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Get Big Travel With These 5 Barclaycard Credit Cards!

For folks looking to get Big Travel with Small Money, there are several Barclaycard credit cards that offer excellent sign-up bonuses and perks.

But Barclaycard is known to be strict with the number of cards they’ll approve you for.  Typically, you won’t get approved for more than 1 or 2 cards per year.

So you’ll want to choose the best offers that help achieve your travel goals!

Best Barclaycard Offers 2017

Use Valuable Miles With a Certain Barclaycard Credit Card to Offset the Cost of Airbnb Stays, Like the Cozy Apartment I Booked in New York City!

I’ll share my picks for the top 5 Barclaycard card offers!

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Do ALL Credit Inquiries Count Toward Chase’s 5/24 Limit?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Ryan, commented:

Does the Chase “5/24 rule” only apply to inquires for credit cards or also other loans as well?  I have 4 credit inquires in the past 24 months, including 1 loan and 3 credit cards.

Also, are there any free reliable tools to count credit inquiries?

Great questions, Ryan!

Only new credit card accounts count toward Chase’s “5/24” limit.  So if you’ve opened 5 or more new credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months, you will NOT be approved for most Chase cards.

The exception is certain small business cards, which do NOT appear on your personal credit report.

Additional credit inquiries for loans or declined card applications don’t count toward Chase’s 5/24 limit.  That said, all banks review your credit report.  And too many inquiries could impact your chances of getting approved for new cards.

Do ALL Credit Inquiries Count Toward This Banks Strict Card Limit

Understanding Chase Application Rules Can Help You Earn More Sign-Up Bonuses, Which Is the Fastest Way to Get Big Travel!

Because of the strict Chase application rules, I’ll explain why it’s best to get their cards first.  And remind y’all the easy way to check your 5/24 status.

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Review: Capital One Spark Miles Vs. Capital One Spark Miles Select

If you’re a fan of Capital One Venture cards, you’ll probably like Capital One Spark Miles cards, too!

Capital One Spark Miles cards earn flexible miles that you can use on nearly any travel purchase, like flights, hotels, rental cars, and Lyft.

The Capital One® Spark® Miles Select for Business comes with 20,000 Spark miles (worth $200 in travel) after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months.  And the Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business card offers 50,000 Spark miles (worth $500 in travel) after spending $4,500 on purchases within the first 3 months.

Capital One Spark Miles Card Review

Use Capital One Spark Miles for a Free Tour of the Eiffel Tower

Here’s what you need to know about these cards!

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Review: Capital One Venture Card Vs. Capital One VentureOne

Y’all know how much I love getting Big Travel with Small Money by collecting airline miles and hotel points.  But sometimes there are blackout dates around my travel times.  Or there aren’t available award seats or nights on the dates I want.

If you prefer the flexibility of booking flights, rooms, and other travel whenever you want, the Capital One® Venture® and Capital One® VentureOne® cards are a better option than credit cards like the Chase United Explorer or Hilton Honors™ Surpass® Card from American Express, which earn miles & points that you can only use if there are available award seats or nights.

The Capital One VentureOne comes with 20,000 Venture miles (worth $200 in travel) after spending $1,000 on purchases within the first 3 months.  And the Capital One Venture card offers 40,000 Venture miles (worth $400 in travel) after spending $3,000 on purchases within the first 3 months.

Capital One Venture Card Review

If You Book a Las Vegas Show Through Your Hotel, It Should Code as a Travel Purchase, Which You Can Erase With Venture Miles!

I’ll show you what I like about the Capital One Venture cards.  But why folks new to miles & points might do better with different cards.

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New Cash Back Credit Card Arriving Next Week

If you’re a fan of cash back cards, here’s something you might be interested in!

Via Doctor of Credit, you’ll soon be able to apply for a new credit card from PayPal that earns 2% cash back everywhere.

However, there are drawbacks.  I’ll explain!

Paypal Extras 2 Cash Back Card

You’ll Earn Unlimited 2% Cash Back With the PayPal Extras MasterCard

I’ll give you the details of the PayPal Extras MasterCard!

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20,000 AMEX Points With a New Card That Won’t Show on Your Personal Credit Report!

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Million Mile Secrets reader, Chanda, commented:

Can you get the The Blue Business℠ Plus Credit Card from American Express and earn the 20,000 point sign-up bonus if you already have the AMEX Blue for Business card?

Yes!  The no annual fee AMEX Blue Business Plus is considered a different card product from the old AMEX Blue for Business card (no longer available).

So you can earn 20,000 AMEX Membership Rewards points after meeting minimum spending requirements with the new card!

And AMEX small business cards do NOT show up on your personal credit report.  This means they won’t count against Chase’s card limit.

AMEX Blue Business Plus Approval

Earn 20,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points With the AMEX Blue Business Plus, Which Is Enough for a Round-Trip Delta Award Flight From Los Angeles to Seattle!

I’ll share why the AMEX Blue Business Plus offer might appeal to folks looking to boost their AMEX points balance!

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$500 Bonus + 2% Back With Capital One Spark Cash.  Is It Right for You?

The Capital One Spark Cash for Business card comes with a $500 sign-up bonus after meeting minimum spending requirements.   Plus perks like unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase and no foreign transaction fees!

With a good sign-up bonus, a simple cash-back earnings structure, and an annual fee that’s waived the first year, this card could be worth considering.

But if you’re new to the world of miles & points, it is NOT the best card to start with.  I’ll explain why.

Capital One Spark Cash Card Review

A $500 Sign-Up Bonus and 2% Cash Back on Everything Can Really Add Up!

I’ll share the details of this offer.  And help you decide whether the Capital One Spark Cash for Business card makes sense for you!

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7 Best Credit Cards to Help Achieve Your Travel Goals – June 2017

It’s an exciting time for folks in the miles & points hobby!  Because there are excellent sign-up bonuses and ongoing perks available on lots of travel credit cards.

Choosing the right card can make it easier for you to achieve your travel goals, like a round-trip Business Class flight to Tokyo!

Best Travel Credit Cards June 2017

Emily and I Love to Take Advantage of Lucrative Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses to Help Us Get Big Travel With Small Money!

I’ll share my top 7 travel credit cards that get you Big Travel with Small Money.

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Confused by Cards With Similar Names? Here’s a Chart to Explain!

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

There are LOTS of credit cards out there, all with different benefits and bonuses.

Banks seem to enjoy giving their credit cards similar names.  You might apply for the wrong one if you aren’t careful!

I’ve put a lot of credit cards with similar sounding names side-by-side, so you can compare the perks and decide which card is best for you, and find the application link, all in one place!

Confused By Cards With Similar Names Heres A Chart To Explain

Take the Time to Differentiate These Credit Cards So You’ll Know Which Card Will Give You the Biggest Travel!

Let’s look at the most common credit cards with similar sounding names!

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Top 5 Small Business Credit Cards With No Annual Fee for 2017

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Having a no annual fee card is a great way to earn rewards for your small business expenses.

For example, certain small business cards come with 5% cash back categories.  So you can earn bonus cash back on purchases you were already planning.

And if you’re new to the hobby, a no annual fee card is a great place to start.  Because you never have to cancel the card.  This can help you build a relationship with the bank and can increase your credit score by creating a longer credit history!

Best No Annual Fee Business Cards 2017

Earning up to 5% Cash Back on Certain Business Expenses Can Really Add Up!

I’ll share the 5 best no annual fee business cards!

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