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Want a Round-the-World Trip for $89? Here’s How!

Did you know that you can fly around the world by applying for just 3 credit cards and paying $89 in annual fees?

By applying for 2 Citi American Airlines cards and the Barclaycard US Airways card, you’ll earn 150,000 miles (plus extra from meeting minimum spending requirements).  And that’s more than enough for a round-the-world trip!

Want A Round The World Trip For 89 Heres How

3 Cards Get You a Round-the-World Trip!

Depending on your routing, you might even have miles left over!  I’ll show you how to do it.

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Which Credit Cards Let You Get the Sign-Up Bonus Again?

Million Mile Secrets reader Bryce comments:

I’m wondering about eligibility to get sign-up bonuses again.  If I had a credit card, used it, got the bonus, and canceled the card, is there a possibility to apply for the card again and get the sign-up bonus again?

If so is there a time period you have to wait to apply and get the bonus again?

This is 1 of the most common questions asked by Million Mile Secrets readers.  If you’ve had a credit card in the past, can you re-apply and get the sign-up bonus a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th…) time?

Which Credit Cards Let You Get The Sign Up Bonus Again

Thank You, Come Again! Which Cards Let You Get the Sign-Up Bonus More Than Once?

I wrote several years ago that getting the bonus again depends on the bank that issues the card.  And that’s still true, but the rules have changed!  

The US credit card market is saturated, so banks offer large sign-up bonuses to get you to apply for their cards.  And they hope that you’ll use their cards even after getting the sign-up bonus!

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Avoid Checked Bag Fees With These Cards!

Do you dislike paying checked bag fees as much as I do?

Many airlines charge a $25 fee for your 1st checked bag when you fly coach between the US, Canada, Mexico, and certain Caribbean islands.

(Although my favorite airline for inexpensive domestic travel, Southwest, gives you 2 free checked bags!)

Free Checked Bags

Here’s a List of Cards That Will Let You Check Your Bag for Free!

That’s $25 each way, so if you’re traveling with a companion you could have to pay $100 extra for a round-trip flight (Business and First Class passengers usually don’t have to pay this fee, along with some airline elite status members).  And if you travel frequently these fees can really add up!

Luckily there are credit cards that will give you your 1st checked bag for free!

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Do You Know Which Cards to Use to Maximize Your Category Bonuses?

Do you know which credit cards are the best to use for each spending category? 

Some credit cards earn extra miles and points when you spend in certain categories, like travel, restaurants, office supply stores, or gas stations.  And other cards have category bonuses that rotate every quarter.  It can be hard to keep track if you have a lot of cards!

Do You Know Which Cards To Use To Maximize Your Category Bonuses

Are You Using the Right Credit Card When You Dine Out, Travel, Buy Gas, or Shop at Office Supply Stores?

Here are some of the most common bonus categories and some of the best cards to make the most of them!  These aren’t all the cards that earn bonus points in each category.  I’ve only listed my 3 or 4 favorite cards per category that earn miles and points to get Big Travel with Small Money!


  1. Restaurants
  2. Travel
  3. Gas Stations
  4. Grocery Stores
  5. Office Supplies, Phone, Cellular, and Internet
  6. Rotating Category Bonuses

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Expedia+ Credit Cards and Rewards Program: Worth It or Not?

Million Mile Secrets reader Joe commented:

Hey Daraius, would be cool if you could do a write up on using Expedia points.

There are 2 credit card offers:  15,000 and 25,000 points.  Thinking you could stagger the 2, i.e. get the 15,000 1st then later get the 25,000.

However, not sure what the value of 40,000 Expedia points would be.  Their site seems way more focused on how you earn the points than how you actually use them.  Would love to hear if you had any experience with this.

Joe is referring to the Citi Expedia+ Voyager and Citi Expedia+ cards.  They earn Expedia+ Rewards points, which can be redeemed for flights, coupons to use for hotel stays, or donated to charity.

Expedia+ Rewards is the loyalty program for Expedia, an online travel agency where you can search for and purchase flights, hotel stays, vacation packages, cruises, and more.

Expedia Credit Cards And Rewards Program Worth It Or Not

Earn Points for Hotel Stays and Flights With the Citi Expedia+ Cards

Let’s look at the Expedia+ Rewards program and see if it’s worth considering these cards!

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