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Book Fast! Business Class Round-Trip to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil for ~$1,550

You can fly round-trip to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival in Business Class for ~$1,500!

If you didn’t get in on last night’s mistake fare to Beijing, here’s another great deal that will NOT last long!

View From the Wing reports you can fly to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, Brazil, from April 2015 through February 2016, for only ~$1,550 round-trip in Business Class on American Airlines and Delta!  It’s a result of a fare war between the airlines, so book quickly!

These tickets usually cost ~$4,000 or more!  If you’re planning a trip to South America and want to splurge on Business Class, it’s a great deal.

Book Fast Business Class Round Trip To Rio De Janeiro And Sao Paulo Brazil For 1,550

Sun-Seekers Could Fly in Style to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro for Only ~$1,550 Round-Trip in Business Class!

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Today’s Top 5 Cheap Airfares (Scandinavia, US Virgin Islands, Bangkok and More!)

It’s another day of great deals!  You could get to Scandinavia, US Virgin Islands, Bangkok, and Palma de Mallorca very cheaply!

Check out these 5 great airfares available right now!  These aren’t all the low fares available today, just the ones I thought were interesting at the time of publication.

Remember, cheap fares like these don’t last long.

You can use tools like Google Flights or ITA Matrix to help find some of these deals.

Today's Top 5 Cheap Airfares Scandinavia US Virgin Islands Bangkok And More

If You’ve Always Wanted to Visit Thailand, Check Out Today’s Deals!

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Automatic Rebates at Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals With MasterCard Easy Savings Program

You can earn up to a 25% rebate on select products and services through the MasterCard Easy Savings Program.

I’ve written about how you can save if you have a business Visa card with the Visa Savings Edge program here, here, and here.  But there’s also a savings program for MasterCard business cards – MasterCard Easy Savings.

Automatic Rebates At Hotels Restaurants Car Rentals With MasterCard Easy Savings Program

You Can Get Automatic Rebates With the MasterCard Easy Savings Program

Once you register your business MasterCards, you can save when you shop with participating stores.  But not all business MasterCards are eligible.  Keep reading to find out more.

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5 Nights + 2 Airline Tickets to Disney World From 2 Cards

Do you know which 2 cards can get you a 5-night trip to Disney World?

I’ve written before about Starwood hotel’s “Nights & Flights” awards which helps folks get Big Travel with Small Money.  But it can also get your family a Disney vacation during spring break or summer!

5 Nights 2 Airline Tickets To Disney World From 2 Cards

2 Cards = Disney World Holiday

Two American Express Starwood (personal) or (business) cards + 10,000 Starwood points can get you 5 nights + 2 airline tickets to the Magic Kingdom.

Or if you can wait for the 30,000 Starwood point bonus to return, just 2 cards.

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Save Miles With American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards – Now With NO Phone Booking Fee!

Are you planning medium or long-haul domestic award flights in the next few months?  Do you live in a city not served by many nonstop American Airlines flights?  And do you have a lot of American Airlines miles?

If so, you might save miles by booking Citi AAdvantage American Airlines reduced mileage awards!

The new list of Citi AAdvantage American Airlines reduced mileage award cities is out.   You could save 5,000 to 7,500 miles on award tickets between specific destinations which change each month.

But only if you hold certain Citi American Airlines cards.

And there’s good news!  American Airlines no longer charges a phone booking fee for reduced mileage awards.  In the past, American Airlines charged $25 per ticket.

Save Miles With American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Now With NO Phone Booking Fee

Spend Fewer Miles With American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards

American Airlines publishes the list of eligible destinations every other month, with discounts listed for the next 4 months.

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