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Hot Round-Trip Sales! $482 DC to Dublin in Spring, $516 New York to London & Iceland, $398 DC to Lima

Here are some great deals on an international getaway!

The Flight Deal reports folks in Washington, DC, can visit Dublin, Ireland, on American Airlines for ~$482 round-trip this spring.  Or, visit Lima, Peru, for ~$398 round-trip on JetBlue!

Hot Round Trip Sales 482 DC To Dublin In Spring 516 New York To London Iceland 398 DC To Lima

Visit Iceland on Your Way to London for ~$516 Round-Trip! Dublin and Lima Are Also on Sale for Folks in Washington, DC!

Icelandair also has a great deal to visit London AND Iceland for ~$516 round-trip from New York.  Get a 2-for-1 vacation!

You can search for these fares using ITA Matrix or Google Flights, then book them on the airline websites.

These are fast-moving deals, so book quickly if you’re interested!

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Can You Convert the AMEX Blue Card to an AMEX Everyday Card to Transfer Your Points to Travel Partners?

Million Mile Secrets reader, RS, commented:

Can I convert my American Express Blue card (10 years old) to an AMEX EveryDay card?  Currently the points are not much value to me other than cash.  I have collected a lot of points from Costco purchases and would love to be able to transfer them to airline and hotel partners.

I would lose history if the card is converted right?  What happens to my points?

Yes, you should be able to convert your card!

Can You Convert The AMEX Blue Card To An AMEX Everyday Card To Transfer Your Points To Travel Partners

By Switching to an AMEX EveryDay Card That Earns Transferable Points, You Can Get Big Travel With Small Money!

I’ll explain what happens to your points & your credit when you get your new card!

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How to Get Free Internet in Hotels!

I don’t like paying extra fees for hotel stays, so I’m happy to see that more hotel chains are offering free internet to their guests!

In the past, many hotels included free Wi-Fi as a perk for their elite guests only.  But that’s changed!

How To Get Free Internet In Hotels

Do You Know Which Hotels Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Let’s see which hotels have free Wi-Fi and what you’ll have to do to get it!

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What’s the Best Hotel Card for US Travel?

Million Mile Secrets reader S commented:

If you could choose 1 hotel card for someone new to miles and points, which would it be?  For travel mostly in the US?  Thanks.

There are lots of terrific hotel cards available, so it can be hard to choose.  The best ones for you depend on your travel goals, S!

If you’re traveling domestically, you’ve got plenty of options for booking free or cheap stays at hotels.  There are hotel programs that are good for pricier stays in bigger cities or resorts.  Others are a better choice if you spend time in small towns or in rural areas.

What's The Best Hotel Card For US Travel

Family Travel? Luxury Resorts? Or Budget Accommodations? The Best Hotel Card Depends on Your Goals!

Let’s look at which cards S should consider for travel within the US.

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$99 1-Way Boston & Baltimore to Iceland, $149 to 8 European Cities

Here’s another terrific sale from WOW Air!

Fly from Boston or Washington, DC (Baltimore), to Reykjavik, Iceland, for only $99 1-way!

Or connect through Reykjavik onward to 8 European cities for as little as $149 1-way.

Return flights to the US cost more, but they’re still a good deal.  This could be a great opportunity for folks looking for a cheap European getaway this winter!

99 1 Way Boston Baltimore To Iceland 149 To 8 European Cities

Winter Is the Perfect Time to Check Out the Aurora Borealis in Iceland!

Let’s see where you can go!

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$99 Flights to Iceland From Baltimore and Boston!

WOW Air is at it again!

You can fly from Boston or Washington, DC (Baltimore), to Reykjavik, Iceland, for only $99 1-way!

Flights returning to the US are more expensive.  But this is still an excellent deal for European travel this winter!

99 Flights To Iceland From Baltimore And Boston

Fly to Iceland for Only $99!

Let’s look at where the best deals are!

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$99 Flights to Iceland, $149 to Copenhagen, London, Paris!

I wrote last week about a terrific sale on flights to Iceland (and beyond) on WOW Air.  You can fly from Boston or Washington, DC (Baltimore), to Reykjavik for just $99 1-way!

Now they’ve expanded the sale!  Fly to Copenhagen, London, or Paris (via Reykjavik) for just $149 from the US.  And there are good deals to other European cities.

This sale is valid for travel dates from November 1, 2015, to December 15, 2015, and January 10, 2016, to March 10, 2016.

Flights returning to the US are more expensive.  But this is still an excellent deal if you’re planning European travel this fall and winter!

99 Flights To Iceland 149 To Copenhagen London Paris

London Calling? Fly From Boston or Washington, DC (Baltimore) for $149 1-Way on WOW Air!

Let’s look at where the best deals are!

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