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Card Application Pending? Don’t Worry, Follow These Steps

Million Mile Secrets reader Keith commented:

Is it normal to say “application pending” after applying for a credit card online?

Great question, Keith!

Many folks (including myself) who apply for lots of credit cards have seen this message before.

Application Pending Don't Worry Follow These Steps

Don’t Let a Pending Application Stop You From Earning a Sign-Up Bonus

If it’s your first time seeing this, have no fear.  I’ll explain what to do about it and why this message might appear!

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How to Qualify for a Small Business Credit Card (And Why You Should Get One!)

Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Million Mile Secrets reader, Kris, commented:

I (and perhaps many others) would really appreciate if you could write about small business cards qualifications.  I do some infrequent consulting, but the income from this is very minimal.  What are my chances of getting a small business credit card?

Should I even try?  Which bank has more flexible rules?

Excellent question, Kris!

How To Qualify For A Small Business Credit Card And Why You Should Get One

I Spoke With Representatives From AMEX, Chase, and Citi About the Requirements for Their Small Business Cards. (Spoiler: They’re Less Intimidating Than You Think!)

I called American Express, Chase, and Citi, to ask about their small business credit card requirements.

I’ll share what I found out.  And give you tips for getting a business credit card of your own!

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Better Bonus: Get 75,000 Hilton Points With the Citi Hilton Visa!

Update: The Citi Hilton Visa credit card offer in this post is no longer available, but check Hot Deals for the latest offers!

The Citi Hilton Visa has an increased sign-up bonus of 75,000 Hilton points.  That’s nearly double the usual sign-up bonus of 40,000 Hilton points.

You can use the bonus for a night at a fancy hotel or up to 15 nights at Category 1 hotels!

Better Bonus Get 75,000 Hilton Points With The Citi Hilton Visa

Get 75,000 Hilton Points When You Get the Citi Hilton Visa Card. This Is a Great Sign-Up Bonus for a NO Annual Fee Card!

I’ll show you what you can do with 75,000 Hilton points!

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Possible Exceptions to the New Chase Approval Rules

Thanks to Million Mile Secrets readers for sharing your comments and recent experiences applying for Chase cards.

I wrote about the rumored new Chase card application policies, and what we know so far.  Chase has NOT officially shared any details.

But there are good discussion points from our readers!  And some folks are still getting approved even with lots of recently opened cards.

Possible Exceptions To The New Chase Approval Rules

Some of Our Readers Are Still Getting Approved for Chase Cards Despite the New Rules

Let’s look at some of the new information from Million Mile Secrets readers!

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Increase Your Chance of US Bank Card Approval by Freezing IDA/ARS Bureaus

For some folks, it’s difficult to get approved for miles and points earning credit cards issued by US Bank.  They’re known for denying applications from folks who have a lot of recent inquiries on their credit report.

Part of the reason US Bank is so picky is because they may pull your credit report from 2 lesser-known credit bureaus, IDA (SageStream) and ARS.

And these agencies often include additional information on your report that other credit bureaus don’t share.

Increase Your Chance Of US Bank Card Approval By Freezing IDA/ARS Bureaus

US Bank Pulls Your Credit Report From 2 Secondary Credit Bureaus, and That Can Hurt Your Chances of Being Approved

But you can freeze your IDA and ARS credit reports so that US Bank can’t access them.  And that could improve your chances of getting approved for a card like the US Bank Club Carlson Premier!

I’ll explain how to do it!

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