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JetBlue Now Offers FREE Wi-Fi on ALL Flights!

Love staying connected when you fly?  Good news!

Via Runway Girl Network, JetBlue now offers free Wi-Fi on ALL of its flights, gate to gate.  You don’t even have to wait to get into the air to surf the web for free!

JetBlue Wi Fi

You’ll Now Get Free Wi-Fi on ALL JetBlue Flights

I’ll explain what this means for you.  And remind you of other ways to get free in-flight Wi-Fi!

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Keep in Touch for Free on Alaska Airlines Flights!

Do you find it hard to disconnect from your family and friends when you board a flight?  Alaska Airlines is working to solve that problem!

Via One Mile at a Time, Alaska Airlines now offers FREE in-flight messaging on all their Gogo Wi-Fi-enabled flights.  And this appears to be a permanent feature!

Keep In Touch For Free On Alaska Airlines Flights

Alaska Airlines Is Giving You Less Reason to Stay on the Ground

I’ll share details about this new perk from Alaska Airlines!

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Thanksgiving Travel: 1 Free Hour of Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi From T-Mobile This Week

Via Angelina TravelsT-Mobile is giving everyone 1 FREE hour of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, from now through November 26, 2016.  Even if you’re not a T-Mobile customer!

So you can stay connected while you’re in the air this Thanksgiving holiday!

Free Gogo In Flight Wi Fi

Everyone Can Get 1 Free Hour of Gogo In-Flight Internet This Week With a Great Deal From T-Mobile!

I’ll show you how to take advantage of this deal.  Along with other ways to save on in-flight Wi-Fi!

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Frontier Airlines Now Participating in TSA PreCheck

Good news for folks who fly Frontier Airlines!

Frontier Airlines is now taking part in TSA PreCheck, adding to the growing list of airlines participating in the expedited security program.

So if you have either TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, you can save time at the airport when you’re flying Frontier Airlines, because you will not have to wait in long security lines!

Frontier Airlines TSA PreCheck

Flying Frontier Airlines? They’re Now Participating in TSA PreCheck, so You Can Save Time at the Airport by Skipping Those Long Security Lines!

I’ll show you how to get TSA PreCheck, and remind you of the perks of the program.

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TSA PreCheck Adds Its 18th Airline

The TSA PreCheck airlines list keeps growing!  That means you can get to your destination even faster with a new airline!

Via USA Today, Lufthansa is now participating in TSA PreCheck, making it the 18th airline in the expedited security program.

This is great news for folks who are enrolled in either Global Entry or TSA PreCheck.  Because it can make a visit to the airport a lot less aggravating!

Tsa Precheck Airlines List

Lufthansa Has Joined 17 Other Airlines to Improve Your Airport Security Experience

I’ll remind you of the benefits of TSA PreCheck, and show you how to get it.

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Don’t Use My Link and Get More Bonus Points Every Time the US Olympic Team Wins a Medal

Via Doctor of Credit, when you apply for the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa or FlexPerks Business Edge Visa card by September 3, 2016, and make a purchase by September 30, 2016, you’ll get more bonus points every time the US wins a metal at the Rio Olympics!

That’s in addition to the 20,000 FlexPoints (worth up to ~$400 in airline tickets) sign-up bonus you’ll earn after meeting minimum spending requirements!

This is a better deal than my affiliate link.  And even though we don’t earn a commission for this offer, we’ll always tell y’all about the best deals!

Dont Use My Link And Get More Bonus Points Every Time The US Olympic Team Wins A Medal

You Can Use FlexPoints for Flights on Most Major US Airlines. So the More Medals the US Wins at the Olympics, the Closer You Are to a Free Ticket!

I’ll show you how to get the deal.  And explain why it’s possible to earn a lot of FlexPoints with this promotion.

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Can You Receive the Sign-Up Bonus Again on the Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX Card?

Million Miles Secrets reader Melissa asked:

I applied for a second Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Card.  Am I eligible for the 40,000 point sign-up bonus, since I already received it the first time I applied?

Thanks for the question, Melissa!

I haven’t tried it myself, but according to comments on Doctor of Credit, you CAN earn the sign-up bonus more than once on the same Wells Fargo card.

But, you can now only apply for the Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX card in-branch.

If you don’t want to apply for the same card, you could apply for a different Wells Fargo Propel card and earn the perks from 1 of the other cards.

Can You Receive The Sign Up Bonus Again On The Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX Card

Folks With the Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Can Receive the Sign-Up Bonus More Than Once

Emily and I do NOT receive a commission on the Wells Fargo Propel cards.  But we’ll always share the best deals with you!

I’ll explain what to consider if you’re applying for the Wells Fargo Propel cards.

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Can You Transfer US Bank FlexPoints to Other Loyalty Programs?

Million Mile Secrets Reader PDXoptions tweeted:

Pardon my ignorance, I’m new here.  Can you transfer US Bank FlexPoints to airline frequent flyer programs, or only book travel through US Bank?

No apology necessary, PDXoptions!  I’m glad you asked.

You can NOT transfer US Bank FlexPoints to other loyalty accounts, like airlines and hotels.  They can only be redeemed through the US Bank website.  But they can still be valuable!

Can You Transfer US Bank FlexPoints To Other Loyalty Programs

Look Before You Leap! Make Sure You Know Which Kinds of Points Will Be Most Useful to You Before You Stock Up

I’ll explain what makes these points different!

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Our Experience Using T-Mobile’s Free In-Flight Wi-Fi & Overseas Texting and Data

I recently let y’all know about T-Mobile giving customers an hour of free in-flight Wi-Fi on planes with Gogo internet.  Yesterday, a Million Mile Secrets team member flew to Canada and tried it out!

I’ll let you know about his experience.  And how he’s used T-Mobile’s free texting and data while overseas to stay connected with me and the team.

Our Experience Using T-Mobile's Free In Flight Wi-Fi Overseas Texting And Data

T-Mobile Customers Get 1 Hour of Free Wi-Fi on Certain Flights. And We Tested It Out!

T-Mobile has been making fantastic travel-friendly offers.  I’ll explain the deals!

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Easily Find Credit Card Currency Conversion Rates With Mercez App

I recently wrote about which card issuers give the best exchange rate for foreign transactions.  And ran an experiment which showed MasterCard had the most favorable rates.

But that might not be the case in every situation.  Deciding which credit card to use when traveling abroad can be tricky, because the major banks use a different conversion tool for rates.

The Mercez app can check which card gives you the best exchange rate from the local currency into US dollars when making your purchase.

Easily Find Credit Card Currency Conversion Rates With Mercez App

The Mercez App Helps You Determine the Best Card to Use Abroad by Checking Currency Conversion Rates by Credit Card Issuer

I’ve been playing with the app and the concept is great, but it’s not perfect.  Here’s my full review.

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