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News You Can Use – Big Travel With New Wyndham Card This Summer?, Frontier $19 Fares (Today Only), & More!

1.   New Wyndham Credit Card Bonuses Could Be Coming This Summer

Last week, I told you about some big changes Wyndham has made to their rewards program.  Starting May 11, 2015, you can book ANY Wyndham hotel for 15,000 points.

And via The Points Guy, the Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards credit card may soon come with a new sign-up bonus!

With the current Barclaycard Wyndham Rewards bonus you’ll be able to get 2 free nights at expensive hotels in places you may not expect like France, Hawaii, and New York City.

Check out my post on the Wyndham Rewards changes for more details on this card.

News You Can Use Big Travel With New Wyndham Card This Summer Frontier 19 Fares Today Only More

For 30,000 Wyndham Points, You Could Stay at the Stylish Dream Hotel Downtown in New York City! This Hotel Can Cost ~$418 per Night!

So I’m looking forward to seeing what a new card offer might entail.  Stay tuned!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we always tell you about the best deals!

2.  Frontier Airlines 1-Way Fares as Low as $19 (Today Only!)

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All Wyndham Hotels Will Soon Cost Only 15,000 Points per Night!

Update:  Thanks to Million Mile Secrets readers for letting me know that the 45,000 point offer for the Barclays Wyndham Rewards card that was available when I posted this is now no longer available.  The best current offer is 30,000 points after completing minimum spending.

There’s great news for folks who use points to book award stays at Wyndham hotels!

Starting May 11, 2015, you’ll be able to book a standard room at ANY Wyndham hotel for 15,000 points per night.  And there are no blackout dates!

This includes their top-tier resorts and certain all-inclusive hotelsThis makes the 45,000 30,000 point sign-up bonus for the Barclays Wyndham Rewards premium card much more enticing!

In the past, Wyndham award nights cost 5,500 to 50,000 points.  But now every hotel will cost the same number of points.

All Wyndham Hotels Will Soon Cost Only 15,000 Points Per Night

Magical Transformation, Indeed! All Wyndham Hotels Will Cost 15,000 Points per Night Starting May 11, 2015

Let’s see how folks can make the most out of Wyndham’s award program changes.

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How to Plan a Terrific Road Trip: Part 2 – Accommodations, Attractions, & Food

While using miles and points for award flights is a great way to get Big Travel with Small Money, there are sights and experiences that can only be had when you’re on a road trip.

It’s the time of year when folks start planning their summer travels, so I’m sharing some tips and tricks to help you save money, time, and earn miles and points when you pack up the car and hit the road!

How To Plan A Terrific Road Trip Part 2 Accommodations Attractions Food

Hitting the Road This Summer? I’ll Show You Ways to Save Money, Time, and Earn the Most Miles and Points!

You can make your road trip a success by using the right tools, credit cards, and award programs.  I’ll show you how!

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News You Can Use – $20 Back on $250 in Visa Gift Cards, 1,000 Easy Hilton Points, $265 Round-Trip to Norway, & More!

1.   Buy $250+ in Visa Gift Cards Get $20 Back (Free Money!)

Frequent Miler writes, you can make money and earn points on Visa gift cards at Staples (in-store only) next week!  Buy $250 or more in Visa Gift cards and you’ll get a $20 rebate (1 per household)!  That’s more than enough to cover the ~$7 in activation fees per card.

News You Can Use 20 Back On 250 In Visa Gift Cards 1,000 Easy Hilton Points 265 Round Trip To Norway More

This Deal Is Good From March 15, 2015, (Sunday) to March 21, 2015!

However, Staples gift cards tend to sell out quickly!

Which cards will give you the most points at Staples?

  • AMEX SimplyCash5% cash back at US office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Bold (no longer available) – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Cash – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores
  • Chase Ink Plus – 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% back) at office supply stores

So if you buy 2 $200 Visa gift cards, you’d pay ~$14 in fees.  But you’d get back a $20 rebate, which gives you a profit of ~$6 ($20 rebate – ~$14 in fees).

Plus you’d earn ~$21 in cash back (~$414 in gift cards and fees X 5% cash back) or ~2,070 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.

You can then load the Visa gift cards to your AMEX Serve or Bluebird account.  Or use the cards at most places where Visa is accepted.

Staples sells Visa gift cards in several different denominations, so do the math to see which combination works best for you!

Note:  This is a $20 rebate, so you’ll have to fill out forms and wait for Staples to mail your $20 gift card.

2.   Get an Easy 1,000 Hilton Points!

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New Visa SavingsEdge App Could Save You Money on Travel

I’ve written about how you can earn statement credits for hotel stays and shopping with Visa SavingsEdge.  But did you know there’s also a free mobile app?

I downloaded the new Visa SavingsEdge app on my phone to see how it works and if it could help you save money!

New Visa SavingsEdge App Could Save You Money On Travel

Find Out If You Should Download the New Visa SavingsEdge App!

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