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Should You Cancel Cards to Improve Your Chances of Getting New Ones?

Million Mile Secrets reader Phil commented:

Should I cancel a card to “free up” credit with a given bank to increase my chances of getting a new card?  Or should I hold onto the card to keep my relationship with the bank strong?

Two examples:

1.   I have had the US Bank Lifemiles Visa for almost a year now.  I don’t use it much, but they recently increased my limit from $6,000 to $8,000.  Now I am considering applying for the US Bank Club Carlson Visa this month.  I have 16 credit cards, and a relatively short credit history (I only had 1 credit card until 2 years ago, and got that first 1 in 2009), and an income that is not particularly impressive.

Do I cancel the Lifemiles Visa before applying for the Club Carlson Visa, or should I keep it?

And if I cancel it, should I wait a few weeks until after I pay the $75 and get 6,000 renewal points?

2.  I currently have 3 AMEX credit cards (Blue Sky, Starwood Preferred Guest, and downgraded Delta SkyMiles, which has no fees or benefits), and just received a AMEX Premier Rewards Gold in March.

I would like to apply for 1 of the AMEX Hilton cards soon. Should I cancel 1 of my other AMEX cards first?

Excellent question, Phil!  You have some decisions to make.

Should You Cancel Cards To Improve Your Chances Of Getting New Ones

Should Phil Cancel Some Cards to Improve His Chances of Getting Approved for New Ones?

Let’s look at each bank separately to find Phil’s best strategy.

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How to Get Big Travel With Small Money in New York City This Summer

New York City is 1 of the world’s most vibrant cities.  It has a reputation for being expensive.  But there are plenty of summer activities that’ll allow you see New York without running up a big bill.

How To Get Big Travel With Small Money In New York City This Summer

Visit New York This Summer for Cheap or Free!

If you’ve thought of visiting New York but were turned off by the costs, I’ll tell you about how to get there, where to stay, and what to do in the Big Apple with Small Money!

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Use Delta Miles to Get to Europe (Even From the West Coast!)

Delta miles are great to use for award flights to Europe.  And they’re easy to earn!

Use Delta Miles To Get To Europe Even From The West Coast

Fly to Amsterdam (and Many Other European Cities) on a Delta Award Flight This Fall!

I’ll show how to use your Delta miles to fly to Europe.  Even from the West Coast, where folks sometimes have trouble finding available award seats! Continue reading

StayFaster Makes It Easier to Compare Hotels & Save 10% on Your Next Booking

I’ve written about the hotel booking site StayFaster as well as the StayAtHand app and StayDreamer.  And now StayFaster has added new features to help you find the right hotel your next trip!

StayFaster Makes It Easier To Compare Hotels Save 10 On Your Next Booking

With StayFaster You Can Compare Hotels and Still Earn Rewards Points. Plus, They’ve Added More Ways to Make It Easier to Search

I’ll tell you about the new tools and how you can earn 10% cash back on your 1st stay!

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Is It Worth Paying the AMEX Starwood Card’s Foreign Transaction Fee?

Million Mile Secrets reader, Gary, commented:

Hi Daraius,
I’m staying at the Sheraton in Port Douglas, Australia.  If I use my Starwood Preferred Guest card there will I still get hit with a 2.7% foreign transaction fee?  Starwood points are hard to earn!

Using the Starwood Preferred Guest card from American Express to pay for stays at Starwood hotels is a great way to earn valuable Starwood points.  But you’ll be charged a ~3% foreign transaction fee when you’re outside the US.

Note:  Starting August 11, 2015, the AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest card will NO longer add foreign transaction fees!

Is It Worth Paying The AMEX Starwood Cards Foreign Transaction Fee

It’s Sometimes Worth It to Pay the ~3% Foreign Transaction Fee. But Usually It’s NOT!

I’ll explain when it might be worth it to pay the foreign transaction fee.  And why it is usually NOT.

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