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Earn a Southwest Companion Pass by Donating to Charity!

I wrote about the 1-800-Flowers Southwest point promotion, and how you could get 1,500 Southwest points for every order of ~$30 or more.

While the promotion has expired, it usually returns a few times a year.

I placed several orders to see how long it took for the bonus points to post to my account.  Then, I decided to take the experiment a step further to try to get a Companion Pass before the end of 2014.

Similar to Frequent Miler, Emily and I worked with a local charity to help feed the hungry.  We ordered sweets, cookies, and pies to distribute to the homeless in Austin over the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Earn A Southwest Companion Pass By Donating To Charity

Help Those Less Fortunate Over the Holidays AND Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

This deal takes some effort and coordination, but I think it’s worth it!

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Can You Earn the Southwest Companion Pass by Ordering Flowers and Gifts?

I’ve written that the easiest way to earn the Southwest Companion Pass is by applying for 2 Chase Southwest credit cards with the 50,000 point sign-up bonus.

But did you know there could be another way to earn the Companion Pass by ordering flowers and gifts from 1-800-Flowers?

1-800-Flowers ran a promotion where you could earn 1,500 bonus Southwest points per order of ~$30 or more.  If you made 74 orders, you’d get the 110,000 points needed to earn the Companion Pass – assuming the points count!

Can You Earn The Southwest Companion Pass By Ordering Flowers And Gifts

You Could Earn 1,500 Southwest Points per Order at 1-800-Flowers, but Will They Count Towards the Companion Pass?

I decided to run some experiments to see if this is a good way to earn the Companion Pass!  The promotion has since expired, but I’ll tell you what happened for the next time they have this deal!

Frequent Miler also ran similar experiments so check out his posts on this as well!

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News You Can Use – 2,000 Southwest Bonus Points, Free Internet at Starwood Hotels, and More!

1.    2,000 Southwest Bonus Points for Cardholders

Via Miles to Memories, you can earn up to 2,000 Southwest points with the Southwest Dining program.  To get the bonus you must be a Chase Southwest Premier or Plus cardholder.

News You Can Use 2,000 Southwest Bonus Points Free Internet At Starwood Hotels And More

Eat and Earn Southwest Points!

Note:   An email was sent to targeted Southwest cardholders.  That said, you may be able to take advantage of this offer even if you didn’t receive the email.

Here’s how it works:

Earn 1,000 Southwest Points
  • Register your Southwest card with the Southwest dining program by January 15, 2015.
  • Spend $25 at a participating restaurant, night club, or bar within 30 days
  • Write a review within 30 days
Earn Another 1,000 Southwest Points
  • Spend money at participating restaurants or through the Southwest shopping portal and Southwest will double the points you earn up to 500 points.  Your purchases must be made by January 15, 2015.

2.   Free Internet at Starwood Hotels

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AMEX Offers: Get $50 From Virgin America, $25 From Verizon FiOS

Did you know you can get additional discounts when you have an AMEX card?

Here are the latest AMEX Offers from Virgin America and Verizon FiOS.

AMEX Offers Get 50 From Virgin America 25 From Verizon FiOS

Choose Virgin America for Your Next Flight and Save $50

New to AMEX Offers?  Here’s how to find your AMEX Offers or how to sign-up through your Twitter account.

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Get $30 When You Spend $300 at Best Buy (Targeted)

Via Doctor of Credit, you can get a $30 statement credit when you spend $300 at Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile locations, or online by December 31, 2014.

Get 30 When You Spend 300 At Best Buy Targeted

Get $30 When You Spend $300 at Best Buy by December 31, 2014

But you have to be targeted for this offer.  So check your email to see if you received the invitation.

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