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Earn Airline Miles & Save Money With This Offer From Groupon!

Looking for another way to earn Alaska Airlines miles?  Good news!

Via Mommy Points, folks new to Groupon can earn 500 bonus Alaska Airlines miles for their first $30+ Groupon Local purchase!  And existing members can earn 4 Alaska Airlines miles per $1 spent on Groupon Local, Groupon Getaways, and Groupon Goods.

This could be a great way to earn miles and save money at the same time!

Alaska Airlines Groupon Promotion

You Can Book Award Seats for as Little as 5,000 Alaska Airlines Miles to Alaska, and Plenty of Other Places, too!

I’ll show you how to take advantage of this deal.  And help you decide whether it makes sense for you!

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Without Warning! These Airline Cards Are No Longer Open to New Applications

If you’d been holding off on applying for the Comenity Bank Virgin America cards, your time has run out.  🙁

Without notice, Comenity Bank has stopped accepting applications for both the premium and no-annual-fee versions of these cards.

This was expected at some point due to the Alaska Airlines – Virgin America merger.

Virgin America Cards Canceled

Virgin America Is Being Absorbed by Alaska Airlines, and Now Their Credit Cards Are Gone, Too!

I’ll share the details!

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Book Virgin America Awards With Alaska Airlines Miles!

If you have Virgin America points, you now have more opportunities to get excellent value from your rewards!

Via One Mile at a Time, you can now book Virgin America award flights with Alaska Airlines miles!  This is a big deal, because folks with Virgin America points can now redeem their points with 2 very different “award charts”.

Book Virgin America Awards With Alaska Airlines Miles

You Now Have 2 Options for Redeeming Your Virgin America Points!

I’ll help you decide if booking Virgin America award flights with Alaska Airlines miles makes sense for you!

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Citi Removes Virgin America as a ThankYou Point Transfer Partner

Starting January 22, 2017, you’ll no longer be able to transfer Citi ThankYou points to Virgin America.

It makes sense that changes to how you earn Virgin America points are coming, now that the deal to merge Alaska Airlines and Virgin America has closed.  And in January 2017, they’ll begin the process of combining their frequent flyer programs.

It hasn’t yet been revealed how or when you’ll be able to transfer Virgin America points to Alaska Airlines miles.  Including the transfer ratio.

Citi Removes Virgin America As A ThankYou Point Transfer Partner

Citi Sent an Email Announcing the Removal of Virgin America as a Transfer Partner, Effective January 22, 2017

There’s still time to transfer Citi ThankYou points to Virgin America if you want to book an award flight.  And I’ll remind you of your other options!

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Update: New Alaska Airlines Virgin America Merger Details

The Alaska Airlines – Virgin America merger is moving forward!

Via One Mile at a Time, the merger deal between the 2 airlines will close today.  But the companies still have a long way to go before they are fully integrated.  Fortunately, Alaska Airlines will begin offering benefits long before it is completed!

Update New Alaska Airlines Virgin America Merger Details

Because Alaska Airlines Is Absorbing Virgin America, You’ll Soon Have New Ways to Redeem Your Alaska Airlines Miles – Like a Non-Stop Flight Between Los Angeles and Cancun!

I’ll tell you what we know so far!

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500 Free Virgin America Points for ~1 Minute of Your Time!

Via Reddit, you can earn 500 free Virgin America points by registering for their Virgin Sport email newsletter by September 30, 2016!  

It only takes ~1 minute.  And even though 500 points isn’t a lot, I’m always happy about free and easy points!

Free Virgin America Points

You Can Fly From the West Coast to Many Spots in the US, Mexico, and Hawaii, Using Virgin America Points

I’ll show you how to sign-up for the newsletter.  And remind you of ways to earn and use Virgin America points!

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$100+ Worth of Virgin America Points for Free (Targeted?)

Check your mailbox!  Because via Travel With Grant, some folks have been targeted to get 5,000 Virgin America points for creating a Virgin America frequent flyer account by September 24, 2016.

Even if you weren’t targeted, it’s worth signing-up for an account to see if you’ll get the bonus points anyway, because it’s free and easy!  And 5,000 Virgin America points is worth ~$100 in flights.

Virgin Air Promo Code

Island Hop in Hawaii for 3,000 Virgin America Points One-Way in Coach on Hawaiian Airlines

I’ll show you how to register for this deal.  And give you ideas about how to earn and use Virgin America points!

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Get 500 Free Virgin America Points for a Minute of Your Time

Virgin America has an easy way to get free points!

Via Frequent Flyer Bonuses, you’ll get 500 Virgin America points when you sign-up to receive e-mail announcements from Virgin Hotels by September 30, 2016.

Free Virgin America Points

pro Use Virgin America Points to Fly to San Francisco or Many Other Destinations!

I’ll tell you how to sign-up!

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999 Bonus Virgin America Points for Flying Once

To celebrate Virgin America’s 9th anniversary, the airline is offering a bonus of 999 Virgin America points after you register for the promotion, book any paid flight, and travel by September 30, 2016.

The bonus points are worth ~$21.  So it’s probably not worth changing flight plans to get the bonus.  But if you’re already planning to fly Virgin America this summer, it only takes a few seconds to enroll in the promotion.

999 Bonus Virgin America Points For Flying Once

Enroll in the Current Promotion and Fly Virgin America by September 30, 2016 to Earn 999 Virgin America Points

I’ll share more details about the offer!

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750 Free Virgin America Points!

With Virgin America’s new sweepstakes, it’s easy to earn 250 free Virgin America points!  And if you’re not already enrolled in their frequent flyer program, you can earn 500 more points!

750 Free Virgin America Points

You Can Use Virgin America Points to Fly to Hawaii with Their Partner Airline, Hawaiian Airlines!

Here’s how to enter.  And ideas for ways to use your Virgin America points!

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