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News You Can Use – 2,000 Southwest Bonus Points, Free Internet at Starwood Hotels, and More!

1.    2,000 Southwest Bonus Points for Cardholders

Via Miles to Memories, you can earn up to 2,000 Southwest points with the Southwest Dining program.  To get the bonus you must be a Chase Southwest Premier or Plus cardholder.

News You Can Use 2,000 Southwest Bonus Points Free Internet At Starwood Hotels And More

Eat and Earn Southwest Points!

Note:   An email was sent to targeted Southwest cardholders.  That said, you may be able to take advantage of this offer even if you didn’t receive the email.

Here’s how it works:

Earn 1,000 Southwest Points
  • Register your Southwest card with the Southwest dining program by January 15, 2015.
  • Spend $25 at a participating restaurant, night club, or bar within 30 days
  • Write a review within 30 days
Earn Another 1,000 Southwest Points
  • Spend money at participating restaurants or through the Southwest shopping portal and Southwest will double the points you earn up to 500 points.  Your purchases must be made by January 15, 2015.

2.   Free Internet at Starwood Hotels

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Holiday Gift Idea: Use Miles & Points for Experiences, Exclusive Events, and More!

Most of us like to use our miles and points for travel, but did you know there are ways to redeem them for unique experiences?

I’ve written about using Chase Ultimate Rewards points for activities and experiences.  While you won’t get the most value from your points, if you don’t want to redeem for travel, this could be a good way to use them.

And there are other sites where you can use miles and points for some very interesting adventures (some of which you could never buy outright).  Some charge a flat rate, while others put experiences up for auction and the highest bidder wins.

Holiday Gift Idea Use Miles Points For Experiences Exclusive Events And More

Have a Million Hilton Points to Burn? You Could Be a Formula 1 Driver for a Day!

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for folks who have everything, you might find what you’re looking for using miles and points!

You’ll usually get a better deal by redeeming miles and points for travel.  But if you have a lot of points that are about to expire, or can’t think of any other use for them, this could be an alternative for you.

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Bank of America Virgin Atlantic Increased Bonus Is Back!

For a limited time, Bank of America has increased the sign-up bonus on the Virgin Atlantic card to 70,000 miles.  Plus, you’ll get 5,000 more miles for adding 2 authorized users to your account.

Even though it’s marketed as a 90,000 mile card, you’ll only get the last 15,000 miles on your card anniversary, and only if you spend a lot.  So this is really a 75,000 mile offer!

And you’ll have to spend $12,000 in the 1st 6 months to get the full bonus.  But there are lots of ways to do that!

Bank Of America Virgin Atlantic Increased Bonus Is Back

You’ll Get up to 90,000 Miles With the Increased Virgin Atlantic Sign-Up Bonus

Is it worth meeting such a high minimum spending requirement for this card?  Let’s find out.

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Which Credit Cards Let You Get the Sign-Up Bonus Again?

Million Mile Secrets reader Bryce comments:

I’m wondering about eligibility to get sign-up bonuses again.  If I had a credit card, used it, got the bonus, and canceled the card, is there a possibility to apply for the card again and get the sign-up bonus again?

If so is there a time period you have to wait to apply and get the bonus again?

This is 1 of the most common questions asked by Million Mile Secrets readers.  If you’ve had a credit card in the past, can you re-apply and get the sign-up bonus a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th…) time?

Which Credit Cards Let You Get The Sign Up Bonus Again

Thank You, Come Again! Which Cards Let You Get the Sign-Up Bonus More Than Once?

I wrote several years ago that getting the bonus again depends on the bank that issues the card.  And that’s still true, but the rules have changed!  

The US credit card market is saturated, so banks offer large sign-up bonuses to get you to apply for their cards.  And they hope that you’ll use their cards even after getting the sign-up bonus!

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How to Transfer AMEX Points to Your Spouse Even Though AMEX Says You Can’t!

Million Mile Secrets reader Jeremy emails:

I currently have the regular American Express Blue card.  I have this to preserve my Membership Rewards points.  If my wife gets the American Express EveryDay card, will I be able to transfer my points to her so they can be redeemed for travel?

Until earlier this year, American Express allowed spouses to transfer Membership Rewards points between their accounts.  But they’ve changed the rules, and it’s no longer allowed.

How To Transfer AMEX Points To Your Spouse Even Though AMEX Says You Cant

Sorry, Jeremy. You Can No Longer Transfer Your Membership Rewards Points to Your Wife’s Account

Jeremy’s situation is a little more complicated because his only American Express credit card is the AMEX Blue.  It’s a personal card that earns Membership Rewards points that can NOT be transferred to airline and hotel partners!

But read on, because I’ll suggest some workarounds!

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