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Hot! $487+ Round-Trip to Hong Kong From 4 Cities, $310 New York to Paris

Via The Flight Deal, you can fly round-trip in coach from New York to Paris for ~$310 on Norwegian Air.  And round-trip in coach to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, for ~$487 with American Airlines.

I found a flight leaving San Francisco November 3, 2016, and returning from Hong Kong November 10, 2016, for ~$488.  And a flight from New York (JFK) to Paris departing December 4, 2016, and returning December 11, 2016, for ~$325.

The flights to Hong Kong are valid for travel from September 2016 to early January 2017.  And the deal to Paris is good for travel between December 2016 and March 2017.

Hot 487 Round Trip To Hong Kong From 4 Cities 310 New York To Paris

Act Fast and Fly From 4 US Cities to Hong Kong for Cheap!

Here are the details.  And how to search for deals from your city!

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Sweet Spot: British Airways Avios Points to Europe Using Chase & Starwood Points!

Here in the 2nd entry of my Sweet Spot series, I’ll show you how to use fewer miles to get to Europe in coach!  

These tips are especially useful for those of y’all near Boston, Chicago, Fort Myers, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, or Washington, DC.

To make the most of this Sweet Spot, it’s best if you have (or will have!) a collection of any of these points:

  • British Airways Avios
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Starwood
Sweet Spot British Airways Avios Points To Europe Using Chase Starwood Points

You Can Transfer Certain Points to British Airways. And Then Use Those Points to Fly on Aer Lingus to Dublin for Less Points Than With Other Airline Programs!

I’ll show you how and why to transfer points to the British Airways Avios program to get a great deal on coach award flights to Europe!

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Viva Cuba! Part 6 – Where to Stay & How to Book

Emily:  When I learned about America’s more relaxed policy towards travel to Cuba, I jumped at the opportunity!

Cuba has a lot to offer.  My friends and I were drawn to the classic cars, the Art Deco architecture, and, of course, the friendly people!  We also love music and dance, which is one of Cuba’s specialties! Rick Steves recently produced an excellent video on Cuba that’s fun and informative.

The US and Cuba reached an agreement for direct flights.  Flight availability to Cuba from various US airports and search engines is ALWAYS changing, so be sure to try multiple search engines and cities, if possible.  Readers have reported that some flights to Cuba from the US may be opening up.  When I went to Cuba in December 2015, flights were not scheduled yet. My friends and I flew via Cancun, and continued our journey to Havana.

Note:  Regulations surrounding US travel to Cuba are always changing, so make sure you check the current rules before planning your trip.  There are limited opportunities to use miles & points, but you can save some money.  I’ll show you how later in this series!

Viva Cuba Part 6 Where To Stay How To Book

Staying With the Locals Showed Us an Incredible Side to Cuba That I Wouldn’t Pass Up for a Presidential Suite!

My travel partners included many of the same friends who accompanied me to Croatia!

Robbie (pink hair) is a professional dance instructor who teaches salsa, kizomba, and bachata.  Sarita is also a dance teacher, as well as a graphic designer.  Gissell teaches fitness classes and loves rock climbing.

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Super Sale! $293+ Round-Trip to Europe From Many US Cities!

Via The Flight Deal, you can fly round-trip in coach from spots like New York (JFK), Los Angeles, and San Francisco, to European cities like Dublin, Madrid, Paris, and Rome, from ~$293!  On airlines including Delta and American Airlines!

Flights to Dublin are the cheapest.  And it’s worth checking your city to see if it’s included!

I found a flight from Los Angeles to Dublin departing October 23, 2016, and returning October 30, 2016 for ~$382.  And a flight leaving New York (JFK) on March 22, 2017, returning from Dublin March 29, 2017, for ~$294.

These fares are valid September 2016 through March 2017, excluding peak holiday times.

Super Sale 293 Round Trip To Europe From Many US Cities

Get Your Irish On! I Found Flights From a Number of US Cities to Dublin Starting at Just $293 Round-Trip!

Here are the details.  And how to search for deals from your city!

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Won’t Last! $293 to $467 Round-Trip to Sweden From Chicago & Newark

Via The Flight Dealyou can fly from Newark to Gothenburg, Sweden, for just $293 round-trip on United Airlines and partners.  You can depart late August through October 2016.  You can also look for dates March through May 2017.

And fly from Chicago to Stockholm, Sweden, for $467 round-trip departing in October 2016.

I used Google Flights and found flights for ~$305 from New York City area airport Newark to Gothenburg leaving August 29 and returning September 6, 2016.

Won't Last 293 To 467 Round Trip To Sweden From Chicago Newark

Flights to Stockholm, Sweden, and Gothenburg Are on Sale From Chicago & Newark!

Here are the details.  And how to search for deals from your city!

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