Airline Credit Cards

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I keep the information on this page updated, but please double check the credit card applications for details about terms and conditions of the offers.  Please let me know if you find a better offer so that I can list it here!  The card offers are listed alphabetically by airline.

Here are 40+ ways to complete the minimum spending on credit cards if you are concerned about completing the minimum spending requirements.

1.  Alaska Airlines

Bank of America Alaska Air

  • 30,000 miles after approval on the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Personal card
  • $100 statement credit after making $1,000 in purchases within 1st 90 days of opening account. (Only available to those who haven’t had the card before.)
  • $75 annual fee NOT waived for the first year;
  • NO foreign transaction fees
  • $99 companion certificate valid only in coach
  • Alaska Air miles can be used on partner airlines such as American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Air France, LAN, etc.
  • 25,000 miles with the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business card
  • Warning:  Bank of America may issue you a lower platinum plus or preferred card, if you don’t qualify for the Signature card, which offers only 6,000 or 4,000 miles!

2.  American Airlines 

3.  AAdvantage Executive

4.   British Airways

5.  Delta

Daraius’ Tips

6.   Delta Reserve

American Express Delta Reserve

Delta Reserve American Express

  • 10,000 medallion (elite) miles after 1st purchase with the American Express Delta Reserve card
  • First checked bag is free; free Delta lounge access
  • $450 fee NOT waived for first year; No foreign transaction fee
  • Earn 2 Delta miles per $1 spent on Delta & 1 mile for everything else
  • Earn 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending $30,000 and an additional 15,000 regular & elite miles after spending another $30,000 in a calendar year
  • Tip:  This card could be worth the high fee if you’re looking for Delta club access and medallion (elite) qualifying miles.  Otherwise, skip it.

7.  Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines World MasterCard

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after spending $500 in purchases or balance transfers within the 1st 90 days with the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard
  • Earn 2X miles on purchases at and 1 mile per $1 on all other purchases
  • No blackout dates.  Book any round-trip award flight on Frontier Airlines starting at 20,000 EarlyReturns® miles (plus fees and taxes)
  • $69 fee NOT waived for 1st year

8.  Hawaiian Airlines

9.   Southwest

Daraius Tip:  How to get the Southwest Companion Pass!

10.   United Airlines

Daraius Tip:  See the Hot Deals tab for other offers.

11.   Virgin Atlantic

Bank of America Virgin Atlantic 

Virgin Atlantic

  • 20,000 Virgin Atlantic miles after 1st purchase with Bank of America Virgin Atlantic card
  • Up to 5,000 additional miles for adding authorized users to your account
  • Virgin Atlantic points transfer to Hilton in 3:4 ratio, so 50,000 Virgin Airline miles becomes 75,000 Hilton hotel points
  •  $90 annual fee NOT waived for the first year; 1% foreign transaction fee
  • My review of the Virgin Atlantic credit card

12.   Other Airline Card Offers

Missing your favorite offer?  Please let me know!

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1,182 responses to “Airline Credit Cards

  1. @allen – Virgin America is the division of Virgin airlines which flies within the US and has Elevate miles. Virgin Atlantic flies internationally and has Flying Club miles. The BOA Virgin Atlantic card earns Flying Club miles as you point out, not Virgin America Elevate miles.

  2. Okay, thanks for the clarification. That card is now back on my radar.

  3. Similar but slightly different offer for Delta Gold AMEX
    30k points after $500 in three months AND $50 statement credit on first Delta purchase in 3 months.

  4. @Steve – Thanks! I added it to the list of Delta cards.

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  6. Anyone with more experience than me have any guidance on how long to wait until contacting a reconsideration line? I applied for a series of cards on 5/1, and have received email/mail notification for several, including one card itself. The US Airways and BOA Hawaiian Airlines card however, I have no response. I wasn’t instantly approved, but haven’t received any other communication. Should I be waiting for the official yes/no in the mail before calling reconsideration?

  7. @TT – I usually call the reconsideration line the same day to speed things up.

  8. Thanks! I actually got the BOA acceptance yesterday in the mail, so hopefully similar news awaits me from Barclay’s today.

  9. For the Barclay’s US Airways credit card, you should add that it also provides $99 companion certificates for two companions on flights within the continental US and Canada. I just saved about $700 for a transcontinental flight with two companions. (Note that you must you use both companion certificates for the same flight – you can’t split them up.)

  10. Is the southwest airlines promotion officially over? I havent been able to find any links to it anywhere that are not “expired” or “page not found.”

    Also, does anyone know what other points programs besides Capital One and Southwest Airlines – Chase card allow you to exchange your points for giftcards?


  11. @TT – Good luck!

    @SFY – Good point.

    @Blake – The Southwest deal is still live. I’ll update the links. You can redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for a statement credit or 1 cent per $1 spent and use that for gift cards.

    @Ken – Thanks for the links. I’ll update the links on the blog.

  12. Hi Daraius,

    * Is the Chase British Airways credit card churnable (if I had it 2 years ago, can I apply now and get the bonus miles again)?

    * Based on reading your blogs, I think the ‘Citi Signature Visa & AMEX, and Business VISA’ cards are churnable and that I have to wait for 18 months. So, can I apply for them right after the 18th billing cycle or 18 months after the account opening date? How will Citi calculate the 18 month ‘gap’?

    * I have never applied for a ‘Citi AAdvantage Visa business card’ – do you have a link for it? Can’t seem to find it on this page. I am thinking of applying for the Citi business card now, then wait for 65+ days or more (to make sure the 18 month gap has been satisfied) to apply for the personal cards – will that work? Do I have to close the Citi AAdvantage personal card that I currently have first?


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  14. @Jay – I don’t have personal experience, but some folks have managed to get the bonus again. Chase wasn’t letting folks get the bonus for a 2nd time when the card was offered last year, so YMMV. For the 2 Citi AA personal cards, you can get them again after waiting 18+ months since you were last approved for them.

    For the Citi AA business cards, you may be able to get them again after 3 to 6 months after closing the account. There’s link to the Citi business Visa card for 50K in the Hot Deals tab or in the Airline Credit Card Tab (at the top of the blog). Keep in mind that it is 18+ months and some folks require a few extra months to get the personal cards again.

  15. Hi Daraius,

    Thanks for your reply. Just to clarify, for the 2 Citi AA personal cards, I can wait 18+ months since I was last approved. Before applying, do I need to close the one Citi AA personal card that I have from previous round?


  16. Looks like the link on the Delta Reserve AMEX is broken.

  17. @Jay – You don’t need to cancel the card, and you may want to keep it open if it is a card you’ve had for a long time. Also, some folks don’t get another round of cards for 18 months, some don’t get it for 20 months etc. So it is 18+ months. Good luck!

    @Steve – Thanks! Link is now fixed.

  18. Has anyone seen Chase pull ads for these offers on things like buses, airports, etc?

  19. I got all excited about Southwest and the companion pass today and added it to my June AppORama. Between my husband and myself, the kids could fly for free! Too bad the 50k credit cards aren’t offered anymore! They lowered their initial bonus to 25k. If you know of a link to their old 50k bonus, I’d love to have it.

  20. Also… I received an app for Delta card with 50k signup, 1st yr fee waived, $1000 spend in first 3mo. In the little bit I’ve dug round it sounds like Skymiles are a pain to use and don’t have much value. Can I transfer them to another airline or hotel program?

  21. @Ken – I’ll find out soon, but worth checking airports to see if they still have the 50K offer!

    @Merrily – I’d wait a bit before applying for the 25K SW card. The 50K offer has been around for quite some time, though it does disappear sometimes. Delta usually has a 30 to 35K bonus, so 50K is good. I’d do a dummy search on for award seats on flights you’d likely take to see what the availability is like. Delta usually has bad award availability, but you may be able to get at least 1 flight or $500 off with 50K points.

  22. Hi. Love this site – Thanks! I did the 2-browser trick via your link to get 2 AA Citi cards and both were approved. However, I just realized that that both cards were AA Citi Amex – instead of one being a Visa. What should I do now?

  23. sunlightpal

    Looks like Southwest 50,000 offer has expired. Now signup bonus is only 25,000 miles

  24. @Ald – You should still be fine as others have done the same thing by mistake and gotten identical cards. They did receive the bonus as well.

  25. @ald – Complete the minimum spending on each AMEX to get the points!

    @sunlightpal – Hopefully there will be another 50K offer soon.

    @Ken – Thanks for helping out!

  26. It looks like the SW Premier links are now dead…are there any other offers for the 50K sign up bonus for SW other than the SW Plus card?

  27. @dave – None that I know of right now, unfortunately.

  28. Hi Daraius. The links to the Citi AAdvantage cards (you mentioned were not your links?) don’t start with the deal page for a screen shot. The links just go right to the application blanks. Is there a link that goes to the 50,000 mile deal so we can take a screen shot? Thank you! Susan

  29. Hi, I also did the two browser via your link and realized that they were both AA Citi Amex. Is it possible to call and ask to switch one to AA Citi Visa would be more useful to me? If not, should I hold on to both AA Citi Amex until the end of the first year to cancel one of them? Thank you for your help.

  30. @Andy: Even before we knew about the 2-browser trick, we stumbled onto it. We were getting errors when we hit submit on the application, so we did it in different browsers. We ended up inadvertently submitting 3 or 4 apps. When the dust settled, we got 2 visas in the mail. We kept our head low and did the spending on both… drum roll please…. and got awarded for BOTH (in the 75,000 days – it was great). I’d say don’t call because you’re only supposed to get the first-time once; if it works the same as it did (and if it works the same with amex), you’ve still accomplished the 2-browser trick.

  31. Hi D,

    I was wondering if you could tell me which would be the best card for me to get next. I applied and was approved for the two southwest cards about two months ago, and just a couple days ago was approved for both the citi AA cards. I figure I should try getting one more, then taking waiting another 6 or so months to apply for a new batch of cards. So, since I’ve already got the 2 southwest and 2 citi AA cards, I’m not sure if I should get a hotel card or another airline card. Which would be the best, in either case?

    For example, I would think either the Chase Marriott or SPG card would be the best, if I decided to go the hotel route, and the United, BA, or BoA Hawaiian would be the next best for airline.

  32. @susan – The 50,000 mile offer is expired, but the links still work. The 30K offer has a working landing page, but gets you 20K less miles.

    @Andy – I doubt they would switch offers and they likely don’t have access to the 50K offer. I’d keep both of them until it is time to pay your fee next year.

    @susan – Thanks for sharing and for helping out!

    @Kyle – It depends on where you want to go with your miles and points. Do you need hotel points or airline miles?

  33. @Kyle – You have a better chance at getting the cards you want when you apply all on the same day. If you space them out you might get denied due to too many recent inquiries. But if you do them on the same day the inquiries haven’t hit the credit bureau yet so it looks like there aren’t any to the creditors.

  34. @D- I was thinking I wanted to take a trip to the bahamas, alaska, hawaii and spain/italy. I know that with the 100k southwest points I could transfer some over to airtran(1200 RR points for 1 A+ credit, 16 A+ credits for roundtrip to bahamas) and do the bahamas/aruba. Not sure what would be the best route for spain/italy, alaska and hawaii trip. I’d put Spain/Italy at #1 on my list. Would the 100k AA miles from the citi cards be the best bet for this? And lastly, knowing where I want to go with my miles, which would you suggest is the next best card for me to get? I know BA partners with Alaska Airlines, but not sure how far 50k Avios will get me in regards to a trip to alaska/hawaii. Any help/input is greatly appreciated.

    @Ken- thanks for the heads up!

  35. @Kyle – The 100K AA miles is enough for a business class ticket to Europe and back. However, 50K United miles can also help towards a Europe trip (30K in coach and 50K in business 1-way). If you’re on the West Coast, BA Avios may be a good choice for the Alaska Hawaii trip.

    For hotels, the SPG card is a good choice if you want to give Chase a break and use for cash and points awards in Europe. And if Hawaiian Air flies to your city, the Hawaiian Air card could be a good choice as well.

    – Thanks for helping out!

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  37. I applied for the SW business card when the offer was 50K and got approved after calling recon line howeverI called today to activate and was told the offer was only 25K unless I had the code for the 50K offer. I applied from your link a couple of weeks ago. Do you know what the code was? Don’t want to lose the 25K and my chance for a companion pass. Appreciate your help.

  38. Hi Daraius,

    Would like your opinion on how I can effectively use the Barclays US Airways 40K credit card points application.

    I am pretty sure I can get one but unsure of its value.



  39. i see the AA link don’t work anymore

  40. @Gilberto – I don’t know of any code and the link on the blog was the link from the Southwest home page. I’d call again and ask the agent to confirm the terms of the offer.

    @david – 40K should get you a coach ticket in the US, but since the card can be got again, you can accumulate miles for travel on any Star Alliance partner airline. Here’s a link to my earlier review —>

    @Miles – I’m hoping this is a temporary glitch and the links will work soon.

  41. for the AA card what is + 1 Companion Pass for paid tickets
    and +$100 statement credit – for any use ?

  42. Daraius
    I am planning to go (SFO — BOM) and back this december via Cathay . I just did the two browser trick to for AA visa and master card am hoping to get
    100K out of it
    spg 15k — AA 20 K
    I already have 30 K AA miles = total of 150 K I think

    here is the kicker should I just settle for economy and if that is the case should i be blocking tickets right now or should i aim for Business class round trip
    for two people and if so what is my cut-off date to book tickets for journey starting in second week of dec 2012 and returning second week of Jan . I am also trying to pad up points so that i dont end up short by points

    1) BOA Virgin Atlantic card 50 K transfer to 100 K hilton honors — 15K AA points
    2) Hilton honors card 40 K transfer to 6K AA points .. but all that is going to take me over 2 months , your inputs are highly appreciated

  43. @Miles – The statement credit is a essentially getting back $100 on your credit card statement if you make ANY purchase that is coded as American Airlines, so it is a good value. The companion pass may or may not be a good value depending on the price of your ticket since only certain booking classes are eligible.

    @Doug – Even though it is shorter to fly via Asia from SFO, AA will force you to fly via Europe to India! Regardless of which class you travel, the booking window opens ~11 months in advance, so I’d book your ticket as soon as possible (you can do dummy searches on It is 90K in coach and 137.5K for a business class return, so you have more than enough miles. The segment from London to India will likely be on British Airways and you will have to pay fuel surcharges for that leg, so best to travel in business class. I also wouldn’t transfer the BOA Virgin and Hilton points to AA unless you had a use for AA miles. They could be more valuable when used for hotel stays.

  44. Rodney21_us

    I just closed my Southwest Plus card…I assume if I applied for the Premier card the signup bonus would still apply since its a different product.

  45. @Rodney21_us – Some folks have had luck with getting the bonus on the Premier card as well, but your miles may vary (ymmv)

  46. Daraius,
    1) Business class does not have Fuel surcharges ?
    2)will it make any sense to open a BA — 100 K avio points to for a free flight ?
    3) I read some where that it is difficult to get two award tickets even though you have points , so I am thinking
    AA — 130K for me
    BA points (110k) for my wife is that a better option .. and if we book the flight can we technically travel on the same flight

  47. @Doug – Sorry if I wasn’t clear. Business class does have surcharges so is usually a better use for the Avios points since you pay almost the same surcharges in coach. Opening the BA card could make sense for a free flight, but not to India since you’ll pay a lot in fuel surcharges. 2 award seats on the same flight is tougher than 1 seat, but it is fairly possible to get them. You could use United miles (from Chase Ultimate Rewards points) for a 1-way ticket (40K points) or return (80K) if you have enough points or use United for a 1 way and AA for another 1 way. I wouldn’t recommend the BA card for a trip to India in coach.

  48. I just got off of the phone with Bank of America regarding their Alaska Airlines Credit Card offer for 25k miles (and all the other mumbo jumbo that goes with the offer), wanting to see about getting an increase in mileage offer. I wanted to see if I could get them to match the citi AA visa and AX cards with 50k miles. No luck with the whole 50k but they did offer to raise the bonus miles to 27.5k miles (adding in another 2500 miles). This was my experience after about a 3 minute phone call. I may try back in about a week to see if I can pull any more miles out of them or see if there is someone other than my “first contact” that I can speak to. All this said, unless you are planning on doing the “2 browser” trick, I would recommend calling the card issuer to see if they will up their offer to pull you on as a customer. Always worth the try and always remember, you may do better or worse than me regarding miles offered in this situation. Take it to the top!

  49. Hi Daraius-
    wanted to let you know of my “success” getting a 2nd USairways cards from Barclays. My current card is old and is probably a card they gave me when I went to cancel one where the annual fee became due…I get only 1 mile for $2 spent so don’t use it much. Applied 4 days ago for “new” one w/40,000 bonus miles-got pending so called today. When asked why I wanted another card I Told them old card gives only half the points. After checking my credit & answering add’l questions on personal income he said he could rearrange some of the credit I had on the old card (can you believe $30,000?) and give me the new card also. So he split the credit between the 2 cards. Just an update if someone is interested
    Thanks for all the great info you provide.

  50. @Joseph – Thanks for sharing. That’s pretty neat that you got an extra 2.5K miles just by asking!

    – Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve never heard of a $30K limit on a Barclays card, because they are usually quite stingy with credit limits!

  51. I saved this link for the Southwest 50k cards a while back. I don’t know if these offers still work.

  52. Sorry, I see now, the links don’t work.

  53. I have an opportunity to travel to Japan then to Europe and back to the states in August. Which airline credit cards/promos do you think would help me the most with cost for this trip? Thanks!

  54. if i have a citi TYP and citi HH and i want to get 2 citi AA should i first close the other cards ?

  55. It doesn’t look like any of the delta card links here work except two of the gold amex delta cards.
    definitely none of the “usual” offers work (the landing page works, but I get an error page when I click “apply now”.
    I think those are your affiliate/referral links too.

  56. Daraius
    Fule surcharges from LHR to BOM is approx ?? ,

  57. recieved the A\E Premier Gold Card in feb 25,000 point delta gold card on the way had a offer for 35,000 mile apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred but chase said that my app needed further review should i call to check the status or wait for a reply

  58. @Mary – Thanks for trying. It would have been great if they worked.

    @Bob – Do you want to use miles for the trip, or are you asking which credit card to use to get extra miles for the cost of the tickets?

    @Miles – It may help if you have a lot of outstanding credit with Citi.

    @Steve – The links to the personal Delta cards work, but the business versions did not, so I updated them. Thanks for letting me know.

    @Doug – ~$340 in coach and ~$500 in business/first. You can do dummy bookings on the BA website to check.

    @Fred – I’m impatient, so I usually call the reconsideration line the same day I apply.

  59. thanks D. i called the chase reconsideration line and was approved for the Sapphire Preferred

  60. @Fred – That’s great!

  61. Daraius,
    Does the US Airways link still working? When I click on the link, the application page does not load. Thanks!

  62. Hi, got the sapphire, am ex platinum gold starwood british airways and aadvantage cards,what should I go for next?

    Currently I have 3 chase cards , should I cancel before applying for another chase card?

  63. @Joan – It linked to my earlier post on the card and the link in that post is still working.

    @Kevin – Depends on your goals, but could try the Chase Ink Bold, Hyatt, United Explorer or Virgin Atlantic cards

  64. Scott Gilliam

    So excited! I called Chase and Citi to get my 40,000 mile level upped to 50,000. Just made the argument that with so many conflicting offers floating about, the higher one should be the standard.

  65. @Scott Gilliam – Congrats Scott, and thanks for sharing!

  66. NerdTraveler

    Has anybody tried to convert their United Explorer card to a United Club card? I do not see any bonus miles on that card. Can we still get the first year free?

  67. @NerdTraveler – I believe you can convert your United Explorer to the Club card if you’ve had it for a certain amount of time. I believe you can get a fee free code for the card from a United lounge or send a secure message to Chase and ask them if they will waive the fee for you before you apply for the Club card.

  68. Can my wife and I combine our 50k southwest bonus to one rapid rewards account. It would make reaching the 110k mile threshold for companion pass alot more feasible.

  69. @Artemio – Technically, you can’t combine the bonuses. But some readers have got lucky entering the same rapid rewards number in both accounts, but do that at your own risk and ymmv. Also, the current bonus is only 25K, not 50K.

  70. Hi Daraius,

    What do you think of Frontier Airlines Credit Card Offer? it is from the Barclay’s bank, which also issues the US airways credit card?


  71. @liw5215 – I prefer the Barclay’s US Air card from Barclays, but the Frontier card offers 35K so it could be an alternative Barclays card to apply for if you like Frontier miles.

  72. FYI, my wife signed up for the BA 100k offer per the FT thread. Worked just fine, so we’ll have 100k Avios in a year.

  73. @Daraius — I am trying for free baggage on Delta for an Authorized User, as well as a signup bonus. I had the Delta Gold Personal and Biz cards from December 2010 to January 2012. When I login using the link above to determine my “personal” offer, they recognize that I previously had a Delta card.

    Are the Delta cards churnable? If yes, should I establish a new Skymiles account before applying? Any other thoughts?

  74. Just received my Chase BA (50k+50k) and Priority Club (60k) cards. Verified the 60k on the Priority but asked for the 80k match, doubt I’ll get it but the Chase rep (Carla) was super helpful. The BA though on confirmation of the bonus, she said it would be 100k Avios after first purchase with no minimum. If that’s true, I’ll be a happy churner. She verified twice, so when I make my first purchase tomorrow I’ll be looking for the bonus to post all at once and I’ll report back. Valuable data point if true!

  75. @Victor — For the Chase BA, did you use the application where you thought you would need to spend $20K to get the second 50K, or did you use the application that appears when booking a ticket on BA?

  76. Hi Darius-

    I was just checking my Hawaiian Airlines mileage balance and thought BofA shorted me 15k miles, but I see from looking at my statements that I only spent $925, but I thought I’d spent the full $1,000 because of the annual fee. In your experience or those experiences that you know of, have you been able to get them to “waive” the full spend requirement?



  77. @pianodude – You could try that, but I don’t have personal experience with the AMEX Gold card.

    @Thomas – You can always ask, but I doubt they will waive the full spending requirements.

  78. Does anyone know how you can get the $50 statement credit from Delta AMEX without purchasing a flight? I know that the American Airlines statement credit can be redeemed through purchasing a gift card online, but Delta only offers Gift Certificates at Delta Ticket Offices. Any of you had luck in getting the statement credit through those? Thanks.

  79. Hi Darius,

    I just applied for the Citi Visa AA Business card. I don’t have a business (yet- though I plan to start one soon), but have been reading for years that you can still apply.

    However, I just made it to the ‘thank you for applying’ page (the one without the number), and I’m worried.

    The details:
    In the personal income section, I gave my regular income.
    I filled out the social security section.
    I filled out my own name as the business name.

    By way of number of years in business, and revenue I wrote 0. (I read elsewhere that it’s okay to do this since you could well be a start up. Also, I did not want to lie here since I moved from H1 to EAD only recently, and didn’t want to get into trouble with immigration for something I didn’t even do!)

    Where they asked for the Tax Identification, I chose the part where it said ‘None, I’m a sole proprietorship’.
    In Business Type (I don’t remember the exact question) I wrote Other, since there was no relevant option.

    Did I make a mistake? I’ve called for reconsideration before, but that was always for personal cards, not for a business card.

    Could you please advise me on this?

    Thanks a lot

  80. @Sushma – I’d call the reconsideration department and try to find out the status of your application. It could be that they want additional information like a utility bill etc. Good luck!

  81. @Darius – Do you know anything about the $50 statement credit from Delta AMEX? See my comment above please.

  82. @rilys – I don’t have any personal experience with the Delta credit, so I’m not going to be of much help.

  83. @daraius – Thanks!

  84. Question: Can anyone confirm that the AAdvantage citi- personal card strategy for 50k miles apiece is still in effect? I don’t want to accidentally not get the miles and also be shut out of other credit card strategies. Thanks! I also want to thank everyone for all of the valuable posts, I’m new to accruing miles and have been incredibly impressed with everything I have seen!

  85. @Kapelnakov – Based on the comments it still works, but your experience could be different.

  86. You should update the Alaska description. $99 companion certificate will only be valid in coach for certs issued after July 2012. BTW, not sure why the description currently reads “valid in both first and business class” as Alaska only operates 2 cabin aircraft.

  87. The statement on one of the Citi AA cards closed yesterday, and as of that statement, I had collectively spent $3,100 on the card but the 50K didn’t post. However, I also already received the $150 statement credit for buying a meal on a flight. Does anyone know if the $3K minimum spend excludes the statement credit?

  88. @Blockus – Usually minimum spend is the minimum amount which you have to literally spend on purchases, bills, etc. Free money from Citi probably doesn’t count 😉 But just to be on the safe side spend the remaining amount on the next cycle and cross your fingers.

  89. Anyone know the expiration date of the Chase Southwest 50k points $1000 spend credit cards?

  90. @HikerT – Good point – I’ll update it!

    @Dave Op – They haven’t shared that, but I’d estimate at least a month based on previous offers.

  91. The AAdvantage 50K offers with Visa and AMEX are no longer available. It’s 30K now for Visa and 25K for Amex instead. I just called today to confirm and this information is also available on Citi ‘s website.

  92. @Mimi – Never call. Never never never. Why would you alert them to the deal?

  93. What are the Signature qualifications for the Hawaiian Airlines cards (B of A and B of H)? I’d like to apply for the cards but don’t want two pulls and only 10K each.

  94. @Mimi – Based on reader comments, the link on the blog still work for the AA 50K offer.

    @Joel – I don’t know the exact requirements, but usually if you are approved for a credit line below $5,000 you don’t get the Signature card.

  95. @ Darius, I click on top of page for AA 50K bonus Citbank application, but not reference to bonus miles on site I get. How do I know amount of bonus? Also the link in same area to 2 browser trick does not seem to work for me. Thanks

  96. Daraius, do you have a reconsideration number for th Bank of Hawaii card?
    I was not immediately approved.

  97. @Frank – I called 888-503-6090 for BOH and 866-458-8805 for BOA Hawaiian cards.

  98. @Ken, thanks.

  99. I’ve been following the advice on this site for a couple of weeks. So far, between myself and the wife, we’ve scored 80k miles on US Air, 110k miles on United + 40k from Sapphire (wife’s app still pending). I tried the 2 browser trick for the AA 50 visa and amex, but somehow submitted two amex apps, both approved, and then quickly applied for the visa (hope it works). Thanks for all of the great info. When I apply for my wife’s AA visa and amex, can I put my AAdvantage # so the miles go into my account or do her apps need to have a unique AAdvantage #? Thanks again and happy free travel to all.

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