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Ends Today: Get Almost Free Appliances by Stacking Discounts!

By stacking discounts and cash back with my Chase Freedom card, I was able to get 25 appliances and 2,250 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for a final cost of ~$33.

If you’d like to do the same (with the Freedom or another cash back card), this deal ends November 28, 2014, so you’ll have to act quickly.

Ends Soon Get Almost Free Appliances By Stacking Discounts

Get Small Appliances and Lots of Points From Kohl’s for Almost Free!

I’ll show you how to do the deal!

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News You Can Use – 10,000 Spirit Airlines Miles, 20% Off Hyatt, and More!

1.   10,000 Spirit Airlines Miles

Via Mommy Points, you can get up to 10,000 Spirit Airlines miles when you combine the following 3 promotions.

10,000 Spirit Airlines miles can get you a 2 round-trip off-peak award tickets for flights of 1,249 miles 1-way or less.  So you and your partner could fly from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale for 10,000 Spirit Airlines miles round-trip.

You have to pay for carry-on bags, checked bags, assigned seats, and water, but a free flight could be worth it to some folks.  Although it’s not worth it to me! Continue reading

Confused About Timing Your Spending for the Southwest Companion Pass?

Readers have emailed and commented asking how to time their minimum spending on the Chase Southwest cards to earn the Southwest Companion Pass.

That’s because when you time it right, your Companion Pass is valid for nearly 2 years instead of one!

The Companion Pass is the best deal in domestic travel!  Because your designated companion flies for nearly free with you on all your paid and award flights on Southwest.

Confused About Timing Your Spending For The Southwest Companion Pass

Get the Timing Right to Fly 2-for-1 With the Southwest Companion Pass

The key to earning the required 110,000 points for the Companion Pass are the Southwest credit cards.  And for a limited time, the sign-up bonuses on all 4 cards have been increased to 50,000 points.

Depending on how many Southwest points you’ve already earned in 2014, you’ll want to meet the minimum spending requirements on those cards at different times to make the most of this deal.

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Get Bonus Miles and Points With These Limited Time Offers!

Oh boy!  There are a lot of bonus offers right now.  If you need a few extra points to top-off your hotel or airline frequent traveler accounts, there are some limited time offers you should know about!

Some of these promotions, like the US Airways 100% bonus, could be a very good deal for folks who would have otherwise paid for a Business Class ticket.  In general, I wouldn’t buy points or miles unless you had a very specific need or needed to top-off your account for an award.

Others, like Southwest’s 40% bonus, are only worthwhile if you’re short on points for an award.

You’ll get a bonus or discount when you buy miles or points from:

Get Bonus Miles And Points With These Limited Time Offers

Get a Bonus or Discount on Purchased Miles & Points for a Limited Time

Some of these offers are ending soon.  Let’s see if they’re good deals!

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5,000 IHG Rewards Points ($35) for IHG Hotels Through February 28, 2015!

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IHG Rewards just released their new PointsBreak list for hotel stays through February 28, 2015.  Hotels on the PointBreaks list cost only 5,000 points per night.  IHG hotels usually cost 10,000 to 50,000 points per night.  If the links are not active, please check back again in a few hours.

5,000 IHG Rewards Points 35 For IHG Hotels Through February 28, 2015

You Could Save 5,000 to 45,000 Points on IHG PointBreaks Hotels!

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