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  1. My parents are in an assisted living home, and there’s a whopper of a bill every month. I’m trying to figure out how best to pay this and earn miles in the process, and the home won’t take credit cards. What would you recommend? Are you aware of any credit cards that give miles for convenience checks? Thanks — I’ve learned so much from your site, I’ve traveled more, and I’m eager to figure out ways to maximize this monthly spending.

  2. Merrilee Mullen

    Hello, I’ve become a fan of your website, and have never used credit cards to travel. Recently based on your advice, my husband and I each opened up the Capital One venture card for 40,000 miles each in first 3 months and the Chase United Explorer Mileage plus Explorer card for 50,000 in first 3 months.

    When I was looking up the number of rewards points from United for a RT, first class ticket to Maui, it stated 90,000 miles, if I read it correctly. I also noted that as of March 2015, United was going to the system of rewards points of 10,000 point for every $100 of the airline ticket. Am I correct so far??

    It seems like this is unusual because most our cards I have looked at already use the reward for 10,000 for $100 system. If this is correct I did not fully understand that. We were planning on transferring the 80,000 miles from Capital One to United. That’s a separate question, because I don’t know how to do that. If my understanding is correct so far, then when I transfer those points from Capital One to the United ticket. Will they be at the rewards rate of 10,000/$100? When I checked a First class ticket to Maui was about 1700. That would be 170,000 miles per ticket, correct? But if the exchange rate of the United Points alone is still calculated the same, then their points for a FC, RT ticket is 90,000 points.
    So originally, in my thinking, I was planning on moving the 80,000 Capital one points to United and adding in their 100,000 point to equal 180,000 which would give us enough points for 2 first class RT tickets to Maui. But I’m getting a bad feeling that is not how it works. Our trip is planned for April of 2015.
    We would love your help in understanding better how this works, and if possible, how to get enough points. Thank you

  3. Hello, Soon I am going to request flights ORD to LHR then BCN to ORD on United. I am now interested in adding ORD to AUA as a free one-way, but United is requesting 65K miles instead of 60K. I was wondering how I can tell where the additional 5K miles came in at? Thanks so much for you help. Diane

  4. Marriott Marty

    D- I am looking at doing a Hyatt challenge to get Platinum status [I have Hilton Gold, Club Carlson Gold]
    and reserving 3 rooms with points and cash [12,500 points plus $150/night] with suite upgrades and a 4th regular room. I have a question about the timing of being able to use three of the four suite upgrades. If I do the platinum challenge now and reserve for next August 2015 [when I will not be platinum at that time] will I still be able to make the reservation for and use the Suite upgrades? or will I have to do the status match within 90 days of the stay and hope the Suite upgrades are still available? Alternatively, I have a brother who will be going who has Platinum status, but would need to transfer over 200,000 UR to his account [same last name] and was wondering it that was doable without effecting my UR account… Any thoughts are much appreciated

  5. Can you deposit a check onto your vanilla visa through the ATM and. What atms

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  7. We received an email from Southwest Airlines offering up to 50% bonus for buying, gifting or transferring Rapid Rewards Points. What are your thoughts if one was to buy points and receive 50% bonus?

  8. If I convert my Marriott account to a Ritz account to apply now for the Ritz card you mentioned in the post, would I then need to convert it BACK to a Marriott account if I intend on asking for a Platinum match early next year? I really need 3 month Platinum status, so I don’t want to screw this up.

  9. If I turn off the marketing emails, calls and mail from american express in their account options, will that preclude me from receiving targeted offers from them for new cards with higher then standard sign up bonuses?

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  11. Do you close credit cards after getting the rewards and not using them or do you leave them open? I have some old cards with no rewards, should these be closed?

    In other words do you ever close the accounts?

  12. Hello I have been a RSS reader of your website for several months, I’m new to the travel points mechanism, so here is my question. My company relocate me to a hotel for the last two weeks of my internship, the hotel name is Hyatt Place. My company already paid the hotel, can I collect any travel points? BTW, can I collect mileage from the flights that are booked by my company?

    Thanks a lot!

  13. question
    what happens when get say 30000 mile bonus credit card with not fee the first year and close the account because you don’t want to pay the second year fee?
    does the credit card company take back the bonus miles?

  14. i meant the credit card with no fee. i wrote not fee.

  15. Hi,
    My husband just earned the SW companion pass! (Thanks to your tips!)

    I know my husband can change his companion 3 times…Does this refer to consecutive flights or consecutive bookings? Make sense?

    i.e., Is he allowed to book flights:
    husband-wife September 2014 flight,
    husband-daughter November 2014 flight,
    husband-daughter December 2014 flight,
    husband-daughter January 2015 flight,
    husband-wife April 2015 flight
    husband-wife November 2015 flight

    Or does the change occur with the bookings:
    Booked in September 2014:
    husband-wife flights in September 2014, April 2015, November 2015
    Booked in October 2014:
    husband-daughter flights in Nov 2014, Jan 2015, July 2015
    Booked in November 2014:
    husband-son flights Dec 2014, Feb 2015, June 2015

    I guess what I’m asking is: Does the companion designation change consecutively with flights or bookings of flights?

    Thanks for all your great advice!!!

  16. Hello Dariaus, My citi AA, Barclay, United & Delta were not renewed after initial bonus and free year, when can I apply again and get large bonuses again? 785 & 804 credit scores thanks


  17. Hi there,
    I have just this year started to learn about this hobby of collecting miles through credit cards, and I love it! My husband and I are taking our first trip next week using what I’ve learned, and we’re planning a family trip to Disneyland next year. I’ve always loved travel, and this is helping me realize that reality. I love reading your blog and expanding my knowledge- thank you!
    My question for you is this, I’m having a baby the end of this year, and I wanted to pay my midwife getting points back. I am looking at paying her with gift cards purchased from the gas station (I’ve of course verified if she’s ok being paid that way), but I also realized that the chase freedom is offering 5% back on Amazon during the last quarter of the year. Can I use Amazon payment to pay her and get 5% cash back? Also, this may be a stupid question, but when cards offer cash back they usually put a limit say $1,500 for example. Does the $1,500 mean that is the cap of how much money they will pay out, or is that the cap of how much you can spend and still get the 5% back (and when you spend more than that it goes back down to 1%)? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

  18. How has your credit score been affected by constantly signing up for credit cards to get the bonuses? Do you cancel the cards later on to avoid the fees after you get the bonuses?

  19. Maybe I’m just picking up on this late but looks like the Sapphire Preferred is now churnable after 24 months:

    40,000 Bonus Points After you spend $3,000 in the First 3 Months from Account Opening: This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months.

  20. We will be attending a wedding at Hilton Post Oak, Houston Texas middle November and staying there Fri., Sat. & Sun. nights. Which is the Best credit card to get for this Hilton stay?????? Please send reply to my email.

    Thanks!!!!! Jo

  21. Hay Daraius,

    I wanted to ask what is your opinion on buying United miles with a potential of 100% bonus (if they get enough transactions)? The details are here:


  22. I asked this question on a thread but can’t find the right one. Is there anyway to use SW points from a SW visa card to travel to Europe?

  23. I just got approved for Ritz-Carlton cc. Comes with $300 in airline incidentals credit. You have any creative ideas how I could use that up. Could I buy a gift card and resell it on eBay? Ideas?

  24. Today trying to combine chase freedom and sapphire preferred points… Is that no longer an option? Seems to be gone. Freedom is back to citi standards? Trying to get the points to united.

  25. If I already have a chase explorer card or for the chase sapphire card, can I sign up for another one and still get the bonus miles. Does it hurt my credit to cancel the older card. I mean how does someone get millions of miles with doing this

  26. Daraius,

    Thank you, thank you so much for taking the time to share your wealth of information with me (everyone of course)!!!! It’s so great to learn all these tricks. I’ve been working at this a little of a year and doing well until I opened my mouth and inserted my foot with Chase! I cancelled two credit cards today in order to apply for the United and Ritz Carlton. When the Customer Service asked why I was canceling the cards – I said it was because I wanted to apply for a different card, a hotel one, since I was going on upcoming trip and needed a hotel card and that there was a good offer. She said no problem. I applied for Ritz Carlton and was instantly approved but when I applied for the United it gave me a message that they needed to further review my application. I called the reconsideration line (as I have in the past) and was denied because of having applied for too many card and canceling cards within a year. I usually keep the cards for 10 months and then cancel. Did I screw something up? Have I somehow been tagged?!?!?! He said that they wanted to monitor how I was going to use my most recent card. Now what do I do? Yikes!!!

  27. Hi Darius. I am curious if I had an SPG amex card in the past but closed it out over a year ago would I be eligible for the sign up bonus if i applied for it now?

    Thanks for your help.

  28. Hi Darius,
    We want to attend your event in Chicago in October,
    to learn more about miles accumulation.
    I can’t find this on your site. What are the dates?, location, how can we sign up to attend?
    See you there,

  29. I read all your posts, I fly to europe every year using usair miles and I usually need to buy a few to make my ticket each year. I will probably buy some during this promoion, however, I’m concerned about the american usair merger and what they plan to do about the miles. I don’t want to get stuck with usair miles. Should I get an American Airlines credit card and start collecting points to use for my next year trip or stick with usair?

  30. Hi,

    I applied for both Citi Hilton Reserve and Citi Hilton Visa Signature Cards, but I was denied on the Citi Hilton Visa Signature card. I applied for both within 1 minute of each other. Is there anyway I can call Citi and request them to reconsider? I have never signed up for either of these cards (I love SPG lol), and my hilton honors account was just established today as well. Will they reconsider me for the Visa signature card?

  31. Hi Daraius,

    I, among others, posted questions under “Comments” about your August 27, 2014 blog, “Do You Know About the 140,000 Points Ritz-Carlton Card?”. I have not seen a response to these questions. Timing is important as I want to do a round of apps before some of the other good offers expire. When can we expect to have answers to our questions?

    Thanks for all you do!

    A loyal reader,

  32. We have grandchildren now and are wondering about collecting points to use for Disney trips and cruises. We will be paying for a Disney cruise soon, is there a card we should use? Thx!!!

  33. my daughter has an aa citi card she wants to get rid of the card but does not want to loose the points she has about 70,000 is there any she can transfer to my aa account

  34. Just an update on the ability to load my bluebird account at Walmart with gift cards. I am currently buying Visa (loadable up to $500.00) gift cards that come with a PIN at Kroger. Then, going to Walmart to load them I have been able to load up to three gift cards at a time using the ATM and then a fourth one at the cashier. I am able to load up to $1999.00 daily. I am having to pay $5.95 per card, but I am able to use them to load bluebird and by doing so, I am meeting my minimum spend requirements by paying my mortgage, a car payment and my utilities bills. Even though this could add up to around $357 in a year for the gift cards, I feel it is still an economical way to earn all of the bonus miles.

  35. What options for travel to India for advertised 135,000 AA miles besides travel through HKG with Cathay pacific? Which charges 160,000 miles?

  36. Hi I was hoping you could give me some advice for reapplying for reward cards. My annual fee was getting close, so I just cancelled my Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer card and Citi American Airlines personal cards. Since I’ve had the cards for roughly a year (and first applied for them roughly a year ago), when should I reapply/churn the cards? If I’m not mistaken, the banks use the application date (and not the card closing date) to determine when you can get another card. Thank you

  37. I traveled to Kenya on mission trip and then discovered that AA will take BA miles but I had not signed up. Too late to get miles after flight? :(

  38. Hi,
    I got my cards 9/1/2014 and have to spend 2000 by December 1. What your advice for when I should complete the 2000 spending. Should I do it ASAP or wait until December 1 to complete it. My Closing Date is Dec 2nd. I already have 9640 RR points. Thank you.


  39. I saw on one of your posts about a citibank CC that gives you 2 points per buck. One for the charge, one bonus for when you pay off that charge. My problem is I forgot which card it is ( I think it’s Citibank ) and where I saw it. I’ve been searching the last few days, can’t find it. I figured you would know. Thanks….

  40. Hi Dariaus,

    When and if USAirway miles get merged with AA miles, do you know if all of it will count towards the AA Million Miles Program? If so, I think it would make sense for me to get the USAirway credit card now before the merger.



  41. Hi Darius,

    In the past few months I have gotten away from collecting points. I was very dependent on CVS for my Vanilla Reloads. When that option disappeared, then I just kind of gave up.

    Well, I’m ready to get back in the game. Are there any new manufactured spending techniques now available? Or, can you remind us of the tried-and-true methods? I now use Amazon Payments, but that’s about all that I do.



  42. Why is it that every time I post in the comment section my comment awaits moderation, then disappears as if deemed unworthy? Am I saying the wrong thing?

  43. @Angela – Delta is not a “miles into points” partner with Hilton,so you can’t convert Delta miles to Hilton points. Although you can exchange Hilton points for Delta miles. Read more here:

    @Robben – You can call the application phone number to find out the status of your application and talk with a representative. Here are tips:

    @Cady – Thanks for letting me know.

    @Jeff – That’s great that you could take advantage of this deal! I don’t think many of our readers could benefit because of the address restriction. But thanks for letting me know!

    @Corey – You can try calling AMEX to explain your unusual situation!

    @Tony – I think it’s still a great card. That said, you could get a lot of Big Travel with that kind of spending! Here are some recommendations: And here is my always up-to-date list of my favorite cards, some of which give you elite status, free flights, etc., for spending:

    @James B. – That said, Emily and I usually check bags because we rarely pay for them. We like to fly on Southwest with our Companion Pass and Southwest allows 2 checked bags per person for free. And on international flights, we often have elite status from credit card rewards that waive luggage fees. I prefer to have bags with 8 wheels on them so it is easy to move around at airports. You can read more about the Companion Pass here: And see which credit cards give you free checked bags here:

    @Hilde – Yes. Singapore and other cities have free transit tours.

    @Raman – Here’s how to do it in 3 easy steps! That said, I’d prefer collecting United or American Airlines miles for flights to India.

    @Andrew K. – The number of available award seats on any particular flight can change throughout the day. When you have a card such as the United Explorer card, you’ll see more award seats open. Read more here: You could search for a paid flight with 2 available seats, then book 1 with miles and pay for the 2nd seat. That said, it only works if there are more than 1 seat available on the flight. And the price could increase after you book 1 seat. Here is my series with tips for using United Airlines miles:

    @Tom – You are allowed 2 Citi personal cards within 65 days. But you can NOT get more than 1 Citi card at a time. Wait 8 days before applying for a 2nd Citi card. Also, if you have the Citi AA Exec card, you may have to wait ~18+ months to get another AA personal card.

    @Nadeem – Some folks like to calculate the value they’re getting per Southwest point. Here’s how to figure it out:

    @Jeff Lile – Thanks for letting me know!

    @Mark H – It can be challenging to find award flights, especially around peak travel times like Christmas. Keep looking because available award seats change frequently. Or you could use a paid tool such as Expert Flyer to notify you automatically: Or try an award booking service

    @Will S – Thanks for letting me know! I haven’t seem them in my BP, but I’ll check again!

    @Jarrod A – Congratulations to your family! First, it might be easier than you think to meet minimum spending requirements. (And not all cards require $5,000!) See this post for tips: Check which airlines fly to Minot. Then decide which credit cards make sense. For instance, United Airlines flies to Minot. So you might consider cards that give you United Airlines miles. You can find the best ones here: Also, you might consider 1 of these cards: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Plus. That’s because when you have 1 of those cards, you can transfer your Chase points to United Airlines. You’ll find those cards here Another simple option is to get the Barclaycard Arrival Plus because it allows you to fly any airline (without restrictions) and get 2.2% back as a statement credit.

    @Karen – It depends. If you were trying to meet the minimum spending requirement for a credit card, it might be different. Spending the $11,316 on the Barclaycard Arrival Plus would at most get you 2.2% back (if the entire $11,316 were travel expenses). So that would save ~$249. The discount by check is greater. With the Chase United MileagePlus Explorer card, you earn 10,000 bonus miles every calendar year you spend at least $25,000. Most folks wouldn’t value 10,000 United Airlines miles at $300 so you’re better off with the discount by check. If you had more time, it could make sense to apply for a number of new cards and split this large purchase among those new cards to meet their minimum spending requirements.

    @Ashley J – This post explains!

    @Patrick Griswold – I’ll have a post about it very soon!

    @Rachel F – I wouldn’t worry about the separate PNRs, but that’s me. Folks usually go out of their way to help folks on honeymoons, but do what’s comfortable to you.

    @Chris C. – Your question is complicated! That’s because the “best award flight options” are entirely up to your tastes! It changes depending on the number of miles you’re willing to use, how easy it is for you to get that type of miles, whether you want lots of domestic coach flights or you prefer First Class international flights. You can start by going to the wikipedia page of the airports you have in mind. The page lists all the airlines that fly there. For instance, lists all the airlines that fly to Los Angeles International Airport from Aeroflot to WestJet. The simplest answer I can give you is that for flying domestic flights with a partner, I think the Southwest Companion Pass is the best deal: For short flights in the Western Hemisphere, British Airways points are terrific: United Airlines is good for flights to Europe:

    Cathay Pacific has an amazing First Class to Asia. Consider Alaska Airlines to Hawaii: Etihad is great for travel to the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and the Maldives: This is an oversimplification because there are so many options! That said, the Chase Sapphire Preferred (you can find it here: ) is my favorite card because you transfer the points to United Airlines, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and more. And remember, you can use British Airways points to fly on American Airlines within the US for no fuel surcharges.

    @Matt – You’ll make a profit when you purchase $200 Visa gift cards at Staples because you get 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points on the $206.95. Register your Ink card with Visa SavingsEdge to save another 1% on $200 purchases at Staples. That said, I think $200 gift cards are more hassle than not! Also, use your Ink card to pay your internet and mobile phone bill. For other purchases such as clothing, Chase Freedom has 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points categories at department stores during some quarters: Barclaycard Arrival Plus gets you 2X miles everywhere you spend:

    @Ron I haven’t stayed at enough Ritz-Carlton hotels to give you a firsthand account!

    @Joy – You could use a Chase Ink card to buy Visa Gift Cards at Staples to earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points &then load them onto your Bluebird at Walmart. From Bluebird you can send a check (or write a money order) to the assisted living home. But this seems like more hassle to me than not. Learn more here: The Chase Ink cards are listed here

    @Merrilee Mullen – Welcome to our hobby, Merrilee! The good thing about the Capital One card is that you can use the miles to travel on any airline on any date. However, you’re limited in that you can’t transfer Capital One points into a frequent flyer program such as United Airlines. Capital One miles are like cash back for travel. United Airlines miles are less flexible (they can only be used on United Airlines and their partner airlines and only on available dates) BUT they can get you Big Travel with Small Money! See the section about Hawaii in this post for tips:

    You can’t transfer points from the Capital One to the United cards. Also, you can still redeem United miles to get to Hawaii (you don’t have to pay 10K points for $100 off the ticket price).

    @Diane – You’re flying outside of the United States to Aruba. See details here:

    @Marriott Marty – This post should help you: I believe you should be able to book the suite upgrade for Aug 2015 in advance (but not 100% sure). Once you make the suite upgrade, your reservation changes and I haven’t heard of them changing it back if you lose Diamond status. About the last names, I can’t say for sure since it is again the t&c, but…

    @Christopher – You can’t load your Vanilla Visa that way. Here are the ways:

    @Mike – It depends on how much you’re paying for the points! But it usually isn’t worth it.

    @Gonzo – According to some folks, you’re not required to convert your Marriott account:

    @whisp – If you’d like to receive emails for targeted offers, it’s probably best to allow AMEX to email you! You can make a special AMEX folder that redirects all their emails there so it doesn’t clutter your regular inbox.

    @Jere – I usually keep no annual fee cards open because it helps my credit score: For cards with an annual fee, I usually keep the card ~9 or 10 months and then decide if it’s worth the fee.

    @K.H. – You can ask the hotel if they can credit the stay to your Hyatt Gold Passport number (Hyatt’s membership program). With the airlines, you can ask your company to put your frequent flyer number on the reservation, or if there is no frequent flyer number already on the ticket, add it when you check-in.

    @carl schnitzer – It depends. See this post for details!

    @Kim – Congratulations, Kim! Emily and I love our Southwest Companion Pass and I know you will too! Before you change a companion, you have to cancel the companion trips you’ve already booked. So in your case, the 2nd example will NOT work but your 1st example will!

    @john bardelline – The terms suggest you can reapply for Chase cards after 24 months and be eligible for the sign-up bonus again. You might be able to get the Barclay card again right away. You’re allowed 2 Citi personal cards within 65 days. But you can NOT apply for 2 Citi personal cards at a time; wait 8 days.

    @Jenny – Welcome to our hobby, Jenny! And congratulations on the baby. You can pay anyone with a check that you send from AMEX Serve or Bluebird. You can learn about those services here: and Unfortunately, Chase Freedom does NOT give you 5% cash back for Amazon payments when Amazon is a category. It only counts for regular purchases at However, the Discover IT card DOES give you 5% cash back when Amazon is a category. You can find that card here: The $1,500 is the limit you can spend and still get 5% back. So with the Freedom card, the maximum cash back you can earn per quarter is $75. Read more here:

    @Art – My credit score is still excellent and I’ve been enjoying this hobby for years! Read more here: Yes you cancel cards to avoid the fees but you should NOT cancel right away! Keep the cards open for ~9 to 10 months and then decide if the card is worth keeping.

    @Jason – Some folks say they’re able to get the sign-up bonus again after 24 months.

    @Jo – I sent you an email.

    @Alex – Generally, I’d suggest you do NOT buy miles unless there is a terrific offer such as a 100% bonus. But with this deal, it’s not guaranteed you’ll get the bonus. One way to see if it’s a good deal is to figure out how much it would cost with the bonus to get 25,000 United Airlines miles. Because it’s 25,000 United Airlines miles for a round-trip domestic coach ticket. Is the price you’d pay to buy the miles cheaper than the cost of buying a paid ticket? You can do similar calculations for other trips you have in mind.

    @Pam – Sometimes it is best to just wait a few months and then try again!

    @Traci – AMEX is limiting folks to 1 sign-up bonus per card per lifetime. However, the personal SPG card and business SPG card are considered to be different cards!

    @Nan – Emily and I would love to meet you! Unfortunately, the Chicago Seminars event is sold out! Please sign-up for my free email updates (on the upper-left of the Million Mile Secrets home page) so you’ll be the 1st to know the next time we do a live presentation.

    @Jane griffin – US Airlines miles will become American Airlines miles.

    @Jay – You can ask them to reconsider but Citi has a rule that you are allowed 2 Citi personal cards within 65 days. But you can NOT get more than 1 Citi card at a time. (That’s what you tried to do.) You have to wait 8 days before applying for a 2nd Citi card.

    @Carol – I’m working on it!

    @Nancy Graham – For travel purchases such as cruises, I like using either the Chase Sapphire Preferred card because it earns 2X Chase Ultimate Rewards points or the Barclaycard Arrival Plus which earns 2.2% cash back on travel purchases. You can find both of the cards along with links to my reviews here: In short, the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is a simple cash back card. But I prefer the Chase Sapphire Preferred because you can get cash back or use the points to book airline tickets to Disney or hotels in Orlando. And often that can be worth much more than 2% cash back!

    @Tom h – There is a significant fee to transfer American Airlines miles to another account. You can see the current rate here: Another idea is for your daughter to book a trip for you using her miles:

    @Joe Parr – It certainly is!

  44. Hi MillionMiles,

    I have been enjoy reading your blog for over a year and have learn a lot.

    I just recently tried (for signup bonuses) and purchased a simon mall visa gift card
    (from Metabank) and tried to use it to pay bills on EvolveMoney, but it failed.

    the error I got was –
    Card entered is not supported for Evolve payment (e718).

    Have you have luck using similar card on evolve (or at least hear about it) recently?
    any trick to get it working if so?

    from googling on flyertalks seems to show a few other people also have similar problem,
    which may mean that Simon Mall gift cards are now no longer usable on Evolve.

    Thanks for your help,

  45. hi daraius,
    i’ve had my sw companion pass for a year now and it expires this december. how do i keep it going? it was easy to get because of the sign-up bonuses. do i literally have to put $110,000 on it?

  46. If your going though a divorce what name should I use to apply for credit cards

  47. Hey Daraius,
    Have you heard of Hilton Select? I just saw a link for it on a recent Hilton reservation confirmation. The link is
    It seems to be a Hilton travel club. Just curious if you thought it was a good deal.

  48. Hi,
    What an awesome site. I just accidentally stumbled into it while surfing to find a site that tells me what else besides Delta purchases on the Gold Delta Skymiles would give me more than 1 point. I use to be a Delta Flight attendant(hence the email address) and have since retired. I get free flights for life now but it is so hard to non rev that I have decided to do what real people are doing.
    I heard about the 50,000 miles and so I got the card. Now I have to figure out how to get more points and spend $3000 in 3 months but am having a hard time finding a site that gives me this information. I did run into a site that looks like Macys and QVC do but I am not sure. Can you help me?
    Want to fly like a real person.

  49. My daughter is going to apply for the Chase Ink card to use for a $6000 purchase she needs to make. Unfortunately, she will not be able to pay it off right away, will it be a problem if she transfers the balance from the Chase Ink card to her Citi no interest card?

  50. I see a few blog posts that you can look up awards on another airline then call lets say AA and book it even if it’s not on search engine. Is this possible?

    Eg I see First class award from JFK TO LHR is available on but not Can I call them and book it without paying the BA fees?


  51. Hello – I sold a business some years ago and live a perpetual lifestyle and with that I do not have or use any credit

    I generally fly 500,000 miles per year and always take advantage of all special offers on new routes and the likes offered by the airlines I am most loyal to.

    As a person with no credit score I would like to kindly ask if you would be able to recommend a pre paid credit card were I would be able to earn miles on the ground and not just in the air.

    If you could please let me know if you would have any recommendations it would be much appreciated.



  52. Daraius -

    Are hotel stays eligible for the Citi Price Rewind policy? For example, for an upcoming international hotel stay, could I book with my Citi Hilton HHonors card, pay a premium rate during a peak time period, and then be reimbursed when the rates invariably drop afterwards?

  53. Hi,
    I would like to know do you have a link where to check for KE award availability?

    and at the same time can you tell me where to look for other Airlines award availability, like DL UA AA etc…

    except from their own sites is there other sites??? like for example I saw from you how to check for Cathay flights on JAL or BA for Cathay award availability

    waiting to hear back from you!!

    your site is great thanks a lot!!!


  54. I’m a newbie so I’m a little confused. When there are airfare sales are the number of miles (or points) needed to book a flight reduced as well or do they remain basically the same? Do miles correspond to dollars?

    I enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for your help!

  55. Daraius,

    Received a notice from Amazon payments this afternoon, part of which is shown below. Looks like no more person to person payments and no free payments at all after 10/13/2014. Thought you might want to get the word out.

    “Additionally, we have updated the terms and conditions of our User Agreement ( that apply to your use of the products and services provided by Amazon Payments. Our updated User Agreement revises certain terms (including, among other things, the elimination of person-to-person payments). Our new User Agreement will become effective on October 13, 2014, which is more than 30 days from when we first posted our updated User Agreement. By continuing to use our services after October 13, 2014, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of our new User Agreement.”

  56. Your website is contagious! I’ve been spreading the word to my friends who are now able to travel and LOVE the points/miles they are using to get there. MY question. I’ve accumulated STANDARD AWARDS with Southwest. I was wanting to use them to go to the D.R. but do not like the destination or city I have to return to. Is there a way to EXCHANGE with other members so that I could use perhaps another airline’s mileage to Dominican Republic so I can choose my destination and return city? Any suggestions would be helpful. I do have reward program in American Airlines.

  57. I have an upcoming stay at the Hilton Bora Bora for 3 nights on an award stay, if I want to leave one night early will I just forfeit the points or can I be charged the going rate for that night. I am past the point of being able to cancel the reservation because I did modify it a few weeks back from a 5 day to 3 day stay. Thanks again

  58. Hey Daraius,
    I was wondering if there is a service that allows you to send checks and debits your credit card (even with a fee). I know you’ve written before about WilliamPaid for rent but I was wondering if there was a service for one offs, for example if I want to put money into lendingclub that no longer takes credit cards. Or I need to send a check to someone.

  59. Thanks for your previous response! I had some follow up questions.
    1. How much time do you allow between applying for credit cards?
    2. How do generic (Capital One etc) travelers cards work? I understand the concept of buying a particular airline’s card and accumulating points to use when booking with them. But how does a card that is not linked to an airline allow me to use points toward that airline?
    3. How do most airline partnerships work? For instance, if I have an Alaska card and a Delta Card, with enough points on each card for 1 ticket each, and my wife and I want to fly somewhere together. Would we have to make two purchases, one with Alaska, and one with Delta, or can we somehow transfer points from one partner to the other and just make one purchase.
    4. Are you familiar with Alaska Airlines Coach Companion Fare? I couldn’t find any details about it online. Is it really as good as it sounds? Is this only good with Alaska or with partner airlines as well?

  60. Dear Daraius,

    Thank you for the informative blog. I’m still learning how to use cards to gain miles so I can travel as a young professional just starting out.

    I applied in the Spring and have the AA Citi Mastercard and received the 50k bonus and now have about 115k miles saved. I am able to pay my rent with the card so I will soon have enough miles I believe for a trip which requires 120k+(for 2 people roundtrip coach tickets). Here is my question for you:

    My sister will be getting married in Sept (~19th) 2015, so next fall, and in Portugal, Lisbon. My S.O. and I would like to fly from where we live (Dallas, TX) to Lisbon only using miles. It looks like Sept. is still considered high season Europe so it will require more miles? This is my first time planning an international trip using AA miles (previously I have used US Air partner airlines but I’ve used up those miles..) Is it possible to do either en-route or when we leave Lisbon a stopover (for a few days) in another fun European city? (We previously on way back from Bangkok did a stopover for 3 days in Paris via lufthansa) but I cannot figure out if AA or partner airlines allow this. We would be flexible with the city; I understand from reading your posts that different cities have different fuel charges and we will be on a budget. Ideally we would like to have a few days in London, Madrid, Barcelona or someplace like that. Are there certain routes/partner airlines I should be looking at. Is it worth me trying to up my spending on this card so that we could get business class vs the coach/economy tickets or is there a way to easily, affordably upgrade so we are more comfortable? Should my S.O. try to get the AA card so he could also get the 50k bonus if that would help us achieve more miles? It doesn’t look like I can book the tickets till this Spring so I am planning ahead so that when the time comes I/we will have enough miles :-)

    Sorry for all the questions/complications. I’ve confused myself. I appreciate your help! Please email me. Thank you so much.

  61. Hello,
    I have currently booked a flight with USAir miles, which I received courtesy of your website. The annual fee is due now, but the flight is not until October. Will I lose my miles that I purchased the tickets with if I cancel the card now?
    Thank you.

  62. I want to cancel my Amex platinum since the fee is due shortly. I do not want to lose my membership reward points so is it best to apply for the gold or starwood amex (or any other amex) and then cancel platinum? Just not sure when to cancel and not lose the points.

  63. I am planning a trip from SC to Thailand for July 2015. I have approximately 220,000 points between American, USAirways and Chase Sapphire. I need two tickets. I see segments I can use for the trip to BKK that are available at Coach MileSAAver and Business AAnytime levels. Is it likely that later there will be Business MileSAAver seats? I don’t think I have enough points for round trip Business AAnytime award seats. Also, I don’t see any award seats for the return flights at the end of July. Should I book the trip to BKK while they are available and book the return flights later?

  64. Inter-China Award Travel

    I have ~16,000 United miles and ~54,000 Chase UR points. Is it possible to book an award ticket using these point/miles for a flight from Beijing to Wuhan at end of this month? And what’s the best way to go about doing that? This blog has been a big part of my decision to start earning miles and as an expat, I fly quite a bit. But, this would be my first time redeeming.

  65. Hello,
    I know you are a big fan of the companion pass and was wondering what your thoughts are on transferring UR points to SWA verses paying cash when a person has the companion pass. My wife and I both have it with our kids, and it has been great. Too many long weekends to list, but highlight was definitely Aruba. Unfortunately we have burned through our 220k combined points. The value has been amazing, but now we are trying to figure out if it makes sense to transfer UR points, which gives a value of around 3 cents per point, or just pay cash, which is like paying half price for the tickets. We have combined about 300k UR points, and around a million miles/points in AA and MR.


  66. @Tim – If you travel via the Pacific, you will have to book 2 awards which will cost more miles. These 2 posts will help you use your American Airlines miles to get to India: and Or you can contact an Award Booking service:

    @Jeff – Chase terms suggest a wait of 24 months. Some folks suggest waiting ~18 months from approval of your last Citi American Airlines card before trying to get it again.

    @Jim – You can get credit for your flight by going to the website of American Airlines or British Airways and go to the link that says “missing miles” (assuming you had an AA account set up before the flight)”

    @Jerome – You have 90 days from the date you’re approved, NOT when you receive the card. I wouldn’t suggest waiting until the last moment to meet the spending requirement. Here are ways to spend enough money to get the sign-up bonus: Your companion pass points reset to 0 in Jan 2014, so best to earn the companion pass points ASAP.

    @John – It’s the Citi Double Cash card. You can find it here:

    @Sam A – US Airways miles will become American Airlines miles. Yes, it makes sense to get the US Airways card before the merger! That card will be phased out so this is the last opportunity to get the sign-up bonus. You can find that card here:

    @Teresa – Here are ways to meet the minimum spending on cards: ChargeSmart is a way to meet minimum spending requirements: You might also consider getting an AMEX Serve card because you can load it with a credit card up to $1,000 per month:

    @Blake – I saw your recent comment on the post Besides this comment, I’m not seeing any others.

    @Steven – Thanks for reading! I haven’t tried this myself recently but I’ve read about other folks having problems. It could be a temporary glitch in their software because Evolve hasn’t made an official statement about not accepting these cards. Please let me know if you can successfully use your card later this week!

    @jerri arlan – There are 4 Southwest credit cards (2 personal and 2 business). You might consider applying for cards you don’t have yet when their bonus offers reach 50,000 points each. Or have your partner apply for the cards. You can find those cards here: You could also earn points by shopping and transferring points from hotels. See the details here: and

    @jim – I’m sorry to hear about your divorce. You have to apply with your legal name.

    @Dave G – I’ll consider writing a post about it! Keep in mind, the least expensive option for membership is $399. That said, you get $200 back to use at Hilton hotels in the US and 5,000 bonus points for enrolling. The 5% cash back is only for participating hotels in the US & Canada. And you can’t get your cash back until you accumulate $50. Take a look at the participating hotels to see if this program makes sense for you.

    @Susan – Welcome to our hobby, Susan! Here are ways to spend $3,000 in 3 months: You get 2X miles on Delta purchases with the card and 1 point per $1 on everything else. Award tickets on Delta can be tricky to find sometimes: If you want to buy paid tickets, the easiest way is to get Chase Ultimate Rewards points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. You can book any ticket on any airline in their portal for a 20% discount. So 40,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points (worth $400 in cash) gets you a $500 flight. You can find that card here: Another easy way is to use the Barclaycard Arrival Plus. That card gives you 2.2% cash back on every travel purchase. You can find it here:

    However, if you want to collect Delta points for award flights, a relatively easy way is to sign-up for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express. The points you earn with that card can be transferred to Delta. And when you transfer 20,000 Starwood points to Delta (or any partner airline) you get 5,000 bonus points. You can find that card here: You can also apply for the business version of that card. I recommend 1st getting comfortable meeting the minimum spending requirements. One of the easiest ways to spend $1,000 in a month is this:

    @Donna – It should be OK because Citi will pay Chase, satisfying the minimum spending requirement for the Ink card. Just be sure she pays off the Citi card before the fees kick in. Interest charges almost always negate the benefit of earning miles!

    @Steve – In general, if you can book the award on an airline’s website but choose to call, you’ll pay a fee. But if you can NOT book the award on their website (but you know it’s available) the agent may decide to waive the telephone booking fee.

    @Alex – I’m not aware of any pre-paid cards that earn miles. However, if you mean that you want to begin a credit history so you can get cards that earn miles on all purchases, this post will help you:

    @Zack Levy – Nice try! ;) Hotel rooms are NOT eligible. Here is their policy:

    @jodi – You can find my list of airline booking tools here: Some folks like using a paid application called the KVS tool to search for Korean Airlines award seats. But you can search for Korean Air on the Korean Air website! Please note that the paid Expert Flyer tool will no longer be allowed to show Delta information.

    @Tim – Welcome to Million Mile Secrets, Tim! Miles correspond to dollars when booking with certain airlines such as Southwest and JetBlue. When booking with airlines such as United Airlines and American Airlines there are standard charts that tell you how many miles you’ll need to fly from zone to the next. That’s great for us because our miles can be worth much more that way! And sometimes there are mileage sales (separate from paid flight sales). Here’s my page linking to airline award mileage charts:

    @RevNelson – I’ve already written a post about it and what you can do now: But thanks for letting me know!

    @Becky – Thanks, Becky! You could book a Southwest ticket for someone else using your Southwest points. And someone else can book an award ticket for you using their points. Here are the details:

    @Joe – Unfortunately, if you’re past the point of being allowed to cancel, you will forfeit the points. In some cases, the hotel will try to charge a daily fee, but you can always ask for an exception etc.

    @Yaron – You can load Bluebird indirectly with a credit card and use it to send checks. Read more here:

    @Jarrod A – 1. This post will help you: 2. Cards like Capital One and Barclaycard Arrival Plus allow you to use the “miles” on any airline at any time. They aren’t great for Big Travel but there ARE useful when you want a discount on domestic coach tickets. Or to book the exact flight you want when you want it. (With airline miles it helps to be flexible because you won’t always find the specific dates you want and peak travel times can be difficult to get. That said, you can fly Business Class or First Class for relatively little money out of pocket!) 3. You could use the Alaska Airlines miles to book flights on Delta: You can’t transfer Alaska Airlines miles to someone else’s Delta account. 4. Here are my thoughts on the Alaska Airlines Coach Companion Fare:

    @Janna –
    This post explains everything about using American Airlines miles for stopovers and open-jaws: You might also consider an Award Booking service for help: You won’t be able to get a stopover with American Airlines miles, unless you pay additional miles. I’d try flying on Iberia to save on the expensive fuel surcharges. You could fly into Lisbon, and then fly out of another city (say, Madrid) and just buy a 1-way ticket from Lisbon to Madrid.

    @Lana – Once your miles are in an airline’s frequent flyer program, you likely won’t lose the miles. But I’d keep the card for at least 6 months since the 1st year annual fee is already waived. You can read more here:

  67. Daraius,

    I’ve said thanks before, but I wanted to say it again. We just earned over 14.5 cents/point and got 4 tickets worth $32,000 USD. Back in February I asked you what I should do to earn enough miles to fly to Europe for free. Well, we just booked 4 award tickets on United for next summer. 2 tickets in first class for my wife and I, and 2 tickets in coach for the children. That only took 4 credit card sign up bonuses. It cost 220,000 points to get those seats, and a couple inquiries on our credit report, but I’m not complaining. We earned 14.5 cents per point! Definitely worth it!

  68. Thank you for sharing many credit card sign up deals that exist even when you do not get commissions on those. I took advantage of the Chase Ink Plus last week with 70,000 points at my local Chase. I did open another credit card in the past using your affiliate link. I will definitely use your affiliate link in the future when such opportunity comes.

  69. Darius: I have been an online follower of you and your wife….and your wonderful travels now for over a year…..Your comments, suggestions, and posts…are truly fabulous. My partner and I just got the DL Gold Sky Miles Card with a 50K bonus after spending the 1st USD1000.

    I have a question…..might I buy a visa gift card for USD500 to pay an account that only accepts Visa/Mastercard ? Secondly, will this USD500 purchase count towards my USD1000 minimum spent in the 1st 3 months… Thirdly….any suggestions as to where I can buy such a large visa gift card ?
    Thank you again and best wishes
    Michael D>

  70. Question:
    For the chase credit card free night certificate, either the cat 1-4 certificate upon credit card approval or the cat 1-5 certificate, can you let family members use it when going yourself?

    Also, when using reward points, can you book for family members without your going?

    A search on the web gives different interpretation as to whether only the member can use it. Appreciate your help.

    I would like to give my expiring certificate to my daughter to use, and also use points for her stay.

    Thanks for clarifying. I could find terms on this.

  71. My US VISA is expiring soon so need to close out all the credit card accounts.I have some 15 credit card accounts, some with annual fee and some free.
    What is the best way to close my accounts without affecting my credit history? I am not quite sure yet, but I may come back to US after couple of years.

    I mostly have accounts at AMEX and CHASE, so don’t want to have a ref flag or bad history with them.

    Thanks for the help !!!

  72. Hello there, love your blog and all the great information, thank you. My girlfriend and I, want to go to visit her parents, daughter and granddaughter in Bolivia. She has not seen them for 10 years. :( We live in Spain and Las Vegas, so our question is what card would you recommend for us to get to use for international purchases while we are in Spain? We want to go to Bolivia the end of next year. What are your thought or suggestions? Thanks


    Camila and Bronson

  73. The SPG Amex promo is over, but I wondered whether applying for another amex with a 0 fee for the first year would yield Membership Rewards that could then be transferred to SPG and on from there? Also, can one hold more than one Amex and earn more than one promo award?

  74. Hi Daraius,
    Always enjoy your insights on your blog.

    A question : my wife & I have AA & UA miles to use – can we take a grandson using our miles on a SIN + China, 72 h type trip (to avoid the necessity of a China visa ), using our miles?

    He would have a different surname to ours – would make a nice graduation gift – not sure if airlines permit grandchildren being ticketed with us , using our miles.

  75. Amazon payments will discontinue the send money service effective 10/13/14. I received this message today while initiating a send money transaction. There was a “Learn More” button within the initial message that provided more information.

  76. I do not see any reference to 50,000 bonus miles on your CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® link. Has that expired?

  77. IHG question. If I originally signed up and received a bonus on the IHG Visa card that no longer exists, can I try to get the sign up bonus on the IHG Master Card? I have been using the IHG Master Card that they sent me as a replacement.

  78. I live in Austin, TX. Where can we buy Vanilla with a CC and then load into WalMart BB as of today still? Thanks.

  79. I am interested in getting my partner and I from Boston to Christchurch, NZ this winter. We have plenty of Ultimate Reward points to transfer to United, but while I was looking up cost comparisons, I stumbled upon Air New Zealand’s companion pass. I don’t understand all the details, but it sounds like if you purchase a full price ticket, you can get a reduced companion ticket by calling Air New Zealand directly. Do you have any experience with this? I haven’t found too much specifically about Air New Zealand on your site.


  80. Darius,

    I continue to love your website and daily emails. I have been sharing with friends and family and helping them see how we can ALL travel for small money. Question: Do you know the value of Wells Fargo Rewards points for travel? I signed up for the WF Propel card and earned the 40,000 points. From the website, it looks like I can get 1% cash back and 1% towards gift cards (not bad), but I can’t tell if using the points for travel would get me more value for my points. The website doesn’t seem to say. Do you know?

  81. @Megan – Sign-up for another card that earns American Express Membership Rewards points before canceling your AMEX Platinum. You might consider the AMEX EveryDay card because it has no annual fee. The AMEX Starwood card will not earn membership rewards points, so won’t help you save your MR points. You can find that card here:

    @Kim – You could book 1-way tickets and then cancel them if you’re unable to find return tickets before your trip. It’s difficult to predict if Business Class seats will become available. You could use a tool such as ExpertFlyer to notify you when seats (on AA flights) become available: Or you could use an Award Booking service:

    @Ryan – Check: You can use your United Airlines miles to fly on Air China because they are both in the Star Alliance. It’s 30,000 United Airlines miles to fly round-trip within North Asia (that includes China). Transfer some of your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to your United Airlines account.

    @Trup – It depends on your personal situation. If you don’t want to spend cash, transferring points is a great option. That said, it comes at the cost of transferring your Chase Ultimate Rewards points for a different travel redemption. Figure out if saving the cash cost of the flight to Aruba is worth more than using your Chase Ultimate Rewards points for your next hotel or flight. These posts might help you decide: and

  82. Hi. We have a Chase Southwest card and I use it for most of my business expenses. We rack up approximately 20,000 points a month and have qualified for the Companion Pass. We vacation 5 to 6 times a year, typically to Orlando and Aruba. Because of the CP and large number of points we rack up every month, we can basically fly for free (i.e. we booked upcoming free flights in Oct, Jan, Feb and April). Here’s my question: Because we amass so many points each month that we could never possibly use with Southwest (we still have about 120,000 pts in our acct right now), should I look at getting another type of card for different types of reward? We are Disney Vacation Club members, so we typically stay at Disney. Should I look at possibly a Marriott CC to cover our Aruba vacation hotels? Or is there something else I should consider? Thanks!

  83. Thank you for covering how to cancel BA award ticket. I booked Cabo for 9/19 using avois flying AA. Sadly a hurricane has destroyed the area & the airport is closed. What is the protocol? Do I cancel? Does BA cancel? Am I still charged the cancel fee? Prayers for the people in Cabo. Thanks

  84. Daraius,
    Love the blog – Am originally from Uganda and have started collecting points to be able to fly home and visit relatives yearly. Signed up for Delta Amex Personal & Business (links from your blog :) ) and along with some miles from travel, I am sitting on approx 165K Delta Miles. I know the “sky pesos” can be tricky to redeem, but KLM has a lot of flights into Entebbe (EBB). Delta website shows nothing, of course — so any suggestions from using these miles to get from Pittsburgh to Uganda and back? In future should I be concentrating on United Miles? I received the Mileage Plus Explorer card (again from your site) but only have 55000 miles there so far — so not enough to get me to Uganda (yet). I would love to travel at the end of November. Thanks!!!!

  85. Maybe you could answer or even do a story on checking in without the original credit card. Our tickets on 2 British air flights say “If the payment cardholder is traveling, you must bring the card used to pay for this booking to the airport with you, for verification, before you can travel”. One was booked with a Sapphire which was lost and now we have a new #; the other card is a closed AA Citi. Do we have to bring old credit card bills with us to Europe? This happened 5 years ago on AA with a closed card (that was fully paid off) and we had to buy new tickets then and there. Suggestions? What do others do in this situation? Thanks

  86. I want to say THANKS for all that you do. I have really found this to be “rewarding” (pun intended). The only thing is, you keep giving away my secrets (but you do give me some new ones as well)!!!

    Keep it up.

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