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Secret Way for Free Uber Rides With Arrival Plus Miles

Did you know there’s a way to use the rewards you earn from the Barclaycard Arrival Plus for Uber rides under $100?

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus is a travel credit card, with a sign-up bonus worth ~$525 toward travel.  But a major restriction is you can only redeem your rewards for travel purchases of at least $100.

But folks have figured out a way to redeem their Barclaycard Arrival Plus miles for inexpensive Uber rides by purchasing $100+ Uber gift cards through the United MileagePlus X app.

Arrival Plus For Uber

Use Your Barclaycard Arrival Plus Miles for Uber Rides Under $100 With This Simple Trick!

I’ll show you how you can do it, too!

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Quickly Calculate Foreign Exchange Conversion With XE Currency App

Folks who travel internationally often do quick math when exchanging currencies.  Or while using US dollars to purchase an item that’s listed in the local currency.

But instead of worrying about currency conversions on vacation, you can use a terrific free app called XE Currency, which does the math for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

The app includes live exchange rates for 180+ currencies throughout the world.  So you’ll be covered no matter where you’re traveling!

XE Currency Exchange App

With Live Exchange Rates, the XE Currency App Will Show You the Most Accurate Foreign Exchange Information

I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to use the XE Currency Exchange app!

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Get Free In-Flight Wi-Fi With the Business Platinum Card

Paying for in-flight Wi-Fi with certain airlines can be expensive.

That’s why I’m excited to have 10 free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi passes each year with The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN.

This perk can be a great way to save money!  And it’s an exclusive benefit of the Business Platinum card.  It’s not available for folks with the personal AMEX Platinum.

Gogo WiFi Passes American Express Business Platinum

You Can Save Money on In-Flight Wi-Fi Purchases by Using the AMEX Business Platinum Free Gogo Wi-Fi Passes on Eligible Airlines!

I’ll show AMEX Business Platinum cardholders how to load free Gogo Wi-Fi passes!

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Book Virgin America Awards With Alaska Airlines Miles!

If you have Virgin America points, you now have more opportunities to get excellent value from your rewards!

Via One Mile at a Time, you can now book Virgin America award flights with Alaska Airlines miles!  This is a big deal, because folks with Virgin America points can now redeem their points with 2 very different “award charts”.

Book Virgin America Awards With Alaska Airlines Miles

You Now Have 2 Options for Redeeming Your Virgin America Points!

I’ll help you decide if booking Virgin America award flights with Alaska Airlines miles makes sense for you!

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Organize Your Travel Details for Free With the TripCase App

If you want your trip details like confirmation numbers and car rental information all in one place, you’ll love this travel app!

TripCase is a website and free travel app for iPhone and Android that helps you organize your travel plans.  And it works very well!

TripCase App

TravelCase Will Pull Your Travel Plans in One Place and Present Them in a Simple Way

I’ll share my review of the TripCase app.  And why it could be valuable to you!

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Keep in Touch for Free on Alaska Airlines Flights!

Do you find it hard to disconnect from your family and friends when you board a flight?  Alaska Airlines is working to solve that problem!

Via One Mile at a Time, Alaska Airlines now offers FREE in-flight messaging on all their Gogo Wi-Fi-enabled flights.  And this appears to be a permanent feature!

Keep In Touch For Free On Alaska Airlines Flights

Alaska Airlines Is Giving You Less Reason to Stay on the Ground

I’ll share details about this new perk from Alaska Airlines!

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How to Get Free Premium Wi-Fi at Starwood Hotels

During my stay at the Sheraton San Diego during FinCon 2016, I took advantage of free premium Wi-Fi in my room thanks to my Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express.

You can get faster Wi-Fi when you stay at Starwood hotels if you have the AMEX Starwood personal OR small business card.  In my case, the premium speeds were more than TWICE the regular in-room Wi-Fi speed!

Sheraton Free WiFi

Folks With an AMEX Starwood Personal or Small Business Card Can Enjoy Faster Wi-Fi at Most Starwood Hotels

Here’s how I got Sheraton free Wi-Fi!

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Use Boingo Wi-Finder to Find & Connect to Over a Million Wi-Fi Hotspots

I’ve written how folks with certain AMEX credit cards can save money with a free Boingo Wi-Fi membership!

Having access to high-speed internet at airports and hotels can make your travel experience more enjoyable.

That’s why using Boingo Wi-Finder with your laptop or mobile device can come in handy!  Because you can quickly find one of the million Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots.

BOINGO Airport Wi Fi

With Boingo Wi-Finder, You’ll Be Able to Quickly Find and Connect to Over a Million Wi-Fi Hotspots Throughout the World!

I’ll show you how to use Boingo Wi-Finder to connect to airport Wi-Fi!

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Prevent Your Alaska or Hawaiian Miles From Expiring With the Frequent Flyer App

If you collect Alaska Airlines or Hawaiian Airlines miles, there’s a new way to keep your miles from expiring with no effort!  Frequent Flyer is an app for iOS or Android that earns you points in return for sharing your location.  Then, you can redeem them for miles!

However, it can take 5+ months to earn 100 miles.  

You can also complete surveys or refer your friends to speed up the process.  If you don’t mind having the app on your phone, it’s an easy way to reset the clock and keep your miles active without flying.

Frequent Flyer App

The Frequent Flyer App Is an Easy Way to Keep Your Alaska or Hawaiian Mileage Account Active, in Exchange for Sharing Your Location

I’ll show you how it works!

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Travel Tip: Listen to Muted TV in Airports, Restaurants With This App!

Ever find yourself stuck in an airport or loud restaurant, staring at a muted TV?  It’s frustrating not being able to hear the audio, especially if there’s breaking news or a sports game you want to watch.

Tunity is a free app that lets you listen to live TV even if the television itself is muted.  You can scan the TV through the app, and it streams the audio directly to your phone.  It’s useful in any public space.


Tunity Is an App That Lets You Scan a Muted TV and Stream the Audio Through Your Phone

I’ll show you how it works!

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