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  1. Hello

    Thank you for constantly useful information. I have some info to share with u. I discovered that when u shop on Amazon with ur Freedom card, even u return the items, u still get the extra 4% of ultimate rewards. In my case I bought item A and B, with the prices of 10$ and 20$. So freedom charged me 30$. nothing fancy. I returned only A, so I got 10$ back. but total points I got were 30×5 -10×1 = 140 points. Chase can minus only 1% coz Chase cannot track whether the item I returned was purchased in Q4 or not. Hope u find this info useful. That means folks can buy 1500$ at amazon and return to get extra 4% from this quarter. But I won’t recommend to do this. I think decent ppl return stuffs when they don’t like or there r defects.

  2. I love what you do. I come back often to see if there is anything on the market that I can grab and use for free travel.
    I am a beginner blogger. I am working on my new independent website, not associated with the above My blog is about travel destinations but I would like to include one page on travelling for free. I am travelling for free for almost six years now. I am not an expert like you, but I do well for my needs. On my page, I want to write how I am doing it, how much time I am spending on it etc. It is intended for people who do not use loyalty programs and are afraid to use credit cards. I want to write about my favorite loyalty programs and credit cards. But I am green about what I am allowed to do as far as putting links on my page. I do not want to break any rules, written or unwritten. For example, I would like to include link to your blog for these people who want to check on latest offers. Do I need your permission? How about hotels and credit cards, do I need to ask anyone if it is ok? I am thinking not, but I want to make sure. On the other hand, when my page is up and running could I try to get any $ for advertising credit cards and hotels? Is it the same as AdSense or is it a different approach? I would appreciate your advice. Yvonne

  3. Hi Darius!

    My partner and I are planning on booking an award trip from Boston, MA to Anchorage, AK summer 2015 with our Delta miles. Given Delta’s proposed changes to their award program in 2015, do you recommend that we book the ticket before the end of 2014 or wait until program changes take place in 2015? We currently each have roughly 55,000 Delta miles and the ticket price is roughly 52,000 miles.


  4. Hi Darius,

    Thanks for doing all you do :) I am fairly new to all this. I discovered your site last christmas and applied for the Chase Freedom and Sapphire Preferred cards to start. Over the past year I have managed to get almost 100,000 UR points. Can I use these Chase UR points to fly on American Airlines? I know that United is a direct transfer partner for Chase UR, but I don’t see American or US Airways?


  5. Darius,
    Thanks so much for your response. I just applied for the Amex Business Gold Card with the 75,000 bonus points after I spend 2,000 in the first 3 months offer and was immediately approved. Your blog is unbelievable. I just started the points game late this year and has;

    – Chase Ink Cash = 20,000 reward points
    – Chase Ink Plus = 70,000 reward points
    -Amex Bus. Gold = 75,000 reward points

    I am so excited I am besides myself. For next year, I have to pay over $10,000 in taxes again. What cards would you recommend with high points for me to apply to? As always, I appreciate your help.


  6. Hi Darius & Emily,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my previous question. I need help figuring out which cards or combination of cards to apply to for a trip in the fall of 2015 to either Japan or Prague (leaning towards Japan). This is my first shot at an AOR and I’m looking to fly AA or partner, I want to go in first class (hopefully not too ambitious for my first outing) which I figured at around 125K-130K miles RT if I read the charts right. Here is what I have researched so far on here and hope you guys can help fill in the blanks. On a side note, business cards are probably not an option for me as I don’t have one or plan any in the near future.

    I have 17K on Hawaiian that I believe I can combine with the 6K I currently have on AA. I know, not a whole lot :-)

    Apply for
    Citi Platinum 50K – 3 days later Citi Gold MC 30K, according to your post if this still applies?
    Barclays Hawaiian 30K – combine with AA
    B of A Alaska 25K – combine with AA
    SPG 25K – transfer to AA 1:1

    US Airways 40K – combine with AA when accts merge 2nd quarter next year, although not sure I can get to use them in time for Sept travel since I most likely have to find an award seat much sooner than 2nd quarter?

    I’m avoiding applying for British Airways because of the high surcharges when used for international travel, if I understood your post correctly?

    Thanks again guys for all you do. Your blog is what gives me inspiration for “Big Travel, Small Money” 


  7. Hello Darius,
    Chase ultimate rewards web changed and they don´t offer anymore the great deals for car rental. Do you know any other place for similar rates?
    Thank you

  8. Hi Darius
    My finance is in south Africa on contract work. He withdrew money from his American Express Western Union card and now it has been blocked which has caused untold problem. He phoned them and advised that that it was he himself using the card and it was not fraud but they won’t unblock it until he goes back to America and visits their office personally. What options does he have to get his card unblocked. Can you please advise

    Thanks for any help you can give him


  9. Hi Daraius,
    Thanks for all you do. My question is I currently have Air Tran personal and business card due to expire April next year, have these for 1 1/2 years now. How or in what order would you cancel these so to apply for both Southwest cards? what order to apply, business or personal and how soon after cancelling? Thank you for your help. Tony

  10. Will like to share a new offer by Softcard

    Please share this with all the friends.. :)

  11. @mia – Thanks for reading! Once you’ve transferred miles into your frequent flyer account, they should be safe, and banks usually don’t take them back You might want to complete the minimum spending anyway. Here are ideas:

    @daniel – You can use Ritz-Carlton points at Marriott. You can find hotel award charts (including Marriott) here:

    @AC – You’re welcome. To see when it’s posted you can always subscribe to my email updates, or Facebook: or Twitter: or RSS:

    @Lydia – Here are my favorite cards: You might 1st consider the cards listed as My Favorite Deals. Skip the Citi American Airlines cards if you only recently canceled them. If you’re interested in domestic travel with a partner, the Southwest cards currently have a great deal because you can earn a Companion Pass. You can read more here: The AMEX Starwood cards (personal & business) can get you a lot of airline miles because whenever you transfer 20,000 Starwood points to airlines, you get a 5,000 mile bonus. Or the Barclays US Air card which will soon be discontinued.

    @s c pruett – Here are my thoughts about paying taxes with miles & points credit cards: You will be charged a fee, but could be worth it for the miles.

    @VictorV – I agree with you – I wouldn’t recommend doing that! But it’s interesting to know!

    @Yvonne Jasinski – Good luck with your blog! You’re allowed to link to any other site that you like. So thank you for linking to me! If you are receiving a commission from credit card companies, they will tell you their rules for linking. You can see more information here:

    @Emily – Delta is changing how you earn miles from flying. They haven’t announced a change in how you USE miles. That said, if you can find flights which you like, I’d book it now!

    @valby – Here is more information about transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points: Chase points do not transfer to American Airlines or US Airways. But they do transfer to British Airways. You can use those British Airways points to fly on American Airlines flights (within the US), the best deals being short domestic flights: You can also transfer them to United for flights. I wouldn’t transfer them to any airline unless you find flights to book, because you don’t get your miles back after transferring.

  12. Has anyone ever had luck getting Chase to move the closing date / payment date – in my case earlier than scheduled?
    Had signed up for SW Premier earlier in year. When Chase offered the 50K cards again this month, applied for the Plus and was approved but closing date is 7 days into 2015. Tried contacting them on secure email but was denied.

  13. Hi Darius, Thanks for all your useful advice. I am about to cancel an AMEX card due to a huge annual fee. I have 81,000 points I need to transfer. Since I live in Eugene, my airline choices are limited. I could go with Star Alliance ANA or Krisflier or Frontier. It appears that Frontier has limited options. When I check ANA, their website is very confusing. Kris Flier doesn’t want to let me input EUG as a starting point. Were I to transfer to either ANA or Kris, would I be able to call those airlines to book United flights? My general routing would be EUG-LGA and I sometimes go to AUS. I have no great use for overseas miles at this time.

  14. Hi Daraius & Emily,

    Have you ever thought about using your points and miles to travel on a cruise ship? I would love to do an antarctica cruise in the next year or two. Any thought’s on how to use points and miles to make it happen?

  15. Hi Darius,

    I’m new to the whole miles/points game and really enjoy your blog and the useful information provided constantly. I wanted to ask you about an entry you did some months back regarding being able to book delta flights via korean air after transferring points over. My question is this. You indicated that if you’re able to find saver rewards on delta then you could call korean and book (possible for business or first with 45K roundtrip). That being said, it looks like delta has either made site changes or I’m just doing something wrong. How do I determine if the reward flight that pulls up on my delta search is a saver award? There used to be an aware calendar with a legend that indicated this, but I’m no longer seeing this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Hi Darius,

    I have followed your column for some time and found it to be very instructive. One area though – credit card cancellation, to use your terminology – can be viewed quite differently. When one subscribes to a magazine, for example, the term is stated and after that term is over the subscriber has the option to renew or not to renew the subscription. So it is with a credit card. I simple tell the issuer that “I choose not to renew the card”. That’s it. I have never “cancelled” a credit card and I’ve had quite a few over the years, maybe even more than you or Emily. I can’t say if my method of non-renewal has the same impact as cancellation, but I can tell you that my credit score was about 725 when I started this game 6 or 7 years and it peaked last month at 805. Go Figure!

  17. Hi Darius,

    I am trying to book honeymoon flights for my fiance and I to Europe next fall in economy class using United Miles. We both have 60,000 miles and I wanted to take advantage of the 1 stopover and 2 open jaws. Unfortunately, the website gives me an error and I had to call technical support. They said I cannot do this, only 1 stopover and 1 open jaw, even though I quoted the rules on the United website ( They were able to price out a 1 stopover and 1 open jaw online even though I still got an error trying to do that myself online. Do you have any advice? Is it possible they took 1 stopover away? Any advice with the United booking engine?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

  18. We have about 700,000 Ult Rewards points we’ve accrued over several years. We leave them in our Ult Rewards account because we don’t have immediate plans for them. We are worried about an unknown terms-and-conditions change suddenly devaluing them without notice. Is there a way to stay up on such changes before they go into effect? I’m sure the card companies send something out but I tend to skip the boilerplate reading.

    Also, is it true that multiple card applications on the same day show up as one pull on your credit report?


  19. I’m curious to know if you continue using/charging a card once you meet the minimum spending requirement? Or do you keep signing up for new card(s)? The reason I ask is because we have so much expenses that we could easily meet the minimum requirements on 2-3 cards every month, so was wondering whether we should take advantage of all the sign-up bonuses while we can… or is it detrimental to sign up for 20+ cards in a year?

  20. Hi Darius,

    I thought I had posted this question, however I can’t find it or a response, so I will post again. I recently applied for a Southwest Business and Personal card in the same day, however was approved for one (business) and declined for personal due to applying for two many Chase cards in a certain frame. My goal is to have both so I can earn enough points to obtain a Companion Pass, however now I’m concerned that I have ruined my chances. Any recommendations? How long should I wait to apply again for the personal and how should I time closing down one of my four cards to make room for the new card should I be approved?


  21. I recently started reading your blog and have learned so much! I am trying to get the companion pass for 2015 and am concerned about the timing with the billing cycles. I opened my first account 11/14/14. I have charged about $600 and now realize I should have waited. If my payment is due on December 22nd, will the purchases I make after the close of this billing cycle post in January and count for the bonus and also as points earned in 2015 even though the purchases were made in December 2014? It’s going to be a struggle to spend enough to obtain the 10,000 points I will still need if the 2000 aren’t going to count in 2015. ( I know what I have spent won’t count). Thank you for all the tips!!!! I was approved for the business card but have not received that one yet.

  22. Hi, do you know any hyatt hotels in the U.S. that have a private hot tub/jacuzzi in the room or suite (using diamond suite upgrades)?

  23. Hi Daraius,

    I’m thinking about traveling to Norway with my wife either in a year or two (before end of 2016). Based on the knowledge that we have now, what is the best one card (or two) to earn mileage for such travel? Thanks, Gene.

  24. Hi. Don’t have either the Chase Sapphire Preferred card or Freedom card. I have 3 other Chase cards that I got over the last 3 months. I am looking to get both the CSP and Freedom cards in the future, however I am not sure the best way to do so. I know that you must have the CSP card in order to accumulate points with the Freedom card instead of cash back. My question is this: Can I go ahead and get the Freedom card before the CSP card, accumulate the sign-up bonus, then transfer the points over to the CSP account when I get the CSP later? Or do I have to get the CSP card first, establish an Ultimate Rewards account, THEN get the Freedom card for the sign-up bonus to be in points rather than cash back?

  25. @AlanL – If you’re trying to time your Companion Pass, this post will help you: Otherwise, try calling a different agent to explain why you’d like to change your statement date. Chase representatives usually give good customer service.

    @Bruce – I’d suggest you do something else entirely! Because once you transfer your American Express Membership Rewards points to an airline, they are no longer flexible. So you can 1st apply and get approved for the AMEX EveryDay card (no annual fee). Then after you’re approved, you can cancel your other AMEX card. That way you’ll keep all your American Express Membership Rewards points and the flexibility that comes with them. You can find the AMEX EveryDay Card with a link to my review here: Remember, when using Singapore Krisflyer miles to fly on United Airlines you’ll pay taxes and fees that might not be worth it for domestic coach flights. To book partner awards you have to call Singapore Airlines at 800-742-3333. If you’re looking for United Airlines flights out of Eugene, you might consider collecting Chase Ultimate Rewards points that transfer. For that I’d recommend starting with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Another option is to get a straight cash discount on any flight on any airline you want out of Eugene. The Sapphire Preferred is good for that as is the Barclaycard Arrival Plus ($400+ off your flights). Both cards are here:

    @Abby E – This post will help you use points toward your cruise: You could also use the Barclaycard Arrival Plus sign-up bonus to get $400+ off your cruise, then earn 2.2% back on all cruising expenses.

    @Ryan – Delta has redesigned their site. The calendar shows you the number of miles your flight will cost. The lowest priced dates are shown in orange text. You can adjust the calendar to show Economy or First Class.

    @James Umlauf – Choosing not to the renew the card is the same as canceling, just a different wording. :) And congratulations on keeping a great credit score!

    @Thomas – You might find my series on booking United Airlines award flights helpful: Or you can use an Award Booking service to help you get the most from your miles: Enjoy your European honeymoon! You might get some ideas from my honeymoon with Emily in Paris!

  26. gautam sundararajan


    I am trying to go IAD -MAA via Frankfurt and even though United has almost the full cabin in business and first empty they haven’t opened to saver awards

    Similarly the EWR-BOM flights are also not showijng up for saver awards

    I am looking around 12/31- do you think this will change?

  27. Greetings Daraius,

    I opened both ( business and personal ) SPG Amex for the point bonanza! With respect to credit score ( or other consequences ), which of the two would be best to keep at the point of renewal? Thank you for your insight and guidance.

  28. Hello Darius,

    exactly how do i go about trying to book trip from Florida to hawaii. I can transfer ultimate rewards points to Korean air to go on Hawaiian airlines or alaska airlines. could get to west coast if needed on southwest.

  29. Hi. I don’t have either the Chase Sapphire Preferred card or Freedom card. I have 3 other Chase cards that I got over the last 3 months. I am looking to get both the CSP and Freedom cards in the future, however I am not sure the best way to do so. I know that you must have the CSP card in order to accumulate points with the Freedom card instead of cash back. My question is this: Can I go ahead and get the Freedom card before the CSP card, accumulate the sign-up bonus, then transfer the points over to the CSP account when I get the CSP later? Or do I have to get the CSP card first, establish an Ultimate Rewards account, THEN get the Freedom card for the sign-up bonus to be in points rather than cash back?

  30. Amable John Aguiluz XIII

    Hello Emily,

    John here, one of the winners for FTU in DC. Please inform me of what the next step is to claim the prizes. Also? I’m still an amateur at point/mile utilization, so could you please give me advise on how to get a last minute flight on points/miles to and from DC? Also, I noticed that the rooms for the Hyatt CC are $129 now. It’s still the 19th so they still should be able to honor $99 that was stated on MMS. I don’t think just points are worth doing so what do you think about cash and points for this? Or pay up the $99/night? Also, I’ve only been to DC once or twice with family so never needed to worry about transportation. Could you give me pointers on the most efficient way to get around from tour sites and the hotel? Thanks again and see you both soon.

  31. Hi guys!

    I was wondering if you had any experience with the SQ waitlist. Looking to take the FRA-JFK A380 route this summer on a couple one-way saver awards in First, but saw that these were waitlisted. Would really like to cap off the trip with this, but don’t want to be left empty handed. From what I’ve read so far, there doesn’t seem to be any trend, although I have seen that almost all Suites awards end up clearing.


  32. I used SW credit card to travel free. I have cancelled my credit cards this month. Can I apply for new SW cards now or do I need to wait so that I can get 50K points? Someone told me that there is 1 year cool off period. Is it true?any workaround?

  33. I just purchased an airline ticket with my Ultimate Rewards points. I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I would like to close my account now since my annual fee is due. Can I do that without it affecting the flight I’ve booked but haven’t flown yet? Thank you!

  34. Daraius-

    Would love to be considered for the interview series. Check out my blog at



  35. Hi, I read your post on Choice Hotels and shopped for a hotel in Dublin Ireland. The Choice website for a room with free cancellation was 120 euro. On Kayak, the same hotel/room/cancellation policy was $107. Obviously it is less expensive on Kayak BUT your post stated they had to be in the same currency. Does this apply even when the difference is obvious regardless of exchange rates? Thank you.

  36. Just so you know I spaced out applications by 3 months and now have AeroMexico, LanPass, & Avianca cards from USBank!

  37. Stephen Baldwin

    I had the American Airlines MC and cancelled it over 2 years ago. Do you know if I apply for a new one that I will be able to get the bonus miles? What is the general rule on this.

  38. Hi Daraius-

    I write about early retirement, budgeting, and how I use points to save money on travel for my family. I would like to be considered for your interview series. Thanks!

  39. Hi Darius,
    With about 5 weeks left in 2014, I find myself about 7500 miles short of Silver Premier status on United Mileage Plus.
    Do you have any suggestions on the most inexpensive way to get the needed premier qualifying miles?

  40. Painted myself into a corner based on some misinformation from Barclay Re Arrival Plus card. I am about i month from the annual fee ($89) being charged to my card. I have used the majority of my points on a recent trip to the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas. A couple of things I felt would be covered as “travel” (Vegas Shows) were not so I have a pool of 14000 unused points. I was originally told twice online by Barclay’s I could downgrade to NO Fee card and keep my 14k points. But when I actually tried I was told that is not possible! So my choices are to pay the $89 to keep the points since I have no travel planned this month. Or I could redeeem the points at the 50% evaluation (14000=$70). From what I can see Barclay offers NO point bonus on anniversary so the $89 is not offset in anyway. My other regular card is a Capital One which I plan to keep. Do you have any ‘solutions’ to how I could get the full travel value for my points without actually traveling? Is the Barclay card worth keeping since there is no offset of the Annual Fee? Thoughts

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