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  1. My parents are in an assisted living home, and there’s a whopper of a bill every month. I’m trying to figure out how best to pay this and earn miles in the process, and the home won’t take credit cards. What would you recommend? Are you aware of any credit cards that give miles for convenience checks? Thanks — I’ve learned so much from your site, I’ve traveled more, and I’m eager to figure out ways to maximize this monthly spending.

  2. Merrilee Mullen

    Hello, I’ve become a fan of your website, and have never used credit cards to travel. Recently based on your advice, my husband and I each opened up the Capital One venture card for 40,000 miles each in first 3 months and the Chase United Explorer Mileage plus Explorer card for 50,000 in first 3 months.

    When I was looking up the number of rewards points from United for a RT, first class ticket to Maui, it stated 90,000 miles, if I read it correctly. I also noted that as of March 2015, United was going to the system of rewards points of 10,000 point for every $100 of the airline ticket. Am I correct so far??

    It seems like this is unusual because most our cards I have looked at already use the reward for 10,000 for $100 system. If this is correct I did not fully understand that. We were planning on transferring the 80,000 miles from Capital One to United. That’s a separate question, because I don’t know how to do that. If my understanding is correct so far, then when I transfer those points from Capital One to the United ticket. Will they be at the rewards rate of 10,000/$100? When I checked a First class ticket to Maui was about 1700. That would be 170,000 miles per ticket, correct? But if the exchange rate of the United Points alone is still calculated the same, then their points for a FC, RT ticket is 90,000 points.
    So originally, in my thinking, I was planning on moving the 80,000 Capital one points to United and adding in their 100,000 point to equal 180,000 which would give us enough points for 2 first class RT tickets to Maui. But I’m getting a bad feeling that is not how it works. Our trip is planned for April of 2015.
    We would love your help in understanding better how this works, and if possible, how to get enough points. Thank you

  3. Hello, Soon I am going to request flights ORD to LHR then BCN to ORD on United. I am now interested in adding ORD to AUA as a free one-way, but United is requesting 65K miles instead of 60K. I was wondering how I can tell where the additional 5K miles came in at? Thanks so much for you help. Diane

  4. Marriott Marty

    D- I am looking at doing a Hyatt challenge to get Platinum status [I have Hilton Gold, Club Carlson Gold]
    and reserving 3 rooms with points and cash [12,500 points plus $150/night] with suite upgrades and a 4th regular room. I have a question about the timing of being able to use three of the four suite upgrades. If I do the platinum challenge now and reserve for next August 2015 [when I will not be platinum at that time] will I still be able to make the reservation for and use the Suite upgrades? or will I have to do the status match within 90 days of the stay and hope the Suite upgrades are still available? Alternatively, I have a brother who will be going who has Platinum status, but would need to transfer over 200,000 UR to his account [same last name] and was wondering it that was doable without effecting my UR account… Any thoughts are much appreciated

  5. Can you deposit a check onto your vanilla visa through the ATM and. What atms

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