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If You Don’t Know This AMEX Secret, You’re Missing Out!

If you like to earn sign-up bonuses for Big Travel, applying for AMEX small business cards may NOT hurt your chances of card approvals with other banks if you’ve had many new cards recently.

I’ve written about card limits at Chase.  If you’ve opened ~5 or more credit card accounts (from any bank) on your personal credit report in the past 24 months, it’s unlikely Chase will approve you for many of their credit cards.

But did you know AMEX small business cards do NOT appear on your personal credit report?

If You Don't Know This AMEX Secret You're Missing Out

It’s a Million Mile Secret! AMEX Small Business Cards Don’t Show Up On Your Personal Credit Report. This Means You Might Get Approved for More Cards With Chase!

I’ll tell you which other banks’ small business cards won’t impact the Chase rules.  And how this can help you earn more miles and points!

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Blog Giveaway: 6,000 Starwood Points

Giveaway time!  We’re always happy to surprise random readers with prizes.  I hope you win!

This week we’re giving away 6,000 Starwood points!

Blog Giveaway 6,000 Starwood Points

You Could Use the 6,000 Starwood Points Towards a Hotel Stay, Trip to Disney World, or Top Off Your Frequent Flyer Account for Your Next Flight to Paradise!

I’ll show you how to enter to win!

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Family Travel Friday: Part 1 – How to Use Miles to Visit Your Child Studying Abroad in Europe

Are you planning a family trip to visit your son or daughter studying abroad in Europe?

There are many ways to use rewards credit cards to save thousands of dollars off regular airfare prices for your trip.

Family Travel Friday Part 1 How To Use Miles To Visit Your Child Studying Abroad In Europe

Use Miles to Visit Your Son or Daughter Abroad in Florence and Take in the Panoramic Views

I’ll give you helpful hints and ideas for making a family trip to Europe possible using miles and points.

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Free Access (for Everyone!) to Your Experian FICO Score With Discover Credit Scorecard!

Want to check your credit score for free?  Good news!

Via Doctor of Credit, Discover just launched Credit Scorecard, giving anyone (not just Discover cardmembers!) FREE access to their Experian FICO score.

Free Access For Everyone To Your Experian FICO Score With Discover Credit Scorecard

Discover’s New Service Gives Anyone Free Access to Their Experian FICO Score

Knowing your credit score is important in the hobby of points & miles.  I’ll tell you more about Discover’s new service!

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Save Miles! Book American Airlines Awards With Etihad Miles

Using Etihad miles, you can book award flights on American Airlines at a big discount!  And remember, you can transfer AMEX Membership Rewards pointsCiti ThankYou points, and Starwood points to Etihad!

But you’ll have to be flexible, because award seats can be tricky to find.

Folks were disappointed when American Airlines changed their award chart and started charging more for certain award flights.

Via View From The Wing, there’s a way to book award flights on American Airlines using the old award pricing.  This could help folks who were disappointed when American Airlines changed their award chart.

Save Miles Book American Airlines Awards With Etihad Miles

Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points, Citi ThankYou Points, or Starwood Points to Etihad to Book International Award Flights on American Airlines

I’ll explain how to book award flights on American Airlines using Etihad miles!

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