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Cards With NO Annual Fee and NO Foreign Transaction Fee!

There are lots of cards with NO annual fee, and several with NO foreign transaction fees.  But which cards have NEITHER fee?

Cards With NO Annual Fee And NO Foreign Transaction Fees

Cut Out the Fees! Find Out Which Cards Have NO Annual Fee and NO Foreign Transaction Fees!

I’ll tell you about your options, and why it’s a good idea to have one!

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Why Even Thrifty Folks (Like Me) Should Consider Annual Fee Cards

Folks new to our hobby sometimes shy away from credit cards which charge an annual fee.  They may want to spend as little as possible to earn free travel, or might not feel paying a fee is worth it.

But those who’ve been collecting miles & points for a while know that you’ll often get more Big Travel by keeping cards with an annual fee.  And sometimes even make a profit!

Why Even Thrifty Folks Like Me Should Consider Annual Fee Cards

Should You Sign-Up for (or Keep) Cards With an Annual Fee?

I’ll share some examples of when it might make sense to pay an annual fee, and show you what to consider before you cancel a card!

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Cards to Use for Under $100 Travel Purchases After the Changes to Arrival Plus

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus is increasing the minimum to redeem travel statement credits from $25 to $100.  That’s a big jump!

So folks are thinking about other cards with lower minimums on award redemptions.

Which Cash Back Cards Are Comparable To The Barclaycard Arrival Plus

The Barclaycard Arrival Plus Will Soon Only Allow You to Use Miles to Discount $100+ Travel Purchases.  So Which Cards Might You Consider Using for Parking, Tolls, Trains, etc.?

I’ll explain which cards offer similar opportunities to earn points that you can use for travel purchases.  And if it’s worth making the switch!

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Explore Europe for Cheap With Budget Airlines!

Now that the busy summer travel season is here, folks are wondering how to see more of Europe for less money.

Explore Europe For Cheap With Budget Airlines

See More of Europe by Flying Discount Airlines!

One trick is to fly on budget airlines once you get to Europe.

I’ll show you when to use miles and when to pay for flights.  And then tell you about a few budget airlines you may want to try!

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Which Hilton Card Is Right for You?

Hilton has a great lineup of credit cards that make it easy to earn award stays at Hilton hotels.  There are currently 4 different offers.

Which Hilton Card Is Right For You

Emily and I Have Enjoyed Many Excellent Hilton Hotels Including This View From the Hilton Milano Stucky Venice. Find Out Which Hilton Card Is Best for You!

I’ll explain the pros and cons of each card.  And help you decide which card (or 2!) you might consider.

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