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Starwood Award Chart Changes: Which Hotels You Should (and Should Not!) Book Before March 10, 2015

If you haven’t booked your Starwood hotels for the year, there are some hotels you should book now.

That’s because Starwood is making changes to their award chart on March 10, 2015.

On March 10, 2015, 130 hotels will move up a category and 138 will move down a category.  All the European hotels on the list are moving down and will cost fewer points.

Starwood Award Chart Changes Which Hotels You Should And Should Not Book Before March 10, 2015

130 Starwood Hotels Will Cost More Points on March 10, 2015, Including the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel & Casino

While that seems like a lot of hotels, there are 1,206 Starwood hotels worldwide.  Let’s look at the changes.

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New Uber-Awesome Way to Get Valuable Starwood Points for Hotels & Flights!

There’s a terrific new partnership between Starwood and Uber that can help you get points for hotels and flights!  

You can now earn up to 4 Starwood points per $1 spent( up to a maximum of $10,000) on Uber rides.

You’ll earn 1 Starwood point for every $1 spent on Uber and up to 3 bonus Starwood points when you use Uber while staying at Starwood.

New Uber Awesome Way To Get Valuable Starwood Points For Hotels Flights

Earn up to 4 Starwood Points Per $1 Spent When You Use Uber for Rides to Starwood Hotels Like the W South Beach

This is great news!  Because it’s hard to earn a lot of Starwood points if you don’t have the Starwood (personal) or (business) card.

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Top 5 Cheap Ways to Get to Europe Using Miles and Points!

The ancient ruins of Rome (and the amazing food!), the romance of Paris (dinner inside the Eiffel Tower!), the theater in London (I won’t mention the food)…

It’s the time of year when folks are planning their summer trips to Europe.  Sometimes low-level award seats can be hard to find because it’s such a popular place to go!

So it’s good to have options for the cheapest ways to get there using miles and points!

Here are my favorite cheap award tickets to Europe.  If you don’t mind flying coach class, you could get there for as few as 25,000 miles round-trip!

Top 5 Cheap Ways To Get To Europe Using Miles And Points

Planning a Summer Getaway to Europe? I’ll Show You the Cheapest Ways to Get There!

And remember, you don’t have to fly there and back on the same airline.

Sometimes you’ll get a better deal (and more available award seats) by booking 1-way flights on different airlines.  Or you might mix-and-match because you don’t have enough points in 1 program for a round-trip ticket.

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Which Airline Miles Should You Use to Fly to India?

Million Mile Secrets reader Hemang commented:

I recall a couple of your past posts where you had used airline miles to book First Class/Business Class tickets for travel to India.

Can you please remind me, which airline miles should one accumulate for such a redemption? I am collecting miles on American Airlines.

If I recall correctly, you had mentioned collecting Alaska Airlines and American Airlines miles and using them on other international airlines.

Which Airline Miles Should You Use To Fly To India

Hemang Can Use American Airlines Miles to Fly to Delhi, India

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Why You Should Apply for Cards From Different Banks

Million Mile Secrets reader Chris commented:

Do you have a list of the different bank credit cards and what credit reporting company they use?  This would help in deciding what credit card to open next.

Why You Should Apply For Cards From Different Banks

Choose Different Banks When Applying for Multiple Cards on the Same Day

Unfortunately for Chris, there isn’t a simple answer of which credit reporting agencies are used by the banks.  That’s because banks may use a different reporting agency depending on your state.

But I’ll give you some tips!

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