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Visit Select Museums for Free This Weekend With Your Bank of America or Merrill Lynch Card!

This weekend, Bank of America (or Merrill Lynch) cardholders can get into over 150 museums around the US for free!

Visit Select Museums For Free This Weekend With Your Bank Of America Or Merrill Lynch Card

On the 1st Full Weekend of Every Month, You Can Visit Places Like the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, for Free!

Find out how to get free admission to this and other museums such as the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the History Colorado Center!

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When Will the Sign-Up Bonus for a Credit Card Post to My Account?

Sign-up bonuses let us have Big Travel with Small Money, so it’s important to know when miles or points will post to your account.

This is especially true if you want to use the miles and points soon!

When Will The Sign Up Bonus For A Credit Card Post To My Account

When Planning to Use Your Miles & Points for Travel to Bora Bora or Anywhere Else, It Helps to Know When You’ll Be Receiving Your Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus!

I’ll tell you when you can expect to see the sign-up bonus in your account.

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This Weekend: Visit Your Favorite Museums for Free With Your Bank of America Card!

Looking for fun family activities for your next vacation?

If you’re a Bank of America (or Merrill Lynch) cardholder, you can get into over 150 museums around the US today for free!  This deal is good for the 1st full weekend of each month.

This Weekend Visit Your Favorite Museums For Free With Your Bank Of America Card

You Can Get in the Adler Planetarium in Chicago for Free With Your Bank of America Card!

Find out how you can get into this and many other museums for free!

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News You Can Use – $50 Off to Try Airbnb!, 1,000 Easy Club Carlson Points, Gift Card Deals, & More!

 1.   Save $50 on Your 1st Booking With Airbnb!

You used to save $25 on your 1st stay with Airbnb.  But now you can save $50 with my referral link!  So this is an excellent time to try a stay at cool places like St. Pancras Clocktower Guest Suite in London!

News You Can Use 50 Off To Try Airbnb 1,000 Easy Club Carlson Points Gift Card Deals More

You’ll Never Lose Track of Time in This Guest Suite (Fortunately There Are No Bells!)

This is a fantastic deal!  Where do you plan to stay with this $50 credit? 

Note:  I’m not sure how long this credit will last!

Update:  Thanks to reader HeavenlyJane for pointing out you need to book a stay of $200+ to earn the $50 credit.

2.   1,000 Free Club Carlson Points!

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This Weekend: Bank of America Cardholders Visit Participating Museums for Free!

It’s the 1st weekend of the month!  So you can get into select museums around the US for free with any Bank of America debit or credit card!

This Weekend Bank Of America Cardholders Visit Participating Museums For Free

Tickets to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago Can Cost ~$40, But This Weekend You Can Get in for FREE With Your Bank of America Card!

And New York City residents, even if they don’t have a Bank of America card, can get into New York museums for free!  I’ll show you how it all works!

Museums on Bank of America

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