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  1. Daraius,

    If I due the minimum spending on a card and then balance transfer to another card do I lose the bonus miles? I just got the AA platinum select and I noticed that the US Airways MasterCard has a 0% apr for balance transfers. So I am considering transferring the balance and just paying the transfer fee to save on interest. Thoughts? Thank you.

  2. Hi Darius,

    Yes, it would be great for an update on the Visa gift card to Bluebird scenario. I am having trouble finding a place here in Atlanta where I can buy a $500 gift card with a credit card. Office Depot carries the variable cards and requires cash.

    Also, I wonder if there is a website or app that will allow you to easily or fairly easy scan all airline sites to see the mileage required for round trip tickets business class or first class. I live in Atlanta and have 75,000 Delta miles so I know I can go somewhere at least business class, but finding a trip is time consuming and willing to go anywhere in Europe. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

  3. John Zaroff

    Even though SWA has stopped the 50,000 RR offer, my wife got a letter from SWA with a referral code. Anyone who signs up by 9/1/14 gets the 50,000 RR offer plus my wife would get 5000 RR points. If interested for someone, let me know.

    John Zaroff

  4. Hi Daraius,

    Do you still advocate the use of ChargeSmart to pay down loans using a credit card for those companies that don’t accept credit card payments?

    About to close out a lease and buy the car, but want to meet min spend requirements and use the card to pay.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  5. If I’m doing a major remodel on my house… contractor takes visa, amex, and master card. will total 75k. What is the best way to maximize credit card points. I currently have amex platinum, amex starwood, chase sapphire preferred, capitol one venture one. I want to see if I can manage to get a vacation paid for.

  6. Jayes Patel

    How is Marriott Rewards Premier CC with 70k points . I am planning to apply for one.

  7. @Ross – See the Hot Deals page

    @ Kate – You won’t lose the points if you transfer to the Freedom. But you won’t be able to transfer to airlines or hotels.

    @Adelina Belic – Thanks, but I don’t do those type of promotions.

    @James B. – Yes, the authorized user can also get the card (and bonus) for themselves.

    @Jim S – It is only $25 for each extra cancellation on an AA award. I’m not sure if the Barclays Arrival or AMEX Platinum will reimburse cancellation fees, but could be worth a try.

    @Dave D – I don’t believe they do any more.

    @ Herman – I’ll have a series of posts on this, but Best Rate Guarantees aren’t easy to work with.

    @ trent – Congrats!

    @John – 2% is worth it for the sign-up bonus on many cards. Yes, you avoid the credit inquiry when converting a card. But I prefer the sing up bonus.

    @Katie – That’s a tough route, and the best answer is to check the airline websites to see what award availability looks like.

    @ Robben – A few weeks after getting the new card!

    @ Rachit – Doesn’t hurt to ask.

    @ Ron – You could get the no fee AMEX EveryDay card which will keep the points active (as long as accounts are linked).

    @ Farry – Yes, it is best to check by breaking down into individual segments. No, you won’t have to recheck your bags if they are all on the same itinerary.

    @ Robbie – You can add the other person as the 2nd guest and have them check in.

    @Vicky – I’d wait a week and see if the money goes back to your card.

    @Raymond – Yes. See this post.

    @ Dennis – It is still benefit of Gold status.

    @Ana – Travel before the expiry date.

    @Prabir Mehta – That sounds true. You could get the business card after 65 days.

    @susan – Unfortunately, I don’t much about the UK market, so I won’t be able to help.

    @ occ – Call Citi and ask them what number they have associated with your account.

    @krista – Depending on where you want to go, you could get cards for Hawaii. Hyatt has hotels in Kauai and Maui. I’d go to the United site and see if you can get award flights to Hawaii. You can also get American Airlines miles and then fly 1 -way using AA miles and 1-way using United miles.

    @Bob Hall – Depends on your goals, but I’d move on to other cards.

    @Bill – You can’t.

    @Jason Wasserburger – You can’t combine United miles and Capital One Venture miles.

    @best_daddy – There are only versions currently available – both are Visas.

    @ Rohan – Check the flight deal for cheap air fares.

    @Carmen B – Perhaps American Airlines and/or United miles would help.

    @ scott – That’s a good idea for a post!

    @ Vicki – Only with very few cards.

    @ Nathan – No, you don’t lose the miles but be careful of the fees on the balance transfers.

    @Kathy – I don’t know of such a site. And very few Visa cards currently work with Bluebird (try Simon Mall cards).

    @ Steve – I’d do it to get the sign-up bonus, but not for regular spending.

  8. Thanks for your reply!

    That’s exactly my purpose for using ChargeSmart.

    To pay off the lease buyout using a CC which the dealership and finance company won’t accept for payment.

    If you play around with the payment numbers, I’ve gotten the charge down close to 2.2%.

    Considering the rewards coming back (think Citi AA Exec :) times two), it seems to be worth the surcharge.

    Not to mention transferring the balance to the $0 fee 0% Slate for 15 months.

    Money in the bank can be used for higher value investments in the meantime, and pay it all off next year!

    Here’s hoping it all works out, thanks to your guidance in the blogs!

  9. Darius, I advised a relative in Canada about your great website & its tips. Do you know of a similar website for citizens of Canada . Thanks.

  10. Greetings Daraius,
    Re: amex MR points. The point value i come up with on the amex site for hotel stays = ~ .007 cents per point. Am I missing something? This seems to be a horrible value considering i value SPG points @ ~ .027 to .03 cents per point. It seems i would enjoy more value shifting MR points to SPG ( even @ 3:1 ). Your thoughts please. Thank you.

  11. Thank you Daraius, with the fee being 3% I should still come out ahead by a decent amount. Plus that hits the spending needed for the US Airways card too. Have a good one.

  12. Daraius,

    I’m worried that I’m getting too much open credit and will eventually be denied. I’ve downgraded many of my cards (Citi Thank you, Citi AA, Chase Sapphire, Chase United & a couple others) in order to avoid annual fees but they are still open with large limits. I just opened my Chase Ink Plus and would like to do the Chase Ink Bold (under my sole proprietorship) and early next year I plan to open two Southwest Airlines cards to make a play at 110,000 SW rapid reward points. I also have British Airways with Chase. Am I running with too much open credit? Should I begin to cancel the $0 annual fee cards that I don’t use and what is the best process to do so? I’ve only kept them open to avoid dinging my score which is in the 770-780 range. Income is $129,000.

  13. Hi Daraius:
    You indicate that BA AVIOS points may be used on partner airlines. (source:
    I tried to do so on the LAN web site for a flight to SCL from SFO and there is no option on the Ticket Purchase screen to use AVIOS points. Did the same on the BA web site and there are not option for using LAN. What I am missing ? Thanks in advance for your response.

  14. Hi Daraius,

    Thanks for the great info here!

    My sister got 3 great targeted AMEX offers which are offering much higher signup bonuses on CCs than standard. She signed up for one but was asking whether AMEX would give her bonus on all three cards(they are gold, everyday, & platinum) if she apply for them in short time.

  15. Hello, is there a website that would show me the best choices for rewards miles between two locations? For instance we are looking to fly from Orlando to Cancun and Delta seems to have the best exchange at 30k points. Especially, for the days we want to fly. Thanks, Ron

  16. Hi, Would you know how one could use Turkish Airline miles on United or any other airline?


  17. Darius, can you tell for what “click through” offers you get a commission? Citibank is claiming I should not get the $100 statement credit for a Hilton stay on my Citi Hilton Reserve, but I clicked through on your link which included that offer, back in early April (to pay my taxes!) I can get the exact date (maybe?) if you need it. Just wondering if this is even possible. Thanks.

  18. Daraius,

    Do you know anything about the PNC Bank visa credit card? Their website offers 50,000 points after spending $750 in the first 3 months. I’d like to know what these points are worth. I don’t see any previous write-up about PNC credit cards on your site.


  19. pinkscarf80

    Darius! Im so confused! please help! I am in Italy right now having our engagement rings made and since my scheduled fllight leaves tomorrow morning, and the rings arent ready, I had to change my ticket to preserve my United miles! I looked up the change fee chart and I have NO IDEA what just happened. I do have the united explorer card but I dont think i have any status. I changed my ticket online from the flight leaving tomorrow morning to a flight leaving in early september, keeping same itinerary. (there was actually a 12 dollar credit) and there was $0 change fee! THEN i went to go change the NEW ticket (not completing the new change..just wanting to see what a fee would look like when I actually did) changed the leaving date to a couple days from now, and even changed the origin/arrival locations and the fee was $50. NO clue whats going on, doesnt seem consistant with the fee chart! seems like if anything the NEW fee should be $0 since it is more than 21 days out till new departure date! any ideas?????

  20. I have a problem and I would like to know if you can help, A friend of mine lost all his amex points last month (800k),
    he stopped paying minimum payment 6k a month) so they canceled account.

    Do you know a way how to retrieve the points?

    I’m willing to pay one minimum payment in order to get this points back.

  21. AnnoyinglyLazy

    I got my Citi Hilton card. How do i get HHonors acct? Call citi or hhonors?


  22. Hi
    I am currently a Marriott Platinum Member and have the Marriott Chase Visa Signature card, I see they are now offering a 70K sign up bonus if I apply for another one(and keep the one I have) and attach my Marriott number will I receive the sign up bonus? Also you get 15 nights credited towards elite status so if I have 2 of the same card will they credit me 30 night?

    Thanks for your help!!

  23. Hi Dariaus,

    A question about shifting credit limits around between different cards from the same bank.

    As far as I can tell from the credit reports I have obtained earlier, the bank reports both the credit limit and the highest balance to the reporting agencies. Suppose I have $5000 as a limit on a card and my highest balance so far has been $2500. What would happen if I move the limit from this card to another, and drop the limit on this card to $2000. Won’t that adversely affect my credit report? Because it will from this point onwards show the credit limit as being lower than the highest balance. From what I see, the credit report doesn’t have a way of showing these ‘changes’, it just shows the stock numbers at a point in time.

    Should I therefore keep the credit limit above the highest balance on that card at any given point in time?

  24. TravelingIsFun

    Looking for some advice here…

    I have the US Airways Barclays card that was available from last year (the 40K, no AF the 1st year) card with the account opened in June of 2013. They offered to waive the fee if I kept the card despite the fact that I had only spent $1 on the card, so I still have this card.

    Tried applying for a 2nd USAir card in June of 2014. However, it was the other version of this card that waived the AF the first year if you had status with the airline. I didn’t have the status but applied any way. A mistake in hindsight for sure. My application was immediately rejected and the reason stated was that I didn’t have the status needed. A letter I later received in the mail did state that no credit bureau was used in making this decision.

    I then tried to apply for this 40K with AF version of the card about a week later. My application for this card was also immediately rejected with the reason being that I had applied for another Barclays product within the last 30 days and was not eligible to apply for another card until after 30 days. I did not receive a rejection letter in the mail for this.

    I waited around 37 days and then reapplied for this card again and received the “under review” notice after submitting my application. Rejection letter came in the mail today with the reason stating “too many recent applications.” I take this to mean too many recent applications with Barclays…because outside of these US Airways applications , I have only applied for 3 cards in the last year and 1 in the last 6 months (data point: was accepted for 2/3 cards and my credit score is around 810). I also say this must mean “too many recent applications” with barclays as well because this letter also said a credit bureau was not used in making this decision, which I found both strange and interesting. Although I’m at least happy that this will not create any hard pull.

    So I tried calling recon and asked if my application could be reconsidered if I agreed to move around some credit. The rep pulled up my info and said he saw that I already had a US Airways card then claimed he wouldn’t be able to push the app through because I already had a similar product and that the Airline mandates only 1 credit card account per social security number.

    Obviously a BS response, because many others have reported having multiple versions of this card on other sites. Any suggestions for calling back again? Obviously, it may come down to luck for a second callback, but I’m just wondering why he would claim that.

  25. Michael Young

    Hi Daraius, if I currently have the “Citi Executive® AAdvantage® World Elite MasterCard®”, can I also sign up for the “Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® World MasterCard®” and get the 50,000 AA miles for meeting the $5,000 MS? Or would I be excluded from that promotion based on my existing Exec World Elite card?


  26. I have a Marriott Rewards Card and have a goal….is it worth it to pay a 3% surcharge fee to pay my monthly rent? $715/$21.45?

  27. My daughter in law and her husband (active military) want to visit the Philippines next year to show their baby to the relatives there. Can you recommend any bloggers who may be familiar with frugal ways to make the trip – best airlines, credit cards to get, etc.

    Thank you so very much!

  28. Do I lose Southwest Rewards points earned if i do a balance transfer to another credit card?

  29. How long should I wait to reapply for the chase sapphire preferred card for those 40,000 points? I just cancelled mine, last month. Thanks, Mario

  30. We had a four leg journey booked with British Airways to Europe using Avios points. We missed the 2nd leg and they canceled the rest of the flights completely without even sending an email to let us know. We were stranded in Europe and they wanted $10,000 to get us home! And they are keeping the miles we used to get the tickets! We ended up paying United Airlines $7,000 to get us home.
    What recourse do I have with British Airways? They said that is normal airline procedure throughout the industry – is that true?

  31. jackie kurtz

    oops, didn’t realize my comment would be public re the AA lounge pass. can you please delete my phone number. thanks. jackie

  32. Your server time ahead and I try to post a comment to win Admiral club membership but it says that its closed. It is still 8:58PM in Chicago.
    My husband got hooked on mile games and spend a lot of time on your website. So, I kind of “sharing” him with you and believe that I deserve to get something back from you:) Thank you for consideration

  33. Hi Daraius,
    I love your blog! Thanks for all the great information. I wonder if you could answer a question. Do gas or tolls ever count as travel expenses when redeeming rewards on any credit card? Thanks again, David

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  35. Hi Daraius,

    I’m not sure if this is the right blog to comment about this topic, but yours is the one that I read the most, so why not.

    This is regarding the new TSA policy concerning the electronics you take with you when flying into the US. Every blog mentions that you should have all of your electronics powered so that the security agent can power them on and see that they are legit. Everybody mentions that it happens before flights from Europe and the Middle East, but it actually happened to me earlier this week when I was flying from Florida into Toronto. They asked me if my phone and laptop can be turned on, and luckily they were, even thought I didn’t think that anyone would ask me this, since I wasn’t traveling from those regions into the US. I must mention, though, that this was after I was marked for secondary inspection (or however you call it), with the SSSS on my boarding pass and the whole pat-down and going through my stuff. I fly a lot, and as an international student in the US under F visa, I’ve been through secondary a few times already in different airports, but was never asked about this issue.

    I hope this is useful information that can prevent other “red flagged” passengers as me from having trouble if they don’t know that their electronics should be charged.


  36. Hi Darius,

    I’ve been reading like a madman but still fairly new to this game and can’t come up with a good decision regarding this. I have about 25,000 elevate points sitting in my account at Virgin America and I am wondering what to do with them since they will expire in september if nothing happens. I was researching ways of getting a qualifying activity and have the chase sapphire preferred card so I can transfer in 1,000 miles but I didn’t want to waste them if I don’t have to. I was planning on using Virgin to to all my domestic flights but realized that they don’t fly to many locations, and after reading your blog post about the southwest companion pass I though it best to use southwest for my domestic flights (flying out of the san francisco bay area in California) because I will almost always be going with my girlfriend and the companion pass is a great value for couples.

    So I either need to transfer these points to another airline I will actually use, or I need to do whatever is minimally impactful on my points/miles/bank account to get a qualifying activity on the account and figure it out later. I’m planning on following your year end strategy for southwest at the end of this year so if I could get a qualifying activity on the account and then transfer them into a southwest account to count towards the companion pass for 2015, that would be ideal.

    What are my options and what do you recommend?

    I appreciate it! Thank you.


  37. Hello Daraius,

    I spend a lot of time in South America and I was wondering if it was possible to get a reasonable one way flight using miles from Iquique, Chile to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I have miles with Mileage Plus, and AAdvantage.

    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions,

  38. Hi Darius,

    On earning your 110k points for the Southwest Companion pass, is the timing of the UR points when you earn them through UR or when you transfer them to Southwest (through Hyatt/Marriot?)

    Example: I sign up for Sapphire or Ink now, earn my bonus through spending and then wait until January to transfer them to Southwest (through Hyatt.) Will my points be counted for 2015 instead of 2014?


  39. Darius, I just tried the Family Dollar approach with my new Serve account you mentioned in the post on 7/3. I live in central Alabama and the way the loads work here is only one $500 load per store. When a second load is tried the system comes back with a FRAUD NOTICE and decline. Driving around to find 5 stores to make a daily $2500 load doesn’t seem to be efficient. I don’t know if your stores in KS/MO work this way but it doesn’t seem to be a very approach by Amex.

    Secondly, I have never had this happen, but my one vanilla gift card of $500 was run at the third store I tired the transaction with declined but my funds were deleted from my card and sent to Incomm but not my Serve account. I went back to the Family Dollar store and they said they couldn’t do anything. I have a review in place with One Vanilla and have left an email notice with Incomm. Any other ideas? Thanks, Craig

  40. Dunkmaestro


    I was wondering what the rules are for getting a Chase bonus a second time for the same card. I got the Sapphire Preferred Card in June 2011. I kept the card for 2 years and cancelled it around July 2013. I recently got a targeted offer for the same card with a 40k bonus in the mail. Think I’m safe to apply for the card again since they mailed me the application and it’s been 3 years since I first got the card? Or would they still deny me since I got the bonus once already? Thanks for the advice and keep up the good work!

  41. Daraius,

    I love your blog and visit it often. Thanks for all the insight on collecting miles and points. I had a question regarding the AMEX SPG credit card. I opened a personal AMEX SPG card back in February and received my activation bonus, I met the spending requirement back in April and I have yet to see my additional 15,000 point bonus. Does AMEX typically take this long to provide the SPG spending bonus?

  42. I am getting married in September & the reception hall is kind enough to let me charge the full amount on any of my credit cards. I have already gone through opening 2-3 cards every 91+ days over the past 12 months & met all minimum spending requirements, my question is what would your experience/advice me on negotiating miles/points bonuses for one-off large purchases? I am expecting $15-20k for the total bill, i have the credit limits, just want to see if I can get a bonus ontop of my normal points earnings!

    Thanks so much for your help, your blog has been a great help in planning our miles & points paid honeymoon to Asia & Australia!

  43. Michael Young

    Daraius, to my above question… I wanted to add that I had a “Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® Visa® Signature” that was approved in March 2013 and cancelled in October 2013. This card came with a 30,000 mile bonus for $3,000 MS. So my question still is if I can now get the “Citi® Platinum Select® AAdvantage® World MasterCard®” and get the 50,000 AA miles for meeting the $5,000 MS?

    Sorry for the complicated posts…!


  44. Hi Darius,
    I just applied for the US Bank Club Carlson Premier and was denied due to having too many applications for Visa’s/MC’s on my credit report from the agency they pulled from. Also said my credit score was more than high enough to qualify. They wouldn’t reconsider because “it’s a credit agency problem” and said to the call all the credit agencies…

    How long do applications last on credit reports? In the last 11 months I got 4 cards, 3 of which were Visa/MC. Any tips for getting this card?


  45. i have both the chase ink bold and plus cards. i’d applied for the bold first and then the plus 2 months later. the bold had the usual 50,000 points bonus; the plus had the 60,000 bonus.

    at some points when they’re up for renewal early next year, i don’t want to keep them and pay two $95 renewal fees. my question is … which one should i keep? other than the pay full at end of month (bold) versus paid over time (plus), both have the same benefits, as far as i know. any ideas/recommendations?

    on a similar line, other than the higher credit limits, is there any pros to keeping my my sapphire preferred?

    any comments appreciated.

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  47. Hi Darius,

    Thanks for providing us with such helpful information and being so honest.

    I have well over a million miles on us airways. Is there another means of using the points other than booking airline tickets within their new alliance
    such as shopping portals?

    Thanks for your help.

  48. Hi Daraius, Which card is better for everyday spend (non bonus categories) if I’m spending about $20k a year. The Citi Reserve HHonors card or the Amex SPG card? Which is more valuable, a weekend night at Hilton and 60000 HHonors points or simply 20000 SPG points?

  49. Hi Darius
    I have a question about purchases made with Chase Ink Card to meet the $5000 spending required in first 3 months to get bonus miles. Fine print says purchases must be made in an approved “merchant category” – I’m planning to purchase a new computer for my business, but it appears that this purchase will not count toward miles unless I buy at a big box Office Supply store. I would prefer to purchase at my local Apple store. Am I correct that if I buy it at Apple, I will not receive credit toward my bonus miles?

    Thanks! Debra

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