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I keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!  Cards are listed alphabetically by hotel.

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

1.  Club Carlson

US Bank Club Carlson Premier – 85,000 Bonus Points

  • 50,000 bonus points after 1st purchase and another 35,000 points after spending $2,500 within 3 months on the US Bank Club Carlson Premier (Personal) & US Bank Club Carlson Business Rewards – that’s up to 9 Free Award Nights at Category 1 hotels
  • 1 free award night when you redeem points for 2 or more consecutive award nights at the same hotel
  • Free Club Carlson Gold elite status for as long as you have the card or 15 night credit towards towards Concierge status if you are already a gold elite member
  • $75 ($60 for business) annual fee not waived for 1st year; 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 40,000 points for renewing your card each year
  • 10 Club Carlson points per $1 spent at Club Carlson hotels & 5 points for everything else

US Bank Club Carlson Rewards – 60,000 Bonus Points

  • 50,000 bonus points after 1st purchase and another 10,000 points after spending $1,500 within 3 months on the US Bank Club Carlson Rewards
  • 1 free award night when you redeem points for 2 or more consecutive award nights at the same hotel
  • Free Club Carlson Silver elite status for as long as you have the card or 15 night credit towards Gold/Concierge status if you are already an elite member
  • $50 annual fee not waived for 1st year; 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 25,000 points for renewing your card each year
  • 6 Club Carlson points per $1 spent at Club Carlson hotels & 3 points for everything else

2.   Hilton

Here’s how to earn hundreds of thousands of Hilton points.

American Express Hilton HHonors

American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass 

American Express Hilton Surpass Credit Card

  • 60,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 within 3 months on the American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass card according to this post
  • Free Hilton Gold elite status as long as you have the card (free internet & breakfast!)
  • $75 annual fee NOT waived for 1st year; 2.7% foreign transaction fee
  • Diamond elite status after spending $40,000 in a calendar year
  • 12 Hilton points per $1 spent at Hilton hotels, 6 points per $1 at  restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, & 3 points per $1 for everything else

Daraius’ Tip:   See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.  Free Hilton Gold elite status for as long as you have the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Card (free internet & breakfast!)

3.  Marriott

Daraius Tip:  See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.

4.  Starwood

Missing your favorite offer?  Tell us in the comments!

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829 responses to “Hotel Credit Cards

  1. Can you use the 2 browser trick to get 2 Citi® Hilton HHonors ™ Reserve Cards at the same time?

  2. @Adrienne – I wouldn’t cancel the Marriott card if it is your oldest. That said, you *may* be able to get the bonus on the Premier version (but not the free night), but ymmv. You can’t have the Sapphire Preferred Visa and MasterCard at the same time, but may be able to get the MasterCard if you cancel your Visa version and apply.

    @Anah Best – You can, but it may take a few secure messages etc. to get the 2nd set of free night certificates.

  3. I have 35 K SPG Points from last year offer and I am not sure about keeping the card this year. I wanted to check if I cancel my card , will my points expire ( Taken back by Amex) or had to be used within some time frame.


  4. Hi– quick strategic question. I was approved for 2x Citi AA visas on 11/17/2012. I’m interested in applying for 2x Citi HHonors 50k as well as the Citi AA business 50k card. If I applied and was approved for the AA business card now, does that mean I should wait an additional 90 days to apply for the next two personal cards? Would it be better to apply for 2x Citi in a month, and then wait 60 days after that to apply for the Citi AA business visa?

  5. Hi Daraius,

    What happened to the 50000 Hilton card link? It’s dead. Any new link? Thanks.

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  7. Hi Daraius,

    Do you know if the Club Carlson points CCs are churnable??

  8. CITI® HILTON HHONORS ™ VISA SIGNATURE® CARD – 50,000 BONUS POINTS link does not work.

  9. @Azriel – You could get the Citi business card now and 1 other personal card, or 2 personal cards now. Note that the ability to get 2 personal Citi cards of the same type may be limited i.e. if you apply online, you shouldn’t call in to get approved, but hope that you get approved eventually online.

    @Milesrookie @Nit – Thanks for the update! I changed the link to one which works.

    – No personal experience, but I do know that US Bank is very particular about credit inquiries, so ymmv.

  10. I applied for the AX Hhonors card, no fee, 40K bonus points after $750 spend, for both my husband and I. Got both cards and got the bonus as soon as the card hit $750. Also did 2 browser trick for Citi HHonors Signature Visa, for 50K bonus points and that worked as well. ALSO applied for Chase Priority Club Signature Visa, using the 80K link in #6 above, for me and my husband, and that worked as well. It did not say on the link the bonus we would get, but I tried it anyway, and it is 80K Priority points with $1000 spend. All cards are no fee. Just thought I would give everyone the lastest! Thanks!

  11. @Sue – Thanks for the update!

  12. @Sue – how long ago you do the 2-browser trick for the Citi HHonors Signature Visa cards?

  13. Hi Daraius,

    Two questions:

    1. I have had a Citi AAdvantage Visa for a while now. (6 months) If I apply for the Citi AMEX AAdvantage card for 50,000 points now, will I not get the points because of the current Visa I have?

    2. I saw the link you posted from another website for the Chase Marriott card for 70,000 points. I was just approved and have received my Chase Marriott card for 50,000 but I have not used it yet. First I wonder if I call Chase and cancel the card before I use it if I might be able to get the 70,000 card or perhaps they might allow me to keep the card under the 70,000 terms. Second, when I click on the link to the Chase Marriott 70,000 it indeed takes me to a credit card application page, but the terms regarding the bonus points are no where to be found on that page or in the “terms of agreement” page for that application. How do I know that is the correct application page?

  14. @Brant – More than likely, you won’t get the 50K miles on a new card because of the existing Visa. But it may be possible in 18+ months from when you were last approved. For the Marriott card, you may be able to get matched to the offer by sending a secure message or calling instead of cancelling your existing card and reapplying.

  15. Can you help me figure out how much the following points are worth which will help me determine which of my CCs I should use for different transactions:

    Priority Club Points: .6 cents per point?
    Hyatt: 1.6 cents per point?
    Carlson: .5 cents per point?
    American Airlines: 1 to 2 cents depending on travel award
    Southwest: 1 to 2 cents depending on travel award

    Priority Club Card: 5 at PC hotel, 2 points for gas/grocery/dining, 1 point everything else. So normal spending would mean .6% back per dollar, gas/grocery/dining would be 1.2% back.

    Hyatt Chase Card: 3 at Hyatt hotels, 2 points restaurant/car rental/airline, 1 everything else. So normal spending would be 1.6% back, restaurant/car rental/airline would be 3.2% back.

    US BANK CLUB CARLSON PREMIER: 10 points hotel, 5 points everything else. So 2.5% back on everything if they are worth .5 cents.

    American Airlines: 1-2% per dollar depending on award ticket.

    Southwest Airlines: 1-4% per dollar depending on award ticket.

    Does this make sense?


  16. @Casey – I’d agree with most valuations except Southwest which is 1.67 cents towards any wanna get away flight.

  17. @ Brandon – I did the 2 browser trick for Citibank Hilton points in early January 2013.

  18. @Casey & @Daraius – Or Southwest can be worth 3.34 cents if you have the companion pass :)

  19. @EarnTravelPoints – Absolutely!

  20. Applied few cards from your link. Can I apply Amx. Starwood personal and business card at the same day?

  21. I bid a Hilton hotel on priceline. Will I get points to stay in Hilton? I don’t know if I should apply for Hilton membership before I go.

  22. @PumpkinM – Thanks for using our links!

    @Wendy – You likely won’t get points, but having an Hilton account may help to get a slightly better room (but I wouldn’t count on it).

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  24. Daraius, just FYI…The Priority Club with 80k offer is now dead as far as I see. :(

  25. @Emily – The page still loads for me from the link at FlyerTalk. Is it not loading for you?

  26. Do I click where is says “80k offer” instead of “application page” at Flyer Talk? I can see the application with Priority Club hotel logos on the top. Is it the right one? I thought I once loaded the application with Chase logo from the “application page,” where says now, “There appear to be no offers at your location for the current partner.” The other “application page” next to “landing page” does not load anything, either. I can see the landing page, however. Thank you for your help!

  27. After utilizing an offer for Marriott Premier card and closing card, is there a timeframe that one can wait until they would qualify again as a new customer and full bonus? 24 months? If there is, would be nice to have those comments posted on card reviews as Im sure many ask the same question.

  28. @Emily – I clicked the link which said “80K Offer” and it worked for me.

    – It varies, which is why I don’t post it, but you usually can get the bonus again in ~2 years. Of course, your experience my differ from others.

  29. Hello Darius,

    Can you please recommend a Credit card you think is the best deal available at this time for hotel points bonus that is not offered by Chase or Citi ?

    Thank you

  30. @Jaype – That’s easy. The American Express Starwood card!

    @SD – It doesn’t hurt to send the form since they will see the totals in your taxes since you file jointly and may approve the card.

  31. Daraius,
    My wife is a homemaker and we file taxes jointly. Recent she had been approved for JCP Store credit card and a Capitalone mastercard. She is trying to build her credit.
    I had applied the Citi HH card for her last month. Few days later we received a later where utility bill and bank statement was asked. As we have joint accounts I had sent the documents right away. After few days I called citi customer care to review teh document and they said, we will receive anoth form to fill for further processing.
    Yesterday we received 4506-T form along with a letter. Is it OK to complete this form and send it back to Citi or I can conclude that this application may not be approved.

    Is there anything wrong if my wife mentions the gross anuual income as out total income mentioned in tax return?

    I am a bit confused. Please advise.

  32. Like Brant said earlier, can’t find any reference to 70,000 points on the landing page (not unusual I know). Anybody confirm the 70,000 points offer for the Marriott Rewards Premier link above? Confirm meaning, did you apply for the card and confirm your promotion is for 70,000 points (even though you haven’t met the promotion yet) or maybe you met the promotion and the points were posted to your account.

  33. I applied for the business version of the Carlson card on Thursday (2/7) evening last week. I called the US Bank reconsideration line that evening and they said they are in the “verification process” and to call back this Wednesday (2/13). They wouldn’t specify what they wanted to verify. I called Monday and the department was closed due to the weather in the midwest. Yesterday I received an email that I was approved and will receive my card in 7-10 business days. So much for calling back today!

    Why did I post? Well almost any card I apply for I rarely get approved for right away (high credit score, high income, but lots of rental mortgages on my credit report) but have never been rejected once calling the reconsideration line for any card. This was the 1st card I’ve applied and got nohwere with the reconsideration department (as previous posters have mentioned). But hey, at least I got approved! :)

  34. AMEX Hilton Honors card application doesn’t list 6 points at drug stores, only for each dollar of eligible purchases at any participating hotel within the Hilton HHonors portfolio of brands. You will receive 3 HHonors Bonus Points for each dollar of other eligible purchases.

    Any word regarding still receiving 6 points at drug stores, gas stations, supermarkets?

  35. @Mark – Congrats! You’re one of the rare few who’ve got approved for it!

    @Chris P. Jones – I’ll post an update soon, but you won’t earn 6X points at drugstores after your May statement.

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  37. Hi
    I keep getting error “Problem with the input data for one of the fields ” for the following AmEx Hilton card
    “American Express Hilton HHonors – 50,000 bonus points after $750 spending”.

    There wasn’t any box next to card member agreement “I certify that I have read, met and agreed to all of the terms, conditions and disclosures which contain rate, fee and other important information.

    Any idea what is going on? may be you can simply fill out the form and see it for yourself.

  38. I just applied for the Marriott premier rewards card using a link to get 70,000 bonus points after $1000 in purchases in 3 months instead of the 50,000 points. Unlike your link posted this one shows the 70,000 points offer.

  39. Hi Daraius,
    The one free night for “CHASE MARRIOTT REWARDS PREMIER VISA card”, is it on anniversary or after spending 1k in 3 months?

  40. @Flyer – I don’t see that. Perhaps use a different browser?

    @Andy P – Thanks for the link, but when I clicked the button to apply it said that the offer was no longer available.

    @Dev – The 1st free night in a category 1 to 4 is when you sign up for the card and the anniversary bonus in a category 1 to 5 hotel is every anniversary (don’t have to to meet any spending target).

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  42. Hi, I am very tempted to apply for 70k marriot offer, can someone pls confirm getting 70 k using the link above without the landing page?

  43. @Sammy

    I applied today using the 70K link posted by Daraius. I was instantly approved.


    I normally wait till I get the card to confirm the sign on bonus. What are your thoughts about calling prior to receiving the card?


  44. My mother has transferred 200,000 Hhonors points already this year, which is the max; she wants to give me 40,000 more since she doesn’t travel anymore. Is there any airline I can transfer them to and then transfer back to me? I was thinking about having her transfer her Hhonors points to Hawaiin Miles account; then it’s free to transfer (share) the miles with me (10 times max in one year) and then I will transfer them in Hhonors points; I really wanted to see if I there is anyway of transfering (even if it is complicated) to eventually transfer her points to either, United, Delta, USAir or Southwest somehow.

  45. Daraius: Can’t thank you enough for your advice. Wife & I opened Fairmont card and were able to secure TWO rooms for TWO nights at The Plaza for a stay during Christmas season for our family of 5…11.5 months out got the last rooms!! Once wife applies for SW Biz card in March she will have companion pass too and we can all fly to NY for free!! You have assisted in making a personal dream come true – staying at the Plaza and taking our 3 kids shopping at FAO during Xmas season. Got any info on a FAO card that pays me to shop there? Just teasing!! Keep up the great work you do. The G Family

  46. One question – the advice you posted Feb11 on waiting 2 years to apply for Marriott card….is that two years from when applied or two years from when closed?

  47. @Corridor! – I’d wait for the card to arrive and then confirm the bonus when you call to activate it.

    @Billy D – She can always book hotel rooms for you, so I wouldn’t transfer unless absolutely necessary.

    @Rodney – Thanks for sharing your story and have a fantastic stay in NYC! It is usually 2 years from when you cancelled the card, but everyone’s experience is a little different.

  48. You mean she can book a hotel room using points and put it under my name? I didn’t know a hotel room could be booked for another person besides the points owner? I thought whomever had the points had to be present to check in?

  49. @Billy D – When she books the rez, she just needs to also place your name on the reservation. Either of you would be able to check in and doesn’t need to be present.

  50. Hi Daraius! I am planning on applying for the chase Hyatt card! Here is my confusion. Lets say I send a mail to them to match my hilton gold with their diamond status challenge.(I know we will not be able to do the challenge). Assuming I apply for the card while on the 2 month trial period as diamond and earn the 2 suite certificates. What happens when the trial period gets over and I want to redeem the suite nights, say 6 months from now. I would only be a platinum member which comes default with the chase card. Will I be eligible to redeem these nights in a suite as a platinum member and if yes, does it comes with free breakfast?

  51. There’s a new Hilton program being launch, is the AXON and VIP programs gone? I noticed a 5th night is free.

  52. @Diana – If you apply for the card when you are a diamond, you get the 2 free nights in a suite. But if you’re not a diamond elite member when you check in, you may not get the free breakfast.

    @Grant – I’ll post on it soon. It isn’t clear what will happen to the AXON awards.

  53. WOW Thanks D, I never knew that!

  54. My husband and i both applied for the club carlson premier card, both were denied for to many inq. We both called recon. line, he had no luck and they said they would review mine. I was later approved, but was sent the lesser version, I called and said this was not the card I signed up for and was told they give you what they think is best. Ended up getting both versions in the mail, but noticed they both had the same number, so called and said i only wanted the premier version. So after a few minutes on the phone i ended up with the premier. Just curious did Emily ever get approved for Club Carlson?

  55. Hello MMS,

    Thank you for the great info! I have gold status with Hilton. If I book rooms for someone else with my Hilton points, will they receive the gold benefits, such as free breakfast, etc, or do they need to have gold status to receive the benefits? Thanks.

  56. @Tammy – Glad it worked out for you. Emily wrote a letter and called, but didn’t get approved. Oh well!

    @gymrat – They *may* get the benefit if you add them as an additional guest on your reservation. But your miles may vary.

  57. @Corridor! – were you able to confirm the 70K bonus for marriot? Or anyone else who applied for the offer, pls confirm …there is no landing page so I am being cautious.. thx

  58. @Sammy

    I just got my card today and it’s not 70K points. According to the rep it’s 50K after 1st purchase and 5K for additional user. They put in a request about the discrepancy. I will also secure message them and let you know how it goes.

    The 70K link on Flyertalk was working the other day but it isn’t working again.


    You may want to edit your post.


  59. @Corridor
    The 70k link of Mariott card that Daraius posted above is going to the landing page but there is no mention of the 70k points in the landing page !!!

    Is this still offering 70k bonus? As Daraius said today is the last day of this offer.

  60. I secured message Chase and they confirmed that my sign on bonus was 70k after $1000 spend in 3 months. Not sure why the first agent said otherwise. Oh well, I now have it writing. Go ahead and apply.

  61. Re: 3. Hilton

    AMEX HH Card: The supermarket/drug store and other category bonuses are changing come May 1. Instead of 6 points most categories will become regular spending of 3 points. Restaurants will increase to a total of 5 points and Hilton related charges will be upped to 7 points.

    Does anyone know if these same changes coming to the AMEX HH Surpass card?

  62. Daraius,
    The Chase Mariott “70,000 point offer which expires on February 28, 2013” link is still working !!!!!!!!!!! Nowhere it mentioned the date 28th Feb 2013. Can I apply for it cofidently?? As always I do count on your words.

  63. @Corridor! – Thanks for confirming!

    @SD – Usually if the application loads, you get the bonus, but I don’t have personal experience so can’t say for sure.

  64. I applied for the 70K Marriott card today (March 6th) using the link provided and was able to submit my application without any issues. Will have to wait and see if it works (assuming I get approved). ~K

  65. @Kurt – Please let us know if you get the bonus!

    @Brian – Not any longer unless you’re very lucky!

  66. Is it still possible to do the 2 browser trick for Citi Hilton HHonors 50,000 card?

  67. 70,000 point bonus appeared on my Marriott Rewards account after the first month’s closing date! I’m thrilled!

  68. Daraius, I am definitely following up everyday !

    My husband had a DIAMOND HIlton status; however we have not been able to travel (work, etc) for a few years. When I called in I was told the diamond status CANNOT be activated? Starting over from 0 points!

    Please advise as this might help others who follow you.
    Thank you in advance for awesome posts !

  69. just wanted to share, US Bank asked for “real” proof of business entity (entry in the yellow page, tax return) for their business Club Carlson credit card.
    They issued mine initially and then closed the account … though they tried to still bill me for the annual fee :(
    too strict, but lenient on their billing practice :)

  70. I was originally declined and received the letter in the mail. I called and spoke with a rep and expressed why I wanted this card and why I wasn’t a risk. She was no help, nor was she offering any suggestions. I asked if she could speak with her supervisor to see if there was anything they could do. She put me on hold and then transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor said she would have a manual review done as everything looked like it was older than 6 months. I was approved 4 days later!

  71. This new Club Carlson card looks very interesting. I looked at the redemption values, especially at the Country Inns, which I do like and think is their best product and value….something like the Hilton Garden Inns. What I wonder is if the terms and condition wording would exclude meeting most the minimum spend with Vanilla Reloads to Bluebird???? This will still work with the Hilton Am Ex cards till 5/1/2013 and I have been loading up and using the points…….some of the credit cards are already noting exclusions in their terms and conditions……anyone have any experience out their with this bank and the credit card?

  72. @diane – I don’t understand the question. But the Hilton Diamond status resets each year which means that you have to earn it again each year.

    @EC – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    @jeff4jojo – You almost always get points for buying prepaid cards or gift cards regardless of the exclusions (as of now).


    Daraius – thanks for sharing with me the info that most credit card companies, as of now, are still giving points for buying prepaid cards or gift cards, regardless of exclusions. Onward and upward for now.

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  75. The Marriott 70k points offer still works as of March 18. Got approved and confirmed the 70k.

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  77. Can you transfer PCR points to any airlines?

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  79. I need to accumulate another 70K Marriott points. I have plenty of UR points but I don’t want to transfer those if I can help it. Here is what I have come up with. I have plenty of time before I need the points.

    1: Have my wife sign up for the 70K card and transfer the points to my account. (Most likely won’t happen)
    2: Apply for the Ritz Carlton card and receive 70K points. Paying for the annual fee might be worth it as I would save 70K UR points.
    3: Apply for the regular Marriott card and get 30K points. No annual fee but I still have to come up with another 40K points. (Can one have both personal Marriott Cards)

    Do you know of any other ideas besides the business card? I have also looked at using the Marriott portal but I have yet to find a better bonus than the UR portal for where I shop. I also don’t see any reason to put every day spend on it as I haven’t found it better than the UR cards.


  80. Billy D – The FAQ seems to suggest that you can.

    @Corridor! – I like #1 since that is the easiest option. You can transfer points provided you are doing it to complete an award booking. For #2, you get a $200 airline credit with the Ritz card which will reduce your out-of-pocket cost.

  81. For the first time ever, I used Starwood Points to book a plane ticket because I needed a specfic flight three months ago for a convention, I could only book via Starwood any other method, i.e, points, miles, cash, etc. was just to much. Found out today I needed to changed it; they told me the ticket only had a value of $138 and there was a $185 change fee; none of this was explained to me, nor was it ever stated anywhere on the email confirmation; all the email confirmation said was that I spent $15,000 Starwood points and that the ticket was non-refundable; (see email below with terms and conditions); do you have an email of someone at Customer Service at Starwood Customer Service I can write a letter to? This is outrageous. Thanks D.

    SPG Flights Itinerary Confirmation Details:
    Booking Status
    Transaction Number
    Booking Date 01/30/13

    Passenger Information
    Lead Traveler

    Phone –

    Total Redemption Amount:
    Payment Required 15,000 Starpoints
    Payment Received 15,000 Starpoints
    Balance Due Paid in Full
    Starpoints price includes Taxes & Fees collected by the airline at time of purchase. International departure or other applicable governmental taxes and fees may be collected at the airport. Carry-on restrictions and baggage fees may apply. Click here for details. If you have selected Trip Insurance, this must be paid for separately with a credit card.
    Your Itinerary
    FLIGHT Nonstop
    Newark – (EWR), Newark, NJ, United States
    to Atlanta Hartsfield – (ATL), Atlanta, GA, United States
    SPG Flights Confirmation: | Airline Record Locator: Delta Air Lines –
    Delta Air Lines Delta Air Lines DL485
    Coach (T) | Plane: Newark – (EWR) Depart: Thursday 04/04/13 9:00AM
    Atlanta Hartsfield – (ATL) Arrive: Thursday 04/04/13 11:29AM
    Duration: 2 hr 29 min

    Flight Terms and Conditions
    SPG Flight Terms and Conditions
    Your itinerary will be sent to the email address you provided.
    Please be sure to print or save a pdf for your records

    If you would like to make a hotel reservation, please visit

    To make changes to your reservation, please contact us at:
    Toll Free: 866-465-8002 from the U.S. or Canada. English-speaking only.
    Toll Number: 208-429-5338. from outside the U.S. and Canada. English-speaking only.
    Monday – Friday from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM and Saturdays from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM U.S. Mountain Standard Time

    For non-English speakers, please call the SPG Flights Redemption Option number in your region.
    Asia (except Japan): +65-6233 9847
    Japan: +81-3-5423 6189
    Europe, Africa or Middle East: +353-21-4220696
    Mexico or Latin America: +52-55-5242 5660
    You may be subject to change fees, cost differences for a new flight, etc., which you will need to pay for in US Dollars.
    All Starpoints redemptions for airline tickets are non-refundable and may not be returned to your account for any reason

    Terms & Conditions for the SPG Flights Program

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (“Starwood”) has engaged EzRez Software, Inc (“EZ Rez”), a third party provider, to host this private label airline ticket redemption web site (the “Site”). EzRez has engaged Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions, Inc. (“Connexions”) to act solely in the capacity as agent for suppliers of air travel to provide members of the Starwood Preferred Guest® Program (“Members” or “you”) with the ability to redeem Starpoints for airline tickets through the Site and has engaged Allianz Global Assistance (collectively with World Access Service Corp., a company of Mondial Assistance and Jefferson Insurance Company, “Allianz Global Assistance”) to provide Members with optional trip insurance. Starwood, EzRez, Connexions, and Allianz Global Assistance together with their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, affiliates, agents, representatives and licensors shall be referred to collectively herein as the “Covered Parties”.

    These terms and conditions (the “SPG Flights Terms”) govern your use of this Site or any of the services or products made available through this Site and describe your responsibilities regarding such services or products. By using this Site and any of the services or products made available through this Site you agree and warrant that:

    you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to enter into this Agreement;
    you have read, understood and accepted these SPG Flights Terms;
    all information supplied by you or members of your household using this Site is true and accurate;
    you have read, understood and accepted the Starwood Preferred Guest Program Terms & Conditions which are incorporated by reference herein (the “Program Terms”);
    you have read, understood and accepted the Website Terms of Use which are incorporated by reference herein (the “Website Terms of Use”); and
    you consent to Starwood and its authorized third party agents processing data that is personal to you, and disclosing such data to third parties (such as air travel suppliers), in accordance with Starwood’s Privacy Statement;

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  82. @Billy D – I don’t know anyone personally at AMEX, but here’s a link to their executive offices.

  83. Darius Question
    I have a vacation coming up (for starwood using your referral link.), I havent booked my hotel. I have 53k points, i need 64k to book 5 nights. My vacation is in early July. Do you know if hotel booking with points go up the closer it is to the date. Im trying to get my spending in the next month to hit the 64k. I just dont want it to go to 74k points if I have to book in Early june to wait for the point. thanks

  84. @mott – Thanks for using our link! If the hotel is selling standard rooms, you should be able to book at the standard rate. But check the rate to see if it fluctuates based on when you stay. Hotel rooms usually don’t fluctuate that much. You could book some rooms now and then book the other nights when you get the remaining points.

  85. Darius – I am planning to get the Priority Club card (that one seems like a no brainer with the free nights and low annual fee) but I thought maybe I should use your tip and apply for other cards the same day. What are the other 1 or 2 cards you’d recommend so that I can get free nights and/or points? I was looking at the Club Carlson one, Hyatt, and Hilton ones but need some help! Thanks so much! Love your blog!

  86. @Diana – You can usually do 1 Chase personal and 1 Chase business card at the same time, though I’d just do the personal card if this is your first time with Chase. The Chase Ink Bold/Plus offers 50K points which can be transferred to Hyatt. I like the Citi Hilton Reserve because you get free Gold status (free internet and breakfast) and 2 free weekend nights (which have to be used within 12 months).

  87. Daraius,
    For the Hyatt Reward certificates or suite upgrade certificates, do you have to use these before the expiration date or you just need to book a room before the expiration date? I have free award certificates that will be expired on April 30th, can I book a room now using these certificates but for a hotel stays in June? Thank you!

  88. @Joan – You have to use and stay before the free night certificates end. For the suite upgrades, you have to apply them to a reservation before the expiry date, though the stay can be after the expiration date.

  89. Thanks Daraius! I called and was able to book a room after the free night certificate expired and received an email confirmation. Do you think that they will not honor the free stay since my actual stay will be after the expiration date?

  90. @Joan – I really don’t know, but if you have a confirmation it may be fine!

  91. Hi Daraius, can i apply for both Hilton Reserve Citi and Amex HHonor Card on the same day? Thanks!

  92. @Jay – Not at the same time or day, but perhaps the 2nd one after 2 days since Citi no longer approves 2 cards in 1 one day.

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  96. If I hit $40K on Amex Hilton this year do I get Diamond for the remaining of this year and next or just 2013?

  97. @Sapan – I believe it should last until the end of March the following year (2014).

  98. Hi Daraius,

    Regarding the Hyatt 2 free nights, can anybody use those 2 free nights or does the card holder have to use it?? I am thinking about giving my parents the 2 free nights, and also do you know if it’s weekend nights only or any nights?

  99. HYATT Q: Is it true that the two free nights cannot be used at same place during same trip?! I always figured I could use them at the same time. Is that the case? Or do you get two free nights at any Hyatt, but have to use them at separate times?

    IF it is the latter, can you do something like this:
    Wed nt – Free night from my card
    Thurs nt – Book same place for same room – free night from wife’s card
    Fri nt – Free night, same place, same room – back to MY card
    Sat nt – Free nt, same place, same room – back to WIFE’s card

    Or will they say something like they cannot technically guarantee the same room. It has to be considered 4 separate trips, so we may have to switch rooms everyday? Or worse, check out each day by checkout (say 12ish) and wait til check-in for next room (3ish)?


  100. @Brandon – The free nights are valid on any night. You can book the room in your name and then call reservations to add one of your parents as the second guest and then let the hotel know that they will be checking in.

    – You can use them at the same hotel during the same trip for consecutive nights (if that’s what you’re trying to do).

  101. I went to test the # of points required to book certain Hilton hotels. They were not coming up as 50k points per night. In fact, the recommended hotel, “Conrad Maldives Rangali Island” was coming up as 280k points per night. What am I doing wrong here?

  102. @Erik – Hilton recently increased the number of points required for redemption. It shouldn’t be 280K though. Look for a standard room.

  103. I see that you changed the 70K link for the Marriott card to a Flyertalk link. My wife used the link that you had there on 4/7/13 and was approved. She received the card in the mail today and she confirmed the 70K after $1K spend.

  104. @Corridor! – I believe the FlyerTalk link works as well so I added it since there is more discussion there!

  105. Thanks MMS =]
    My wife and I have decided to apply to some cards. I notice a couple places you say to apply for only 1 chase card at a time [or 1 personal + 1 business] – how long do you recommend waiting before applying to another chase card?

  106. @Erik – I usually wait 3 to 4 months before applying for another Chase card.

  107. Thanks for the summary! Just applied for AA BIZ 50k and Priority Club 80k, both pending…Do you think I should call them to check the status or just wait?

  108. I had to use a different browser to see the link for the Starwood Amex 25000 SPG point offer. I noticed the T&C says”
    ” If you are identified as a current American Express® Cardmember, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months.”
    So, I have a free Hilton Amex, a free AA Amex (that got me the extra 25K AA miles last year) and an very old Delta Skymiles Amex, also free, that only earns 1 mile for every $2 spend. Does this mean that Amex won’t award me the bonus? I’d be willing to cancel the AA and Delta Amex cards which I don’t use, but prefer not to cancel the Hilton one. Advice? Thanks.

  109. @Mavis – If you haven’t applied for cards recently it doesn’t hurt to call and ask!

    @Marilyn – Thanks for sharing that update. This is a new addition and I’m not sure. Historically, you used to be able to get the bonus even if you were an existing cardholder.

  110. A little more info re: the T&C on existing cardholders. I usually use IE as my browser but also have Chrome installed.
    I use the website to check on my account charges (husband is additional cardholder on my Hilton Amex – need info for his expense reports). So, if I click on your SPG Amex Personal card link in IE, it presents a low offer (10K w. 1st purchase) like it already “knows” me even though I have not logged in – I assume cookies. (I really don’t want to wipe out every cookie in IE since I have a lot of websites I visit) If I use the card finder feature on the Amex site, again without logging in, it presents same low offer. If I use Chrome, I can see the higher offer.
    I have a fraud alert on my credit account (ss # theft) so don’t get instant approval when I apply online. If I want to apply, should I call instead of trying to apply using Chrome where I see the better offer, but which has that T&C on existing cardholders? Could I call and ask them if they will apply that offer if I apply and am approved? Is that too risky? Even if I cancel my free AA and Delta (latter dates back to 2000 – my oldest card) Amex cards, I still have the Hilton Amex which I use. Dilemma. Any advice??

  111. For the Chase Hyatt card, if 3 different people get the card for a total of 6 free nights, would 1 person be able to use all 6 free nights for him/herself? Or does it have to be used by each respective cardholder?

  112. @Marilyn – I don’t think it is worth cancelling your old Delta card just for the new SPG card. The AA card is issued by Citi, so it doesn’t count. It could be better to call and see what they say and get a telephone confirmation and note down the information. I haven’t got much feedback from readers since the new language was put in place, so I don’t know if they grant the bonus or not. You usually can get the bonus for 1 business and 1 personal card.

    – The cardholder has to book the room, but he/she can add someone else as the additional guest and have the additional guest can check in.

  113. woohooo!@#!@#!$$%@ I just got approved for club carlson (hope its the premier version with a decent credit line)… I used your link, but im not even sure it was an affiliate link. wanted to thank you with my “clicks” and a follow up message. i think in terms of ease, your site is the easiest no non-sense, where is the best link and deal available site. appreciate that.

    (i may disagree with some of the originality/content, but I think your site is good for what ive stated previously.)

  114. I have had 2 Travel Plus Visa Signature cards from Chase that USED to allow me to spend 12,000 points for a free night stay award at a Marriott hotel. Both of these cards…the USAA card and the Chase Sapphire card…stopped that award. I have used those award certificates for years. Now, suddenly, they are gone.
    Are you aware of any card that still offers that award?
    Thanks, Bobby

  115. @tri – Ha! Thanks for using the link, but it isn’t an affiliate link. I’m curious what type of content you’d like to see?

  116. @Bobby – Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of that award. Sorry. But you can transfer points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to Marriott.

  117. love how you respond to posts… it was the CC Premier Visa btw. cant wait to use the points next month at some radi blu properties! I just did a small churn in Feb (Barc US Air, 50k AA Visa, 50k PRG) and couldnt wait and longer. i ran out of spending requirement to hit. super surprised to get three approvals. im batting 100% lifetime… with the new CSP MasterCard, new AA 30k MC, new CC Prem Visa…

    in terms of content, i really like stuff that normal people can’t access e.g. stuff Flyer Talkers like to hide from us… i dont have time to “get” the lingo or become a member (e.g. do the work). does it get FT people upset? yeah, but so what.

    i think Freq Miler has the market cornered on manufacturing spend… perhaps less on GC/BB posts… its doesnt seem worth the effort imho. but perhaps you feel different considering number of page hits and response rates…?

  118. @tri – Thanks for the feedback. I do post information which upsets some of the folks on FT as you can tell by the comments! Frequent Miler does a great job covering the gift cards and bluebird, but not all of my readers read other blogs. As you suggest the comments and feedback on those posts of mine tell me that readers like those posts, but I can see why you don’t if you already read Frequent Miler.

  119. Have to give Hilton Hhonors program credit in 2013; seeing many more nice hotels where I can redeem a nights stay for $40 and 8,000 points! Use to be just crummy Hampton Inns; now we’re talking regular Hilton Hotels; since I’m a Gold member, I’m usually upgraded to the best room in the hotel; very impressed

  120. Darius, have you noticed that pretty much all of the credit card sign up bonuses now have a minimum spend. just last year you were able to get the hyatt card, united card and Marriott cards etc…with great sign up bonuses with no minimum spends. Do they come back around later in the year or do you think they no longer exist. thanks

  121. @Billy D – Hilton made their expensive hotels cost more in points, but also reduced the price of other hotels which make it good for some folks.

    – I wouldn’t expect offers with no minimum spending to come back. In fact, I’d expect the minimum spending to keep on increasing.

  122. Sarah Touchstone

    Darius, Help!

    We are newbies to cc churning, however, after reading your blog we signed up for several cards and my husband has 125,385 AAdvantage miles and I have 105,300 Southwest points! I got the SW points primarily to take my teenager on some domestic trips, but the BIG goal is Europe with my husband. We are thinking half the week in London and half the week in Paris. We don’t care about super luxury hotels/flights (though 1st class to Europe would be awesome!), but aren’t opposed to it either. We live in Dallas, so I am not seeing alot of direct flights, so the SW Companion Pass may come in handy afterall to get us to NYC or ATL. We are flexible on the dates at this point, but want to save on hotels! What additional cards make the most sense for us to sign up for given our desired destination and our ambivalence for luxury?

  123. @Sarah Touchstone – You can get to London or Paris using United miles or American Airlines miles. You may have to pay fuel surcharges if you fly on British Airways using American Airlines miles. It is 50K for a 1-way on United or American Airlines in business class or 30K for a 1-way in coach. You can get 50K from the Citi American Airlines card and 50K from the United card (or transfer points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold/Plus etc.)

    For hotels, you could get the AMEX Starwood card, the Chase Hyatt card, or the Citi Hilton Reserve card for hotels in Paris and London. I’d do dummy searches on the hotel websites to see what the flights and hotel availability looks like so that you get an idea of the flight options and card options before applying for cards.

  124. It looks like the “AMERICAN EXPRESS HILTON HHONORS – 50,000 BONUS POINTS” is dead. I got approved for it yesterday [applied 4/29], and my wife went to apply for it today, and it was not available. Let us know if you have an update!

  125. Just used your link to apply for the fairmont CC –just planned our summer family vacation last night using lots of miles and points to head to Montreal, Mont Tremblant, and now two free nights at the Fairmont in Quebec City. I just wanted to say thanks! I started reading your blog in February–we own a coffeehouse and cafe so we have always used rewards cards for all of our spending but now I’m playing the game and learning how to earn even more than we usually do. With 150k in spending a year and using all your great info, our travel possibilities are just exploding. Since Feb we have accumulated over 300,000 miles and points and are so excited to be planning to take our kids to Europe for Spring break!!! Keep all the good info rolling in and we will keep using your links whenever possible!

  126. @Erik – Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look for an update.

  127. @HollyS – Thanks for sharing and for using our links. Have a wonderful trip!

  128. Darius,

    How long do you have to wait before you can re-apply for the 25k SPG card after canceling it. Thanks in advance

  129. @Gold – You have to wait 12 months from when you cancel it to get the bonus again.

  130. Do you know if you can upgrade to a suite using your Hilton honors points using the certificates from the citi reserve card?

  131. For the Priority Club card, how is the annual free night certificate used? I cannot see it on my priority club account when i log in. thanks

  132. @Matt – I don’t believe you can.

    @Doe – You will get an email with the certificate and if you call Priority Club, they will be able to see the free night in your account.

  133. Thanks for all the valuable information in your blog! I have a question regarding redeeming SPG points towards gold status. If I am staying at a property for 5 nights, can I make 5 separate reservations to knock out 5 of the required 15 stays for gold status?

  134. I have 83,000 PCR points and I’m only Platinum becuase of my Chase cc; I have 40,000 Starwood points and am Gold only for one year because I have a Platinum Amex via a special offer thanks to you. I also have 190,000 Hilton Hhonors points and am Gold because I have the Surpass card.
    1. If I am going to use points for a stay and the choice is between PCR and Starwood, which one should I use?
    2. If all things being equal, and a Hilton property is not available, and I have to pay for a hotel room, should I book a HI or Starwood property?

  135. @Darrin – You will have to check-in every alternate day for it to count. If you break up a 5 day stay into 5 consecutive reservations, it will not count. So you will have to move hotels to make it work.

    @Billy D
    – For #1, use the points which you least value. For #2, I’d book a HI and save Starwood for the nicer hotels.

  136. Hi Daraius,

    I’m currently working on a trip to Thailand and Bali in October, and so far, I’ve accumulated the miles necessary for the roundtrip ticket. However, I’ve applied to 3 different chase cards (chase ink bold, chase sapphire preferred, and chase united mileageplus) in the past 2-3 weeks to accumulate those miles. I was hoping to apply for the chase marriott rewards premiere visa to accumulate points to book a hotel I really want to stay at in bali. Do you think the fact that I opened up 3 chase cards recently might cause me to be rejected for this 4th attempt? If so, how long should I wait before applying for the credit card? And how much time should I give myself to make sure I get all the spend in and book the hotel rooms if I’m aiming to book the reservations for Oct 4th? Thanks so much, your advice is invaluable!

  137. @Ron – I wouldn’t apply for the 4th Chase card. Have you looked into Starwood or Hilton hotels in Bali? I’d wait at least 90 days before applying for more cards.

  138. Hey, thanks for getting back to me, I really appreciate the advice! So I can open the Starwood american express card (hilton doesn’t have any hotels in the locations I would want to stay at), but I just opened the american express business card for 75,000 points and the delta gold skymiles american express card all within the past 2 weeks (poor timing, I know). Do you think I should open it now or wait the 90 days before applying for another american express card?

    Thanks again!

  139. @Ron – If you can wait, great, otherwise you could try applying for it now.

  140. I have been reading Club Carlson is a tough card to be approved for if you have many apps in past 6 months to year! I started this in September of 2012 and have applied and been approved for 7 cards in that time (3 apporamas) . . . Last apporama was in early March for 2 cards. I have no US Bank. Is that too many to get approval do you think?

    I really want this card for Europe trip!

    Should I apply or do I need to wait 6 months or longer? UGH

  141. Club Carlson has a promotion running now thru July 21, 2013; stay 2 consecutive nights get 10,000 point bonus
    Also just applied for both personal and business Visa cards; got the business, didn’t get the personal; said to many inquiries

  142. @BFD – I really can’t say, but US Bank doesn’t like too many inquiries.

    @Billy D
    – I’ve written about that promotion before.

  143. As I was churning today (using your links) I noticed your AMEX 50,000 Hilton link isn’t working. Ended up signing up for a different one. I should still be able to meet the spend. Do you have access to the new Google Wallet send payments thing? If so and you have a link (so I can have access to be able to send money through gmail) I’d appreciate if you could share it with me. that’d be great. Thanks.

  144. Sorry about that posting twice!

  145. @Royce – No worries. I deleted the second comment. Thanks for letting me know about the link. Were you able to find another 50K offer? I don’t have a Google Wallet send feature as yet. Thanks for using our links!

  146. I was not able to find another link for the AMEX. I ended up signing up for the Visa Signature with 50k.

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