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Shop at Costco? Today Meeting Visa Spending Requirements Gets Easier. Or Earn 5X Points!

It’s a good time for folks with a Costco membership!  That’s because starting today, June 20, 2016, Costco accepts Visa cards.

This is a terrific new opportunity to meet minimum spending requirements on a new Visa card!

And it’s a great deal if you have the Chase Freedom Visa, which earns 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points (5% cash back) at wholesale clubs on up to $1,500 in combined spending each quarter in the bonus categories through December 31, 2016, when you register.

Shop At Costco Today Meeting Visa Spending Requirements Gets Easier Or Earn 5X Points

Use Your Visa Card at Costco Starting Today, June 20, 2016

I’ll remind you of the best Visa cards to make the most of your Costco spending!

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Higher 30,000 Mile Bonus for Bank of America Alaska Airlines Small Business Card!

I recently wrote about the higher bonus for the personal version of the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card.

And via Doctor of Credit, the small business version of this card now has a higher sign-up bonus too!

With the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business card, you’ll earn 30,000 Alaska Airlines miles after meeting minimum spending requirements.

Higher 30,000 Mile Bonus For Bank Of America Alaska Airlines Small Business Card

30,000 Alaska Airlines Miles Is Enough for a One-Way Coach Award Flight on Cathay Pacific From the US to Asia

Emily and I don’t earn a commission for this offer, but we’ll always tell you the best deals.  Because it’s the right thing to do!

Here are the details.

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7 Types of Folks Who Might Consider the AMEX SimplyCash Plus Card

Looking for a good credit card for your small business?

If you own a small tech company, have vacation rentals, are a general contractor, a sales professional (like insurance or real estate), or an Amazon & eBay reseller, the AMEX SimplyCash Plus card could be a great option!

7 Types Of Folks Who Might Consider The AMEX SimplyCash Plus Card

Nothing’s Easier Than Cold Hard Cash! If Your Small Business Spends a Lot in Certain Categories, the AMEX SimplyCash Plus Is a Good Choice

I’ll explain why this is a useful card for folks who like the simplicity of cash back.  And how you can do really well with the bonus categories, extended warranty protection, and control over your employees’ cards.

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Our Readers Come First! Top 10 Cards That Don’t Earn Us Commission

Emily and I want our readers to always get the best deals when they sign-up for a credit card – even if it means we don’t earn a commission.

I always list the best credit card offers I’m aware of, even if we don’t earn a dime!

And I’m always grateful when readers bring better offers to our attention!

Our Readers Come First Top 10 Cards That Don't Earn Us Commission

We’re As Excited As You Are About These Deals – Even If We Don’t Get Paid!

I’ll share the current top 10 cards that do NOT earn us a commission but DO earn you Big Travel with Small Money!

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Earn $200 Cash Back on Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

Via Doctor of Credit, you can earn $200 cash back after spending $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of opening the BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard.

Folks who like cash back cards might consider this offer because of the low minimum spending and no annual fee!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission on this card, but we’ll always share the best deals with our readers!

Earn 200 Cash Back On Bank Of America Cash Rewards Card

Earn $200 Cash Back With the BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard

I’ll explain how to get this deal and if you should consider other cards first!

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