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20% Off Uber Rides Worldwide Through April 30, 2016, With This Card

Capital One debit or credit cardholders who are new to Uber can get 2 free rides (up to $30 each).

And everyone (current users and new users) who has the Capital One Quicksilver card or the Capital One QuicksilverOne card gets 20% back on all Uber rides through April 30, 2016! 

20 Off All Uber Rides Worldwide Through April 30, 2016 With This Card

You Can Now Save Money on Uber Rides With the Capital One Quicksilver Card

Find out how this deal works.  And I’ll show you other ways you can save, even if you are NOT a Capital One Quicksilver cardholder!

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Is the Increased Bonus on the AMEX Starwood Card Worth Waiting For?

Million Mile Secrets reader Keith commented with a question about booking rooms for his company.  But the answer could apply to most anybody thinking about applying for the Starwood AMEX card!

Daraius, I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on an application for the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express until the bonus goes up to 30,000 Starwood points again.

I occasionally book blocks of rooms for my company and have an event coming up in a couple of months that will require 25 rooms at ~$100 each at a Sheraton in Dallas.  The meeting rewards, if I understand it correctly, only offer 1 point per $3 spent.

My question is whether I should continue to wait for the bonus to increase by 5,000 points or go ahead and jump on the 25,000 Starwood point bonus offer?

Booking events and meetings at Starwood hotels can be a great way to earn lots of extra Starwood points!  And you’ll earn even more if you pay with the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card.

But even folks who book personal paid stays or events at Starwood hotels should consider the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card, because you’ll earn an extra 2 points per $1 you spend at Starwood hotels.

Is The Increased Bonus On The AMEX Starwood Card Worth Waiting For

Should Keith Sign-Up for the Starwood Preferred Guest AMEX Now, If He Has an Event to Book?

Let’s see if you’ll do better getting the card now with a lower sign-up bonus, or waiting for the 30,000 point offer to come back!

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World Travel 101: Part 9 – Staying Connected

When traveling overseas, your friends and family will want to check-in to be sure you’re safe.  And they’ll want to know all about your trip and (if you’re like me!) you might have some work to do!

World Travel 101: Part 9 Staying Connected

So How Do You Stay Connected Overseas?

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Best of Million Mile Secrets – March 2015

1.   You learned there’s a new prepaid card that’s better than AMEX Bluebird & Serve!

Best Of Million Mile Secrets - March 2015

You Can Load the Target Prepaid REDcard Directly With a Miles or Points Earning Credit Card!

2.   You can get 5 nights and 2 airline tickets to Disney World from 2 cards!

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When You Should (and Should NOT) Use Points for Hotel Stays

Million Mile Secrets reader John commented:

How do you find out if a hotel is worth staying at with points?  And how do you find such great deals?  What time of the year are the rates more expensive?  It seems like every hotel is different.  I am interested in only Hyatt hotels and Starwood hotels.

When You Should And Should NOT Use Points For Hotel Stays

Do You Know When Should You Use Points to Stay at Hotels Like the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa?

John can get Big Travel with Small Money by using points to stay at pricey hotels.  Most hotels use a fixed award chart so John pays the same amount of points all year.

But other hotels like Starwood use a variable chart.  So John will pay a different rate depending on when he books.

John can quickly find award nights at Hyatt and Starwood hotels by using sites like Hotel Hustle and AwardMapper.

And I’ll explain when John might want to save his points and pay with his credit card instead!

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