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How to Get a Target Prepaid REDcard If It’s Not Available in Your State

Many folks are excited about the American Express Target Prepaid REDcard, which allows you to use a credit card to directly add funds to your account!

Especially because starting April 16, 2015, you’ll only  be able to load AMEX Serve with AMEX credit cards.

However, the Target Prepaid REDcard is only available in certain states.

How To Get A Target Prepaid REDCard If Its Not Available In Your State

So Are You Out of Luck If the AMEX Prepaid REDcard Isn’t Available at Stores in Your State?

I’ll show you how you can still get your hands on the Target Prepaid REDcard!

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AMEX Serve Will No Longer Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover for Credit Card Loads

Loading your AMEX Serve account is about to get less convenient.

Miles to Memories writes, starting April 16, 2015, you’ll no longer be allowed to add funds to AMEX Serve with credit cards from Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or any credit card not issued by American Express.

AMEX Serve Will No Longer Accept MasterCard Visa Discover For Credit Card Loads

This Is Your Last Chance to Load Your Serve Account With Discover, MasterCard, or Visa Credit Cards

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Why the New REDcard Beats Bluebird & Serve!

I’ve written that there will always be different ways to earn miles and points.  And there’s now another prepaid card for folks to try.

Via Frequent Miler, Target and American Express introduced a prepaid card called Target Prepaid REDcard.  It functions much like as Bluebird and Serve, but it’s got an extra feature that lets you earn easy (and free) miles and points!

You can load REDCard directly with a credit card at Target, up to $5,000 per month!

Why The New REDcard Beats Bluebird Serve

Target Prepaid REDcard – Similar to Bluebird and Serve, but You Can Load It Directly With a Miles-and-Points Earning Credit Card!

The Target REDcard is not available in all areas.  But from Frequent Miler’s reports, it could really help folks with meeting minimum spending requirements and earning extra miles and points paying bills you can’t normally pay with a credit card.

That’s because there’s NO extra step of having to buy a gift card 1st (and pay gift card purchase fees), then load it to the card like Bluebird and Serve.  You can add funds DIRECTLY from your credit card!

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News You Can Use – $50 Off to Try Airbnb!, 1,000 Easy Club Carlson Points, Gift Card Deals, & More!

 1.   Save $50 on Your 1st Booking With Airbnb!

You used to save $25 on your 1st stay with Airbnb.  But now you can save $50 with my referral link!  So this is an excellent time to try a stay at cool places like St. Pancras Clocktower Guest Suite in London!

News You Can Use 50 Off To Try Airbnb 1,000 Easy Club Carlson Points Gift Card Deals More

You’ll Never Lose Track of Time in This Guest Suite (Fortunately There Are No Bells!)

This is a fantastic deal!  Where do you plan to stay with this $50 credit? 

Note:  I’m not sure how long this credit will last!

Update:  Thanks to reader HeavenlyJane for pointing out you need to book a stay of $200+ to earn the $50 credit.

2.   1,000 Free Club Carlson Points!

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WilliamPaid Closing, Alternatives to Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

On March 5, 2015, WilliamPaid will stop accepting rent payments.

WilliamPaid Closing Alternatives To Getting Points Paying Rent With Credit Cards

You Will Not Be Able to Use WilliamPaid to Pay Your Rent Starting March 5, 2015

So folks who’ve been using WilliamPaid to pay their rent with credit cards will have to use other options.  I’ll explain!

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