on Amex). Or is there a second link I’m missing somewhere (I see the second 40,000 link, but not a second 50,000 link). Thanks!

  27. @Ryan – You got it! Use the same link, but in separate browsers.

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  29. aaron miller

    I am having some issues trying to find the difference between the HHonors Visa Signature card and its lesser HHonors Visa Gold, is there a difference in the rewards?

  30. @aaron miller – I’m not sure, but I don’t believe their is a difference in the sign-up bonus and the Hilton rewards. But there is a difference in the benefits such as car insurance, other insurance etc.

  31. Hi D – I just activated my new Chase Hyatt Visa and was happily surprised to hear that in addition to the 3 points per dollar spent at Hyatts, they are also giving 2 points per dollar spent at restaurants, car rental agencies and airline tickets purchased directly from airlines. The rest of the bennies correspond to the ones you have listed above.

    BTW, I will be heading off to Chicago on Friday for the FT Seminars and look forward to meeting you so that I can thank you in person for all your great research and advice!

  32. Chris A – Those benefits kick in from October 1, and I’ll update the listing above to reflect that. See you in Chicago on Saturday!

  33. Hi Darius, I’ve become obsessed with your blog. I have a quick question regarding the Hilton program that I thought you might be able to answer for me. Can my husband and I share one HHonors account or do we need to have seperate one? If he were to apply for a card, would he be able to use my account to deposit the bonus points? I suppose I’m curious about Hyatt accounts as well.

  34. Hey Darius, I’ve been trying to sign up for the American Express Hilton HHonors credit card with the 50K bonus points after spending 750.00. I’ve tried several times to fill out the app and I keep getting an error that reads “Problem with the input data for one of the fields” but it doesn’t go back or point me to what needs to be fixed. Broken link? Any ideas of how to fix this? I also received an email from Hilton for the same offer but the link is causing the same problem. Any solutions would be very appreciated… Thanks for all your expertise!!

  35. @Amj – You would need separate accounts, but you can book a room for anyone using your points by including them as the 2nd guest on the reservation.

    @Nate – I don’t have anything profound to add except to perhaps try later or call the number on the email to apply over the phone.

  36. Hi Darius,

    Regarding the 65 day churn rule for Citi.

    Citi has the AA (Amex and Visa)
    Citi has the HH (Reserve and Signature)

    Does that mean I can churn 4 cards (using 2 browser trick) *2 every 65 days .. and get 4 cards ? or alternate the churning of types of cards AA then HH then AA, etc ?

    But I thought you cannot carry the SAME type of card (for example have two AA Citi Visa even though the 2nd one would be after 65 days you get the 1st one?



  37. @david – You can get the Citi AA personal cards every ~18+ months. But the interval is around 65 days to 3 months for the other Citi cards. For the other Citi cards, you can either have the cards open or cancel them to get approved again in ~3 months. You can only get approved for 2 personal cards every 65 days as well.

  38. A lot of bloggers are talking (like boardingarea’s unroadwarrier on Oct 10 and in milesmomma’s new length credit card guide) as if the 70k points ritz offer is still active; I thought it expired over the summer?

  39. @PJ – I have it listed above, but the annual fee is not waived, like it was last time, so I don’t think it is a particularly good deal.

  40. Hi Darius — My last two cc’s were with Citi Visa Hilton & Amex Hilton in early July, and Chase United in May. I am thinking of getting either Chase Hyatt or Marriott, BOA Hawaiian, and Citi Hilton Reserve in a few days. May I ask if should I wait for a few more months, or should I go for this now? I have a large car insurance bill due in a few weeks. Thanks.

  41. @Nguyen – You should be fine since it is 3 months since your last applications in July. You may need to call the Chase reconsideration line to get approved.

  42. Darius,

    Which credit cards would give us the highest points for Hilton Hotels ?


  43. @Thomas – The Citi Hilton Reserve has the highest earning rate for spending at Hilton Hotels – 10 Hilton points per $1 spent with the Reserve at Hilton hotels.

  44. In regards to the Chase Hyatt Visa, I was able to receive a Diamond Trial membership, good for 60 days. I’m confident that I won’t be able to continue the Diamond level, as they require 12 nights of stays within 60 days. In a few weeks from now, I will book 2 nights (free) with the Hyatt Vendome in Paris for September 2013. While I am currently a Diamond member, I will likely not be a member at the time of the stay in September 2013. Will I be able to access the Diamond level benefits, or will it be required for me to be a member as of the date of stay ?
    Thanks, Robert.

  45. @RHarraka – You should be able to get the 2 free nights in a suite, but I’m not sure if you will get the Diamond benefits when you actually stay at the Park Hyatt.

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  47. Has anyone had any luck getting a credit, fee waived, or other compensation for keeping the marriott premier visa? I know it comes with the one night certificate but it is limited in duration and hotel tier. Citi has been open to compensating me before with minimal hoops to jump through but Chase doesn’t seem to care what their competitor is doing. Would it make a difference if I call vs secure message?

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  49. @Jon – In my experience it doesn’t hurt to ask, but they are very stingy!

  50. Thanks for responding to my emails a couple weeks ago. I’m new to the game since I’m only 20 and in college and have only had a Wells Fargo college card for 3 months but today I got an Instant Approval for the American Express Hilton card! I look forward to getting those 65,000 points and also getting 6x for groceries, gas, and some Vanilla cards at my local Walgreens. Not bad for my first rewards card! Couldn’t have done it without this blog and the other blogs to, but the thing I like about MMS is that you show your personal side and that’s inspiring to us who haven’t gotten the chance to travel yet. Thanks again!

  51. Thank you in advance for any response…Missed out on the mp signup at $59.00 for platinum Hyatt status. I am going to London England in the Summer of 2013 and trying to stay at the Hyatt Churchill in London for 4 nights with family (2 adults 1 child age 14). I have about 70,000 ur points 123,000 aa points and 98,000 usair points. Trying to figure out the best way to achieve platinum status so I can apply for Hyatt card and receive 2 nights and 2 upgrades to suite . Can you apply for the Diamond/Platinum challenge without providing elite status from another chain ( don’t have any) and gain Platinum and then apply for credit card? Also if I were to get the certificates are they good for 3 people to a room?

  52. @Kevin

    I used this option to gain Platinum status and there is no time restriction. I reside in the Dallas TX area and one can do this quite inexpensively. I made 5 week-end reservations.

    Platinum Membership

    From Hyatts website:
    After 5 qualifying stays or 15 eligible nights in a calendar year, you will enjoy automatic upgrades to Platinum membership that lets you experience a premium level of benefits and rewards

  53. @Greg Thank you for the idea, I just looked at our local Hyatt here in Columbus Ohio and the lowest room rate I see is $159.00 a night so not sure this is a good idea for me. Maybe it would be easier to gain elite status with another chain and then apply for the Diamond challenge if it is still going on. Any ideas are appreciated!

  54. @Kevin

    The Hyatt Place Columbus/Dublin 6161 Parkcenter Circle
    Dublin, Ohio, USA
    Tel: +1 614 799 1913 has a week end rate of $89. Not sure if that is good for you.

    I also had signed up for the Diamond challenge so was compt Diamond status while I stayed the 5 seperate stays and became Platinum til 2014 after the 5th night.

  55. @Greg Thank You again. Yes I forgot about Hyatt Place being part of the stays, hence not having a status with any hotel chain so yes that might work 89×5=445 for platinum to apply for cc to get upgrade to suite.

  56. Also, I called Hilton Honors and they said that the 60,000 points required to achieve Gold Status can be satisfied by credit card bonuses, which means this card could basically come with a year of Gold Status as well! Haven’t gotten anything in writing yet but I’ll let you know once I complete the minimum spending.

  57. @Chris – Congrats, and thanks for your kind words! You may not be able to buy Vanilla Reloads at all Wal-Greens, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    @Kevin @Greg
    – The 2 suite upgrades with the Hyatt card when you are Platinum apply for only PAID stays, not award stays. That said, you can get 2 free nights in a suite if you apply for a Diamond challenge by calling or emailing Hyatt Gold Passport (Call Hyatt at 800-228-3360 or email them at to request a challenge.) Or if you want Platinum Hyatt status, you could make a virtual move to Australia or apply for the Citi Hilton Reserve and get gold elite status and then try to match that to Hyatt Platinum status.

    You can’t earn Hilton elite status with the points earned on a credit card, but do get Gold status as long as you have the Citi Hilton Reserve card.

  58. Thank you for the move aussie style now have gold status Hilton. Now just need to figure out how to contact Hyatt via email or # to request a match but worried they will ask for recent stays with Hilton. Will read some more posts about a Platinum match.

  59. Priority Club doesn’t seem to offer the points after first purchase anymore… something better or worse on the way?

  60. @Kray – The 80,000 point Priority Club application page still loads for me!

  61. Darius, you were right. The Choice Hotel Visa signup offer has basically doubled – 1 free night + 3 free nights after 1 Choice stay. I should have waited for this better offer. Can I get Barclays to match this (I have had the card for 2 months)?
    It drives home your point – wait for signup bonuses that are worth $400-$500.

  62. @Stella – You can ask, but I doubt Barclay’s will match. You could try applying for a new card, though.

  63. I was just getting ready to do an app for my wife to get the 65,000 point Hilton Amex because it says in the above post that the offer expires on November 3, 2012. When I opened the app, it said that the offer expires November 30, 2012. I’m guessing that you accidentally left out the “0”. I’m going to wait a little longer so that I can spread out some spending requirements. I just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for all you do! We are hoping to take a trip to South America in the spring, if all goes well.

  64. @Mike – Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed it!

  65. Love the blog! Keep up the good work! Just wondering if I can do the 2 browser trick for the 2 Citi HHilton cards if I just opened two Citi AAdvantage cards? Would I still be eligible for the 100k in HHilton points?

  66. Hi D,

    what is the “ideal” time between AMEX applications? I got my SPG personal in June , and Gold Biz in September, and really want to shoot Hilton 65K deal. should I do it or just let it go? Thanks.

  67. @Tai – Thanks for reading. You can get 2 Citi Hilton cards (either the regular version or the Citi Hilton Reserves) at the same time. However, you should wait at least 65 days or better yet, 95 days from your last application before applying.

    @liw5215 – I don’t know an ideal time – I usually do a bunch of cards every 90 days. But you could try for the card in the middle of November if you really want to get it.

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  69. MMS – I wanted to know if you apply for multiple cards with the same issuer every month? Ie. Do you apply for multiple with amex? or one each from different companies? I have an account with AMEX, I have the BCP, and want to start using your techniques for points.

  70. @Henry – I do multiple cards from different issuers every 3 to 4 months. I’ve sometimes done a personal & business card from AMEX at the same time.

  71. I recently applied for 5 cards, but received 10 credit pulls. I am new to the game and just starting again to get cards after many many years living out of the USA. Is that normal to get so many pulls? I thought it was 1 for each new card. This is going to limit me in what additional cards I can get in a future churn.

  72. @Jfish – That is very strange. It should be 1 pull per approval. Are you sure they are hard pulls and not soft pulls?

  73. Good day, D.
    I wonder if it is a good idea to apply for the AMEX HH and AMEX HH Surpass at the same time?
    I just applied 2 Citi AA using 2 browsers trick and got approved, thank you for that.

  74. @APT – I don’t believe you can get both the AMEX cards at the same time, but if you do try please let us know how it goes!

  75. I opened a Chase Marriott card back in 2008 and closed the account in 2009. I do not remember what the signup bonus was. Marriott Rewards could confirm that I did, at least, receive a free night certificate from Chase. Would this likely eliminate me from receiving the current signup bonus ? By the way, thanks for this greatly helpful website !

  76. @David – You should get the sign-up bonus, but not the free night. Thanks for reading!

  77. @MMS,
    The Marriot $75 credit link is not working I am afraid…when I clicked it, it said “The Offer is unavailable”.

    Could you check, please?


  78. Daraius,

    I had the same problem with the Marriott link. If you click it, it will take you to the landing page. When you click “Apply Now,” though, it gives the “Offer is unavailable” message.

  79. does anyone know the offer code for the marriott premier link? I applied for it and received a card, but now marriott tells me a need to spend $1,000 in three months?

  80. @kray,
    the premierinsert link doesn’t even work anymore…

  81. @Srini @MikeJ @kray – Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll add a note that it isn’t working and look for a better link.

  82. @MMS,
    I looked into flyertalk threads too….all the 50k points after first purchase are gone, it looks like!

  83. 50k + 1 free night + $75 statement credit Marriott card is gone. Landing page link works, but the application link says the offer is expired.

  84. @Srini @David – Thanks! I updated the links to the next best offer which I could find.

  85. Darius- I am going to florida from Jan 16- 21. Which hotel cards can i open up to get my hotel stay covered during that time?

  86. @Danny K – It depends where in Florida, but I’d do dummy searches on the Starwood, Hyatt & Hilton website and then pick a card or cards.

  87. @MMS – Is there a reason why I’m not receiving the new-comment emails, even though I subscribed to this topic? Some technical glitch? Could you take a look into it? Thanks, Srini

  88. @Srini – Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into it!

  89. Can someone refer me for the SPG Business card so we can get the extra 5k? Thanks!

  90. @Daraius: I can’t find this “Earn Gold elite status after spending $20,000 in a calendar year” in the sign up details of the AmEx Hilton card. I have Gold Elite status through the Australia thing and love it, but that apparently expires in May 2013. I have the AmEx Hilton and am using it a lot (will easily meet $20,000 in a calendar year). I just wanted to be sure that this is correct, and I was also wondering how long after the $20,000 spent in a calendar year does that Gold Elite status last for?

  91. @Brian – I believe the SPG referrals are no longer available, but perhaps they will start them again soon.

    @Dan – You get free Hilton Gold status for as long as you have the Citi Hilton Reserve and 1 free weekend night after spending $10,000 each year, which is a better deal than spending $20K on the regular AMEX Hilton card for Gold status. See this link for more details on the $20,000 for Gold elite status.

    It says: “Gold status for the calendar year in which such status was earned through the end of the next calendar year”

  92. I currently have personal Gold status with Hilton. If I apply for Hilton Business Surpass, can I still retain my Gold status ?

  93. @Sheila – The Hilton Reserve doesn’t have a business version, but you do get Gold elite status for as long as you have the Hilton Reserve card.

  94. My wife has the Hilton Reserve card. A friend of mine and I are going to Europe soon. Do you know if I can take advantage of her gold status if I use her free weekend nights? I’m curious if she has to be on the reservation to get the free breakfast and wifi. Thanks.

  95. @Jeff – If this is a regular award stay on points, you get the option to add a 2nd guest. Your wife can include you as the 2nd guest and inform the hotel that you will check in before you. This usually works out in the US, but they could be a bit more particular outside the US. If she has Gold status, she has to make the reservation to get the Gold status benefit. However, you could always get Gold status by a virtual move to Australia. I’ve never booked a stay using the free night certificate from the Hilton Reserve, so I don’t know if it gives you the option to add a 2nd guest.

  96. I plan on cancelling my hilton surpass to avoid the fee. I have the Citi visa signature so I should get the axon and vip awards. Is there any other benefit that would be worth keeping the surpass. Also I booked a room for my daughter using my marriott yearly award cert. I put her name on the reservation with mine, but I don’t plan on being there, do you think this will work? Thanks for all the info.

  97. @Tammy – AXON awards are available ONLY if you hold a Hilton American Express card.

  98. @Tammy – You get access to the AXON awards with the fee free version of the Hilton card so you could downgrade your Surpass. You can usually let the hotel know that the 2nd person on your reservation will check in earlier than you.

    @Allen – Thanks for helping out!

  99. We currently have no plans to travel anywhere and have very little points other than 55k SPG and Priority Club. I got the SPG card back in 2010 and closed it sometime in 2011. We currently hold the Chase Priority Club credit card. I am thinking of either going for the Amex Hilton 65k (40+25, expire end of month) or the SPG (10+15).
    Which hotel credit card would you suggest?

  100. @Dave Op – It depends on where you will potentially use the points. The Hilton is usually 40K, so 65K is a good offer. The AMES SPG is usually 25K, so you could do that later. That said, you may be able to get more stays with 25K SPG vs. 65K Hilton. I’d do dummy searches in places where you may use the points to see which is the better option.

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