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Quick Trick to Save up to 20% on Norwegian Air Flights

Take advantage of currency conversion rates to save up to ~20% on already cheap tickets when you fly Norwegian Air!

Quick Trick To Save Up To 20 On Norwegian Air Flights

Have You Brushed up on Your Norwegian Language Skills Lately? You’ll Want to Because You Can Save ~20% on Norwegian Air Flights!

The trick is to book your tickets on the Norwegian version of the website instead of the US site.

I’ll explain!

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Cheapest Ways to Send Money Abroad

Update:   You can no longer withdraw funds at overseas ATMs with AMEX Bluebird or Serve.

Finding cheap ways to send money abroad can be a challenge.  But there are a few easy options to send or receive funds while you’re traveling internationally.

Cheapest Ways To Send Money Abroad

Find Out the Best Ways to Send Money Overseas! And Spend Less on Fees!

I’ll show you a few ways to send money internationally.  And how avoid paying fees!

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Cards With NO Annual Fee and NO Foreign Transaction Fee!

There are lots of cards with NO annual fee, and several with NO foreign transaction fees.  But which cards have NEITHER fee?

Cards With NO Annual Fee And NO Foreign Transaction Fees

Cut Out the Fees! Find Out Which Cards Have NO Annual Fee and NO Foreign Transaction Fees!

I’ll tell you about your options, and why it’s a good idea to have one!

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Will You Pay Foreign Transaction Fees in US Territories Like Puerto Rico?

Million Mile Secrets reader Antonio commented:

Will using a credit card that charges foreign transaction fees, such as the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard, in Puerto Rico incur fees?  I wasn’t sure if Puerto Rico was considered “foreign” to US banks.

Great question, Antonio!

Purchases made in Puerto Rico (and other US territories like American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, or the US Virgin Islands) are generally NOT considered foreign transactions.

Will You Pay Foreign Transaction Fees In US Territories Like Puerto Rico

Will You Be Charged Foreign Transaction Fees on Your Puerto Rican Vacation?

I can’t guarantee the rules for every bank.  I called the major banks and NONE add foreign transaction fees to purchases made in US territories.

But a few require the purchase to be in US dollars!  I’ll explain.

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Why You Should Earn & Burn Miles, Points, and Calories!

UPDATE: The Chase Sapphire Preferred no longer earns 3X points on the 1st Friday of the month.

In our hobby, great deals are NOT going to last forever.  So enjoy them as much as you can while you can!

I loved getting 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards points at restaurants on the 1st Friday of each month with my Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Enjoy 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards Points on First Fridays Until the End of the Year!

Enjoy 3X Chase Ultimate Rewards Points on 1st Fridays Until the End of 2015!

But View from the Wing reminds us this is ending after 2015.

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Explore Europe for Cheap With Budget Airlines!

Now that the busy summer travel season is here, folks are wondering how to see more of Europe for less money.

Explore Europe For Cheap With Budget Airlines

See More of Europe by Flying Discount Airlines!

One trick is to fly on budget airlines once you get to Europe.

I’ll show you when to use miles and when to pay for flights.  And then tell you about a few budget airlines you may want to try!

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Will You Earn Category Bonuses Outside the US?

Million Mile Secrets reader Adam commented:

Hey Daraius!

I am curious about points earned when overseas.  Do the 3X and 2X bonus categories still count?  Also like the Chase Freedom 5X categories as well?  I know certain ones like AMEX specifically say US gas or US supermarkets but was wondering about the other ones.

Great question, Adam!  Some cards will earn bonus points in certain categories overseas.  But you shouldn’t always use them.

Will You Earn Category Bonuses Outside The US

Earn Bonus Points When You Use Your Credit Cards Abroad!

I’ll explain the best bonus categories for when you travel.  And what to look out for!

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