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  1. Hi Darius,

    I saw your comment long time ago regarding applying to biz credit cards when on a F1/H1B. Hoping you could shed some advice on the topic as I am debating whether or not to apply!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Darius,

    Which airline requires the least amount of frequent flyer points (economy/business) from Rome to NY in July and how many points are needed?



  3. Hi Darius,

    *clarification *

    Which airline requires the least amount of frequent flyer points (economy/business) for roundtrip from NY to Rome and how many points are needed?



  4. Marc Lieberman

    Evidently the chase ink plus is no longer available. It states no longer available after 10/17 even though you site states 10/19. I procrastinated thinking I had another two days. Thoughts?

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for a great blog, which I read frequently.
    I am traveling by myself on January 15 or 16 (have to be there before the 18th), 2015 to Palau (ROR) from RSW. I’ll be gone until the 25th (can return after that).
    I’ve been advised to fly on Delta or United partners. I want to travel Business class. I don’t think I have enough miles on either to get the whole trip on rewards. Which would be better for an upgrade on rewards, and I would purchase economy.
    Thanks again.

  6. I have a mortgage with chase and would love to find out a way to pay it and somehow get points I normally pay it online but don’t get any points I would be willing to go to a branch or whatever I have to.
    Love your site
    Thanks Tom

  7. There’s no doubt we are all chomping at the bit for the new Target re-load card. I live in Sin City, so if I take a day trip to Tuscon to get the card, can it be used in Las Vegas to load? Can I get a card for my wife and 2 kids ( 4 total ) or do they have to be there to sign up themselves? Thanks……

  8. Hey Darius,

    I’ve opened 3 new accts with chase in the last 4 mos. They currently account for half my total aggregate credit limit. I have around 15 accounts, with 10 opened in last 6 months.

    Should I call and get my limits lowered on my cards, to become a lower risk? I’m just trying to make sure they don’t close my acct. My utilization is always less than 10%. But I do keep a balance on all my accts, and I think that is hurting my score, even though it is always less than 5 to 10%.

  9. Hi Darius! I’m trying to earn the SW Companion pass in early 2015. Is it possible to get the SW Premier Business & SW Premier cards at the same time with bonuses? Should I just apply for one now and wait for an offer on the Plus? Also, applying now (mid-Oct) means I have until mid-January to get the points, right?


  10. Michael WInnick

    I tried to get a Business Class ticket to LHR using AA miles. AA offered me a routing of DFW-JFK-LHR (even though AA flies direct to LHR from DFW). But, to add insult to injury they offered a BA flight from JFK-LHR. This made my cost 200k miles plus $2000+ because of the BA fuel surcharge. Is there anything I can do to get AA to just put me on an AA flight, either from JFK or DFW? It seems to me that unless AA gets a cut of that $2000 they should not care whose metal I fly on.

    I also tried to do an award to CDG and they did the same thing, routing me to JFK and then on BA to CDG.

  11. This maybe obvious, but you never mention it. You mention that people that cherry pick (me) and apply every 90 to 120 days. I can only assume that if you are applying for a new card you drop the old. Example; I applied for a Citi AAdvantage Executive card early 2014. I still have it. Should I drop it, and reapply to get a new and get 50,000 miles (I have a big expense coming up)?

  12. Hi – I really enjoy your blog. I have a number of overseas consultants who come to the US and typically don’t have their own credit cards (they are from a country currently in crisis). Therefore, I want to buy them prepaid cards that will only work with a PIN (in case they are stolen). I am not interested in reloading, just getting them cards for around $500 miles each that they can use while they are here instead of just fronting them cash. I would like to buy the cards with my credit card to earn the miles. Any ideas?

  13. Hi Darius ,

    I am going to Bali on vacation in Dec . I was able to book my flight using miles . I have abput 100k chase points . How do I best use it to stay at Hotels in Bali . Your suggestions would be very helpful to us . Thank you .

  14. Michael Winnick

    Well, I got my answer back from American. I was trying for a Business Class award using MileSaver. AA pointed out that if I just used Anytime miles I would be able to take whatever flight I wanted (sarcasm alert!). All that required was 440,000 or more depending on dates. It appears that if you use Milesaver not only must you take multiple flights to get to your destination but you are not allowed to fly the International leg on AA metal. So much for customer appreciation.

  15. Darius – great website, I have been reading for a year now. You may already know this but I noticed today on Chase Ultimate Rewards, US Airways is no longer a transfer partner.

  16. I’ve been seriously doing the “Travel Game” for a little over a year now and recently came across your website and really enjoy the content. I have an credit card through Chase that I used nearly exclusively before I began an organized approach to collecting miles and points. Because of this I ended up with a pretty big surplus. I use them to book flights as you get $400 toward any flight with 25,000 points. In planning for an upcoming trip I was planning on topping off and finishing out what was left of this surplus in November. However, about a week ago Chase released new rules for the program that makes it penny/point instead of the previous 25,000 for $400. I would still need to have a full billing cycle to get top off my points for redemption for flights for me and my wife and unfortunately these rule changes come into affect on November 15th just days before my billing cycle ends.
    My question is, with Chase changing their rules and implementing them so quickly, Is there anything I can do or say to Chase to allow me to use their old rules after their posted change date? I understand making the rule change, but it seems like they should give you more time than just a month before they were implemented. I also read about previous changes made in the same card rewards program that previous users were able to get there points transferred over to Ultimate Reward points, do you think that would be an option given there program change.

  17. Hi Daraius,

    Thanks for writing this awesome blog! Thanks to your advice, although I’m relatively new to the whole miles mining thing, I have already accumulated some good sign-up bonuses and purchase-earned miles.

    I now have around 45k on my Barclaycard Arrival+, 45k on my Amex Platinum, and 100k on my Chase Sapphire Preferred. And although I’d rather be a miles hoarder, I’ve decided I want to use part of these points/miles to purchase a round trip to Europe.

    My question is pretty basic: what’s the best way to use those miles towards buying a ticket? In other words, should I buy tickets through card portals or rather transfer miles to airlines?

    If the answer is transfer miles, are there any airlines that it’s more advantageous to transfer miles to? And do things change for each of those 3 cards?

    I guess I should know better at this point of my miles earning education, but it’s my first time buying tickets this way and I don’t want to make mistakes.

    Thank you so much for your help, and keep doing a great job!

  18. Andrea Petersen


    I read about your blog in a digital magazine. I live and work in the south of Japan and travel quite regularly (domestically and abroad). My next big trip will be returning home to South Africa in January and hopefully Nepal in April 2015. As well as that, I recently went to South Korea and last year to Indonesia. So I have a few questions, knowing almost nothing about air miles and such discount/ benefit schemes for travel:

    1. Where should I start on your blog as to understanding what is most worth my while? (which card? airline scheme/ benefit program should I consider and why?)

    2. Can one obtain air miles/ points etc from flights already made or only future flights/ travel?

    Thank you!

  19. Hey Darius, would be cool if you could do a write up on using Expedia points. There are two credit card offers, 15,000 and 25,000 points, thinking you could stagger the two, i.e. get the 15k first then later get the 25k. However, not sure what the value of 40k Expedia points would be. Their site seems way more focused on how you earn the points than how you actually use them. Would love to hear if you had any experience with this.

  20. Hi Darius-

    Noticed AA rebranded their Citi cards into a “Passport” style (on their website) – does that mean its a new product (with the potential to “resign up” or is it merely a change in credit card artwork?


  21. Hi Darius,

    I am currently a delta platinum medallion but I am still 21,000 miles short for platinum next year. I have a Delta reserve Amex and usually have about $18,000 spend each month. Is it worth it to get a business card with bonus mqm points now to hopefully make platinum for 2015 or should I wait for January? Thanks for all of your great info!

  22. Love the blog, but miss where you used to rank the credit cards in hot deals. I liked seeing which card you ranked the most valuable etc, since I usually only churn a couple cards at a time and want the best deal going.

  23. No idea where to start I am in Canada and I have a couple of options for Credit Cards which one would you recommend Amex, Visa, Mastercard(have one), I would like to start to do some travel and a discount would be great. Another question with the minimum spending where would I spend that much money eg: maybe paying rent on the card not sure how I would spend 5000 in 3 months to qualify any tips…

  24. I’m thinking about applying for the Citi Hilton Reserve car. Does anyone know how soon after you’re approved that the Gold status appears on your Hilton Honors account?

    I’ll probably apply on April 1st. I have a stay for April 22nd. Will I have gold status by then?

  25. HI Darius,
    LOVE your site! I was trying to use my United Miles to get Business/First Class under SAVER AWARD. Yes, I missed the boat and procrastinated back in early September when were thought about booking for August of 15. Problem, when I was searching, I inadvertently forgot to click on 2 travelers and saw all kinds of seats at the 57K/70K Business and even 80K with United First Class.
    However, I found your articles, and went back to United Awards. When I clicked on 2 travelers, pretty much everything disappeared and was only available for the 150-k or 170k miles, which we don’t want to do. Is this common when United shows seats in the SAVER to pull a bait and switch when you want to do 2 travelers? I can’t believe they only open 1 SEAT in SAVER category 11 months in advance and rest of year, you are shafted or have to go with higher mile redemption.
    Am I missing something or is that pretty much how this AWARD mileage game has to play out?
    We thought maybe waiting again for next year but my wife said what is the use if the United pulls the trick and shows all the SAVER awards available in Bus and First but it’s ONLY for 1 seat?

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