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Confused by Cards With Similar Names? Here’s a Chart to Explain!

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

There are LOTS of credit cards out there, all with different benefits and bonuses.

Banks seem to enjoy giving their credit cards similar names.  You might apply for the wrong one if you aren’t careful!

I’ve put a lot of credit cards with similar sounding names side-by-side, so you can compare the perks and decide which card is best for you, and find the application link, all in one place!

Confused By Cards With Similar Names Heres A Chart To Explain

Take the Time to Differentiate These Credit Cards So You’ll Know Which Card Will Give You the Biggest Travel!

Let’s look at the most common credit cards with similar sounding names!

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These Credit Cards Now Have Trip Delay Insurance!

Barclaycard has added a new and valuable benefit to some of their cards!

As of April 1, 2017, you’ll now get trip delay insurance when you reserve your flight with Barclaycard World Elite Mastercards, like the Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® and Barclaycard AAdvantage® Aviator™ Red World Elite MasterCard®.

So if your trip is interrupted for 6+ hours, you could get your expenses, like meals and hotel, reimbursed!

Barclaycard Trip Delay Insurance

Barclaycard Is Giving Folks More of a Reason to Book a Trip With Their Cards

I’ll tell you what this new benefit means.  And show you how to use it!

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New No-Annual-Fee Card With 5% Back at Amazon

Chase has released a few new cards in the past several months.  And they don’t seem to be slowing down!

Via Reddit, Chase has released a new credit card, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.  This card will give you 5% back for Amazon purchases, 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, and 1% back on everything else.

But you MUST have an Amazon Prime account to earn 5% back at Amazon!

We don’t earn a commission for the Chase Amazon Prime card, but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

New No Annual Fee Card With 5 Back At Amazon

Amazon Prime Members Can Earn 5% Back on Amazon Purchases With This New Card

I’ll give you the details of this new card!

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Keep in Touch for Free on Alaska Airlines Flights!

Do you find it hard to disconnect from your family and friends when you board a flight?  Alaska Airlines is working to solve that problem!

Via One Mile at a Time, Alaska Airlines now offers FREE in-flight messaging on all their Gogo Wi-Fi-enabled flights.  And this appears to be a permanent feature!

Keep In Touch For Free On Alaska Airlines Flights

Alaska Airlines Is Giving You Less Reason to Stay on the Ground

I’ll share details about this new perk from Alaska Airlines!

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5 Excellent No Annual Fee Cash Back Cards

Million Mile Secrets reader, Lindsay, tweeted:

I have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, but would like to get a new card to earn cash back.  Do you have any recommendations?

Many folks like to pair their miles and points rewards cards with a cash back alternative.  Because it’s easy to redeem cash back rewards.  And it’s always nice to have a little extra cash in hand.

Although miles and points can be worth more depending on the award, the benefit of cash back rewards is they won’t fluctuate in value.  So you’ll always know what you’re earning!

5 Excellent No Annual Fee Cash Back Cards

Miles & Points Credit Cards Are the Best Option for Folks Who Want Big Travel With Small Money. But There’s Room in Your Wallet for Cash Back Cards Too!

I’ll share 5 picks for folks looking to get a cash back card.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission for any of these cards, but we’re committed to always sharing the best deals with you!

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Will You Be Approved for the 3-Night Ritz-Carlton Card?

Many folks are excited about the perks of the new Chase Ritz-Carlton card offer.  Like earning 3 complimentary nights after meeting minimum spending requirements to use for luxury stays at hotels in the US, Caribbean & MexicoEurope, or Asia.

Because this card is issued by Chase, many are wondering if the bank’s stricter application rules apply.

Based on several sources, even if you’ve had lots of new cards in the past 2 years, you CAN still get approved for the Chase Ritz-Carlton card.  But this doesn’t mean it’s automatic.

Will You Be Approved For The 3 Night Ritz Carlton Card

The Stricter Chase Application Rules Don’t Appear to Apply to the Ritz-Carlton Card. This Means You Might Be Eligible to Earn 3 Complimentary Nights at Luxury Hotels Like The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe!

I’ll explain more about this exciting news!

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999 Bonus Virgin America Points for Flying Once

To celebrate Virgin America’s 9th anniversary, the airline is offering a bonus of 999 Virgin America points after you register for the promotion, book any paid flight, and travel by September 30, 2016.

The bonus points are worth ~$21.  So it’s probably not worth changing flight plans to get the bonus.  But if you’re already planning to fly Virgin America this summer, it only takes a few seconds to enroll in the promotion.

999 Bonus Virgin America Points For Flying Once

Enroll in the Current Promotion and Fly Virgin America by September 30, 2016 to Earn 999 Virgin America Points

I’ll share more details about the offer!

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New! $100 Sign-Up Bonus With the Fidelity 2% Cash Back Card for a Limited Time

Via Doctor of Credit, you can earn a $100 sign-up bonus with the Fidelity Visa Signature card after spending $1,000 on purchases within the first 90 days of account opening.

This card offers 2% cash back on purchases, with no limits or caps!  But the sign-up bonus is only available to new cardmembers through December 31, 2016.

Usually, this card doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus.

We don’t earn a commission for this card but we’ll always tell you about the best deals!

New 100 Sign Up Bonus With The Fidelity 2 Cash Back Card For A Limited Time

Folks Who Don’t Already Have the Fidelity 2% Cash Back Card Earn a $100 Bonus After the Spending Requirements. The Other Hundreds in the Photo Represent What Grows in Your Fidelity Retirement Account! 🙂

Here’s more about the deal and why you might consider this card.

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New Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Versus Similar No-Annual-Fee Cards

Last month, I wrote about a potential new Wells Fargo cash back card.

You can now sign-up for the new no annual fee Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa.  It earns 1.5% back on purchases.  And 1.8% back on Android Pay and Apple Pay purchases made during the first 12 months after account opening.

But there’s NO sign-up bonus.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we’ll always tell you about new deals!

New Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Versus Similar No Annual Fee Cards

You Can Earn Extra Cash Back When You Use Your Wells Fargo Cash Wise Card With Android Pay or Apple Pay

For most folks this is probably NOT the best cash back card.  I’ll explain and give you alternatives!

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Review of the New Fidelity Visa 2% Cash Back Card

Big news for folks with an AMEX Fidelity card!

By July 1, 2016, Fidelity will transition all of its customers to new Visa Signature cards issued by US Bank.  And the new Fidelity Visa card still offers unlimited 2% cash back on purchases.

Review Of The New Fidelity Visa 2 Cash Back Card

US Bank Now Issues the Fidelity Card as a Visa, but the 2% Cash Back Perk Will NOT Change. Current Cardholders Can Expect a New Card by July 1, 2016

I’ll explain what this means if you already have the card.  And show you a few new perks you’ll gain!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we always tell you about the best deals!

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