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Get Alaska Airlines Elite Status Through 2017 With a Status Match

Via NoMasCoach, you can use your status with another airline to get elite status with Alaska Airlines.

This means you can enjoy perks with Alaska Airlines like earning bonus miles, free checked bags, seat upgrades, and more!

And it’s not hard to match your status.  You just have to email Alaska Airlines!  Plus, once you’re matched, you’ll have the status through the end of 2017.

Get Alaska Airlines Elite Status Through 2017 With A Status Match

Request a Status Match From Alaska Airlines and Enjoy the Perks Through 2017!

I’ll explain how to match your status!

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New Bank of America Rules – 90 Day Wait to Apply for Same Card Product

Many of us in the miles & points hobby like Bank of America, because it’s been relatively easy to earn the sign-up bonus again from their cards.

In the past, folks were able to get a second (or third, or more) Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Card so long as they waited at least 30 days after their last approval for the same card.

But it appears Bank of America has changed the rules.  Now, your application will be automatically rejected as a duplicate if you’ve applied for the same card in the past 90 days.

New Bank Of America Rules 90 Day Wait To Apply For Same Card Product

Alaska Airlines Miles Are Great for Booking Award Flights on Partners Like Cathay Pacific. But Now You’ll Have to Wait Longer Between Card Applications!

However, there may be exceptions to the rule.  I’ll explain!

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Limited Time: Up to 100% Bonus With Hilton Points Purchases

Until October 21, 2016, you can earn up to a 100% bonus when you buy Hilton points.

This can be a good deal if you use the Hilton points for an otherwise expensive stay.  Or need extra points to top-off your account for an award!

With this deal, you’ll have to buy a minimum of 20,000 Hilton points ($200) to get the 100% bonus.

Hilton Points 100 Bonus

You Can Buy Hilton Points With This Promotion to Stay at Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui!

I’ll explain more about the deal!

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Should I Stop Applying for Credit Cards Until I’m Below the Chase “5/24” Rule?

Million Mile Secrets Reader, Karen, tweeted:

Should I forego all credit card applications until I have my numbers below the “5/24” requirement?  It would take me 8 months, meaning lots of missed opportunity.

Chase has some of the best travel credit cards available.  But they also have stricter application rules, that is, if you’ve applied for ~5+ cards from any bank (except these business cards) in the past 24 months, it’s unlikely you’ll be approved for most Chase cards.

But there’s a way to still apply for new cards without impacting the number of credit cards on your credit report.

Should I Stop Applying For Credit Cards Until I'm Below The Chase 5/24 Rule

Sometimes Wanderlust Can’t Wait. Here’s How to Keep Applying for Credit Cards While Following the New Chase Application Rules!

I’ll show you the best credit card application strategy while you’re waiting for your new credit card accounts to age.

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Earn 8,000 Points After Every 2 Stays With Choice Hotels (Enough for a Free Night)

Choice Hotels is back with another promotion, giving you the chance to rack up points.

The Choice “Stay 2 Times, Earn a Free Night” promotion is strikingly similar to its previous promotions.  You’ll earn 8,000 Choice points when you complete 2 stays at their hotels, enough for a free night at a low-category hotel.

Choice Hotels Promotions 2016

Choice Hotels Are Almost Always a Convenient Option

Let’s take a look at the promotion and decide if it’s worth taking advantage of!

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